Tonight marks the first night of Impact Wrestling’s show from Mumbai, India. The Knockouts Champion Rosemary is set to defend her title against the shattered bride Laurel Van Ness on tonight’s show.

To hype the upcoming match, Rosemary spoke with TWS Radio to discuss what it was like performing in front of the Indian crowd, wanting to elevate the Knockouts division and reveals who her dream opponent would be. Highlights of the interview below.

On working in front of fans from India: “They embraced it whole heartedly and it was inspiring to see. Yes it was a different crowd, it was a different country but the voice of ‘The Hive’ was unanimous. There was a strong representation in India and they were loud and they were ruckus. They wanted their Demon to succeed and we were only to happy to perform for them.”

On wanting to elevate the Knockouts division: “People look back at the dawning of the Knockouts division and they remember one specific feud of Gail Kim and Awesome Kong and what it brought out of Gail Kim, who had already been wrestling for many years at the point. We had already seen many things out of her but she elevated herself to face and conquer a monster. Of course this is exactly the same motivation we offer to people hungry enough to take on a Demon. Yes it is possible but you must bring yourself up to a new level and we encourage to do so because we also like to seek new challenges.”

On who her dream Impact Wrestling alumni opponent would be: “Chyna. Without Chyna there is no Demon Assassin, without Chyna there is no Sienna. There is no level of women wrestlers that is bigger, that is dominant, that is muscular, that isn’t a cookie cutter perhaps. Without Chyna, there is no us. There is no violence in women wrestling. There is no beauty and savagery combined into one perfect destructive package. So yes, we would take her on.”

Rosemary also discusses standing on her own after The Decay disbanded, teaching Allie to harness some darkness and the possibility of unifying the GFW Women’s Title with the Knockouts Title.

You can listen to the full interview here.

What did you think of the interview? Are you looking forward to watching Impact Wrestling’s upcoming shows from India? Who would you like to see Rosemary feud with? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Love the nod to Chyna. I really hope TNA can get their heads out of their ass and become a good, viable #2 promotion in America, WWE needs competition badly.


    I am surprised she picked Chyna tbh… Out of all the girls…

    • Troy Smith

      Chyna is a legend. She broke down barriers for women. She did things that people thought a woman couldn’t do. Her life went bad after she left wrestling but there are few women who left as big a mark on pro wrestling as she did.


        Not in that sense. Moreso that when you think of TNA alumni, you don’t automatically think of Chyna.

        • I damn sure didn’t think “Chyna” when I thought TNA either

    • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

      I agree, Chyna got one match. Rosemary loves her so much she didn’t forgot about that one.

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    I haven’t watch Tna in 7 months why is it 2 women belts