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In 2015, Mia Yim made her official Impact Wrestling debut during the company’s special TKO: A Night of Knockouts event when she debuted as Jade alongside Marti Belle. The duo soon teamed up with Taryn Terrell to form The Dollhouse.

A year later, Mia would break out as a solo star and go on to win Knockouts Championship in a triple threat match against Gail Kim and Madison Rayne. Although she lost the belt to Sienna at Slammiversary that same year, she was on a mission to try and recapture the gold through a series of stipulated matches against Rosemary dubbed the “Red vs. Blue” war before departing from the company earlier this year.

In a interview with Impact Asylum’s Jason Blade, Mia discusses her time with Impact Wrestling, getting the chance to work with her hero Gail Kim and her decision to share her story of domestic violence. Highlights of the interview below.

On her time with Impact Wrestling: “Impact was a lot of fun, I got to make new friends and learn so much. Everyone from Gail Kim to Rockstar Spud to Shane Helms and the Hardys have helped me. I spent 6 years in the Indys at that point so that was most of what I knew so It was awesome getting to know what national tv wrestling was like, how it worked, and getting to pick the brain & work alongside many respected wrestlers especially those I grew up watching  like The Hardys, Gail Kim and Kurt Angle. What the best thing about all this too was that I was able to be with my best friend, Marti Belle, through it all.”

On the Dollhouse stable: The creative driving force was Christy Hemme and I have to say that Dave Lagana and Billy Corgan helped with it as well. I know The Dollhouse was Christy’s baby and it was a fun challenge to make her imagination come into life with this group. Like I said earlier, I am a tomboy so this was way out of my comfort zone so I was blessed to be with two girls who knew what they were doing and could pick from them. I think it could have lasted longer but I am not complaining. It was nice to have some time to be fully me, a badass that is ready to throw down rather than a doll in a playhouse.”

On working with Gail Kim: “I respect Gail as a worker, a businesswoman, and a friend. Even my dad loves her and thinks she’s the best influence I have in wrestling. Gail has always been my big sister to go to whether I had questions about wrestling or dieting or working out or even just to have a conversation with. What made me absolutely love her was when we first had a match, the first thing she said was [like] ‘Treat me like the indies, I want you to lay it in’ which shocked me. My first day there, I get to share a locker room with a woman I watched as a kid and she wants me to not lighten up and to just work like I have been the last 6-7 years?? She is incredible and I respect her even more for always putting 110% into everything she does.”

Opening up about her experience with domestic violence: “After going through that experience and after talking to a few of my friends who are also wrestlers who have told me that have been through the same thing, I felt like I needed to speak up about it. As female wrestlers, we have to live up to such standards that being a ‘victim’ in domestic violence is just hypocritical in some minds. Because we have intergender matches, how can we be in a violent relationship at home? I know a lot of us, not just wrestlers but female athletes, CEOs, mothers, etc., we are looked at as ‘liars’ or what did we do to deserve this and there is A LOT of victim blaming. I needed to stand up and tell the world that as a female wrestler, I have gone through it and I stand against it. It is ok to speak out and to get help. There are plenty of resources online, I know Safe Horizon helped me through my situation along with close friends and family. There are people that can help you, even if it is just a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear. Abusers thrive off control and silence so speak up, get help, you are not wrong. You deserve happiness.”

Mia also discusses how she broke into the wrestling business, her feud with Rosemary and being able to train as well as compete all around the world.

You can read the full interview here.

What did you think of the interview? What are some of your favorite memories of Mia during her time with Impact Wrestling? What do you think is next for Mia in wrestling? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Ollie Roche

    I agree, the dollhouse should have lasted longer.

  • Wicked Emma #TeamDX

    I think Mia should’ve stayed at Impact Wrestling for a little while longer.

    • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

      I just read WWE wants her and Marti Belle for the women’s tournament. I would love to see that.

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    So Christy Hemme was the Queen who came up wit The Dollhouse. That proves to me her writing is solid. You can’t even blame her for how they ended if anybody was try that. Taryn could ultimately be the cause due to her leaving. They tried with Rebel and honestly she was too green for it.

