PWI Female 50 2009 Revealed


The second annual PWI Female 50 has been released. As previously announced, WWE Divas Champion, Mickie James has topped this year’s countdown in a choice that was met with much criticism, including here at Diva Dirt. Click here to read just a sample of the comments women’s wrestling fans have made regarding Mickie topping the list.

When reached for comment on the controversial choice for #1, Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s editor, Stu Saks did not respond.

Nonetheless, view the full Female 50 after the cut, courtesy of Lords of Pain:

1. Mickie James
2. Angelina Love
3. Melina
4. MsChif
5. Tara
6. Awesome Kong
7. Beth Phoenix
8. Michelle McCool
9. Maryse
10. Taylor Wilde
11. Sara Del Rey
12. Cheerleader Melissa
13. Gail Kim
14. Mercedes Martinez
15. ODB
16. Daizee Haze
17. Sarita
18. Daffney
19. Madison Rayne
20. Katie Lea Burchill
21. Nikki Roxx
22. Angel Orsini
23. Velvet Sky
24. Sojo Bolt
25. Natalya
26. Rain
27. Amber O’Neal
28. Jillian Hall
29. Jetta
30. Lufisto
31. Madison Eagles
32. Nevaeh
33. Wesna Busic
34. Kelly Kelly
35. Portia Perez
36. Danyah
37. Ariel
38. Jennifer Blake
39. Nicole Matthews
40. Serena Deeb
41. Allison Danger
42. Malia Hosaka
43. Lexie Fyfe
44. Jamie D
45. Amy Lee
46. Annie Social
47. April Hunter
48. Cherry Bomb
49. Jessie McKay
50. Rosa Mendes

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  • mpezza

    Wow. What a load of bull this year’s list is.

  • BulgarianAngel


  • Tiffany

    I’m not so sure how I feel about Mickie being put above Melina, yet again. I don’t even know how Rosa managed to break the Top 50. Now with the exposure she will gain from Shimmer and TNA, I expect Ayako Hamada to make the list next year, and in a high spot.

  • Melanie Rob

    Tiffany – Me either. How did Rosa get on the list over Alicia or Eve? Judging by her WWE work, she shouldn’t be on there over either of them. And it doesn’t look as though they’re counting FCW work or Angela Fong would be on it.

  • charlierogue26

    Im a HUGE Mickie James fan…but even I agree that she shouldn’t have been Number One. In the Top 5: Yes. Maybe even Top 3, but not Number One. As everyone has stated Melina should be Number 1. And I agree, completely. I wonder if this is more of a nod to Mickie, for being in the Business for almost 11 years now and in Both of the Top 2 Promotions for 5 of those years? But whatever, I’m SUPER EXCITED she won and I can’t wait to read it. Other than the top spot and Miss Rosa Mendes coming in above Eve and Alicia I dont have a problem with the list.

    When does this come out again??

  • charlierogue26

    MOG OMG!!! I just realized that Maria isn’t on this list!!
    The wrestling gods do hear my prayers…

  • nala310

    Glad to see my top two favorites at #1 & #2. This is much better then the chessy mens top 500. Just wonder how KellyKelly got so high up there? But very happy that the goddess of hotness Mickie James is #1. :-)

  • palaceofwisdom

    I thought Michelle should’ve been higher up, but eh…
    @CharlieRouge26- LOL!

  • xmelissaa

    Rosa? 50? Ha!
    I’m actually quite surprised Angelina is #2, I expected her to be more in the 5-10 range.
    No offence, but how is Maryse ahead of Gail Kim?

  • Melanie Rob

    The list is based on kayfabe; so wins, strong storyline presence etc. Maryse has had a strong year.

  • Erin

    I think it’s pretty obvious that this list was made by a bunch of guys who don’t really give a shit about women’s wrestling. It probably to all of 2 minutes to put together, and it’s obvious by how they stuck Mickie at the top. Someone who only pays minimal attention to the female divisions would probably assume Mickie’s at the top of the game since she’s been champ numerous times, gets loud pops, and has had a bunch of feuds in the spotlight. I don’t know why we expect any better, though–it’s ~women’s~ wrestling after all.. the universal piss break.

  • Mikas

    When Sara Del Ray and Cheerleader Melissa arent even in the top 10 that says enough about this list. I’m impressed they actually placed MsChif on #4 since she isnt part of WWE/TNA.

