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Welcome to this week’s NXT review! We’re in for some explosive action as Asuka defends her title on a weekly episode, in what feels like ages!

Before we get to the Triple Threat Elimination match, however, a video package hyping Ember Moon‘s return is showcased!:

Ember faces off against Peyton Royce next week!

After the video Nikki Cross scuttles into the ring as Ruby Riot makes her entrance. Asuka makes her entrance to her typical fanfare as commentary hammers home her undefeated streak.

Nikki throws Ruby into Asuka and goes straight for her with fists thrashing. Asuka starts shouting and striking her back. She goes for a hip attack but Nikki barrels at her to stop it. Ruby then runs Nikki down as Asuka enters the fight.

They trade kicks until Ruby dropkicks Asuka hard to the ground. Asuka comes back with a kick to Ruby’s midsection as Ruby turns to eat a missile dropkick by Nikki. Asuka then takes out Nikki with a dropkick before taunting her opponents.

Nikki and Ruby team up to beat down Asuka. They manage to throw her out of the ring. Nikki goes full force at Ruby and they start to trade blows. Asuka attempts to climb back in but Ruby knocks her off the ring apron.

Ruby continues dominating Nikki in the corner. Nikki rolls out of the ring to catch her breath as we go to a commercial. When we return from break, Asuka is manhandling Ruby in a standing full body rest hold.

Asuka rolls her up but Ruby escapes. A low flying hip attack takes Ruby down. As Asuka postures, Ruby makes it to her feet. She kicks Asuka in the face and tosses her with a Ruby-canrana. Nikki then gets back into the ring and jumps on Ruby.

Ruby tosses her overhead and kicks her in the face. Asuka rushes into the ring to break up a pin attempt but Ruby catches Asuka’s foot. Ruby slaps Asuka repeatedly in the chest. Asuka then makes Ruby run the ropes before hitting her.

Asuka tries to go for another hip attack but Nikki catches her foot and drags her out of the ring. Ruby makes her way to the apron where she does a front faced dropkick on Asuka and Nikki, taking them down.

Ruby tosses Nikki back into the ring. She attempts a Ruby-canrana but Nikki comes at her. She jumps off the turnbuckle and dropkicks Nikki into the corner. Ruby goes up top again but Asuka throws her off. Asuka tries to dropkick Nikki but completely misses. Nikki grabs Asuka in a spinning neckbreaker but Asuka rolls out of the ring to recover.

Ruby gets back into the ring and tosses Nikki with a backdrop driver. Ruby goes for a pele kick again but Asuka rushes in, Ruby pele’s her instead. Nikki takes advantage and eliminates Ruby with an avalanche spinning neckbreaker.

Nikki laughs in Ruby’s face as we go to another break. When we come back from break Nikki is sizing up Asuka with slaps. They start screaming and striking each other. Asuka hits Nikki with spinning backfists. She tries to put Nikki away with a deadlift german but Nikki refuses to stay down.

Asuka continues her assault on Nikki. They trade blows and eventually end up outside the ring. Asuka takes Nikki down with a hip attack off the apron. Asuka headbutts Nikki and throws her into the barricade. They continue fighting each other on the ramp!

The ref begs them to take it back inside the ring. They take their fight backstage! The ref rules the match a no contest as Asuka and Nikki continue fighting backstage. Asuka throws Nikki into a wall outside. Nikki throws Asuka into a steel garage door. Asuka takes control and bashes Nikki’s head into the steel garage door. Asuka drags Nikki back inside and throws her into coolers. Asuka opens one up to start drowning Nikki but Nikki avoids it and throws Asuka in instead.

They take the fight back into the arena by commentary. They continue fighting by the tech area. Nikki scratches her nails down Asuka’s back as they make their way to the edge of the tech stage. Nikki crossbodies Asuka off the stage and they both fly through a table below.

After the brawl officials tend to Nikki and Asuka:

WWE also uploaded a video package hyping Sonya Deville for next week:

Thoughts: Wow! See what happens when NXT actually tries and dedicates time to showcasing the women, we actually get something worth watching. Who would have thought.

I’m quite taken aback by the outcome. At first when they set up this rematch, I was a bit skeptical despite reading the spoilers for it. There’s still not a whole lot of explanation as to why there was a rematch between them in the first place, Asuka beat Nikki and Ruby by pinning both of them at TakeOver: Chicago. With that said though, it wasn’t truly Asuka who did the damage to both the women during that time, it was Nikki and Ruby’s rivalry that destroyed them.

