Whose star shone brightest this week? You tell us!

With our Star of the Week poll, we’ll pick the week’s top five women in wrestling and let you choose who is number one.

This week’s poll will open each Sunday and close on Monday afternoon.

Let’s take a look at this week’s top five:

Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss made her presence felt on Raw as part of the Superstar Shake-Up with a fierce message towards Sasha Banks and the Raw Women’s Champion Bayley.

Alisha Edwards

Alisha Edwards got some payback against Angelina Love on Impact and won an Impact Wrestling contract at ONO Victory Road: Knockouts Knockdown.

Nia Jax

Nia Jax defeated Charlotte Flair on Raw and later went after Mickie James, Sasha Banks and Bayley in an ambush attack, fully setting her sight on the Raw Women’s Title.


 Rosemary gained some momentum of ahead of her Knockouts Title defense against ODB with a victory over Santana Garrett on Impact.

Ruby Riot

 Despite some ringside distraction from Nikki Cross, Ruby Riot picked up a win over Kimberly Frankele on NXT


Who did you vote for?

  • Alexa for me although I was tempted to pick Nia

  • Call Up Asuka NOW


  • Nia Jax, she made the biggest statement. That Alexa pop was impressive too.

    • Dark Heel

      That botch machine?

      • No, not Charlotte.

      • Valerieasimons

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      • Margaretabemis

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    • conan_kun

      Nia nearly killed Charlotte earning her a big minus

      • She didn’t kill her, nor injure her, nothing happened to Charlotte. People just love to over exaggerate when it’s someone who they don’t like making a mistake.

        • To be fair I pretty frequently agree with your opinions. It just seems to add up that way organically. However with this topic, I’m rooting for Nia– I always have been, but she clearly fucked up in this match. Do I want her pulled from tv like some people say? No way! But I think a lot of people are coming from the point of how nasty those two major bumps looked on Raw. If Charlotte wasn’t genetically superior, who knows what would’ve happened.

          • I get you, but Charlotte didn’t get concussed, injured, nor killed here, it was just a “what if” moment and those are countless in wrestling. Charlotte has made mistakes as well, I didn’t see people saying that stuff to her.

          • I’m ready to finish this conversation with everyone on here, so I’ll lastly point out how the last time someone botched really badly & the audience was concerned for the victims well-being was at Summerslam when Charlotte dropped Sasha on her neck in the corner.. That was talked about so much that it was even brought up as fuel to their storyline. So when talent botches badly to the point where someone can be seriously injured, of course we’re gonna talk about it. Especially on a website dedicated to talking about these things.

      • Rose Márie ?

        Charlotte said she didn’t feel a thing. She was fine according to herself. Stop overreacting!

        • Wrestling.fan.from.France

          Being professional, you take it and don’t complain. That’s a class act right here. Others would have complained about it but Charlotte didn’t because she knows this kind of things happen.
          Now, that she reacted the best way possible is one thing but to say it wasn’t dangerous is another because it was tbh. I want to see Nia succeed but this was dangerous and mostly on her part.

          • Rose Márie ?

            Wow, relax stuff like this happens it’s professional wrestling. You can’t expect everything to go well. Did we complain when Charlotte busted Sasha nose?

      • Wicked Emma #WickedGirl

        Boris doesn’t like Charlotte. That’s why he’s making excuses for Nia.

    • Cailum?
  • ThePeaceVibe.

    I was torn between Alexa & Nia, but I went with Nia. I was excited to see Alexa on Raw and her mic work was great as usual, but I feel like Nia made the most progression.

  • Raekon

    You must be kidding me! Alexa is the star of the week for a appearing on raw to pull a two liner?? Seriously? What are you all Smoking People?
    Seriously, stop this stupid fanboysm and start being fair on this polls. The voting is ridicoulos.