  • Mikey

    I’d switch Melina and Mickie… On second thought, I’d move Michelle McCool from #8 to #3 and drop Mickie from #3 to #8 if the list were mine. How Rosa cracks the top 50 I’ll never know. Other than those changes I can’t complain because it’s getting nit picky imho

  • KellyKellyFan

    Rosa over Eve, Alicia, Layla???
    Mickie at number 1????
    Natalya not in the top 20????

    Okay to whoever made this list I have a question for you — What the hell are you smoking?!?!

  • KellyKellyFan

    Ohh and Melanie, Erin, etc. you guys should make your own top 50 list. I would be interested to see that!

  • MarBu13

    I stopped taking this list seriously last year when they put Rosa Mendes/Milena Roucka in last year at #43 and Alicia Fox was no where in sight. Have they even seen Rosa wrestle? Or any diva for that matter? Anyway – I don’t mind Mickie James at the top. I’m quite fond of her. :o)

  • RKOyou

    how is madison in the top 20,i love Madison and I wish TNA would push her as a babyface but she hasn’t even won a match yet in TNA and she’s barley showed her real skills so how did she get such a high number

    mickie shouldn’t be number 1,top 5 yes but not number 1

    how did Rosa get number 50 when her wrestling skills are almost worse then maria’s,alicia or eve should’ve have made it,there way better then rosa

  • PedroPedroso17

    Rosa Mendes and Kelly are there and NO LAYLA? NO ALICIA? WOW, I understand this is based on storylines and exposure, but REALLY?

  • PedroPedroso17

    PS: Cheerleader Melissa is still underrated this year, but at least she’s better placed than last years
    and LOL at Mickie beeing above Melina, Kong and Beth!

  • Mikas

    April Hunter is still on this list, didnt she retire a few years ago? And if she did then why is she on this list?

    3 Women i miss on this list:
    – Christie Ricci: how can they forget to include her?!
    – Sassy Stephie: not really a big name yet, but she did have matches against Sara del Rey, but because she doesnt work for Shimmer (yet) PWI probably never heard from her.
    – Melody: longest reigning OVW champion, the federation where most Divas/Knockouts learned how to wrestle.

    Time that someone makes an alternative top100 (yes, there are more than 50 good female wrestlers), because PWI obviously doesnt really care about this list other than some cheap attention on the other wrestlingsites.

    I think the creators of the list just made a list of all WWE/TNA women, then they noticed that they were short 30 names, so they just took a few random names from RoH/Shimmer/NWA.

  • darkmarvel


  • TheBeautifulPeople

    Angelina MY Baby Doll!!!!!!!

  • WWEDivaFan09

    James did not deserve to be first. Period. I question how McCool and Perez weren’t infront of either Love and James, but this Female 50 clearly doesn’t even make sense. Rosa’s on there, but Fox and Layla are not? At least Fox played the role of being McCool’s friend perfectly, where as, Rosa couldn’t even play the role of being a Glamazon in Training perfectly. Plus, she’s still un-impressive in the ring.

  • Bdawg0701

    Why is Maryse in the Top 10? Other then her good character, her wrestling is mediocre, to me. And where’s A-FOX? She’s improved and highly skilled. Rosa should not be on the countdown at all!

    I see more SHIMMER girls on the countdown, which is GREAT! SHIMMER is getting more exposed, now.

    Melanie, just like the 50 sexiest women special, you need to do a ROUNDTABLE about the PWI Top 50. I’ll be waiting for it, and can’t wait for it.

  • msatimberlake

    Melanie I think the only reason that Mickie is number 1 is because she is a veteran in this league and is the number one face diva on Raw, she is loved by fans all across the world and when her music hits the speakers people go wild. In my opinion i fell that the move to Friday Nights Killed Melinas chances at being the Number one wrestler, also McCool all the way at number 8 is a load, she deserves to be in the top 3 even number 2 if you ask me. If this list is based on wins and storylines like you said, Michelle is a shoe in she dominated the Smackdown divas division in late 2008 to early 2009 she smashed divas like Maria, Eve and beat Victoria in her final Match. Also Michelle was the 1st diva to win the Diva Championship and Womens Championship back to back, so i think we should be more pissed at the fact that Michelle is Number eight then Mickie being number one! Even though Melina is an exstremely Talented Wrestler which we all know, i fell strongly that Michelle got more screwed over then Melina did it should Mickie, Michelle Melina kong and then Love. Also Stoped taking this list seriously when i saw Madison at 19, kellyx2 at 36 and Rosa at 50. Where is Eve and Alicia maybe next year girls.