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Your Two Cents is our interactive feature where we ask for the opinions of our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook followers.

This week, we’re asking this: Who would you like to see participate in WWE’s Women’s Tournament this upcoming summer? We’ve read your responses on our social media pages and picked some of the best submissions to highlight here on the website. As always, you can join the debate by leaving your comments!

And now we turn it over to you…

Give us your two cents! Who would you like to see participate in WWE’s Women’s Tournament this upcoming summer?

  • martin rioux

    i think that they already sign some of my favorite to be in this tournament like kimber lee and nicole matthews but i would love to see lufisto gets a shot at this. i think she worked really hard to just get a shot in a major company and it would be a nice way to bookend here career. Others i would love to see, Mia yim, rosemary, madison eagles and jessicka havoc.

    • Malcolm James

      No to Rosemary but I hope Havoc get a second chance

  • K. W. M.

    Billie Kay! Yep, she woudln’t be new, but i doubt they will do those with only new faces. And this would be her perfect chance to show why gets underrated so much and finally show why she was so loved in SHIMMER! On NXT her longest tv singles match was about 4 minutes and she never showed her indy move set! Give her a long singles match and let her do those things that made her a name on the indies! PLEASE!

    • Camila #IconicDuo

      I miss Jessie McKay so much :(

      • K. W. M.

        It drives me so nuts that people who never saw her before often say “lol she can’t wrestle”. And so far she hasn’t shown anything special on NXT. But she is indeed very good and already proved it, but why in hell are they watering her so down on NXT? Most of her regular moves are gone :(

  • For sure want Santana Garrett, Kay Lee Ray, Mia Yim, and Candice LeRae

  • Sara. Del. Rey.

    • Wrestling.fan.from.France

      Honestly, that would be awesome to see her back in the ring! Crazy how long it has been even if I am very happy that she is living her dream as a NXT trainer.

  • C Mack

    Cheerleader Melissa. Hands down.

  • Geek God

    Beth Phoenix
    Velvet Sky
    Brooke Tessmacher
    Tarryn Terrell
    Gail Kim
    Angelina Love

    • Joseph

      Yea that isn’t going to happen most likely they are use one or two women from the past.

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    Great wrestlers who can and will give us a successful show which means GREAT matches (and MOTY candidates) and who have yet to be a major name in either TNA or WWE (or let alone be a WWE superstar).
    This show is historical for women’s wrestling and I don’t want to put too much pressure but the pressure will be on these girls to deliver in the name of women’s wrestling.
    Hopefully, WWE can find their next breakout star here.

    What a time to be alive and to be a women’s wrestling fan!

  • Kyle


  • Matthew Rivers

    ODB, Rosemary, & Jessica Havok.

    • Malcolm James

      No to Rosemary

    • Jesus’s brother

      ODB and Havok are failures

  • Summer_Slay #RespectTheDivas

    In case you havent seen this. I AM SNATCHED BALD !!!

  • Santana, Toni Storm, Thea, Su Yung, Gabi, Jade.

  • Liam Collett

    Santana, jade, jinny, Toni storm, Evie, dahlia black, io shirai, candice le Rae, taeler hendrix, jordyanne grace, Su yung, kimber lee, Sarah bridges, melina, Lisa Marie varon, Alicia, Emma, Becky, nattie, ember.

  • A?.

    Toni Storm, Jinny, Taeler, Veda, Evie (I know she’s signed, but she can be in it), Rachael, Thea, Santana, Kiera Hogan, Su Yung, and I feel like I’m forgetting some, but those are my main.

  • Baldwin A. Saintilus

    LuFisto for sure!
    Su Yung, Tessa Blanchard, Vanessa Kraven, Solo Darling, Evie, Marti Belle, Joordynne Grace, Mia Yim

  • Y’all probably don’t know her but Maria Manic. That’s my girl! I hope she happens to be in it.

  • Delroy Coke

    Shayna Baszler, Jade, Santana Garrett, Deonna Purrazzo and Mickie James (would of been perfect for the women’s tournament, but at least she’s back on main roster on RAW).

