Hola Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s Impact Write-Up. The GFW Women’s Title continues to be on the spotlight as the reigning champion Sienna is set to defend her title against ODB. And why is ODB the number one contender? I mean, wouldn’t it make more sense for the previous GFW Women’s Champion Christina Von Eerie to get her title rematch? Some things never seem to change it seems.

Speaking of GFW titles, a new tournament to crown new GFW Tag Team Champions begins this week as LAX’s own Santana and Ortiz square off against Garza Jr and Laredo Kid for the tournament’s opening round. Konnan, Homicide and Diamanté are at ringside for their fellow men and, as expected, get involved in the match.

Diamanté hits a top tope huricanrana on Garza Jr. towards the end of the very well action packed tag team match, leaving Laredo Kid solo to eat a blockbuster powerbomb that earns LAX the win. More of that from Diamanté please!

Our next Knockouts sighting sees Laurel Van Ness and Allie at ringside as their respective men Kongo Kong and Braxton Sutter go one on one.

Braxton relies on speed and high kicks against Laurel’s mighty beast but Kongo Kong simply overpowers Braxton, much to Laurel’s delight. Even our hysterical Broken Bride chimes in on some of the fun and at one point draws a heart on Braxton’s head with a lipstick.

Kongo ends up winning the bout and Laurel celebrates the win by sprinting around the six-sided ring. Sienna and KM soon make their way to the ring and begin a three-on-one beat down on Braxton all while Laurel seizes Allie to make her observe the attack up-close.

Mahabali Shera makes the save for Braxton and for once I actually agree with Josh Matthews over at commentary when asks what Shera is even doing out here as he has nothing to do with what’s going on. After the ring clears of the heels, Braxton takes to the mic and lays down the challenge for a tag team match next week, where he’ll team up with Shera to take on KM and Kongo Kong.

During Impact Wrestling’s Last Word, Sienna and the rest of her crew show little fear for next week’s tag team match.

Karen Jarrett also makes a backstage appearance this week to book an additional tag team match for next week’s show. Next week, Eddie Edwards and Alisha Edwards will team up to take on Angelina Love and Davey Richards in an attempt to control the aggression between these two wrestling couples.

And finally, we get to our GFW Women’s Title match:

The Knockouts make their entrances and ODB is able to get some early offense when she bring the champion off her feet with a round of running shoulder blocks. Sienna is able to take control after tossing ODB to the outside and then shoulder first to a ring post. Sienna big boots ODB’s targeted shoulder and tosses her back to the ring.

Sienna taunts ODB and hits a corner splash. She goes for another one but ODB is able to roll out the way. The challenger chops, strikes and clothesline the champion leading up to a TKO set-up which Sienna manages to evade.

ODB climbs the second rope of a turnbuckle, looking for a high-flying attack but misses. Sienna makes the most of ODB’s crash and burn, hitting the Silencer to get the three count. Sienna is still your GFW Women’s Champion!

Thoughts: Again I ask, what was the exact reason behind ODB title opportunity against Sienna? There was nothing leading up to this – no number one contender match or even a backstage segment of any sort to explain this! Poor Christina Von Eerie (the inaugural GFW Women’s Champion) suddenly disappearing after having a promising start when she resurfaced on Impact Wrestling. It feels like she was only brought in to drop the title after just one measly squash title defense.

I’m also missing Rosemary, you know Impact’s actual Knockouts Champion. I get that she’s sort of had a falling after The Decay disbanded but that shouldn’t be a reason to keep her off TV every other week. Her character is strong enough to stand on her own and she can still play some kind of role across LAX or at the very least Diamante until she moves onto Sienna. As we head closer to Slammiversary, I think it’s essential to get Rosemary and the Knockouts title back on our screens.

I’m sort of indifferent about Shera getting involved in the Allie/Braxton/Laurel/Kongo saga. There are too many people thrown in this feud as it is (looking at you KM and Sienna) but the babyfaces need more numbers to even up the playing field. I’m just ready to see Allie and Laurel do more than stand at ringside at this point.

Ironically, my favorite part of the night was the announcement of next week’s mixed tag team match. Angelina Love and Alisha Edwards (along with their husbands) have been the most exciting part of Impact and I’m really excited to see the story continue to progress.

What did you think of this week’s Impact Wrestling? Are you looking forward to next week’s scheduled tag team matches? Have you missed seeing Rosemary on television? Let us know in the comments below!

  • GameChanger #HBIC#GoldenGodess

    Solid match, Love Sienna she shows so much personality, who says heels cant be fun! In addition, just goes to show how she should have been the center piece of the division to begin with she belongs there, with the right booking, shes in excellent standing right now as top heel after rosemary

  • Asa Loves You

    T R A G I C

    T R A S H

    T E R R I B L E

  • Smh, what is this? ODB got a match out of nowhere, it was not even 3 minutes long, and Rosemary was nowhere to be seen. Come on…

  • Also Silencer as a finisher doesn’t work at all. ODB shoulder blocked her twice in the beginning yet somehow lost to the same move later on. It doesn’t work especially on someone of ODB’s size.

