On this day in history:

May 19th, 2002 | Trish Stratus, less than a week into her second Women’s Title reign, put the belt on the line against Stacy Keibler at Judgment Day 2002. Trish had Bubba Dudley in her corner, while Stacy had Devon Dudley and Batista in hers. As expected, the men factored into the match heavily, Batista bodyslamming Trish and Bubba intimidating Stacy. In the end, Bubba turned out to be more helpful than both of Stacy’s managers, helping neutralize Batista just in time for Trish to hit a bulldog, pin Stacy and retain the title.

What are your memories of this moment?

  • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

    Cute match. Cute little feud. Just wish Stacy pushed to be an in ring competitor more often.

  • Proof you don’t have to put on a technical masterpiece to entertain the crowd. These girls were all so popular and unique.

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    Yesss!!! I love me some Stacy Keibler! She gives skinny people hope. Only thing that I wished she did wasn’t take the ring much serious. She was a natural in the ring with the lil she did. She never had an awful match too me. Plus her selling was crazy! She was taking bumps from the men almost on the weekly basis at one point in her career.

  • Don ?

    Stacy and her spinning kicks. ?

    • TorrieTrishStacyLita

      My fave

  • Organization XIII

    Was this when they wanted Stacy to win the title? I always liked Stacy. For someone who didn’t have much experience in the ring she really was fairly decent.

    • MK126

      Taboo Tuesday was when they wanted her to win I think

      • Organization XIII

        Ahh ok

        • Diogo

          I think it was that match in Manchester or London.. I’ve read some comments saying Stacy was supposed to win the title there but turned it down.

      • BitchFit

        2004? when trish eliminated molly?

        • MK126

          Was that their school girl attire one where the final 3 were trish, molly and stacy?

    • jcott3

      That was October 2004.

      Stacy could be led to a decent match (thanks to her dance background), but she didn’t care anything about the business. She was the Eva Marie of her time period (the “I’m only here to launch my acting career” girl), but Stacy had a major likability factor to her and there was still an “I don’t care as long as they’re hot!” attitude among the fandom then. If she had applied herself, she possibly could have taken Trish’s spot as top Diva.

      • Rose Márie ?

        Stacy was nothing like Eva Marie… You always hate on the pretty women. Stacy has always said she wasn’t a wrestler or didn’t want to wrestler. That’s why they strictly have valets. But if asked to get in the ring she would. She cared about this business. She supported this business it’s just her dream wasn’t to be a wrestler.

        She did a lot of promotion things for wwe at the time for a women who ” supposedly didn’t care ” you just love trash talking the pretty women. She turned the women’s title because it was people more desvering. She wasn’t the Eva Marie because Stacy knew how to put on chain of moves and knew how to actually wrestler while always being pretty and cute in the ring. She took bumps she got powerbombed through a top. Knocked off the turnbuckle tossed off the ramp everything in that sorts. So don’t say she didn’t care about the business when she did. Eva Marie cares too but she just didn’t care enough..

        • MK126

          She definitely cared if she went through the whole invasion storyline and still stayed with WWE. She knew she wasn’t a wrestler and didn’t want to unless they needed her. For a woman with no care to wrestle she sure was good enough to have solid matches but she definitely was big on taking bumps for the guys. At least Stacy was honest when she said “she only wanted to launch her acting career” instead of Eva who vows up and down the street that everyone is wrong and that she has the passion for the business. There was more passion from this era of girls who didnt wanna wrestle than the girls who were hired to do so. Even Terri had passable matches and had little in ring training

        • jcott3

          Stacy herself has said the wrestling business was nothing but “a steppingstone” to her and that her goal was always Hollywood.

          • Monkey Meat

            She said that while she was with George Clooney, and all the tabloids called her “Clooney’s hot new pro wrestling girlfriend”, despite the fact that she had not wrestled for 8 years at that point, and was somewhat in the Hollywood. Obviously in the company of Clooney’s female Hollywood peers, she felt embarrassed. Seeing as it’s looked down on by people in the entertainment industry. It’s a masculine occupation.

            You really can’t call something a stepping stone if you were apart of it for 8 years. She was just ashamed of having that on a potential CV. Just 2 years prior, she was complaining about WWE turning down her request to guest host RAW.

          • MK126

            And then after they broke up she was a guest on the reboot of Tough Enough

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      • Organization XIII

        I wish you guys would stop saying Eva didn’t care about the business. The girl tried to improve.

        • A?.

          You do realize that all that training was just for Total Divas, right?

          • Organization XIII

            & you know this for a fact?

