Hola Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s Impact Write-Up. It’s a brand new month as we begin to countdown the days to this year’s Slammiversary. In the meantime, let’s take a look at this week’s Knockouts action featuring beloved fan favorite Allie taking on newcomer Amber Nova – who made her wrestling debut just one year ago after training with Team Vision Dojo: I Believe in Wrestling School.

We first find Allie backstage who ponders over Rosemary’s action from last week. Allie wonders why someone who she hasn’t really spoken with would bother assisting her.

To answer this question, “Ms. Assassin” Rosemary herself joins Allie backstage and explains that despite losing her Decay family, her inner Hive conscience continues to speak to her. They told her to watch over and protect Allie, who has quite the act of finding herself in danger. Could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

After that little meeting, it’s time for our Knockouts match of the evening:

The debuting Amber, who hails from ‘The Garage’?, makes her entrance first. Wonder whose idea to bill Amber from there was? Anyway, Allie (with Braxton Sutter) comes out next to strong ovation from the Impact Zone and a final pep talk from her wrestling coach.

The bell sounds off and the Impact Zone continue to rally behind our ‘novice’ Knockout, who gets taken down to the mat twice via hair pull by Amber.

Allie gets back to her feet, takes a deep breath and regroups herself. She ties up with Amber but the latter manages to corner Allie instead and hit a knee shot to the midsection. Amber then whips Allie across the other side of the ring but Allie reverses this to take control of the match.

Allie takes Amber down with a running clothesline, all while proudly saluting the crowd. She follows up with a running corner splash but misses allowing Amber to win back control.

Amber runs a series of kicks to a cornered Allie and uses her legs once more to ram Allie’s head to the turnbuckle. “Go back to your boyfriend!” shouts out Amber as she goes for the cover that earns her a two count.

Amber goes for a big boot but Allie is able to block it by catching Amber’s leg. She spins Amber around and takes her down with a series of clotheslines and a back elbow shot! Bunny Power is in full swing!

Allie hammer throws Amber to a corner and marches right up to her but ends up eating a big boot. Just as Amber begins to climb the second rope, Allie lands a right forearm shot and lifts Amber over her shoulders to hit an Allie Valley Driver for the win!

Allie celebrates her win by hugging everyone in sight: Braxton Sutter, Earl Hebner and even Amber Nova!

Impact Wrestling cameras catch up with Amber post match for their mini #LastWord series. Though she isn’t pleased on being reminded of her defeat, Amber keeps her head high and refers to herself as ‘the baddest chick there is’. Amber goes on to say that the next time she comes around to Impact, Allie better watch her back as she’ll reach the point of ‘no-va-turn’.

For her part, Allie is ecstatic about her win and replays the final moments of her match with Braxton. Please continue to give us this more confident side of Allie Impact!

Thoughts: While I’m not thrilled to see the Knockouts continue to be given these short timed matches, the biggest take away from this week was seeing Allie’s “in-ring improvement”.

We know that outside her Impact Wrestling persona , Allie can go in the ring so it’s nice to see Impact finally begin to push her as more of a competitor. It’s long overdue at this point, although it isn’t the first time Allie has had a singles match on Impact. This time, however, she came across as much more confident in the ring and I only hope that eventually we’ll get to see a more competitive side from her.

Speaking of confidence, I did enjoy the wee bit we got to see from Amber Nova. For someone who is still new to the business, I think she left a more impressive mark, during her match and even in her post match clip, compared to some of the other women who have made guest appearances on Impact this year.

I’m not too sure if I’d want her signed a full time deal just yet though. Impact have already signed a few names as it is yet they’ve disappeared for weeks. I understand that we’re on the road for Slammiversary at the moment so that may be a reason behind the lack of focus on these newer names but let’s what unfolds post Slammiversary.

Rosemary face turn is growing on me and I think this will really refresh her character. While I believe her character works better on the heel side of things, she was fascinating to watch this week and it’s encouraging to see an actual story between Rosemary and Allie begin to blossom.