    • King Of Strong Style (SDLive)

      Then don’t vote

    • Malcolm James

      Don’t get upset over this poll it nonething but a popularity contest always has been

      • Raekon

        Not upset, just annoyed that People would ignore everything listed and only vote for their most favorite woman on the poll.

    • #Nattie4Champ

      Alexa gets the biggest pop of the 5 and cut the best promo + was the most talked about on social media this week so yeah she should win star of the week what do you consider star of the week

      • Raekon

        Nope she didn’t and the most talked on social media is not a Thing of this week to even start with. Stop finding excuses only so you can upvote your favorites no matter if they did something good or not.
        You are doing as if she had a 5 stars match or were inducted in the HoF.

        • #Nattie4Champ

          Did you just say Alexa didn’t get the biggest pop of the week In women’s wrestling

          • Raekon

            Nope she didn’t. However, to be able to aknowledge that and see it you would have to bother and watch Rosemary vs Santana on Impact as also indy promotions that were killing it comperated on anything the wwe had showed this week.

          • #Nattie4Champ

            Um… Go back and watch Alexas pop

          • Raekon

            yeah you do that. Even if it were the case, getting a Pop from a audience during your entrance wouldn’t justify being the star of the week. If we would go by that then we would had the ones with the biggest Pop on the poll every week and some winning like 5 months in a row. It’s a stupid reason.
            It’s like saying (as example) two women had a 5 stars match, did incredible things, but they wouldn’t had a Chance because a other woman got the biggest pop when she appeared somewhere.

    • A?.

      Yikes, calm down it’s just a poll. They ain’t winning a prize.

      • #Nattie4Champ

        Exactly people take it way to seriously

      • Raekon

        I’m calm, I just find that the fanboysm of some People here are killing the polls purpose. DD could just stop posting these polls in overall since people would always just vote their favorites no matter if they did anything or not at all.

    • Rodney Holston

      I think it’s a combination of the pop she got plus the fact that she can actually speak into a microphone and sound like a real life human being. I love me some Sasha and Bayley is ok but neither can talk to save their lives and that was something missing on Raw because they had all the girl who were weak in promo.

      • Raekon

        Sasha and Bayley can speak and Alexa has come a long way on the mic for sure (not taking anything away from her, she is a great Talent).
        What I’m saying is that she didn’t do anything Special to deserve the first place on the poll last week. She only entered, spoke like two lines and got out of the way after the fight occured. Any of the other 4 women on the poll would had deserved the first place more because they also did more.

        • Juri Han

          But it’s her debut on Raw! It’s something unusual you know ..

  • King Of Strong Style (SDLive)

    Alexa easy

  • A?.

    Alexa for me, and omg I didn’t know they aired TNA One Night Only!

  • Diva_Fan

    NIA should be winning this easily imo. she took out FOUR women in one night !

  • Troy Rochester

    I can’t at the biased people on here Nia should be winning this easily after she took out four women in one night what exactly did Alexa do to be winning this ?

    • #Nattie4Champ

      Got a huge pop , cut a good promo and was talked about on social media way more than Nia

      • Troy Rochester

        The pop although was impressive had NOTHING to do with how she done though …. and her promo was just ok nothing outstanding !

        • #Nattie4Champ

          It’s all opinion why should Nia get star of the week when she almost legit injured Charlotte twice so we reward people for being dangerous in ring

          • Crazy. #RIPMae

            But is Charlotte dead?

          • #Nattie4Champ


          • Robann

            Lmfaoooo you’re killing me.

  • Alexa bliss is so annoying anymore. Other than talking smack and getting a “pop” what did she do to be earning star of the week? Nia killed it this week and has to suffer because of that? Unreal…..

