On this day in history:

June 16th, 2013 | AJ Lee had played epic mind games with Kaitlyn, and the time had finally come for her to cash in on the damage she had wrought on her former friend. At Payback 2013, she challenged Kaitlyn for the Divas Championship, and preyed on her weaknesses perfectly, using Kaitlyn’s rocky emotional state to outwit her and eventually capture her in the Black Widow submission. AJ forced Kaitlyn to tap out and relinquish the Divas Title, launching AJ into a title reign that would last for 295 days.

What are your memories of this moment?

  • Izzy4lw

    The Kaitlin/AJ storyline could have been so much better had it not been a victim of the times it took place in with such limitations and storylines that still revolved around men (in this case, Kaitlin being so “torn up” over fake love letters that she couldn’t focus on her title match) I think had AJ/Kaitlin been around now for this storyline, they could have truly Had something special- the promos were good, the hatred looked palpable, and the size discrepancy played beautifully into the storyline; Kaitlin’s brawn and goodness going up against the manipulative machinations of a very cunning AJ.

    • Stacymjohnson

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  • Great storyline, great match. Glad they went all out with this one after first 4 months of Kaitlyn’s reign were directionless.

  • One of Aj’s finer moments… I guess.

  • Darryl lee

    Probably the best wwe womens match in a few years. AJ was awesome in 2013. Props to kaitlyn too, this was her best match.

    • Monkey Meat

      Nah, Nattie and Flair was better.

      • Darryl lee

        I was talking about at that time in 2013, I thought it was the best womens match in about 4 years

  • Rosanna

    I don’t even remember Kaitlin being champion. I remember her winning the title but I don’t remember her reign as champion. I don’t remember any title defensive or having matches as champion with any besides AJ. No wonder the AJ feud was rushed they wanted to take the title off her as fast as they can. Idk, I had stop watching wrestling when Kelly left then when the Bella’s returned I start watching it again. That’s probably why I don’t remember her championship reign.

  • I cannot believe this Master Piece of a story and Iconic moment of A.J Lee’s Career happened 4 YEARS AGO! It legit feels like last year. For a slowly rebuilding Divas Division this was really a fantastic moment ugh one of my faves!

  • Monkey Meat

    AJ at her best. She was so corny as a face smh.

  • A One of a Kind Collectible

    Obviously this match was surpassed in terms of ring work, with the rise of NXT a few months following this, HOWEVER. I will say this is perhaps one of the best STORIES two women have ever put on in the ring. What makes a match great for me is the story the wrestlers tell, for me Kaitlyn vs Aj, Taryn vs Gail (LKS) and Bayley vs Sasha (Brooklyn) are the best examples of storytelling done right in the new era of women’s wrestling

  • Gail-Rollins Fan

    I remember people were trying to say this was better than Gail vs Taryn in the year end awards. Not even close..

    I think the match was extremely overrated by fans because it was one of the first matches in ages that really told a story. It was solid, but ringwork wise I think even some of Beth and Layla’s matches were better. This match doesn’t hold up against some of the greats from the golden era, or any of the matches from the 4HW.

    • Monkey Meat

      Layla and Beth’s match was better you’re right.