    • Joe Bates

      Yep. Even thought Christy never made that big of an impact as a wrestler she seems to have some talent as a creative writer to make a stable as fun as the Dollhouse.

      • Lisafmarquez

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      • YonceLuvsDivas

        Yea she definitely made her mark in the company. I wish she did get that chance to have made it in wrestling but I’m ultra proud of the work she has done outside the ring. I loved her since she won the DS and have been a fan of hers since.

    • ShielaEBrokaw

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  • Lushluke

    She will be in the WWE women’s tournament prob why she left

  • The dollhouse was so good when they debuted, Mia Yim it’s an outstanding performer, want her at the tournament.

  • Geek God

    I was about to say something about why the hell did she leave TNA when she just started but then i got extremely happy at the thought of her joining the WWE Women’s tournament

  • ssilva872

    Gail is a queen for always wanting her matches to look real.

    And good for Christy to be one of the creators of that memorable storyline.

  • Raekon

    I know Mia from the Indies for many years now and I was excited to see her on NXT and on Impact. Lover her work for SHINE and SHIMMER and would love to see her in the wwe womens tournament as also down in NXT and later on the main roster cause I think she deserves it. She is a great person and a awesome performer that is a treat to watch in the ring. :).

  • jim

    Mia yim is right that when a person like Akexa Bliss mistreat people. Then the victims should stand up and speak out against people like Alexa Bliss.It true Alexa Bliss is a stuck up golddigger in real life outside of wrestling that love to con and hustle people out of their hard earn money. .alexa bliss really very mean and evil person in real life.And alexa bliss is very selfish person.a sweet little girl want give Alexa Bliss a hug.Because Alexa Bliss is very mean and stuck up person that Alexa Bliss refuse give the sweet little girl a hug.

    • Ev???

      What are you talking about LMAO

      • jim

        Ev,you is so much a dumbass that you don’t understand what Mia yim said LMAO.You don’t understand what Mia yim is saying. Then you should go back to school and learn about reading.

    • chrissi calvert

      What on earth are you talking about?

    • chrissi calvert

      What on earth are you talking about? Alexa has nothing to do with Mia Yim or Impact wrestling. Stop making up rubbish about someone

      • jim

        Akexa Bliss in real life have everythings what Mia yim talking about.You the one making up rubbish about someone.also you just prove one of Mia Yim point.That some people don’t hear the truth about people.Since you be a fool for what kind of person alexa bliss is in real life.Then go on being a damn fool for what kind of person of alexa bliss in real life. You have no right try keep people for telling the truth about how Alexa Bliss mistreat people. PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGTH TO STAND UP TO AKEXA BLISS mistreat people in real life. YOU DON’T LIKE PEOPLE STAND UP TO AKEXA BLISS MISTREAT PEOPLE IN REAL LIFE. THAT IS JUST TOO BAD FOR YOU .YOU CAN GO TO HELL WHERE YOU BELONG

        • chrissi calvert

          1) ALEXA not Akexa
          2) Alexa has absolutely nothing to do with Mia or Impact wrestling so stop comparing.
          3) Im not the one bashing Alexa
          4) Having actually met Alexa, i know shesone of the sweetest most down to earth girls on the roster. Shes worked hard to get to where she is. Shes anything but a goldigger (that would be Nikki Bella FYI) nor is she selfish or evil (and yes she did give that girl a hug and some signed merch)

          • jim

            1,I didn’t say anything about wrestling. I SAID IN REAL LIFE.YOU THAT ONE THE GET REAL LIFE AND WRESTLING MIX UP .ALSO I NOT COMPARE ANYONE. ALSO I NOT BASHING AKEXA BLISS. I just telling the truth. WHEN ALEXA Bliss mistreat people. People have the right to say alexa bliss is a golddigger and she in mean and evil in real life.I have met alexa bliss in real life .I have seen Alexa Bliss refuse to hug a sweet littie girl.Alexa Bliss is one most bitter ungrateful person ever.I know as a fact that akexa Bliss con and hustle $2000 from people.That prove akexa Bliss not a nice person. It prove akexa bliss is stuck up mean evil golddigger con artist. You don like people telling the truth about akexa bliss. It too bad.People have the right to stand up to akexa bliss mistreatment. Also,you called Nikki Bella a golddigger. THAT PROVE YOU A DAMN HYPOCRITE. YOU FEEL IT OK FOR YOU BASHING NIKKI BELLA.When people tell the truth about akexa bliss mistreatment of people. You cry like a crybaby about me speaking the truth about Alexa Bliss being a mean evil stuck up ungrateful golddigger con artist in real life. Also alexa Bliss have everythings what Mia yim said about real life.

