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Danielle Moinet, famously known as WWE’s Summer Rae, recently sat down with Sharp Magazine to discuss an array of topics. The conversation focuses on her career in WWE, her personal life and more. Below are the highlights:

Summer was asked about her favorite storyline to be a part of, and said the following:

“That’s a great question. I’ve done a lot of cool things with WWE. I’d say it has to be the most recent one that I had. I joined a love triangle and made it a love square, I guess [laughs], it was me, Dolph Ziggler, Rustev and Lana. I was really able to showcase what I can do on the microphone through my promos and my acting. I didn’t look at it as a lot of pressure on me, and I was really able to just shine. Those were some of my favourite monologues that I’ve had and the crowds really reacted and got to know me.”

The topic then moved on to her heel character:

“My character is a very nasty person, and I don’t know how that happened!” laughs Moinet. “I never made the conscious decision to be a villain. I naturally became that bitchy, cocky, conceited person when I stepped into the ring, but it is completely far from who I am in real life. It is just more fun to be bad.”

Soon she discussed the most surprising thing that fans have found out about her:

“Well, for a long time, it was that I’m nice, because my WWE character is so good at being horrible. I’m also on the reality show Total Divas, and have gotten into a lot of altercations there, too. The number one thing I always hear from fans is, “Wow, you’re so nice.” Through social media now, fans can see how I am in real life so it might not be such a big surprise anymore. My first job out of college was for a wholesale plumbing company, so I know how to solder copper pipe and fix your toilet. That might be more interesting.”

Her dream celebrity opponent was also a topic of discussion:

“Wow, let’s see. Eventually, if we’re in a feud, it’ll culminate with a fight in the ring, so I have to choose someone I can fight. Maybe I’d choose one of the Kardashians, because if I’m going to do a celebrity fight, we have to make it mainstream and high profile. Kim has already been to Wrestlemania, so she knows the drill. We can even set up a fight between all the sisters and all of us from Total Divas, a little reality versus reality. I don’t know why, but a small part of me also really wants to fight Justin Bieber. I think I could take him down.”

Rae told us the one thing she would want to change about herself:

“I don’t know if stubborn is the right word, but I could take criticism better from loved ones. I take criticism really well at work and our fans criticize us all the time, so I’m really used to it and I have thick skin. When it comes to my family members criticizing, though, I get really defensive and it’s hard for me to take in. Days later I’ll finally admit that they’re right. When it’s your family, that makes you question what they’ve said to you.”

Her difficult tryout for NXT was discussed:

“The tryout was the hardest thing I have ever done,” says Moinet. “There’s nothing that can train you for that unless you have been a wrestler before. I had played a few sports before including being a part of the Lingerie Football League, but it’s just so different from anything else. I went down there, definitely got my ass kicked, and decided I wanted it bad, so I just worked to the bone until I achieved my spot.”

Summer also talked about what she gets up to in her spare time, reality TV and more on Sharpmagazine.com!

On top of all of this, word on the street is that the former First Lady of NXT has been medically cleared to make a return! According to reports by Wrestling Observer Radio and Wrestling Inc., Rae has been kept off of TV due to the “even amount” of women on either brand. But with Emma being out due to an injury, could a spot on RAW have opened up?

Are you surprised by some of these comments? Do you miss seeing Summer on TV? Let us know your views in the comments below!



    Hang in there Summer! Beautiful picture too!

  • I miss her.

  • daniel maldonado

    summer was cleared this week. word is wwe has no idea how to reintroduce her to tv. right now smackdown & raw have even women’s rosters so we probably wont see summer return to tv anytime soon.

  • TJ

    She truly is beautiful inside out, and on top of that this has to be 40th magazine she’s been in since her injury. She could be so marketable and could give WWE so much promo and exposure yet they waste her talent. I really hope once she returns WWE will give her a chance to show herself, because she has EVERYTHING it takes to be a top Star #ItsSummerTime

    • LaurenYorkStan

      Queens only

    • jcott3

      On some of the other boards I go to, I was surprised to see how many people were calling her ugly (more specifically, that her nose is too big) and that she sucks as a wrestler.

      • LaurenYorkStan

        Delusions clearly

      • TJ

        ugly smarks

      • ralfikh

        That makes her more beautiful imo.
        She actually pretty good wrestler,its just the way wwe want her to portray in the ring what make her look bad. If every wrestle can showcase their skills to the max they will shock us. Not every1 will get the “push” to be at the top.

      • John Finnie

        When this popped up i was thinking the same about non womans sites they say about her & sasha are really ugly!!! i mean really ? I must be blind because they are stunning especially summer

      • Number One

        Well, she does suck as a wrestler; she makes Alicia Fox look like Lita

    • Joseph

      Well right now there’s no room for her unless you have her replace Emma for the time being.

