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According to a report from the Wrestling Observer (via Squared Circle Sirens), Raw Superstar Emma is expected to make her return in mid-June.

As it was previously reported, Emma suffered a shoulder injury during a live house show at Liverpool, England as part of WWE”s European tour on May 7th. Here, Emma took part in a Women’s tag team match were she teamed up with Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax to take on the team of Bayley, Mickie James and Sasha Banks.

It was during the match that Emma took a bad landing on her right shoulder following a double knee drop from Sasha on the turnbuckle. This caused the acting referee to throw an “X” signal to stop the match. Ringside physicians were on hand to check on Emma and assisted her to back. She was sent home early from the tour but has gone to update fans on her recover by announcing she was undergoing rehab for her shoulder injury.

It was around this time last year that Emma suffered a back injury at a live show that would require surgery and put her out of action for several months. She made her television return in February under her Emmalina moniker but fully converted back to ‘Evil’ Emma in April.

Have you missed seeing Emma on WWE television? How would you book her return? Let us know in the comments below!


    She can’t catch a break. Damn it!

  • It’s time for them to cut their losses on her, and give her slot to someone who can stay healthy

    • A?.

      Did you say the same when Sasha got injured twice? or when Seth got injured? even Hideo? Stop being like this, she’s a talented woman and she deserves better, just because you don’t like her then it doesn’t mean they should release her.

      • howie_ruhl

        No because as much as I love Emma and wish she’d finally get the break she deserves she is not as a big as star as Sasha and Seth have been. And, as talented as she is, she is not as good as KENTA. True, her lack in star power partly comes from her awful build up but that doesn’t change the fact that, right now, not much has been invested in her.

        To be clear though, I don’t want her gone. That would be such a waste considering her talent. But I can understand where the user above you is coming from.

    • Ollie Roche

      Couldnt agree more, she brings nothing to the table and gets injured. Its different if say Sasha Banks get injured because shes a huge member to the roster but Emma… nah.

      • Geek God

        Sasha is a main eventer plus all of her injuries were small abd she was back soon, Emma however is not a star and is gone almost 100% of the time

  • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

    At least she’s not going to be missing a large amount of time. Considering how long it took her to finally make her debut as Emmalina, I hope when she finally is cleared she doesn’t end up missing 2-3 months because creative can’t find a way to bring her back on to TV. What they should do is just continue her feud with Dana.

    • Ronald Dotson

      Or even just have her and Dana reunite I mean Dana I will never believe her as a face she got a heel look I think Dana should be the next contender but lose the match then get a rematch and loses but she attacks Alexa and Alexa fights back then Emma comes and help out Dana cause those two got potential to be the top heels on raw if wwe does it right and with effort

      • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

        I definitely prefer Dana as heel. She just doesn’t sit well with me as a face. She has been getting decent pops; but with the way her face turn has been going I don’t think those reactions will be getting any louder. If anything, they’re only gonna get smaller from here because she’s not on TV weekly and she isn’t being used in any feuds.

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    Thankful that’s it’s not worse. Such a shame tho that her injuries have always came at the wrong times! Hopefully things get better from now and that when she returns, she can be used well enough.

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    I’m glad she’s ok and is coming back soon. Luckily she’s wasn’t part of any major storyline so she can easily jump back in to things.

    • Gato_wiska

      she have a feud with Dana

      • YonceLuvsDivas

        That was bound to be dropped anyway. What more could they have done with it other than a preshow match at a ppv or worse a short blow off match.

  • MafiaMM

    They should definitely limit her house show appearances after this. This it the SECOND time she’s injured at a live show. I mean, if they really need her, her matches should be TV level safe cause I know wrestlers like to experiment more during house shows but at this point or at least, the rest of the year, Emma needs to play it safe.

    Hopefully she can come back and feud with Mickie James just to set her up as valid contender for the Women’s Title.

    • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

      That’s not how it should go, she shouldn’t be rewarded for getting injured. Her being on house shows have nothing to do with it. If anything, they would keep her on house shows until they can trust her body enough that they can bring her back to TV. Emma sadly isn’t that big of a draw, so I definitely do not see letting her not have to wrestle house shows. If Emma were to be released, (which I do not want to happen) it really would not change the landscape of the division.

  • I hope they just introduce her back on tv and don’t air promos.

    • Ollie Roche

      promos or nothing. can’t get over without character build up or mic work. She should just go this time tbh.