  • Alex

    In addition to the majority of the ones already suggested I would like to see the following performers take part in the tournament, Jordynne Grace, Lufisto, Karen Q, Kylie Rae, Jada Keys, Kelly Klein, and Bea Priestley.


  • YonceLuvsDivas

    Veda Scott
    Marti Bell
    Santana Garrett
    Mandy Leon
    Jacqueline Moore
    Blue Pants/ Leva Bates
    Brooke Tessmacher
    Taeler Hendrix
    Roxxi Leveau

    Please and Thank you!!

  • Stevie Wondaa

    Shaul Guerrero! I’d love to see her come back as her actual name, not Raquel Diaz.

    • Marshy

      She must carry the legacy of The Guerrero name just like her mom Vicki and besides her husband Aiden English is on Smackdown.

  • vdcvt

    I think my top choice is already confirmed or pretty much, Candice LeRae. She’d be awesome. I’d be keen to see, not including the current NXT and WWE women wrestlers, Angelina Love, Angela Fong, Su Yung, Kharma, Cheerleader Melissa, Gail Kim and Victoria.

  • Cabbyhighs
  • Gato_wiska

    She will retire this November and it will be a shame if she is not here. Manami Toyota!

  • Raekon

    If they don’t use their nxt Talent that already appeared on tv (even in small Matches like lacey, sonya, kimberly, Sarah, Victoria, Bianca), and if they won’t use already signed Talent that didn’t appeared on tv yet like Andrea, cheree, Demi, Isabell, Julia, Kaori, MaryKate, Nicole, Stefanie and Tay, then I think that the safe bets so far will be:

    – Kairi Hojo (if they don’t debut her Prior to the tournament)

    – Candice La Rae (already worked the last battle royal and her hubby is working for NXT too)

    – Rachael Ellering (already had 3-4 appearances on NXT and her father is working on nxt too)

    – The Trinidad (her boyfriend works for NXT and she already had two appearances herself)

    – Leva Bates (Blue Pants on NXT already but still not signed)

    – Santana Garrett (already had a few appearances on NXT)

    – Deonna Purrazo (already worked for NXT and Smackdown a few times but it’s still not signed)

    – Mia Yim (appeared on NXT before but still not signed, it is already rumoured though that she will be in the tournament)


    – Scarlett Bordeuax (got squashed on the main roster as local competitor already)

    – Aerial Monroe (got squashed on the main roster as local competitor)

    – Thunderkitty (got defeated by carmella with the help of James on sd)

    – Leah Vaugh (appeared on NXT)

    There were more but I doubt the “no names” ones will be in it cause the wwe mostly going with known names in such tournaments.

    My wishes for the remaining 20 spots:

    – Madison Eagles

    – Su Yung

    – Toni Storm

    – Chelsea Diamond

    – Taeler Hendrix

    – La Rosa Negra

    – Raquel

    – Shayna Baszler

    – Alpha Female

    – Io Shirai

    – Mayu Iwatani

    – Hamada

    – Hania

    – Veda Scott

    – Nixon Newell

    – Tessa Blanchard

    – Kay Lee Ray

    – Viper

    – Evie

    – Vanessa Kraven
    I would love to have Mercedes Martinez and Lufisto in the tournament but I highly doubt they will be in it since they are main champions on shimmer and shine so I left them out.

    • Gato_wiska

      Some performance center girls will make it. Nicole Zhao said she will compete on the tournament at her twitter account.

      • Raekon

        Oh thats cool to know! :)
        A good Chance to introduce women that are signed but not on tv yet.

    • Marshy

      Su Yung should be in the tournament since she is married to Rich Swann.

      • Raekon

        You are right! ^_^ Had forgotten that. :p

        • Marshy

          And previously that she has also dated Jerry The King Lawler.

          • Raekon

            I knew that. She was in FCW as “Sonia” and got released after they split. Thankfully he is away now so she has a chance to come back.

  • ?K . A . T ?

    Candice LeRae, Nicole Savoy, Kay Lee Ray, Tessa Blanchard, Allysin Kay, Nicole Matthews. Candice & Nicole I want the most though.