    • She also almost killed Charlotte in her match….twice

      • Every wrestler has moments in their matches where they have to put their bodies on the line. Everyone wrestler knows that and unfortunately accidents happen all the time. Just because she showed up and said a few things doesn’t mean you are “great”

        • #Nattie4Champ

          All people have different opinions and if it’s a popularity contest maybe those women should get more over and have more fans sorry

          • That’s my opinion. You guys like her cool. I’m not losing sleep over it. I’m not trying to argue with anyone. I just call like I see it. I’m not a hater. We can all agree to disagree and talk about it but to be accused of being a hater is pointless just because I don’t rep for your girl?(Not attacking you specifically) when she did nothing this week but talk smack and show up

          • #Nattie4Champ

            She cut a good promo , got a big pop and was the most talked about women out of these 5 on social media and I never called you a hater

          • Wow really? Lol anywahs I’m going no further. Proceed. Lol *sips tea and goes to bed

          • #Nattie4Champ

            Obviously more people agree with me

          • Okay lol cool. It’s not that serious? You like her cool. Lol I would back her up if wanted to but dont. I dont need a bamdwagon behind me. I’m sorry im not like most people ?. I have my opinion that’s all I need. This is all out of love so please chill. You don’t have to attack just to get a point across

          • #Nattie4Champ

            Cool I know it isn’t that serious but it was obviously serious enough for you to comment but hey Alexa is 1 of my fav and I’ll admit I’ll vote for her pretty much no matter what but this week she’s legit the best choice IMO

          • Its really not. Please dont tell me what my intentions were i will do that you dont have too lol but She’s your fav. That’s cool. Totally disagree with you though. I don’t choose upon favorites. I choose to be fair. This week is wasn’t alexa for me. But hey to each his/her own.

          • #Nattie4Champ

            Like I said to we all have opinions nobody is right or wrong

          • You are right there! Much love girlie or guy lol ?

          • #Nattie4Champ

            Not you in particular but as a big Alexa fan I’m tired of people constantly discrediting her people say she didn’t get a good pop Monday (really?) or people will say she’s only champ cuz she cute I wish people would just give her credit and say she’s over with fans I wasn’t a big Nikki Bella fan but I’m not gonna sit here and say she’s not over

          • I really am sorry to hurt your feelings but truly and honestly i don’t see where I should give her credit at only that she’s good on the Mic. That’s just my opinion though. I don’t like Charlotte but I do give credit where it’s due because she’s is amazing compared to alexa. Nia knocks her down and that doesn’t deserve star of the week just becsuse this is about pops, popularity and thst she’s the most “talked about” woman on social media? Sorry no sympathy from me. Again just my opinion.

          • #Nattie4Champ

            Opinions are opinions

          • #Nattie4Champ

            when did i attack you

          • Just use one account ffs

      • Crazy. #RIPMae

        Is Charlotte dead?

        • Thank god she isn’t sweetheart or we’d be having a different conversation.

          • Crazy. #RIPMae

            Then why are you still talking about Nia and her performance? You’re making a big deal out of it like Nia did that sloppy performance on you. Charlotte isn’t complaining about it so nobody else should be complaining about it. Charlotte is okay and is still alive so there should be no discussion about it. Botches happen, it’s wrestling. Stop acting like Nia purposely did it to Charlotte. Maybe she wasn’t used to doing that move on someone so tall like Charlotte so she lost her footing.

          • Oopp. Remember when Charlotte dropped Sasha’s ass at summerslam and no one kept saying that.

          • Crazy. #RIPMae

            Exactly. It’s okay to talk about it the moment it happened but to continue to talk about it days after is uncaused for because Charlotte herself isn’t complaining.