This match though is what we really should have gotten at TakeOver: Chicago. The intensity between all three was really nice to see spread out for more than 20 minutes! WOW! When was the last time the women got 20 minutes on a weekly show?!

Ruby continues to knock it out of the park in her role. She’s so calculated and sharp, she has quickly become one of my favorites in the brand. I really want her to go up against Asuka one on one. She has already proved that she can withstand her and I want to see Ruby go far, this loss shouldn’t hold her back at all even though she hit the Asuka ceiling already. I can’t wait to see Ruby against some of the other women as well. I can’t believe how much of a fan I am of her already when she’s only had a few matches too.

I’m more than happy that NXT finally, finally pulled the trigger on Nikki and Asuka. This is far from over, especially with Nikki’s ferocious, unhinged demeanor. I would like to see Nikki mix it up in the ring more but I really enjoyed the backstage brawl. It’s about time we get to see this for the women. The men have participated in so many blood feuds, I’d love to see this go farther and become a feud that begins a series of stipulation matches before involving Ember.

Speaking of Ember, I’m pleased NXT decided to split her match with Peyton from this week’s show so it can be properly showcased away from the title picture. We all know Ember is coming but, she still needs proper development. I’m also glad they referenced the previous “ban the Eclipse” campaign the Iconic Duo were touting a few months ago. NXT should really get back into displaying a sense of continuity again.

Though NXT still has work to do, and I say this every week these days, this week’s show really spun the division in the right direction.

If NXT continues to showcase what the women can do in lengthy matches, creating memorable feuds, the only thing left to do is put pen to paper to craft some compelling stories. If NXT can get that last part right, we’ll be set moving forward.

What did you think of this week’s NXT? Do you think the feud between Asuka and Nikki is far from over? What do you want to see next? Sound off in the comments below.

  • Pedro Miranda
    • Larissa


  • Larissa

    One of the best matches this year.
    Their last match was great, but they went all out this go round. Ruby is really a gem. She’s so good at her character, in the ring and also on the mic. I’m loving her more every week. She’s so crisp in the ring too, I love her style.
    Asuka…Asuka..Asuka…omg I don’t think I ever loved a women’s style of wrestling more than hers. She’s AMAZING. Any Asuka match is a GOOD match. She’s so great at what she does.
    Her reign felt stale about a few months ago but they brought fire back to it once they dropped her from the Iconic Duo & Liv.
    I’m so ready for more Asuka.
    I don’t want Nikki to dethrone her. She needs a shower firstly. Secondly, I don’t think Nikki is that impressive. Granted, she’s good and nails her character but …eh. I like their feud tho and the intensity she always brings.
    I also like how they’re handling the Nikki vs Ruby FEUD & the Nikki Vs Asuka RIVALRY. It’s so good and they’re maintaining both at one time.

    • K. W. M.

      Wait what? Asuka matches are always the same and i never…really NEVER…saw an outstanding performance of her. For me she is clearly the most overrated star.

  • #BrieForPeace ?

    I’m sorry but that was a mess of a match and segment. It looked like it had been the first time they interacted which wasn’t the case. It wasn’t by any means bad but certainly not up to par with what any of them can do. The post-match brawl was so bad I was taken back and left reflecting If I was really watching Asuka and Nikki Cross doing it. The whole segment looked like it had no prior rehearsal, no lay-out and it looked like it happened on the spot. On other terms one could argue that would’ve added up to the “rawness” and “brutality” of the moment but all of it was just cringeworthy as neither woman looked like they knew what to do and went through the motions until the final spot happened. And because the segment in the beginning and in the middle was bad the climax didn’t feel as half important as it should or even good. They’ve moved away and back again from Asuka vs Nikki so many times that it doesnt’ feel important nor personal as they were trying to portray… it just had no substance to begin with and this further hurt what could’ve been the promise of a good feud.