  • Gato_wiska

    Can she still do backstage segments so her feud with Dana will continue.

  • Gato_wiska

    diva dirt where is the article about Mae young Classic?

    • A?.

      They already posted it.

  • A?.

    Thank god! I’m glad this was nothing serious, but I really want her to become champion because she deserves it, I doubt it’s going to happen though.

  • Ollie Roche

    At this time, I don’t care if she doesn’t come back. She’s a fairly decent wrestler who started the NXT revolution with Paige I agree but she’s never done anything to make me care for her. The Emmalina was a waste of time and part of it was her fault for not being able to act how they wanted her too, her mic skills are passable at best and when i give her a chance she gets injured… again! She has never been more than the other girl on the roster to me and I don’t see that changing if she came back again.

  • Miss her. Hopefully this return will help.

  • wwepassion

    She’s quite the injury bug which is not good if she wants a push.

  • #Lasskicker

    Pull the trigger…let her cut a promo about life being too short and let her kick some arse!

  • MiguelAngl

    Emma can be a huge star if they give her the same opportunity they give Alexa or Charlotte…
    Shes a good heel, aggressive and can wrestle. (Asukas best match is with emma)
    She deserved one championship reign

    • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

      I don’t think Asuka having her “best match” with Emma had anything to do with Emma herself. Asuka is going to have at least a good match with whoever she is in the ring with. I don’t think I have ever saw a bad Asuka match. Her match with Nia at Takeover last year was probably my least favorite match of her’s just because with Nia being so big and as green as she is made it a tad bit boring. One of the biggest spots of that match was Nia putting Asuka in a stalling suplex. Other than that the match itself wasn’t too memorable. However in Nia’s defense, her match with Asuka in Japan at the end of last year was much better. But I digress, I love Emma and think she’s great but calling Asuka vs Emma, Asuka’s best match even if you’re only counting WWE just simply isn’t right, considering she’s definitely had far better matches on the independent scene that far surpasses that match. Also, Asuka controlled that like entire match, Emma had very little offense. It’s really hard to say what Asuka’s best match is because she’s never had a bad match.

      • NH

        I honestly think that the best match Asukas had at a takeover is against Emma! Emma got so much offense in the match it was honesty such a good match! It really showcased how great of a competitor Emma is!

      • Luiz Giem

        TBH I couldn’t tell which has been Asuka’s best match but certainly both matches with Emma are fantastic. The one they had at Full Sail is very underrated in my opinion and Emma did even better on that match than the one at Takeover.

        • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

          I did like their match ups but it’s hard to say a squash match was Asuka’s best match. I kind of like more competitive back and forth matches.

          • A?.

            A squash match? I think we didn’t watch the same match..

          • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

            It was a match to put Asuka over. Asuka was squashing literally everyone back then, and still kind of is. Thats where the whole “asuka’s gonna kill you” chant came from.

          • A?.

            You clearly don’t know the definition of squash match so see ya.

          • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

            Squash matches don’t have to be completely one sided there can be little offense which is exactly what happened during Emma vs Asuka. Asuka dominated almost the whole match. If this was on main roster Emma might’ve had no offense.

          • A?.

            Yeah, we didn’t watch the same match so see ya x2.

          • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

            Yeah we obviously didn’t

          • Luiz Giem

            I don’t think Asuka’s matches against Emma were squashes but I agree with you on the competitiveness topic.

          • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

            Maybe not a Brain Strowman like squash. But she dominated almost all of the match. Emma didn’t really look like she had much of a chance.

          • Luiz Giem

            I feel like Emma gave Asuka a good fight, she was not meant to win but that wasn’t a squash.

          • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

            She put up somewhat of a fight but Asuka demolished her, from my memory. -shrugs-

      • A?.

        He never said Asuka has had a bad match, all he said is that her best and most memorable was the one with Emma, which I agree. The rest of her matches were short compared to other Takeover matches and the endings were lame and abrupt, nothing memorable.

    • Danny?

      Definitely agree, Emma’s match with Asuka in London was outstanding and very underrated I think as well. It was a great back and forth match and really aggressive. Asuka’s best match in NXT to date without a doubt.

    • Number One

      So true, they better do right by Emma!

      • Roxannecrichards

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      • Christinaegreen

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    • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

      Asuka could wrestle with anyone and make a good match because she could give the most green wrestler a great beating. Emma could be a great star but RAW barely uses 4 women and two of them for under 5 minutes in a 3 hour show. Emma needs SD, so does Foxy, Nia & Sasha. I hope women will get their own show on the network after the tournament.