        • YonceLuvsDivas

          Right! Eva really did care. I think she just got fed up and was hurt by the way WWE treated her. From day one they’ve been telling her their going to make her one of the faces of the division. Home girl went from being embarrassed by WWE and being thrown in the ring before any real training( I solely blame WWE for the heat she received) , than she was jobbing and having botched matches due to the first issue, next she goes down to NXT to recreate herself and is promised a huge push that ending up disappearing just when she was getting there, oh don’t forget her coming to Smackdown and not getting any matches to show her improvement and lastly getting suspended over not clarifying what exact medication she use to help her with pain in her body. If you don’t say that’s a struggle than idk what is. I’d quit too!! At the end of the day what matters is the feeling of you being happy with the person that you are when you lay to rest at night.

        • Cilla

          Eva was given so much investment and so many chances and she still blew it.

          • Organization XIII

            So many chances? They didn’t really give her much lol

      • Organization XIII

        Also Stacy cared about the buisness to some degree, otherwise I dont see why she would turn down a championship reign as that would’ve propelled her immensely with exposure

      • Lol shut up. Stacy was passionate about the business. She had been apart of it since her Nitro Girl/Ms Hancock days. She was nothing like Eva Marie. She was a natural. She took big bumps in the name of wrestling, and broke a couple of ribs in the process. Shut up.

  • 3???????

    Crazy thing is, torrie and Stacy were lowkey my favs ?

    • jcott3

      Stacy and Torrie were very popular then and were generally considered the #2 and #3 most popular members of the WCW/ECW Alliance.

  • jcott3

    Could someone refresh my memory as to how Stacy wound up having Reverend D-Von and Deacon Batista with her? I remember the Dudleys firing her as their manager shortly after WM 18, then they split up when they got drafted to separate brands (Bubba to Raw, D-Von to SD), but given that Stacy was a face while D-Von and Batista were heels, how did they wind up together?

    • CH98

      Vince appointed them as her managers for WWE Judgement Day that Sunday night, because he had a feeling that Bubba Ray Dudley would be in Trish Stratus’ corner for the Women’s Championship Match. Stacy was actually a heel going into the match. 3 nights before the event, she had a Bikini Contest against Torrie Wilson, which was interrupted by Tajiri. So Stacy believe that since that happened, she wanted Tazz to appointed her as the winner of the contest by forfeit. Trish made a surprise appearance in her gown and then revealed her bikini, which enraged Stacy and she was going to attack her with one of her high heel shoes but noticed the attack she planned from behind and quickly dodge it and Chick kicked her and then kicked her out of the ring. Then the next segment showed what I was explain to you about in the beginning.

      • jcott3

        Thanks. They actually tried to make Stacy a heel after the brand extension? The whole reason they had the Dudleys fire her as their manager was because she was getting cheered even though they were heels.

  • Stratusfaction

    I always wished that Stacy would have managed to pick up a win or two against Trish. She should have at least won the mud match they had after throwing Trish off the stage.

    • jcott3

      I keep saying that, while they were trying to build her up in 2004, Stacy needed a win against Trish instead of a “she hung with the best” scenario.

    • BitchFit

      stacy never beaten trish at all wow…. can u believe it haha even torrie did

  • TorrieTrishStacyLita

    Yassss Stacy!!!!!!!!!! ?


    Look at Trish taking that spin kick straight to the face! She didn’t mind getting stiff and that’s what makes her the best she embodied the environment and put her body on the line to get every moment over

  • Kat Love

    People forget at the time Stacy was more popular than Trish at one point.

    • Trish is my favorite ever, but you would be lying if you would say otherwise. Stacy was ALWAYS more over than Trish.

      • Kat Love


  • Aye Mate

    Stacy Keibler had one of the most beautiful spinning kicks in the game.

    • Monkey Meat

      Agreed! Summer and Peyton can try all they want. They wont come near Stacy.

    • MK126

      Her kicks always looked like they could knock a bitch out lol i think the only successful spin kicks Summer has done was at WM

  • Stacy’s best match for me was with molly holly

  • Stacy was a class act! This was the first time she turned down the title, the second being two years later. She was the most popular woman on the roster after Lita, but knew that the division comes before herself. She did just what many other women after her should’ve, but didn’t. Stacy knew she wasn’t ready/capable of being the top girl, and passed the ball over to someone who was.

    Bellas in 2011/12, Kelly and a certain someone today who can talk on the mic, but not back it up inside the ring should take notes.

    • MK126

      I must disagree with you on Kelly just slightly. When she wasnt wrestling the Bellas she was good even if her opponent was carrying her. She was still able to put on solid matches with Beth and Michelle and her rare match with Gail

      • Still not good enough to be champion, and only the Beth matches were apart of her reign.

  • Stacy and to a lesser degrees Torrie really were icons of their time along with the obvious Trish and Lita. These 4 were the top girls. The popular ones. I wish they would include them all in a game again.