Hola Knockout and welcome to this week’s (delayed) Impact Write-Up. This week is all about tag team action for our Knockouts as we are treated to a mixed tag team match featuring Alisha Edwards and Eddie Edwards taking on Angelina Love and her husband Davey Richards. Elsewhere, Allie is at ringside for Braxon Sutter‘s tag team match where he’ll team up with Mahabali Shera to go head-to-head with KM and Kongo Kong who happen to have the GFW Women’s Champion Sienna and Laurel Van Ness at their corner.

The Knockouts get into an early confrontation on the outside ring during our first tag team contest while Braxton and Shera try to bring down the beast that is Kongo Kong. For most of this back and forth tag team match, the Knockouts stay in their corners, cheering on their respective teams.

However, it is towards the end of the match that sees Laurel jump onto the ring apron in an attempt to distract Shera with a kiss. Allie puts a stop to Laurel’s interference by pulling off the Broken Bride from the apron – which leads to Sienna and Laurel chasing Allie all around and inside the ring.

Allie avoids a double team attack from the heels and takes them down with a running crossbody! Go Allie go! After that small Knockouts spot, the match comes to an end when Kongo Kong headbutts Shera from the apron, allowing KM to roll him up for the three count. So much for that Shera push….

Post-match, a brawl if you want to even call it that! breaks out between the men, which leaves poor Allie as easy prey for Sienna and Laurel. The heels track Allie back inside the six-sided ring and commence a beat down on Impact’s beloved Knockout. The blows come to a stop when Rosemary’s theme song hits and she slowly makes her way to the ring. WELCOME BACK ROSEMARY and great new look!

The reigning Knockouts Champion sets her sight on all the Knockouts in front of her but instead of going after the vulnerable Allie, Rosemary mists Sienna! Rosemary then goes after Laurel, hitting her with the Red Wedding that lays Laurel out.

The Impact Zone welcome Rosemary back with by cheering on her name. The segment ends with a stare down between Rosemary and Allie. Could this be the start of a face turn for the Demon Assassin?

We move on to our mixed tag match of the evening:

After Davey Richards and Angelina Love make their complete entrance, Eddie and Alisha Edwards are out next but before they can enter the ring, they clash with Davey and Angelina on the outside.
The chaos calms down and the match eventually starts with Davey and Eddie. After Eddie is able to take Davey down with a suicide dive, Angelina sneaks attack him from behind with an eye-rake. Alisha spots this and climbs the top rope to take down Davey and Angelina with a crossbody as we head to a break.

When we return from the break, the Edwards each land a chop to Davey in the chest. Eddie stays in control but a small inference from Angelina allows for Davey to fight back. Davey begins to target Eddie’s left knee with Figure-Four. Eddie toughens it out and manages to take Davey down with a clothesline. He then tries to make a tag to his wife but Angelina once again interferes when she pulls Alisha off the apron before the tag can be made.

Eventually, Eddie is able to make the tag after avoiding a top rope stomp from Davey and taking him down with a suplex to the turnbuckle. The hot tag scenario plays out and the Knockouts are in! Alisha takes Angelina down with a spear and fists of fury. She goes on to climb the top rope of a corner for a crossbody but Angelina rolls out the way. The six-time Knockout Champion takes aim and goes for a Botox Injection but Alisha dodges and reverses this into a roll-up pin that earns her the three count!

The Edwards aren’t able to celebrate their victory smoothly as Davey and Angelina continue to go after Eddie and Alisha. Davey happens to have handcuffs on hand and cuffs Eddie to the bottom rope.

Angelina then orders her husband to get her a table from under the ring. Davey follows the command and sets up the table for his wife. Angelina goes on to powerbomb Alisha through the table as Eddie was forced to watch and cry out while still handcuffed to the ropes. Angelina walks over Alisha, proud of her doings to make out with Davey as physicians make their way to the ring to look over Alisha.

Thoughts: Rosemary making her return was the biggest highlight of this week’s show and what a way to come back! I’ve been saying for weeks on how I’ve missed Rosemary, more so when she’s the Knockouts Champion who has had to take a backseat while the GFW Women’s Title was given the spotlight. Right now, its a safe bet to see a title vs. title in the works between Rosemary and Sienna, which can be used as an explanation as to why Rosemary chose to go after Sienna.

In my opinion, Rosemary has been one of Impact’s biggest stars since her debut. She’s been a fantastic character and has transitioned well from her Decay managing role to an active wrestler. While I’m a bit skeptical about Rosemary turning face, I trust that she can take the ball and run with it. She has a popularity to her and the Impact Zone reaction to her saving Allie puts me at ease.

Speaking of Allie, I wish Impact would have really pushed her during the peak of her character which I thought was after Impact’s wedding segment from earlier this year.  It feels like some of Allie’s momentum has slowed down since taking on the role of managing Braxton at ringside. There are just too many bodies involved in this storyline (looking at you KM, Kongo and Shera) right now when it could’ve been much easier to have Allie feud one-on-one with Laurel.

While it was neat to see Alisha pick up the win, I thought Angelina was the star of this tag match thanks to her post-match attack. Angelina has been relentless since her return and her new look just helps add to this Sacred Seductress persona alongside Davey; who by the way has been as equally as vicious to Eddie. Hopefully, that table spot is an indicator that the rubber match between these couples includes a stipulation.

What did you think of this week’s Impact? Are you excited for Rosemary’s return? What direction would you like to see the Edwards vs. Richards take place next? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Rosemary has been TNA’s best experiment as far as women go in the longest. She has presence, which Havok, Sienna, Jade, LVN and Allie lack/ed. Allie is a good character, but there’s no ounce of seriousness in her. Like she is so non threatening. Rosemary sticks out from the bunch, and reminds me of the OG knockouts division where everyone looked so different yet all of them had the potential to be on top.