For the next four weeks, Impact will be taking a vacation outside of their Impact Zone home as we head to India. Fingers crossed that these shows and fans alike come across lively!

What did you think of this week’s episode of Impact? Would you like to see Amber Nova make another appearance on Impact? What are your thoughts on the new growing friendship between Allie and Rosemary? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Wicked Emma

    Amber Nova from the garage?

    • GameChanger #HBIC#GoldenGodess

      her gimmick is that shes a mechanic daughter, loves cars

  • GameChanger #HBIC#GoldenGodess

    Amber Nova!! She looks good, seems like a solid pick up for the Knockouts Division, I hope Impact signs her! https://media.tenor.com/images/013c0bbdb1addfaf554556b736ed38b0/tenor.gif

  • Steven5812

    Allie’s got those mood swings; one moment she’s bone- chill scared of Rosemary, the next almost deliriously happy about winning her match.
    Kind of like it. :)

    • Marywcoleman

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    • Nathan

      She reminds me abit of the early nxt bayley

    • Andy

      Amber Nova!! She looks good, seems like a solid pick up for the Knockouts Division, I hope Impact signs her……………………….. https://urlink.it/u/CashAtHome

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    I actually like Amber Nova. I’ve seen some of her Indy work and she’s really good. I’d like to see her in either WWE or TNA.

  • Wicked Emma

    I think Amber Nova can be a great heel if TNA signs her.

  • Wicked Emma

    Allie is my favorite knockout and I hope she will be the next Knockouts Champion.

  • DivaLicious?

    Tna is in late WCW territory because this show is awful. The knockout division is at its worst stage right now. Rosemary can’t do this all by herself. Allie just needs to knock off this dumb blonde jessica Simpson type gimmick and just get serious. I’m starting to get tired of it. I just miss the old knockout division.

    • Dark Heel

      Go away, don’t watch. You know why WWE’s ratings are in the shitter? Because of the “serious” bullshit and lack of distinct characters.

      • Michael Burmeister

        And Impact’s ratings are a hundred times worse…

        • MAB #SignSantana

          Because they’re on a channel a hundred times smaller than WWE…

    • FK9

      Oh yeah. Allie should drop the gimmick that made her the most over babyface on the Knockout roster. Awesome idea. Phhhhhh.

  • Asa bin Laden

    Why is TNA giving the jobbers more exposure than the people they actually have signed?

  • Robin Zabriskie

    if the signed amber nova would be great….rosemary, allie, alisha, odb, mj, christina, sienna, laurel, diamante, ava, angelina and amber…..don’t know if madison and gail will wrestle again or what happened to brooke and brandi but still very good division

    • FK9

      Brooke is injured.

  • Radic

    I still find it odd that Nova is from ‘The Garage’, but her whole gimmick on the indie scene is that she’s basically a ‘mechanic girl’. But yeah the little she did in this match was impressive, much more so than others, *COUGH* Ava Storie *COUGH* Brandi Rhodes* *COUGH COUGH*. She seems like a natural talker as well from that Last Word segment, which I didn’t expect to see honestly. She also has a neat little catchphrase as well, that helps. I REALLY hope Impact signs her down the line.

    Though if they do, they just need to call her Nova, or change her name to something else fire related (Cinder Nova?). I mean, Amber Nova is great, but they already have four women with an A name, and that’s already too much as it is. Unless they change Ava back to Kayci Quinn (I REALLY WISH) then she needs a slight name change.

    And yeah, the Allie/Rosemary segment was well done honestly. You can tell they have worked before many times in the past with the way they played off of each other, even just by talking.

  • I’m just happy to see Allie in the ring!

  • conan_kun

    Is Allie a better hugger than Bayley.

  • Nathan

    The allie and rosemary thing reminded me of Kelly and kharma. I’d have loved to see that play out

  • Steven5812