Hola Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s Impact Write-Up. We are (thankfully) taking a trip away from the Impact Zone and will settle the next month in Mumbai, India all leading up this year’s Slammiversary. We kick off Impact’s tour India with a Knockouts title match as the champion Rosemary defends the belt against Laurel Van Ness. Any guesses what or how Laurel was given this Knockouts Title shot? Details, details…

Laurel, still seen in her wedding gown overseas, is accompanied by the GFW Women’s Champion Sienna for this contest. Rosemary’s music hits next and as she mentioned in her interview with TWS Radio, the Knockouts Champion is summoned to a tremendous ovation from the Indian Hive.

The bell sounds off and the action starts off with Rosemary taking down Laurel with a clothesline. Rosemary follows with some forearms to Laurel’s head and begins to examine her next move when she is suddenly pulled to the outside ring by Sienna.

Behind the referee’s back, the GFW Women’s Champion tosses Rosemary to a ring post, weakening her right shoulder. Sienna throws Rosemary back to the ring, where Laurel begins to shriek out loud as she hits a triple kick combo that brings down Rosemary.

Not so fast Laurel, Rosemary leans back up Demon Assassin style, and dodges a big boot. Rosemary runs towards Laurel to hit a running elbow shot and takes down the shattered bride with an exploder suplex. Rosemary goes for the cover and earns a two-count.

Sienna interferences again, this time opting to jump onto the ring apron to get in the face of the Knockouts Champion. Rosemary is able to rid of Sienna by shoving Laurel to her and then rolls Laurel up from behind for the three count. Rosemary’s reign as Knockouts Champion continues!

Rosemary’s celebratory win is cut short when Sienna makes her way to the six sided ring and begins a two on one attack with Laurel. Suddenly Allie’s music hits and in comes the bunny-powered Knockout with a kendo stick at hand. She uses the weapon to strike out her former Lady Squad partners.

Allie then checks on Rosemary but Sienna and Laurel take this is a chance to beat down on Allie. Rosemary reaches for the kendo stick and manages to chase away the heels. Weapon still in hand, Rosemary turns her attention to a tense looking Allie, and returns the kendo stick to her by dropping it to Allie’s feet. The crowd roars once more for Rosemary who quietly smiles at Allie and walks away.

Thoughts: An extremely random two minute Knockouts title match isn’t the most exciting way to kick off Impact Wrestling’s historic India tour. It was forgettable and continues to point out Impact’s weakness of making title matches mean something when they’re basically just handing them out… just because.

That being said, the post match interaction between Rosemary and Allie was a nice and interesting sight to see. Both these Knockouts are the future of the division and are really completing each other’s character. A story if finally building between these two!

As we saw two weeks ago on Impact, Rosemary made the save to Allie as she was being double teamed by Sienna and Laurel. This time Allie was able to return the favor with some new confidence that was, perhaps, influenced from her backstage run-in with Rosemary and victorious win last week. On the other side, we’re seeing Rosemary face turn coming together as she is slowly learning to trust someone within the division – something we’ve yet to see!

These four Knockouts are pretty much the only names we’ll see from the division for the rest of this month – which in part is a little disappointing for me. Reason being that it means some of the Alisha Edwards and Angelina Love fire will cool down in the midst of the Edwards/Richards feud but here’s hoping the Indian Impact crowd can remain as loud and ruckus for the rest of these shows.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Impact? Are you enjoying the slow pairing of Allie and Rosemary? Would you like to have seen more Knockouts join the Indian tour? Let us know in the comments below!

  • DivaLicious?

    I’m sorry I have to say this. I been so volcal about this lately.

    But the knockout division is PATHETIC? I would be embarrassed to say I’m a fan of the knockout division or Impact all together. This division is in a very dark place right now. how are we gonna take LVN seriously as a challenger for rosemary title? Huh Tna writers?.. this girl has been treated like garbage for almost 4 months with this “broken bride” gimmick.


    • Malcolm James

      As the Biggest knockouts fan I have to agree
      IDK What going on with the writers in TNA or WWE but they all need to be fired because the the storyline in these women’s division have been making no damn sense

      • Dark Heel

        No you’re just too retarded to understand it.

    • Troy Smith

      100% disagree. The crazy bride character is fun to watch for now. Of course it can’t go on for years but LVN vs Rosemary was fun but too short. There is a lot more story to be told with her, sienna and Allie. Just because Maria is gone doesn’t mean the story has to end. Off the top of my head, LVN gimmick is that she has a very rich daddy. Since she has lots of money, she could put a bounty on Allie and Braxton. You can easily get 4-5 months of people trying to collect.

      • Steven5812

        Actually I think the gimmick should take a darker, more evil turn: Hell hath no fury, and all that.

    • Dark Heel

      Go fuck yourself.

  • Gail-Rollins Fan

    That small segment with the kendo stick was basically the whole Bayley/Alexa match


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  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    There were rummors that TNA paid people to go and see the show. I’m sure that’s the reason the crowd was so loud for nothing. TNA doesn’t have any direction at this point. Is not about the ring, is not about the talent. Is the writers, they are bad, not even in RAW we get this.