When we left off with Kobra Moon earlier this season she was now the leader of her Reptile Clan and her two soldiers had taken control of Drago, who previously escaped being enslaved by her people.

The end of the first half of Season Three saw Drago’s friends Fenix and Aerostar break Drago free and deprogram the brainwashing Kobra and her clan performed on him.

Now in an exclusive video LU released this week in anticipation of tonight’s episode, Kobra calls out Drago’s Super Friends and warns them that her clan is coming for the Trios Titles:

She tells them that Fenix and Aerostar will never offer what she can. He can be a king and rule alongside her. She goes on to say they will prove what they are capable of when the Reptile Clan takes the Trios Titles!

It remains to be seen if there’ll be any women’s action tonight as the only match announced pits LU Champion Johnny Mundo against The Mack again after last week’s “All Night Long” match ended in a tie.

Lucha Underground airs tonight at 8 pm ET on the El Rey Network. Catch up on Seasons one and two with Netflix or purchase Season Three episodes on iTunes.

Do you think Kobra and her clan have a chance at gold? What do you think is in store for her during the second half of this season? Sound off in the comments below.

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