          • chrissi calvert

            Its common knowledge that Nikki is a goldigger. People have been saying it for years. Where did i say anything about wrestling? The fact that you are comparing Mias domestic abuse by a former spouse to (in your opinion) ALEXA being a horrible person is just plain ignorant. The two have nothing to do with each other. If Alexa is such an evil person who conned people out of $2000, show us the proof. Wheres the source and story? If that was even remotely true then not only would she not be employed by WWE, then she would be in jail for theft.

          • jim

            It not common knowledge nikkie is a golddigger.and people haven’t been saying saying she a golddigger for years.That show you very just plain ignorant. ALSO YOU JUST PLAIN IGNORANT TO THINK AKEXA BLISS NOT A HORROR PERSON.It commen Knowledge alexa bliss is a stuck up golddigger con artist. Alot of people been saying that for years.It not a fact i compare mias domestic abuse by a former spouse (not my opinion ).I never said mias was abuse by a former spouse. SHOW ME PROOF WHERE I USE THE WORDS MIAS ABUSE BY FORMER SPOUSE. ALSO MIAS THE ONE SAID SHE WAS ABUSE BY A SPOUSE. MAIS KNOW THE ABUSE BY HER FORMER SPOUSE IS A FACT.Because you wasn’t there. You can’t say mais know what she talking about. You can’t say it mia yam opinion.It a fact alexa bliss a stuck golddigger con artist. YOU PROVE ONE OF MIA YIM POINT.THAT WHEN PEOPLE STAND UP AND SPEAK THE TRUTH ABOUT WHAT KIND PERSON REALLY ARE (FACTS) STUCK UP GOLDDIGGER EVIL AND MEAN CON ARTIST. Plain ignorant dumbass chrissa calvert will cry like a cry baby about it.

          • chrissi calvert

            1) NIKKI ALEXA CHRISSI learn to spell names properly.
            2) Nikki slept her way to the top. Everyone knows this. Its shows in her fake relationship with John.
            3) I dont need to show you proof about Mias domestic abuse by a spouse as she herself says it in the interview and has openly talked about it in the past. So yeah, its a FACT.
            4) Still waiting for you to show me proof that Alexa is a horrible, evil person who is a conwoman.
            5) If you think im going to sit behind a computer screen and cry at you using capital letters on an issue you clearly know nothing about youre wrong. Im laughing my ass off.
            6) From what i’ve read in interviews from the people who work alongside Alexa everyone has said shes the sweetest, most hardworking person they have met.
            7) Met Alexa at Axxess this year, she couldnt have been more of the complete opposite of how you describe her. She was such a sweetheart, spending time chatting with fans (of all ages & sexes) signing autographs and taking pictures. She even took the time to spend extra time with a young, disabled girl creating a special video message for her.
            8) The fact that you are still comparing the two people shows just how ignorant you are.
            9) Im just going to go and have a guess that your butthurt that Bayley lost the title to her and she created history.