  • I thought they were going to build a story between Sienna, LVN, Rosemary, and Allie

  • DivaLicious?

    Tna is so direction Less SMH let’s start with LVN, you telling me she is still doing this “broken” bride gimmick??????? it’s been 3 months since the stupid wedding. Give this girl something eles to do. Like give her a run for the title. She just looks like a complete joke now?????

    Sienna “silencer” finisher doesn’t even look powerful. She just pushes you down. She needs to use the AK 47. Her pinky gimmick and ring attire is Awful to me it needs to go.

  • Women’s Revolution

    I was really rooting for this company after all they’ve been through. I thought it would somewhat improve since Dixie Carter no longer a part of the company.

    I want to pull for Sienna because she has this dominant demeanor about but she fails to display it. The pairing of her stable seems random and forced. There? needs to be more faces to even the odds.

    ODB return was to get the young talent over. Been over her. She was a breath of fresh air in the beginning of the Knockouts era.

    I miss Rosemary and Decay ???

    I could care less about GFW and their titles. I think there need to be some unification matches need to take place to introduce the Impact Wrestling championships and replace TNAs.

    • chrissi calvert

      I think at Slammiversary they are going to unite the GFW and Impact titles. Rumour has it that its going to be a 4 way with Sienna, Allie, Gail and Rosemary.

  • Radic

    I know why they call Sienna’s finish ‘The Silencer’! Because when she hits it… THE CROWD GOES DEAD SILENT!!!!!! Jk Universal Studios’ crowds don’t react to anything

    But seriously, she needs to stop that, it’s like the most anti-climactic move in wrestling, especially with Sienna’s build.

    I can’t wait until they bring back Rosemary and the Knockouts Championship, because at the moment, I could sadly care less about whats going on right now with the GFW Womens Title. Maybe if CVE was still involved. But no, even after supposedly ‘signing with Impact’, she only appeared to defend the title to Ava, then lose it to Sienna… and that’s it.

    Hopefully either during the India tapings or after Slammiversary, CVE comes back as a heel since she did seem very heel like in her video package before her re-debut. I’m so down for her and rosemary going at it before Rosemary & Allie eventually go at it.

    And wile I adore LVN’s character work, the whole ‘close to screwing themselves over with implementing the Broken Hardy gimmick’ Broken Bride gimmick is not sticking well. I mean we already have Rosemary, so thats two gimmicks that aren’t too far off being the same thing. Maybe Rosemary can do some freaky shit and suck the crazy out of LVN to make her sane again.

    • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

      Your silencer comment made my day xD and I completely agree.

      I also agree with the rest of your comment.
      Except for LVN, I relish in everything she does.

  • Shady

    ODB in the ring has never done it for me and she’s only gotten worse, Sienna is very average too

  • jim

    Sienna and Rosemary are top heel in impact wrestling
    Impact doesn’t have a strong baby face to challenge them.Seem Brooke have disappeared. CHRISTA VON E LOST HER TITLE TOO SOON

  • Juan

    Man! Garza Jr does his squats huh? Lol Diamante is badass!! More of that please!!

    Anyway I honestly don’t get what management sees in Sienna? Why is that she’s getting this huge push? She has her own stable, won the GFW women’s championship and is appearing more than Roaemary! I don’t get it. Likewise for ODB! Why is she and Ava Storie getting all these title shots?

    This division should focus on the likes of Allie, MJ Jenkins, Alisha Edwards, Diamante, LVN and Rosemary with Madison Rayne/Angelina Love playing the veteran roles! That would be an incredible division! No more stale Sienna/ODB or green Ava/Brandi unless they’re there to take a pin fall!

    • Radic

      Well in all fairness they are already doing this (somewhat) with Angelina & Alisha. The rest thought, yeah they NEED to sort themselves out at the India tapings, especially with that being the last stop before Slammiversary.

  • Raekon

    I love diamante since her indy days and I hope that after she recovered from injury, they will let her fight in the knockouts division.
    Also love Alysin Kay(Sienna) and Chelsea Green (Laurel)in the Indies but they seem to be quite watered down in Impact of what they are allowed to do cause their Matches at the Indies are always much better than what one sees on tv. They are both also very vocal and funny but we only get like half of that on Impact aswell. Time issues are a factor for that but I think that there are also restrictions cause I don’t see why they would do less on tv then on a ippv like SHINE or other promotions otherwise.
    As about a rematch: Only the WWE were doing this actually, other promotions didn’t.
    Of Course, TNA might have done the same at times but with the new Impact in Play, the rematch rule might have been dropped.

  • The division still gave me those random vibes tho, why ODB is number 1# contender? I’m starting to like Sienna a little bit more every sigle appearance. I want to see Rosemary so bad.

  • Steven5812
    • Radic

      I ship it…………..

  • Dark Heel

    You saw Rosemary you just didn’t notice her.