On this day in history:

May 8th, 2006 | After watching Mickie James defeat Maria Kanellis, Trish Stratus couldn’t resist fighting Mickie, despite one arm being in a sling. Mickie soon got the better of Trish, removing the sling and choking her with it. Suddenly, a mystery woman (Beth Phoenix) emerged from the audience to attack Mickie, and it took two security guards to tear her away. Beth would eventually reveal that Mickie had wronged her in the past, but we would never find out how. Beth soon suffered an injury that would put her on the shelf for a year and set her up for a return as a heel who was quite indifferent to Mickie.

What are your memories of this moment?

  • Gabriella Panajotova

    I am a little curious whether Beth would’ve had the success she did during her post-injury debut if this version of her never got injured…I kinda think it was for the better that this is not the run we all associate with the Glamazon.

    • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

      I don’t think angry Phoenix or crazy Beth would work for me. I liked how poised she looked, she was royalty there.

      • Gabriella Panajotova

        Yeah, I agree. Plus this sort of character portrayed here is a bit stereotypical. Oh, the big girl has got to be a butch lesbian :D

        • MK126

          I don’t think it was stereotypical tbh. If we compare Beth Phoenix v.1 to lets say Alpha Female they were pretty similar by size and look but Alpha Female isn’t portrayed as a butch lesbian (since she was in a storyline with Velvet Sky as Chris Sabin’s new boyfriend). We don’t even know how Mickie “wronged” Beth in the past. She could have done her dirty like she did Trish but Trish wasn’t seen as a lesbian in the storyline

          • Gabriella Panajotova

            But Alpha Female storyline with Sabin isn’t comparable to this one I think. Otherwise, you are right about us not knowing how this storyline was gonna play out and what the dynamics between Mickie and Beth would have been.

        • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

          I agree. I just didn’t like it at all.

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  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    Thankfully this was dropped. I felt like this story was about Beth doing Trish’s dirty work because she was injured and Phoenix was just a past lover that Mickie did wrong too. Mickie’s crazy gimmick could only work for so long, like the rest of the girls. At some point is good to drop something that was great.

    • Wrestling.fan.from.France

      Honestly, crazy characters only last so long… When Mickie peaked, they didn’t know how to evolve from this without having to erase all her crazy traits and that was the same case for Victoria as well. The most recent example was Alicia Fox who lasted about 1 month and then quickly got stale.

      The only ones who was able to keep their “crazy” traits for a long period were Sensational Sherri, Luna Vahon and AJ. For Sherri and Luna, it was quite easy because of the era they were in and they were so good at it but for AJ, it’s on her abilities to maintain that and evolve as a character. WWE was smart with her.

      It will be interesting to see if Nikki Cross can maintain her crazy character long enough for her to remain interesting for a long time.

      • Don ?

        I wonder the same for Nikki as well. I feel as long as she’s aligned with Sanity she’ll be okay, but if she ever defects from the group she should keep the roughneck, edgy look while gradually humanizing her character.

      • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

        I don’t feel it’ll never last so long without toning it down. Mickie James got these “crazy tactics” once she turned heel and she was more of a psycho to Trish only. She didn’t really had to mantain that after it, in early Mickie vs Melina feud there were references but there wasn’t any reason for her to be a fan of anyone else. Most of the girls were kind of new when she debuted.
        Victoria crazyness was really jealousy over pretty women, after a while it just got stale. She last a good year and a half or two that way and there were references during most of her career. Like her heel turn with Christy or her feud on SD with Torrie Wilson. It just wouldn’t work after so many years working with the same girls.
        Sensational Sherri changed her character tons of times and yes Scary Sherri was life but didn’t lasted more than one or two years. She was a manager most of the time too.
        AJ Lee lasted a good amount of time being “crazy” but once the whole “crazy over men” was over she wasn’t really a psycho. She actually turned into a formidable heel that betrayed her friend for the belt and spoke facts about women’s wrestling. Yes she would be skipping all the way during the entrance but that’s about it.
        I do see Nikki speding more time as crazy because she didn’t became crazy due to any situation, she’s just that way. I expecting that to be toned down after a while tho…

    • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

      This didn’t purposely get dropped. Beth ended up breaking her jaw and was out for over a year.

      • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

        I know, things happens for a reason.

  • Very interesting storyline that never went out of the first gear due to her injury but I’m very satisfied with their feud years later. Heel Beth vs face Mickie was perfect.

  • The Paparazzi Prince (MIMQ)

    Wasn’t Beth supposed to be Mickies ex lover from the past