The women’s wrestling community is buzzing about the Mae Young Classic. Rumors continue to make the rounds over the official and unofficial participants. Now Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that WWE is reaching out to a former employee to participate in a potential wrestling redemption story.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, WWE has reached out to Serena Deeb, who is technically retired, to compete in this summer’s Mae Young Classic tournament. However, the site reports it’s not a done deal quite yet.

Serena wrestled in OVW from 2005-2009 and won their Women’s Championship six times. She was more famously known, however, for being part of the Straight Edge Society on SmackDown in 2010 — a group that also featured CM Punk, Luke Gallows, and Joey Mercury.

Serena spent less than a year with the SES and only wrestled once on the show before her eventual release. She’d remain active on the Independent circuit in SHIMMER, Shine, Queens of Combat and other promotions, before retiring from the ring a few years later in 2015.

Pro Wrestling sheet is reporting that many who watched the Cruiserweight Classic have been wondering if the MYC would have a Brian Kendrick-like redemption story told by any of the wrestlers — if all goes to plan, Deeb is the one.

Previous confirmed names for the tournament include Toni Storm, Lacey Evans, Sarah Logan, and Princesa Sugehit.

What do you think about this rumor? Would you like to see Serena in the tournament? Sound off in the comments below.

  • Matt

    I like Serena, but I’d prefer to see Melina or Victoria/Tara: they still got it, they’re beautiful and able to help the young girls in making good match!

    • Joseph

      Isn’t Melina rehabbing a knee injury????

      • Matt

        Partly yeah, she suffers a knee injury but now, if I’m not mistaken, she’s in Aberdeen to fight in a show so her injury is not so bad…

    • Degenerous Boss

      Melina’s a legend, legends don’t need redemption

      • Matt

        You’re right, but it’d be cool to see her in one more run in WWE.

  • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

    I wouldn’t care if she did or didn’t. Kind of off topic but I’d love to see Summer Rae return in this tournament since they seem to not know how to bring her back.

  • Danny?

    Hmm….I mean Serena is great and all but I don’t think she is the right one for this redemption story. She was completely forgettable in WWE and unless you are a women’s wrestling fan and have been since 2010 when she was around you wouldn’t remember her. If it was a woman like Victoria, Melina or Gail Kim then it would have a lot more impact.

    For Gail in particular it could be a very interesting back story as she could talk about when she was last working with the company she wasn’t happy with the way the ‘Divas’ division was treated or seen and now that the treatment has turned around she wants to show the WWE Universe what she can really do inside of the ring. It’s highly unlikely but it would be a nice story and we’d get to see Gail Kim, who in my opinion is the best pure women’s wrestler of this generation. Don’t care what anyone says she is simply the best!

    • Yeah butt I mean, they could do a killer video package for Serena that sells the story of her seeking redemption. At least, that’s how I picture it.

    • Degenerous Boss

      Gail is the best possible choice for a redemption storyline, and for the reasons you stated

      • Marlon Eric

        Gail doesn’t need a redemption storyline in WWE. Those are for people who never got their shot at a mainstream promotion and Gail has had numerous accolades in TNA. Even if she never had a run in WWE, people would still know who she was based on her career in TNA/Impact Wrestling/whatever it’s called now in days. Even if WWE is the larger, more popular promotion, her reputation precedes her. A redemption signing is for someone who would need that recognition and never got that shot from any of the mainstream promotions.

  • ABC_1990

    Serena wasn’t on the main roster long enough for a redemption story line…I’d rather they do that with Victoria

    • Victoria is a decorated veteran. Love her so much, but she doesn’t need a redemption storyline. Especially after TNA.

      • ABC_1990

        Well WWE really doesn’t recognize TNA history when it comes to wrestlers, and Victoria really doesn’t get the same respect as say Lita and Trish

        • ABC_1990

          And I also feel like Victoria didnt get the sent off she deserved when she leave the WWE

          • jcott3

            She at least got to say goodbye. Yes, her farewell speech was only shown on the WWE website, but it was more than most women get. Hey, at least she didn’t get ridden out on a rail the way Lita was in her farewell.

        • Monkey Meat

          That’s because Victoria wasn’t a Trish and Lita type character that only comes along once in a long while. She was a contemporary, and a lot of women came after her and became bigger names in shorter time.

    • Stef’

      Victoria is a bit old, that would have been perfect for Mickie though !


        Mickie is WAAAAY too decorated to be up there… Victoria as well like..

        • Mickie is THE most decorated woman in mainstream wrestling history, right?


            Exactly! Doesn’t make sense!

          • I think Serena is the right choice. And has the actual talent to deserve the spot


            Very much. I am sure it could very be extremely emotional.

      • Degenerous Boss

        Mickie is a legend with one of the best wrestling careers in history she doesn’t need a redemption storyline

        • Stef’

          At the moment she lacks the pop a participation in such an event could have brought her, significant wins to assert her “veteran” status.


