Impact Wrestling has taped additional matches during tonight’s semi-live show. Spoilers below.


* GFW Women’s Champion Christina Von Eerie defeated Ava Storie.

* LAX defeated Decay in a wild street fight where wired boards and thumb tacks were used. Diamanté and Rosemary were minimally involved. This is also said to have been Crazzy Steve final match with the company.


  • LaurenYorkStan

    I hope my husband Dezmond Xavier appeared again

  • Malcolm James
    • Raekon

      Awesome titantron! I hope they sign her and she stays. :)
      She would make a great Addition to the Impact roster after all.

      • Rosemarietflynt

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  • Radic

    Nice. Still not about KC being renamed to Ava Storie (so dull), but it’s great to see CVE back and doing better things.

    I’m sure more info has been/will be said about it, but I wonder if that means the GFW titles are still active or if they are being discontinued now.

  • GameChanger #HBIC#GoldenGodess
  • Moz za

    So let me get this right there’s two women’s titles in impact now ?

    • GameChanger #HBIC#GoldenGodess

      its confusing how their merging GFW and Impact but as of right now i guess so

  • AllWrestlingMatters

    To everyone asking I think they’re going to use both titles and that’s good In my opinion because it gives all of the knockouts a chance to be involved

    Like- Sienna Vs Christina for the GFW Title

    And- Rosemary vs Whoever for the K.O title

    • GameChanger #HBIC#GoldenGodess


    • Gail-Rollins Fan

      No that’s absolutely stupid for a 2 hour show to have 8 championships. 9 if you count the GFW Tag titles which are currently vacated.

      TNA Heavyweight: Lashley
      TNA Women’s: Rosemary
      TNA Tag: LAX
      TNA X Division: Low Ki
      TNA Grand: Moose
      GFW Heavyweight: Magnus
      GFW Women’s: Christina VE
      GFW NEX GEN: Cody Rhodes

      That’s WAY too many..

      • AllWrestlingMatters

        Well they can have 1 week be a GFW Women’s champion feud and the next week a IMPACT Knockouts Champion feud. I understand what you mean tho. But hey they only got one show and still have more women feuds than a 3 hour raw so I’m cool with it for now

        • Gail-Rollins Fan

          If there’s enough women to have more than one belt then they should bring back Knockout’s Tag Championships.

  • Mmm oh no crazzy steve last match, I like him a lot in every sense. So sad.
    For the women, I’m glad CVN and isn’t stick with a team, is on her own and with that amazing-cool look of hers, hope she is sign.

  • Juan

    Sounds good to me, well besides Crazy Steve leaving :( I love Decay!

    So CVE vs Rosemary? Champion vs Champion? Sounds good me!! Although I do wonder if they’ll unify the two and retire the KO belt for the Women’s belt?

  • Gail-Rollins Fan

    I’m here for 3 things:

    1. Gail’s return
    2. Possibility of John Morrison with LU/AAA alliance
    3. Matt Sydal possibly debuting tomorrow

  • Aye Mate

    HUGE Von Eerie fan! Hope she sticks around.

    • GameChanger #HBIC#GoldenGodess

      Shes Signed!

  • What? Crazy Steve is leaving? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    • Myth ? #WarGoddessMoon

      IKR?!?!? SAME :*( He grew on me soo much and the chemistry between him and Rosemary was fire, hopefully this doesn’t disintegrate the stable and maybe they can find a new member, but if not I have no doubts Rose can stand on her own

      • She can stand on her own for sure but I love them as a team. Plus Abyss never appears with Rosemary and Steve was crazy hot. There was so much fire between him and her. Too bad they were never really portrayed as a couple.

        • Myth ? #WarGoddessMoon

          Same here, IMO one of the best stables of the modern era!!! Yesss I always felt her and Steve had so much sexual tension the way they always hung and played off each other lol, they played Harley/Joker to the very max in the best way possible lol. Did you also know Steve is legally blind?? There’s this awesome interview him and Rosemary did in character a few months ago that reflected on that and a bunch of other great things:

          • Blind? But he’s still a wrestler how is that possible? Can you give me the exact time when he talks about it? I don’t have the time right now to listen to the full interview.