  • Geek God

    Smh she can kiss herself getting a proper push and title reign goodbye, out here looking like dolph ziggler

  • WWE seem pretty high on her. She hasn’t ever been a jobber, and always floundered around in the midcard and gets to beat girls with impressive resumes here and there (Paige and Becky).

    Don’t know if they will want to prioritize her as much now that she’s been injured multipe times in a really short period of time. I hope they push Alicia Fox even harder now. She’s loyal and drama free. Never hurt, and always working. Two schedules!

    • Organization XIII

      She was deff a jobber at one point lol

    • Ollie Roche

      The divas revolution started because Emma was pinned in 30 seconds by a Bella twin, big jobber.

    • Jaded

      Lol what are you on about? Emma was a jobber.

      • No. She was in a similiar territory as Naomi was back then, just a step below her. She would win against Alicia, Summer and at times Cameron. And then lose to top girls such as Bellas and Paige. Or to Layla who was above her.

        • Jaded

          That’s was before the I phone incident. After that she started losing to everyone, including Naomi who used her as the first victim of her heel turn.

          • No, this was after it as well.

      • LaurenYorkStan

        No she wasn’t ignorant fuck

  • Rose Márie ?

    How many injuries doesn’t it take to get too a title push? The world may never know!

  • Luiz Giem

    These are great news. I suppose her injury didn’t require surgery but just physical therapy which means it will only take a short amount of time to come back.

    I’m genuinely happy since I’m a big fan of Emma. I hope this time they do some justice for her, she needs a push!

  • I’ve been a big fan of hers since she was on NXT, lover her bubbly character, later when she turned heel was amazing. I really really hope this time WWE give her the opportunity pf been Women’s Champion, before her career ends due injuries.

  • Danny?

    YES! So happy that she won’t be out for a long time, hopefully she comes back with a vengeance and gets a good push.

  • Organization XIII

    Thankfully this injury didn’t sideline her too long. I’m really ready for her to get some shine. I

  • Joseph

    She got hurt in a 6 Women tag match how hard is it to get the info right. It was Bayley, Sasha and Mickie vs. Alexa, Nia and Emma.

  • Weird how WWE will still include their injured male superstars on tv in a segment, or an interview but not for the female stars..

  • Juri Han

    I’m dying to see Emma as a champion, but after her latest injury I totally give up on her. Every time she go one step forward, she go TEN steps backward.

  • LaurenYorkStan

    Poor Summer lol

  • Aye Mate

    Not gonna lie, I wish Emma was in the same spot as Alexa right now.

  • I love Emma, but I worry about the WWEs willingness to push her.

    I think she really deserves the title.

  • Ryan Sprague

    I hope she gets pushed and goes back into that feud

  • Ryan Sprague

    Wwe did like an Instagram photo of her with a bunch of championship belts lol

  • Mandoceleb

    Hopefully she returns to Smackdown ??

  • QueenSableBomb

    I hope she can stay healthy, I’d hate to see her get sidetracked again by injuries.

  • Delroy Coke

    I hope Smackdown period, that where she belongs honestly. As of right now hopefully a rivalry with anyone on RAW roster

  • I hope she gets some type of major push when she turns, no too crazy but make us know shes there.

  • Cabbyhighs

    Emma has to come back with a vengeance, and attack the hell out of Sasha for putting her out! How can we call you evil Emma? And you haven’t done anything evil yet?? Also the matches that Emma and Sasha could have, would be pretty good! I’d box ? nia in the face again for a nice little feud too.


  • rusevcrush

    A little off topic but this is Emma’s Attire if she has stayed with the Emmalina character, What do you guys think? https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DAIEAtFUQAE2lXQ.jpg

    • Lushluke

      Where did u find that

      • Dylan Gutierrez

        It was posted a few days ago on Twitter. I think I read someone “leaked” it.

    • Mark

      Love it just not for her body type. Maybe for Summer Rae or Lana.

    • Carolution

      why is she wearing granny panties. that outfit is terrible.

  • TabbyK

    I completely forgot about her.

  • jcott3

    I hate to say it, but between being branded a comedy character, injuries and her inability to make Emmalina work, I fear WWE may give up on Emma soon, if they haven’t already.

    • Carolution

      doubt it. she’ll get a push on her return