      That’s why it would work more in that case. Because she’s only been there for such a short amount of time and left due to some bad mistakes of hers in the past, it would totally work. Victoria wouldn’t work because well, people actually expecting in the HOF. She had a memorable enough career.

      • ABC_1990

        If she had been there a little longer, been a part of the diva’s division and was always at the cusp of winning the championship but never quite got it, then yeah a redemption story line would make sense…but Serena only had what, 1 main roster match

    • Ollie Roche

      Rosa mendes would be the perfect redemption storyline bit realistically I’d go with Jillian hall

    • Degenerous Boss

      Victoria is already a legend regardless of what they did with her at the en’s of her career, she doesn’t need it

  • I would fucking die! She and Nikki Roxx deserve so much more than they ever got to show on TV.

    Still want Deth Rey over ever other name I have seen so far though.

  • Don ?

    I forgot about Serena. She was one of the many FCW Divas that had poor WWE careers.

  • I actually thought about her today. I’m here for her returning. She worked so hard for all these years and never got the recognition she truly deserved. She was unfairly fired from WWE in 2010 so this return would be amazing for her.

    • Marshy

      She was unfairly fired from the WWE for something that some of the people does right after a hard day on the job, no one should get fired for something like this, every once in awhile a drink doesn’t hurt anybody unless you show up to work totally wasted drunk.

      • MK126

        I wouldnt say unfair is the right word. She was part of the Straight Edge Society which obviously means no drugs, booze, or anything thatll harm your body in that way… and then she was seen drinking in public lol she broke character. Back then the women didnt matter much and she was only om screen for a few weeks. Id say the correct them for her firing was pointless


    That would be very nice. I am totally against having a former WWE female worker in the tournament but in such a case, since she only been there for like a minute and considering the kind of story, it could very be great. She’s a great wrestler and I am sure she regrets how she killed her WWE career.

    Plus, I would actually love to see her and Naomi work together again. They both worked in FCW at the same time and I remember rooting for them and AJ at time because they were truly the big stars of that era. This could be a very emotional story to tell and journey here.

    • YonceLuvsDivas

      Her matches in FCW was killer. I love the Championship match between her and Naomi. I also love the fatal way four match with Tiffany, Alicia Fox and AJ for contendership for that dumb a$$ crown!

  • Monkey Meat

    So happy for her if it’s true. Not sure if she’s a redneck or not, hopefully not. She’s like the biggest what if from her generation. She was flourishing at the top of the OVW division alongside Beth Phoenix, Katie Lea and ODB. All of them went on to have mainstream success, except for her. I was very mad when she got fired. Here for a comeback. Like Naomi, her time might be meant to come at a different time, in another era.

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    Omg yessss!!!! This is some news I’ve been waiting for. I hope she gets signed afterwards and get out of retirement for a 2nd redemption at a WWE career. That would be love!

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    • Yolandacfisher

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  • Chris Bergstrom

    So excited about this announcement!!! please let it happen!!

  • ssilva872

    This is great news.

    She better run over to the PC to get rid of the ring rust.

    I expect her, like Kendrick, to go far so best of luck to her.

  • Ollie Roche

    I wonder if they’ll acknowledge that fact she was in straight edge society? I hate it when they pretend history didn’t happen

    • When they went from Trish & Lita to the “Total Divas” era in video packages like 2007-12/13 didn’t exist

  • Ollie Roche

    Rosa mendes is the perfect choice for a redemption storyline, they never let her win a match and made her a joke, sadly
    Her wrestling skills wouldn’t be able to keep up with the talent they have. Jillian Hall, Katie lea burchill, serena and nidia qualify for it.

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    This should be a must! This is the comeback I never knew I needed!!!

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    She’s very young so yeah, it could work. It’ll be great to see her!!

  • Aye Mate

    This is heartwarming, as Serena Deeb is arguably one of the most mishandled talents WWE had. Deeb’s babyface potential is insanely off the charts; a redemption arc portrayed through the tournament would work easily.

  • Kyle

    My baybay!!!!

  • Radic

    I wouldn’t be apposed to this, Serena barely had a real chance to have her moment in WWE during her run there. I’ll be happy to see her again if she does appear.

    On a side note, I think Kharma would have a cool redemption story IF they wanted to bring her back. Not saying they should, but if it happens, I wouldn’t be apposed to that either.

    • Degenerous Boss

      I desperately need Kharma back

  • I hope it’s true because the way they used her the first time…
    I always wanted to see her in full on the main roster & they flopped.

  • I hope this happends or become true, at her WWE MR time never showed her true potential. Something that she did as Mia Mancini on FCW.

  • Tommy Coppell

    Serena was a 6 time OVW women’s champ, tussled with Beth Phoenix and was Queen of FCW. She was the one woman who was game to shave her head for a chance to debut on the main roster. She could’ve been a massive thing in the day had they been more focused on women’s wrestlers than divas.

    I think this would be perfect time for her to come back and deliver what she was meant to. I was hyped as fuck for her in WWE and real disappointed she was let go so prematurely. She’s also only 30, so has heaps of years left in her to make a mark!