      • Summer_Slay #RespectTheDivas

        Well Lanalina will “soon” make a debut on SDL. So the numers wont be even as they are now.

    • Jaded

      You know her in person?

      • LaurenYorkStan

        Bitch shut up

        • Jaded

          Your mouth tramp.

          • LaurenYorkStan

            Shut the hell up trash ass skank

          • Jaded

            You are childish and stupid. I can’t lose my account over an insignificant thing like you.
            Get thee behind me Satan.

          • LaurenYorkStan


    • Jaded

      I swear the things people type down just for a few up votes, how can you say someone you’ve never had dealings with is beautiful in and out?

      • Summer_Slay #RespectTheDivas

        If you actually follow her on twitter you will see how much cherity she does that has nothing to do with WWE and its completely on herself.

        • Jaded

          LMAO, how old are you please?

      • Seraphina Rosenhart

        She’s a really amazing person. We know this because if you follow her on social media, you can see that she stand up and fights for what’s right. She contributes a lot to charities and promotes them as well.

  • I clicked on this article thinking it was about her return to the ring.

    • LaurenYorkStan

      It was if u read it

  • Darryl lee

    That storyline with ziggler, rusev and lana was horrible. Good interview though

    • LaurenYorkStan

      Summer and Lana made it entertaining

      • Darryl lee

        Really? Summer and rusev have ZERO chemistry. And ziggler and lana have EVEN LESS chemistry. And you know what’s worse? The fact that this is the only storyline involving the women when this whole divas revolution started in 2015. That’s SAD.

        • LaurenYorkStan

          Summer and Lana segments and fights was great and always had crowd reactions

  • Hopefully she comes back soon!

  • Tunasha

    “Even amount of women on either brand”. So that means they can’t have more than 8 women for RAW and 6 for Smackdown? That’d be a stupid reason if it’s true. But so far SD has been using just 6 girls active on the division, so I’m guessing there might be some true on that…

  • Asa Loves You

    She’s in WWE?

  • wwepassion

    Use her right, we need more food talkers and story tellers. Summer is a hidden gem.

    • Number One

      No she isn’t. She’s the absolute worst

      • wwepassion

        To you

        • Number One

          To everybody

          • wwepassion

            Nah to you

          • Number One

            And everyone else

          • wwepassion


          • A?.

            No, to you.

  • Radic

    I’m so conflicted where she should go. I mean Raw does need an extra body now that Emma is on the shelf. But what would she really do on Raw other than become another Alicia Fox, only being needed to put over other women.

    SmackDown would be a much better fit imo as she could fit well as a top star there if given enough focus.

    Whatever happens, I hope she gets more of the spotlight, maybe even a quick title reign would be nice.

  • Raekon

    Even amount my ass! Let the woman work! It’s not as if they have storylines going on for everyone on the roster after all. SD has 7 women on the roster if you count Lana in so why can’t RAW have the same amount with Summer being added in?
    Seriously, is not THAT hard. Most of all in a 3 hours show like raw.

  • Carolution

    put her on smackdown and have her feud with lana again. summers only issue is her wrestling ability isn’t even decent most of the time and looks scared to actually hit someone so she needs to work on that.

  • LeBoss

    I love Summer.
    I just hope she can be properly showcased because her and Bliss are the two top women on the mic right now and they could have a great feud

    • Number One

      So very wrong. The top two women on the mic are Charlotte and Nikki

      • Robann

        *spits out water*

        W-What?! Not even close! Charlotte may ONE of the top women with decent mic skills, but Nikki? She’s one of my favorite but be real, her mic skills have also been sub par at best.

        • Number One

          Summer could learn a lot from Nikki, like how to give great promos and how to wrestle properly

          • Robann

            Have you seen ANY of Summer’s promos? I’m talking NXT and MR? There’s no way you have seeing as though you’re saying this. Better yet have you seen any of Summer’s work period?

          • Number One

            Unfortunately I have, and her bad promos and worse wrestling prove my point. She could learn from Nikki

          • Robann

            She can learn from Nikki sounding like she’s reading a script? I’m sorry, but no sweetie. I’m all for Nikki and I’m actually a big fan…but her mic skills have always been subpar to bad. She just isn’t good when it comes to that. You saying that Summer should “learn” from her is laughable. Summer was the first female villain of NXT and always had stellar promos. Stop it.

          • Number One

            No, SUMMER sounds like she’s reading from a script. Nikki gives the best promos out of all of the women in WWE. Summer is absolutely useless

      • LeBoss

        You are either stupid or joking.
        I’ll let you decide

  • Let Summer Slays all day long, work and return. We need her, don’t waste her talent WWE, deserves more than that.

  • Angelica Marie MoNae

    Wait summer is on total divas since when? Lol but seriously when she comes back I hope she finally gets her chance to shine!

  • Ronald Dotson

    Summer Rae needs to go to SDL along with paige when she returns raw doesn’t need no one else