          • jim

            1.you need learn read properly and spell properly.So can’t talk about other people. Because i know how to read. Because you so retarded and ignorant you don’t know what is real.
            2,you the one said the word opinion .Saying it a opinion of yim. YOU SHOULD HAVE KEPT YOUR MOUTH SHUT AND SAID THE WORD OPINION.
            3,IT A FACT I NOT COMPAREING 2 PEOPLE. It show i am very intelligent and i understanding what Mia yim is saying. ALSO IT SHOW YOU IS VERY IGNORANT AND RETARDED. THAT WHY YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT MIA YIM said.
            3.because the fact nikki getting married to chea.It show their love for each other is real and she didn’t sleep her way to the top.You such a crybady that no one love you .So you is jealous that chea love nikki. THAT WHY YOU CRYING LIKE A CRYBABY ABOUT THIER LOVE.
            5,Nikki never had nude pictures of her turn up on the Internet.
            6.It a fact alexa bless co workers said alexa Bliss is a ring rat that sleep her way to the top.Also,It a fact akexa bliss co workers said akexa bliss is terrible wrestler. ASO IT A FACT AKEXA BLISS CO WORKERS SAID ALEXA BLISS DO VERY MEAN AND NASTY THINGS.
            7,It a fact alexa Bliss have nude pictures of her show up on the Internet. THAT SHOW ALEXA BLISS IS A CHEAP SLUT STUCK UP GOLDDIGGER THAT WILL SLEEP HER WAY TO THE TOP.It show you is a ignorant dumbass that feel it ok for alexa bliss be a cheap slut stuck up golddigger con artist that sleep her way to the top.It show you a hypothetical and you very ignorant retarded dumbass.
            8,It fact other people have said akexa bliss is a mean and evil person .It a fact a little boy ask alexa bliss for autograph. ALEXA BLISS IS VERY MEAN TO LITTIE BOY AND WOULDN’T GIVE LITTIE BOY AN AUTOGRAPH. IT A FACT A PERSON TRY BE NICE,TO AKEXA BLISS AND OFFER AKEXA BLISS A HANDSHAKE. ALEXA BROOKE IS RUDE AKEXA BLISS DIDN’T APPRECIATE THE PERSON TRY BE NICE TO YOU .And alexa bliss wouldn’t shake the person hand.
            9 I am laughing at you being a crybaby dumbass .You are crying like a crybaby. Because you not love.You not intelligent.
            10,I go now.I know your butt hurt very much because nikki find real love.And you can’t feel love.Because yoy suck a ignorant dumbass retarded fool.You can’t find love.

          • jim

            4 ,Nikki co workers never call Nikki a ring rat that is a cheap whore that sleep her way to the rop
            5 It a facts and common knowledge alexa bliss co workers called Alexa Bliss a ring rat cheap whore sleep her way to the top .and that alexa bliss is terrible wrestler. And alexa bliss do mean and nasty things. THOSE ARE AKEXA BLISS CO WORKERS WORDS

          • chrissi calvert

            1) I can read and spell to a rather high standard. You really can’t.
            2) the fact that you keep spelling names wrong despite them being in front of you shows how ignorant you are.
            3) Name calling someone who hasn’t done anything to you, nor do you know them is called Bullying. I have not once called you a name.
            4) I never ever once said it was an opinion of Mia Yim. I said it was your opinion of Alexa Bliss.
            5) There has been loads of people call Nikki a ring rat.
            6) Alexa has been in a relationship with Murphy since she joined NXT. How does that make her a slut or ring rat?
            7) Still waiting on your proof that Alexa is a horrible person. Not just made up stories
            8) if I can’t have love or give love then why have I been with my partner for 6 years? Don’t judge someone you don’t know

          • jim

            You is a hypocrite. 1,you judge people you don’t know.Then you cry like a crybady people judgeing you.That show how ignorant and retarded you really are.You don’t want people judge you.Then you should keep your mouth close and not judge people you don’t know.
            2,a person never did anything to you and you don’t know the person. You calling person names.you Chrissi is bullying people .So can’t be crying about name calling and bullying when the fact you the one calling people names and bullying.
            3,I never heard of you before untill you start calling me names .That mean you that one judge people you don’t know and call people you don’t know name.
            4.mia yim is making a point. Mia yim point is a fact and it truth.Because you so retarded that you don’t understand the point.You acted like crybaby and called people names and try bullying people. And you try judge people.
            5.You don’t know if i like Bayley or not.I never said if i like Bayley or not.So you keep your damn mouth and don’t judge people you don’t know.Every things you said about Nikki is make up story.You haven’t show any proof about nikkl.Where the proof about nikki.? It over over the internet alot of people call Alexa Bliss a ring rat.That show how ignorant you are.It show i am intelligent and know alot more then you.
            6.The fact famous people hid mean things they do all the times. A famous football player said he did bad thing.Because he famous. He was able hid bad things he did Because alexa bliss is famous. You want hide bad things alexa bliss do .That why you crying like a crybaby about people telling the truth.You feel it ok for alexa bliss be a ring rat and you don’t judge her for being a ring rat Yet you want call Nikki name like golddigger and ring rat.
            8,Nikki is with John Cena and getting married. PROVE TO ME HOW THAT MAKE NIKKI A RING RAT? PROVE TO ME NIKKI IS A TERRIBLE PERSON