          • Myth ? #WarGoddessMoon

            He said it sometime in the beginning but can’t pin point exactly when, better yet here’s what one of the guys from TNA Asylum that conducted the interview said describing his condition:

          • Myth ? #WarGoddessMoon

            And he apparently also does the face painting of the entire group even after all of this. SO fckn awesome of him!!!

          • I’m completely shocked. It’s really inspirational. He must be really passionate about the business. I would love to find out more about him but his Wikipedia page is so short. There’s nothing out there and it’s such a shame cause he seems truly amazing. Honestly, I want a hug from him lool I don’t know why. He seems so awesome. Do you have a photo of him without his crazzy make up on? I can’t find it anywhere.

          • Myth ? #WarGoddessMoon

            Yessss he’s really an amazing guy like you said, inspirational and his dedication alone this condition is so admirable!! You and me both lol, hopefully we can meet him some day!! This was one of the only pics I could find without the make up lol

          • He looks so friendly omg. I don’t live in the USA so I probably won’t meet him. Too bad his work is not more known. Hopefully we will see him with Rosemary again <3

      • Juan

        Jimmy Havoc from last years UK shows would be a good replacement! Remember him and Rosemary have a past history together!

        • Myth ? #WarGoddessMoon

          YESSS omg he would be fantastic!!! I forgot about his angle with Rosemary

  • Radic

    Still confused as to how this whole Impact/GFW merge will go, but hey it at least gives life to something that had none to begin with in GFW. I dont think their original tapings even aired anywhere still. Not sure how long the belts with stick around, or if they will merge them with the other titles to rebrand the other titles with new designs, which they all need now.

    Still, interesting stuff to say the least.

  • Matt J

    Still no signs of Brooke ?
    Laurel Van Ness in the same wedding dress doing absolutely nothing ?
    A Knockout Division lost with only Rosemary to save it ?

    There is a lot of complains about NXT, but can we talk about how bad the Knockout Division is ? No follow up in feuds (Brooke-Sienna, Brandi Rhodes/Rosemary, BR/Sienna), no clear stars (ODB is so stale), and we clearly see that they are waiting for Gail to come back and take back the title ? BORING !

    • Malcolm James

      Brooke have prior commitments so Impact have to put her feuds on hold
      Brandi and Rosemary feud is finished Brandi said they have unfinished business and she want the title she lost the number one Contender match so why will Rosemary care about her after that
      BR/Sienna feud finished Brandi won
      Rosemary and Allie are both star
      Plus there are continuous fued in the knockout division like
      Allie vs Laurel and Sienna with Karen Jarrett getting involved
      Angelina Love vs Alisha
      They bring in Diamante and CVE and they can be stars
      Plus they doing a better job of booking Rosemary as champion then Asuka, Bayley
      So knockouts may have some problem but it better then the NXT division
      Also ODB was just to continue show how dominant Rosemary is

    • Myth ? #WarGoddessMoon

      Lol they really should give LVN’s angle the Kill Bill treatment

  • Myth ? #WarGoddessMoon

    Despite what’s said really hope Rosemary and Diamante (liking her) have more interaction in this than suggested. Don’t know the circumstances but really sad to hear it’s Steve’s last go with the company. And honestly looking forward to Eerie’s involvement in the division.

  • Mauricio Cordova

    Knockouts DIVISION sucks!
    NXT Women’s division sucks!
    Over the last couple of years, these brands use to rock and look at them now!!

    • M?th ?WarGoddess?

      Creative yes but the talent is amazing

  • jim

    Tna or it call impact wrestling now.What ever the name they are good by now.They should sign Bea Priestley to the knockout division. Bea priestley would fit in as a great heel.SHE COULD BE THE GREAT HEEL EVER IN KNOCKOUT DIVISION