Greetings once again Knockout fans as I welcome you back to another edition of Xplosion Write-Up. During our last episode of Xplosion we saw tag team contest featuring ODB and MJ Jenkins taking on Angelina Love and Laurel Van Ness. Well in a somewhat rematch, we’ll be taking a look at a single match-up between MJ Jenkins and Laurel Van Ness. Hopefully Laurel will be more sober this time around.

Speaking of our Broken Bride, she makes her entrance first, yacking it up with the Impact Zone all while carrying her bottle of endless champagne. It’s time to let the heartache (and wedding dress?) go Laurel! MJ comes out next with a spring in her step, unlike Laurel who is actually sitting and moping once the bells rings.

Having gathered her thoughts, Laurel gets to her feet and starts the match with a wobbly tie-up with MJ. MJ takes Laurel down with an arm take down. A few more arm drags later, MJ slows down the pace and begins to target Laurel’s left arm with a submission.

Laurel grabs MJ by the hair, taking her to the ropes and whipping her across the ring. MJ ducks both a forearm and a back fist from Laurel and takes down the Broken Bride with a running cross body as we head to a break.

When we return from our break, we see Laurel finding a way to turn the tables by tossing MJ to the outside ring after avoiding a cornered plow attack. While Laurel begins to interact with acting referee Earl Hebner, MJ finds her way back to the ring but takes a fury of fists to back.

MJ lands a good elbow shot to Laurel that sends her to the ring apron. MJ goes after Laurel but the latter takes back control of the match after driving MJ’s head off the top ropes. Laurel follows up by tossing MJ face first onto the mat and rewarding herself with a sip from her signature champagne bottle.

After the sip, Laurel goes for some more offense, slapping MJ’s arm and throwing her face first to mat for a second time. She tries going for the pin but Earl isn’t able to make any sort of count as MJ is still face down on the mat. Earl politely informs Laurel that she need to roll MJ over first. Laurel follows the orders and tries a pin cover again but MJ kicks out at one.

Laurel tries to get back at Earl by telling him she is going to strike his “girlfriend” but only hits air. MJ successfully lands her forearm strikes onto Laurel and tries to finish things off with a roundhouse kick. Laurel quickly dodges this and tries to sweet talk to MJ by complimenting on how good she is. MJ appreciates the words but still goes for a second roundhouse kick that connects this time.

After a bit of dance fun, MJ hits a Northern Suplex pin onto Laurel, who kicks out before Earl can even get his hand on the mat! Laurel tries throwing some affection towards Earl but this is all just a strategy for Laurel to get close to her bottle again. She takes a gulp after shoving Earl towards MJ and uses the liquid content to blind MJ when Earl gets shoved for a second time. Laurel rolls up MJ and steals the win!

Thoughts: This match just didn’t click for me. There were clumsy spots that felt were beyond any drunk trait that may have come from Laurel’s character. The ending of the match felt prolonged – starting with Laurel having to steer across the ring to retrieve her bottle, Earl Hebner being shoved twice and the winning bumpy roll up.

I will say that I do like that Laurel has fun with her character but I ask that we lose the wedding gown or at least alternate it a bit, it’s long overdue. MJ continues to be fresh face to the division and one who can probably benefit more if she were able to get involved in some sort of storyline to help build some character. This is where I hope that Xplosion can begin to follow the One Night Only route and incorporate some ties to Impact’s main show.

What did you think of the match?