  • Haraya

    – Bianca Blair
    – Lacey Evans (Macey Estrella)
    – Sonya Deville (Daria Berenato)
    – Candice Lerae
    – Thea Trinidad (Rosita)
    – Evie
    – Kay Lee Ray
    – Nixon Newell
    – Andrea (Rosie Lottalove)
    – Taelor Hendrix
    – Santana Garrett
    – Victoria Gonzalez
    – Deonna Perrazzo
    – Scarlett Bordeuax
    – Leah Vaugh
    – Rachel Ellering
    – Tessa Blanchard
    – Ayako Hamada
    – Leva Bates
    – Su Yung
    – Veda Scott
    – Taya
    – Ivellise
    – Sexy Star
    – Angela Fong
    – Buggy Nova (Skyler Moon)
    – Hayley Hatred

  • Lushluke

    Guys I’m at RAW tomo, real good seats, how am I gonna sit thru 3 hours of shit just to see the ladies. My banner is staning for maryse

    • Gabriella Panajotova

      You better be loud for Alexa :D jk

  • Jim Baker

    I think that right off the bat,Candice LeRae and Tessa Blanchard should b e no-brainers (even for WWE)when it comes to signing women for the tournament.As for other choices,I would love to see Santana Garrett,Taeler Hendrix,Nicole Matthews (especially to renew her (Supergirls)”rivalry”against Natalya,and Becky Lynch),Racael Ellering,and LuFisto.

  • Jo9834

    My dream list would be.

    – Gail Kim (On Impact , not happening)
    – Kharma
    – Io Shirai (I only heard of her via this site and think she’s great)
    – Victoria
    – Brooke Tessmacher
    – Santana Garret
    – Ivelisse (On Lucha Underground, Not happening)
    – Sarah Stock
    – Sara Del Rey

  • Jesus’s brother

    Shanna from Portugal

  • For me this tournament is such a big opportunity for the indy girls to try on the big leagues and my dream picks, talent that I’ve seen in the Independent shows, Impact Wrestling, NXT, Performance Center (some picks sound stupid or not going to happend but WTF is a wishlist):
    – Gail Kim – Scarlett Bourdeux
    – Candice LaRae – Sexy Star
    – Buggy Nova/Skyler Moon
    – Raquel Díaz/Shaul Guerrero
    – Kharma/Awesome Kong
    – Taeler Hendrix – Melina
    – Kimber Lee – Sarah Bridges
    – Io Shirai – Santana Garret
    – Brooke/Brooke Tessmacher
    – Ivelisse – Maxine/Catrina
    – Andrea/Rossie Lottalove
    – Roxxi Leveaux. – Daffney
    – Evie – Rosemary
    – The Blossom Twins – Victoria/Tara
    – Jessica Havok. – Mia Yim/Jade

  • Corey Anderson

    ODB, Kharma, Gail Kim, Sexy Star, The Beautiful People (Angelina Love and Velvet Sky), Melissa Anderson, and Blue Pants.

  • Aye Mate

    I know it’s a ridiculously long shot but if Manami Toyota rocked up here en route to retiring I’d… well, I’d probably collapse.

    • Gato_wiska

      The tournament is before November so she should be here.

      • Aye Mate

        Precisely what I was thinking, my friend.

  • howie_ruhl

    If Manami Toyota actually gets a good run in the tournament before she retires, I will cry.

    • Gato_wiska

      I want her on this tournament.

  • Darren C. #Anti-Marks ?

    LOL at people wanting Victoria

    • Adrian Ray Diaz

      Why is that funny??

      • Darren C. #Anti-Marks ?

        She is a legend. Why would she be in the tournament? It doesn’t make any sense. And another fact is that she has a amatuer porn video on the internet, WWE will not use her for anything, just like Paige.

  • OJ Von Erich

    Lacey Von Erich

  • Benjamin Magnes

    Kairi Hojo, Io shirai, sara del ray, Lu fisto, mia yim, gail kim, candice larae, kimber lee.

  • Marshy

    According to Pwinsider that the WWE are interested in two participants in their tournament and their names are Mia Yim and Marti Belle.