    NXT is seeing it’s dark days and i’m not here for it. Peyton and Billie are stars in the making and are being wasted aswell as someone like Ember Moon who has turned into such a generic character which in the beginning had promise of actually being something intriguing and different. Where’s Liv and Aliyah two other possible stars? The division has no direction and it would be so easy to organize it all but I don’t see any effort from the bookers. It seems like they don’t even watch weekly what they produce and just catch glimpses here and there which would explain why so many stuff is stopped and then resumed, why characters are on and off and why the division has hit rock-bottom. You have potential stars, women who have such a high degree of wrestling like never before and all of them are being hindered by a booking no one can understand.

    • Larissa

      Uhhhh lol

    • Larissa

      This shit was great but to each its own

  • Danny?

    I’m sorry but I thought that match was really boring, the only interesting thing was Asuka and Nikki going through the table. The match and brawl fell totally flat.

    Can’t wait for Ember/Peyton next week even more because it was apparently match of the night at the tapings and I need a good match from NXT which I haven’t seen in a while.

  • Stef’

    Nice match !
    Somehow it looked like this match’s purpose was to bring closer Asuka and Nikki and push Ruby away from them… That might sound crazy but I think the end could be Asuka making a friend in Nikki. Or they plan to give the belt to Ember at takeover summerslam and feed Nikki to Asuka for the wait.

  • Don ?

    I enjoyed the Triple Threat match. ? All three women peformed well as expected. I prefer their TakeOver match but this one was still entertaining for me. I liked the Bianca Blair cameo amist the brawl backstage too. ?

    WWE created a fantastic video package for Sonya. I just knew they were planning to invest in her when they changed her ring name. I’m here for it as I see lots of potential in Sonya. I’m also loving the diverse personalities with NXT’s women’s division. Overall, I’m excited for the weeks to come.

  • Shady

    The match was great, I think the Takeover outing is definitely the best match this year so far but this one was no slouch either. Ruby definitely stood out, from preventing the Takeover finish to happen again to all the dropkick sequences between Asuka, Nikki and Ruby, this match also told a great story. Of course that wasn’t just it because the brawl was amazing too. Asuka and Nikki were brutal and that was definitely the most OMG moment finish an NXT womens match ever had to a segment.

    On the next tapings I really can’t wait to see Peyton vs Ruby Riot and Asuka vs NIkki Cross in a last woman standing match, as well as Ember putting herself as the frontrunner for the championship at Brooklyn III

  • Shady
    • BitchFit

      she got tourette’s?

      • A?.


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  • It was a serviceable match to me, but I wasn’t blown away. For me, personally, Nikki Cross doesn’t do it for me, and as of late Asuka’s matches have been lackluster to me at best. I love me some Ruby Riot, she put in work. Liked the video packages!

  • ralfikh

    Ruby is lucky she not ask to be limited on her match unlike some other women who need to make other women look strong and make them look weak.
    I wish they make evry women as competitive as other.
    That way we as a fan could gain better matches imo.

    • K. W. M.

      thats so true and sad

  • Shady

    I forgot to add that it I have a big bone to pick with the disrespect the crowd shows to the NXT women, they put on a fantastic match and they didn’t even care as much to clap. No passion at all. They need to leave that garbage dump, I’m sure there are better venues for tv tapings

    • Kvngbalor

      I think at that point they were burned out they had sat through 3 episode tapings at that point

      • Wrestling.fan.from.France

        Yeah, they were very tired. You could tell at some points that they tried and especially during the Nikki-Asuka part but overall, they were quite tired for this episode.

        • Kvngbalor

          I read that HHH was considering making NXT live every week but i haven’t heard anything else about it i do know it was being considered i think it would be a good idea its obvious taping 4 episodes including dark matches is just draining to the audience and workers

      • Shady

        I can’t keep giving them that excuse because they have been taping them 3 or 4 episodes at once for nearly two years and it was never that bad

      • Christina22

        They need to make the tapings shorter beside hey that means more ticket sales for them and a better crowd

  • Pedro Miranda
    • BitchFit

      i think nikki enjoyed it though

    • Christina22

      Wow looks more brutal in a gif than on my tv

  • ?K . A . T ?

    I really enjoyed this match! I think all three ladies did great. I really hope Asuka will have separate singles matches with the two of them soon. Loved the post match brawl as well. Looking forward to Ember/Peyton next week since I heard it was great.

    P.S. I have a bone to pick with whoever decided not to let us see Asuka & Nikki going through the table and just the aftermath of it.