          • chrissi calvert

            1) show me where I’ve called you a name because I haven’t.

            2) calling someone “retarded” is a really ignorant and terrible thing to call someone. It’s bullying. Me I can handle it because people have bullied me in the past and called me much much worse.

            4) what is the point you are trying to make? You compare Mia Yims domestic abuse with fiction about Alexa being a bully.

            5) Nikki has slept around backstage with numerous male wrestlers including those high up (this is common knowledge) before settling with John and getting everything handed to her since. She also didn’t have any drive or passion for the business the first time she was here and only returned with Brie once they were promised to be the main stars of Total Divas.

            6) Still waiting for your source for Alexa being this so called Horrible, evil conwoman.

            7) using caps lock makes you look like your shouting and desperate to be proven right when in fact you just look silly.

            8) Again, what does Alexa have to do with Mia Yim?

            9) The internet lies. Just because someone said Alexa was a ring rat doesn’t mean she is. Plenty of people from WWE jumped to her defence and said she was anything but.

            10) You are the one judging people and making up stories about them, name calling when you don’t know them. You don’t know me and as far as I know you don’t know Alexa. That makes you ignorant and a bully.

            11) I’m still not crying like you assume. I’m absolutely creased at you trying to turn it all the BS you’re coming out with on me.

          • jim

            SHOW ME I CALLED YOU NAME .Because i haven’t
            2.you call someone ignorant because they understand Mia yim point. THAT IS TERRIBLE AND VERY IGNORANT OF YOU .That is bullying. You have not right calling people ignorant and bully because that person understand Mia yim point.me i can handle your name calling and bullying. Because i been bullying before .I been called m much worst.
            3.I not useing lock caps. IF YOU FEEL I AM SHOUTING AT YOU .Then you is desperate to prove you is right. And you know you can’t win In fact it make you look silly and you will say,anything to win.I know the,facts is on my side.So i not worry about the truth. So you then desperate to hide the truth.
            4.you the one make up stories about people you don’t know.And bullying people you don’t know just because their understanding mia yim point. People have the right to understand mia yim without you calling people names and without you bullying. IT A FACT I DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING TO YOU .It fact i understanding Mia yim point Because you didn’t like i understand mia yam point you attack me with your bs and mean words.and as far i know,you not know nikki bella and you attack her with mean words calling her golddigger. LIKE I SAID BEFORE YOU DON’T KNOW ME. YOU SHOULD BE ATTACK WITH MEAN WORDS TO PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW .and you shouldn’t be attacked with mean words to people that never talk to you before. It a fact i didn’t talk to you 1st You the one that talks to me first with mean words.You should keep your mouth shut and not attack with mean words.then i wouldn’t had to defend myself from your mean words,and from your bs. It not i assume. It a,fact you crying like a,crybaby.

          • chrissi calvert

            To quote you in numerous previous posts “.That show how ignorant and retarded you really are” You are calling me ignorant and a retard in that one sentence. You have also referred to me as dumb and a crybaby. That is name calling and that is bullying.

            Now show me where i have called you a name or bullied you over this topic.

            To prove my next point i shall quote you from this last post “I not useing lock caps. IF YOU FEEL I AM SHOUTING AT YOU” The latter part of the sentence is entirely in Caps lock.

            Seriously, all i asked you in the first post was “What are you talking about because Alexa has nothing to do with Mia or Impact wrestling” Why did you even mention her on an article that has zero to do with her?