  • Kiana Taylor

    Rosemary is really the one of the only reasons that keeps me entertained on impact i just love her look and character it’s so different from the rest

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    • Andy

      Rosemary is really the one of the only reasons that keeps me entertained on impact i just love her look and character it’s so different from the rest
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  • This was one of the better episodes for the KOs. Loving this Alisha/Angelina feud and Rosemary is finally doing something interesting. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  • Angelina’s current gimmick ain’t clicking. Actually none of her shticks have worked for me since she went zombie in 2011.

  • Juan

    I loved this weeks episode of Impact! Angelina and Alisha have that physicality that just makes their feud entertaining and memorable!

    Rosemary is a star and she deserved that reaction! She’s been a great champion and is by far the best KO! Hopefully she interacts with Allie more because those two should be the top females of the company!

  • DownInFlames

    soooo, anyone else kinda hoping Rosemary becomes the longest reigning knockout’s champion or is it just me? love Taryn but i’m really loving Rosemary right now

    • Ace

      Hope it happens she’s amazing and deserves that accolade.

  • Radic

    Huh, Universal Studios/the Impact Zone actually reacted to something… how about that!

    The Richards/Love VS Edwards feud is looking interesting, thought even with the great table pot, it just makes Eddie & Alisha look even weaker. They NEED to close the feud at Slammiversary with the goodies getting justice.

    It’ll definitely be interesting to see what happens at these India tapings. Hopefully they will actually react to the people there. I expect the ‘crowd’ to be mostly in house staff, but so long as they sound natural and look like they give a damn (something Universal Studios’ ‘fans’ never do), then it should be good.

    • Women’s Revolution

      I think that what hurts Impact. The free admission and half of them probably even dedicated wrestling fans. Just there to occupy their time.

      • Radic

        Not even half at this point. And saying to the crowd before the tapings that ‘The loudest fans will get to go backstage with the stars!’ clearly isn’t incentive enough for these people as they say this before EVERY taping and they still get people on their hands. Sure, it makes their studio LOOK fuller, but even then is still feels empty due to their lack of reaction.

        And having troll/smark crowds won’t fix this either. Just fans who are genuinely interested in going to these shows is enough.

        • Ace

          I agree unfortunately because I’ve gone their myself personally, they need too travel like they are currently.

          • Radic

            They want to, clearly, and everyone else wants them to. It’s just a matter of getting enough interest from casual fans to actually buy tickets to the shows on the road. I mean, why invest into going on the road if they don’t get near enough profit from it when they actually book these venues? Universal Studios is much cheaper for them at the moment to record their shows and PPVs/ONO shows.

            Hopefully their future Live events can earn them enough profit to go to the places where they make the most money. I mean even tour places like India and the UK is really pushing their capabilities at the moment honestly.

  • Dark Heel

    Dayum Alisha can take a bump.

    Rosemary’s gone all Punisher!

    • Steven5812

      *Hopes Marvel Comics don’t file suit*. :O

  • Radic

    Also something to make note of, Impact has released a whole bunch of themes for their current title into three albums separately titles: ‘Blue’, ‘Green’ and ‘Red’, ‘the Music of Impact Wrestling’. Decay’s/Rosemary’s theme is FINALLY up in full on Blue, while Red is entirely fulled with Knockouts Themes. Sienna, Ammelina Love, Alisha, even other names you wouldn’t expect, like Ava Storie, Rebel, Santana Garrett? It’s worth looking into, or at the very least, mentioning in the week review.

    Gail Kim/Madison Rayne/ODB/Brandi Rhodes aren’t included as they are already up for the public, and MJ Jenkins wasn’t included yet.

    You can buy it on iTunes, or the Impact Site. Maybe others as well, but those are the two I found them on.

    • GameChanger #HBIC#GoldenGodess

      they might change MJ theme, i think another reason tho is cause she wasnt featured on impact but xplosion, with ava storie she is signed to the company

      • Radic

        Well MJ is also signed to the company as well. She was on the roster page way before Ava was. But yeah she was more featured on Xplosion so she doesn’t have a proper theme yet.

  • DivaLicious?

    Rosemary is definitely the star of the knockout division no doubt about it. LVN, I just feel sorry for her because she is stuck in this “broken bride” gimmick for the past 3MONTHS NOW?????? Sienna is just boring and awful in the ring. When her and LVN started chasing Allie I just started to cringe hard??? I don’t know what they see in sienna at all.

    Angelina love I always liked. But Alisha is terrible. Don’t need to be in the ring at all. Stick to being a wife.

  • Aye Mate

    There’s some interesting stuff going on as far as the women are concerned. Allie’s over, Laurel Van Ness has something with this broken bride gimmick, Sienna’s starting to slowly but surely find her character, Angelina and Alisha have palpable chemistry, and Rosemary is all round awesome. The problem is that the division itself feels very minimised, with its championship in need of a strong push. Rosemary is the woman to conceivably focus the division around, but she needs a viable rival. And you’ve got that right there in Allie: PUSH HER AS A WRESTLER, IMPACT.

    • trishlita721

      I know everything was so great when Jade and Maria where still there now it just feels like there’s no direction. I was hoping for Maria and rosemary to team up agaisnt Allie and Jade because they all had such distinct characters.

  • Steven5812

    I’m ENJOYING the Couples’ War; it almost makes up for never seeing the blowoff match between Miss Maria and Mr Mike Miracle (LOLOL I LOVE Allie) and Allixton. ALMOST.
    And Rosemary coming to Allie’s rescue was unexpected; I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.