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    I was obviously a little skeptical about this since the idea of doing a triple threat again doesn’t make the most sense and that’s why at first, I was just about to give it a pass and be entirely looking for the quality but man… this was awesome!

    The match was very entertaining itself and you know, it’s a shame that it was one of, if not, the last taping because the girls fought hard and deserved more reactions but the crowd was very tired. It wasn’t better than the first one but it was very energetic and entertaining.

    Having Ruby out first was the smart move because it creates sympathy for her and we are taking part in her journey slowly but surely. Now the biggest story was Asuka and Nikki and damn, this intensity and aggressiveness! This brawl was such a breath of fresh air and was only a glimpse of what a feud between them could have been if REALLY and FULLY done well. Backstage brawl are so entertaining and we don’t see women doing this that often. This entertained me more than most of the things on the main roster in a long time tbh.

    Great job!

  • Aye Mate

    The only point of contention here was the flat crowd. Perhaps it was a long day of tapings. Other than that, NXT harked back to its glory days. Sonya Deville (ugh, sounds like a typical beat ’em up pastiche) and Ember Moon had great promos; the latter I’m looking forward to seeing square off with the increasingly improving Peyton Royce next week.

    Then there was the triple threat. Given that the purpose was to capitalise on the animosity between all three, it sort of made sense that at times the match seemed rough in parts – less a technical contest and just an all out fight. Asuka, Riot and Cross delivered an amazing performance; once Riot was eliminated, Asuka and Cross really cranked up the drama. The post-match brawl leading into that insane bump was one of the most intense things I’ve seen from the women’s division in quite some time.

    I’ve said this before, but Nikki Cross might be one of the strongest character workers in the game. She’s somehow salvaged a wreck of a one dimensional role and dug deep into it, colouring in the blueprints with a lot of nuance. For the first time that I can honestly recall, she helped Asuka look genuinely vulnerable. Honestly, so standout was her performance that I think it would be entirely feasible for Nikki to quietly break away from Sanity and concentrate on being the unpredictable wrecking ball within the women’s division.

    Excellent stuff all round here.

  • Stratusfaction

    Everytime Nikki and Asuka face off, it seems like Nikki may just be able to get the better of her. I want to se them go one on one next time, Asuka needs a dangerous rival to threaten her undefeated streak other than just Ember Moon.

  • Neutral

    Just tell me I didn´t just see a Tamina and Carmella stan saying this match was a mess, I´m rolling so hard right now, when you thought you already saw everything….

  • Summer_Slay #SummerTime

    That Daria promo was tragic.

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    NXT is kind of back after this episode; they managed to share the spotlight between Sonya Deville, The Iconic Duo, Ruby Riot, Nikki Cross, Ember & Asuka.

    The match itself was great and the outcomes call for a match between Nikki & Asuka. This seems to way more physical than anything since none of them are big talkers in the division.

  • Wicked Bliss

    This is awesome! Its so physical and personal. I think I like Nikki or Riot better to be the next champion over Ember.

  • Wicked Bliss

    The only bad thing about this match is the crowd.

  • It felt flat to me, but most likely due to crowd being dead. Hopefully this is not the end to Ruby vs Nikki, because if it was it was tragic. I also don’t understand why this feud is more physical than Ember vs Asuka ever was.

  • Raekon

    Good match and good continuity, I just hope they will keep up with this.
    I think the reason why they ruled out Ruby by getting her elilminated is because they will probably do another three way with Nikki, Ember and Asuka like they had a few months back in the live Shows. What I’m afraid off is though that they will probably then let Nikki taken out so Ember can feud with Asuka and win the Championship from her at some Point which even I love ember since her athena days, think would be a bad thing cause it will bury nikki and ruby making them feel like fillers until she is ready for a title trade with asuka.
    At this point I would rather have Nikki be the title holder, retaining against “weaker opponents” by herself and have sanity helping her against the stronger ones.

  • A?.

    This was really good, I’m surprised! And next week we’re getting TWO women’s matches, wow. Let’s hope NXT stays this way and keeps improving.

  • Trevor Stratton

    Falls count anywhere match next please

  • Christina22

    Wow did not realize it went on for 20 minutes. Felt shorter. Although the quit crowd was a bit of a buzz kill. That brawl DAMN.

    That was intense and not the high school drama from the main roster storylines.

    The more I see Nikki Cross the more I hope Trips books her to win the title instead of Ember.