            Mia Yims point was to get other women, men, victims of domestic abuse to speak out about it. It has nothing to do with your allegations of bullying by Alexa

            No i dont know Nikki, but its common knowledge that she is a goldigger. Shes even admitted it herself that she likes to have expensive. lavish gifts given to her. She spends Johns money instead of hers.

            Still waiting on those bogus story sources…….

            ” It a,fact you crying like a,crybaby.” You are 100% hilarious on this.

          • jim

            To quote in numerous previous posts.That,show how ignorant and retarded you are also show,how much you a hypothetical. YOU CALL ME IGNORANT IN THAT ONE SENTENCE. YOU REFER ME IGNORANT. THat name calling and bullying. THAT,SHOW YOU REALLY A HYPOCRITE. .ALSO I DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING TO YOU.ALL I DID UNDERSTAND WITH MIA YIM POINT. You calling me ignorant because i understanding mia yim point. THE POINT MIA YIM MADE IN THAT ARTICLE HAVE 100 PERCENT DO WITH AKEXA BLISS. I didn’t make say alexa bliss is a bully. BULLY IS YOUR WORD THAT YOU USE ON AKEXA BLISS.YOU KNOW IT TRUE AND IT A FACT ALEXA IS A BULLY. THAT WHY YOU USE THE WORD BULLY .YOU DON’T NIKKI .SO HAVE NO RIGHT GOING AROUND MAKE UP STORY,ABOUT NIKKI AND BULLYING NIKKI.it not commen Knowledge about nikki. Because hate nikki wish you have real love.For alexa bliss, there common knowledge she ring rat and golddigger. IT ALL OVER THE INTERNET. SO THAT MEAN ALOT OF PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT IT .Also there nude pics of alexa bliss have sex like a cheap pornstar ring rat golddigger. .You,so desperate you try hide the fact and the truth about what kind of person alexa bliss you are.No matter how desperate you try hide alexa bliss is nasty person.Those nasty pictures will show,Alexa bliss is a nasty cheap pornstar ring rat golddigger. I CHALLENGE YOU TO PROVE IT NOT OVER INTERNET SAYING AKEXA BLISS IS A RING RAT.Also i challenge you prove alexa bliss don’t have nasty picture if you.
            1,Fact you calling me name and try bullying me because i agree with mia yim point that have 100 percent to do with alexa bliss.It prove it not 100 percent funny .it show you 100 percent desperate to hide the truth and fact akexa bliss not a nice person.
            9,I still waiting for false story source of your.it just said a hypocrite.

          • chrissi calvert

            “To quote in numerous previous posts.That,show how ignorant and retarded you are also show,how much you a hypothetical. ” That was me quoting yourself. Youve just re-quoted someone quoting something you have said.

            Your entire previous posts have been bashing and bullying Alexa. The so called “naked pictures” of her are fake and have been confirmed as a fake. Theres an entire website dedicated to creating those types of image. Only a handful of female wrestlers have had real naked images leaked including Paige and Charlotte.

            I agree with Mia that more people need to build courage and speak out against domestic abuse. Ive been in that situation. Sometimes people in those types of relationship get so scared of what will happen if they do speak out.

            All i said in my original post was “What are you talking about? Alexa has nothing to do with Mia or Impact” could you have not explained what you meant in a civilised manner instead of flying off the handle and calling people names? You did it with another comment on this thread to. The second word you called them a “dumbass”.

            As for Alexa being a ring rat, that was a rumour started by an anonymous person, who was released from WWE prior to this coming out and here is the defense


            Nikki has been with multiple men (including wrestlers) had a secret marriage at 18 and divorced by 20. This was on Total Divas.

            You compare my relationship to Nikki and Johns. Ive been with my boyfriend for 6 years, which is 3 years longer than Nikki & Johns.

            I have still not once called you a name nor bullied you.

