On this day in history:

June 3rd, 2007 | Melina held the Women’s Championship, but her match against Candice Michelle at 2007’s One Night Stand didn’t put the title on the line. It also didn’t take place in the ring. Instead, it took place in a tub full of chocolate pudding. To her credit, Melina took the match seriously enough to wear goggles to preserve her vision, but she probably should have included a snorkel with it. Candice forced her to submit after dunking her head in the pudding repeatedly. Melina tapped, and the victory was awarded to Candice. Maria was dragged into the tub post-match by a bitter Melina, but she and Candice sent the pudding-coated champ heading for the hills.

What are your memories of this moment?

  • MK126

    Im not gonna take this seriously since they put on a great match after this at TGAB when Candice defended her title and their match at NoC was decent

  • Don ?

    Holy shit I forgot about this match. Unbelievable that it’s been a decade already. I hear Puddle of Mudd’s ‘Famous’ in the beginning and I’m like “Damn, this is old.”

  • MafiaMM

    Smh, Divas suffered through this BS for so long

    • Asuka #Legend [Mod]


  • I don’t know why this stipulation was needed at all… They could’ve at least made a regular match and had Melina retain by cheating, making fans anticipate Candice’s future victory more.

    But the way this feud turned out was Candice pinning Melina left and right. Not that I’m complaining, because her Vengeance moment was great, but they sure could’ve made it more back and forth.

    • jcott3

      Melina was over enough that she could survive it, as this feud and her winning the title was to show Candice wasn’t just a piece of eye candy but someone to be reckoned with in the ring.

      • Marysdavis

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  • ILoveMelina(Real ILM)Yiorgos

    At least this match gave them some fun long lasting memories & CHOCOLATE lol

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    And in 2 or 3 weeks, SD’s women will compete in the first ever female MITB ladder match… So thankful!

  • Asuka #Legend [Mod]

    Ughhhh queendice queenchelle I miss her so much ughhhh

  • Jaded

    In Booker’s voice “this is hard to watch “

  • DownInFlames

    We’ve come a lonnnnnng way.

  • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

    This kind of garbage needs forgotten about.

    • Joe Mendiola

      Mickie James recently said matches like this have their place if used correctly & she wouldn’t mind seeing them or working them. Problem is, during the Attitude Era, matches like this were used too often & were a fallback when at least 1 participant didn’t have proper training or experience. I agree with Mickie that a match stipulation which humiliates the heel champ is something wrestling needs, especially if it eventually leads to a reasonable title change. The bookers actually did quite well with this match because, as recently as April, Melina was STILL calling the match “ridiculous”. They knew she’d take it way too seriously & her humiliation would be more of a worked shoot, thus making the angle that much better.

      • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

        I don’t hate these matches either, but this in particular I hated. It was boring, and just piss poor in the entertainment area. Total bathroom break.

  • jcott3

    I thought WWE had moved away from matches like this long before 2007. I guess not.

    • They had one in 2014 too.

  • brimode

    To be fair, from what I remember didn’t this feud come about with Melina discrediting Candice as a wrestler and saying she’s just eye candy who should stick to being in Playboy and bra and panties matches? So, I can see why they had Melina feel like she could beat Candice in a match of “Candice’s style”, but it would have given both girls more credit if it was a hardcore or a falls count anywhere match or something.

    For what it was and it’s intended purpose of pleasing the sexist male audience, it was an okay match. But nothing will ever top Trish choosing to get thrown off the stage by Stacy in a mud match to make it more than just an eye candy segment.

    • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

      I don’t even dislike these kind of matches but this in particular was not entertaining. The one you listed, Trish vs Stacy when Stacy threw Trish off the stage was awesome. But, this was just absolute boring trash.

  • Don’t like this match at all but it helped sell the story of Melina feeling better thanthe eye candy women and then getting humiliated herself. Wish these women got extreme stipulations because they would’ve killed it.

  • Shady

    I’m so glad these days are behind us

  • George

    Back when women were treated like objects

  • Neutral

    One word: TRAGIC

  • Juan

    What a waste of Melina’s talent!! I hated the Candice/Melina feud simply because of how one sided it! Melina lost left and right but thankfully she bounced back in 2008/2009 and became one of the most popular females of that era!

  • This is just one of the worst stipulations ever for the women, I mean Bra&Panties was great even though was sexist. Glad that Candice got a mino-championship run after this horrendous thing.