  • Let’s take a look at the successful female stars beginning with Nikki’s record setting reign. As haters would say:
    -Bella haters on here threw out insults about how she doesn’t deserve the title & the infamous “riding John Cena’s coat tails.”
    -Charlotte won the Divas Title because she’s Ric Flair’s daughter. Then she won the Women’s Title for the same reason. Then she won the title 4 times because “they” want her to break Trish’s record.
    -Becky Lynch was the first female draft pick & 1st SD Women’s Champ because she’s a 4HW.
    -Alexa Bliss isn’t ready to be champion because she came up from NXT after being there for multiple years. Now she doesn’t deserve anything because Nia won a non title match after squashing someone 100+ pounds less than her?
    -Naomi isn’t champion material because…well I’m still not sure why haters think this way.
    -Bayley is overrated & is only champion because she sells a bunch of merch
    *Honestly some of you guys are exhausting with your constant complaining & lack of ability to be entertained. Haters gonna hate…? #getalife

    • #Nattie4Champ

      People will complain no matter what

    • Chill yo. It ain’t that serious lol

      • Of course not but the purpose of this platform is to discuss women’s wrestling & that’s exactly what we’re doing. I don’t think I was combative towards you, I was just making a point like you said you were doing.

        • I respect you and seriously this is all out of love. We are discussing womens wrestling and thats good and you are right but there’s a difference between making a point and calling someone a hater just because they don’t rep for your fav. I have a fav but you wouldn’t know that because this shouldn’t be about a popularity contest. It’s about giving credit were it is due.

          • Me being here is to discuss as well so I appreciate that we can do that calmly.
            My favorites are Sasha & Nikki Bella. I respect almost every female superstar in WWE so for me, what I’m saying directly reflects on this week in WWE. Alexa stole the segment & that pop she received was “STAR” worthy– that’s what we’re voting on. I enjoy Alexa but she isn’t my favorite. I support Nia, but she clearly is twice the size of almost every female star on either show. Running through them doesn’t merit star quality, it purely highlights her size. Was it impressive? Sure!

    • Wicked Emma #WickedGirl

      ???? Thank you. I agree 100%.

    • Usos girl

      WWE is a business people will be pushed on reactions , merch sells and money things every once in a while WWE will take a chance on somebody to see if they will work but most of time only people who will be champ or in title pic will be who makes the company money which is the way it should be in a buissness

  • Alexa Bliss Booty

    Definitely Alexa

  • #4/2/17

    Tough choice between Alexa and Nia

  • Wicked Emma #WickedGirl

    I voted for Alisha Edwards.

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    Nia Jax should win.

  • Usos girl

    Glad most diva dirt fans are finally giving Alexa the respect she deserves I voted Alexa

  • Gail-Rollins Fan

    Alexa I guess. Almost voted Alisha cause that lucky bitch gets to fuck Eddie Edwards..

  • Radic

    She wont win it, but I voted Alisha here. An official new face for Impact is much more needed. Otherwise, Ruby or Alexa.

  • Memo Soto

    Charlotte Bayley < Nia = Mickie. tbh

  • Francis Castiglion

    I’m really supposed to choose between Rosemary, and Ruby Riot? How the fugglebucker am I s’posed to do that?

  • Radic

    Also watching Victory Road – Knockouts Knockdown (not sure why they fused two ONO names into one here) and there’s things I’m not liking. One, Leva cosplayed as Junko Enoshima with a Monokuma plushie rom the Danganronpa series, yet they clearly forced Leva to act the polar opposite of the Junko character because from the outsider looking in, ‘Oh she has a cute bear! Oh she’s dressed like a lovable school girl!’ when the character(s) are the exact opposite of this. The character(s) LITERALLY MURDER HIGH SCHOOL KIDS and calls herself THE ULTIMATE DESPAIR! But that’s the gaming weeb in me showing. Saying that the match itself when she started with Allie was actually pretty decent.

    Also, the Impact Zone, oh that dreaded awful, awful, AWWWWWWWWWFUL Impact Zone was completely dead apart from the stereotypical Valley Girls who would randomly girly skweel at anything anyone done, even if they were the ‘villains’. Some people were geuinely reacting, but not enough to stop the silence and Valley screams. I know Impact is having trouble finding other places to do tapings, but they NEED to find somewhere that ISN’T Universal Studios.

  • ssilva872

    Nia for sure.