          • jim

            You just prove you tell big lies.
            1,you didn’t quoted .to show how how hypothetical you are.That mean i didn’t requote what a person quoted i said.
            2.your entire previous post been about bashing and bullying nikki .So that mean you have no right cry about me telling the truth about alexa bliss.That make you a hypothetical. You feel it ok for you bashing and bullying nikki. Then you want turn around and crying saying people bashing and bullying. That show how ignorant you are .3,You have no right bashing and bullying nikki,then turn around crying about what i do
            3,Telling the truth about alexa bliss is not bashing and bulling.
            You don’t her the truth.And you want hide what kind person alexa are.
            4,I just stand up for what is right and telling the truth about what kind person alexa bliss..No matter how much you dislike hearing the truth what kind a person really are.You can’t call someone tell the truth about alexa is bullying .
            5,Those nude pics of alexa bliss have sex not so call picture. Those are real pictures. You don’t know if the picture is fake or not. You don’t know if it was confirmed fake or not.also,a person that say alexa bliss a ring rat.You don’t know if that person been released. That person said they still in nxt.Meaning that person have not released. 6
            6,in my original post, i didn’t say one word to you. All i did is understand and agree with mia yim point. You didn’t like l understand and agree with mia yim point. So jump in frying off the handle calling me ignorant in uncivilized matter.That mean you did called me name and try bully me.I never one time call you ignorant or bully you.and other times in this thread, you use,2nd word jackass..
            7,i have still have not call you name or bully you.
            8,as for nikki,you don’t know nikki history. You don’t how long nikki been with a person. Or if she married before.
            9.also, you make a flip remarks about me in your post. Flip remarks is bullying.
            10,when website say something about Alexa Bliss. You say websites tell lies. When website say something about nikki .You say website is telling the truth. .You want it both ways .You can’t have it both ways.If the websites tell the truth about nikki. Then that mean the websites is telling the truth about alexa bliss nude photos haveing sex and alexa bliss is a ring rat
            11.you have no right bashing and bullying nikki.Then cry about what i do. Before you cry about what i do. You need look at yourself first and stop bashing and bullying before you cry about what i do
            11,you the reason this world is mess.

          • Promotheus

            Fucking crybaby.

  • jim

    Also person try make Dana Brooke happy for her birthday by giveing Dana Brooke a birthday card.Dana Brooke is so rude and ungrateful .That Dana Brooke would say thank to the person. DANA WONDER WHY PEOPLE STOP BEING NICE TO HER. WHAT DANA BROOKE EXPECT FROM PEOPLE? DANA brooke want people keep being nice to her. THEN DANA Brooke should stop being ungrateful. Dana Brooke should learn open her mouth and say thank you. WHEN DANA brooke don’t appreciate people being nice to her Then Dana Brooke don’t have any damn right expect people keep being nice to her. DANA BROOKE IS CRAZY

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  • Dark Heel

    Impact told her if you don’t have your heart set on staying here, to leave the company.

  • HEELHornet

    She was the future of the Knockouts division, but along came Rosemary/Decay and their merch sales have been through the roof. That instantly made Rosemary the center piece.

    • Steven5812

      LOVE that pic; copying it to my Pictures folder. :)

  • jim

    Mia Yim said it when people stand up to mistreated by people like Alexa Bliss..When people speak out against mistreated by people like Alexa Bliss. .Some people will be dumbass fools for alexa bliss People want be dumbass fools for alexa bliss mistreat people Then go head and be dumbass fools for alexa bliss mistreatment. SOME PEOPLE ARE STRONG WILL STAND UP TO AKEXA BLISS MISTREATMENT OF PEOPLE. THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO SPEAK OUT AGAINST ALEXA BLISS MISTREAT PEOPLE IN REAL LIFE.

    • Gabriel S.


  • Greg Blanton

    If they bring back Marty Belle to Impact Wrestling, Jade will return as well, she didn’t like the fact they told Marti they didn’t have anything else for her to be involved in, which led to Marti asking for her release and Jade not renewing her contract as well. They could have easily used Marti in the LAX faction, she would be a perfect fit with them or with another latin faction coming in to feud with LAX as has been rumored.

    • Dark Heel

      Marti Belle sucked in terms of wrestling.

      Diamante >>>>>>>>> Marti.