Impact Wrestling has announced via Twitter that this year’s Slammiversary will host both a mixed tag team match as well as unification Women’s Title match.

The intense and physical rivalry between the Richards and the Edwards will reach new heights as the team of Angelina Love and Davey Richards will take on their former friends Alisha Edwards and Eddie Edwards in a Full Metal Mayhem mixed tag team match!

The wrestling couples have been feuding with one another since the early start of 2017 when both Davey and Angelina betrayed Eddie and his wife Alisha in a blindside attack; citing that Eddie was ‘selfish for forgetting his friend Davey’ during his knee injury.

Since then, both couples have been involved in street fight battles, a Last Man Standing match, pull apart brawls and table battles but come Slammiversary, they’ll square off once more under the Full Metal Mayhem stipulation!

Elsewhere, the Knockouts Champion Rosemary and the GFW Women’s Champion Sienna will collide in Unification Women’s Title match.

Rosemary won the then vacated Knockouts Championship at the end of 2016 when she defeated Jade in a six sides of steel match. Meanwhile, Sienna captured the GFW Women’s Championship by defeating Christina Von Eerie shortly after it was announced that Impact Wrestling and Global Force Wrestling would merge into one promotion.

Come Slammiversary, there will only be one Undisputed Women’s Champion within the Knockouts division in this winner-take-all match-up.

Slammiversary takes place Sunday July 2nd at 8 PM live on PPV.

Are you excited for these matches?

  • #RiotWithRuby

    Sadly disappointed in these.

    Was really hoping for Fatal 4-Way between Rosemary, Sienna, Allie, & Laurel.

  • DivaLicious?

    Alisha should not be anywhere near a wrestling ring just because you have a husband that is a wrestler don’t mean you have to be. Period! Angelina love should not have to suffer from Alisha bad wrestling ???? anymore. Angelina should be in the WWE women’s tournament.

    Rosemary needs to win because she is the TOP knockout in the WHOLE terrible division. Sienna whole pinky gimmick is horrible. “My pinky has more talent than you” WHAT??????? Cringeworthy to the fullest. And her attire is awful?? she is just slow moving in the ring. Moveset sucks, finisher sucks, mic work sucks, she just suck period! I can’t anymore.

    • Monkey Meat

      You do know she is Alexxis Neveah? She’s a wrestler.

      • DivaLicious?

        She is not a good enough of a wrestler in my eyes. She is a Maria, kelly kelly, Eva Marie kinda wrestler.

        • Monkey Meat

          You’re clueless.

    • Malcolm James

      But Carmella and Tamina should be in a Money in the Bank match ?
      And Lana is in a championship match where she doesn’t belong ?

  • Asa bin Laden


  • Mar_41

    I feel like the TNA vs GFW unification title matches should have been contested with the wrestlers who we in GFW prior. Rosemary vs Christina VE & Lashley vs Magnus. I feel like it woulda made more sense, in my opinion. Von Eerie never even got a rematch

  • Gail-Rollins Fan

    Hopefully Rosemary wins and then Gail comes out and goes full heel on her. The division needs a strong heel right now. It’s time for Gail to pick up the pieces and get these women over.

    • Stacymjohnson

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    • Crazy. #RIPMae

      Gail Charlotte Flair when it comes to title mathes.

      • Yolandacfisher

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    • Jorge Hernandez Moran

      Yeah but Gail needs to actually but all these women over cause impact always has her burrying the division

      • Gail-Rollins Fan


        She puts over everyone who deserved to be put over. She put over Brittany, Brooke, Taryn, Havok, Jade, and Sienna. Just because she didn’t lose to jobbers like Marti or Rebel doesn’t mean she burrys the division. She’s a fucking legend, and should only be putting over new talent in big ways that actually gets them over. Like she did with Taryn, Havok, Jade, and Brooke (and made stars out of them)

        • Jorge Hernandez Moran

          Really and what stopped the pushes all those women were getting. The costant need to put the title on Gail. She is a legend and im not saying she purposely burrys the division. TNA burrys it by pushing those girls and then having them lose to Gail out if nowhere. I mean last time Brooke got the title after her feud with Taryn she literally dropped the title to Gail 35 days later out of nowhere just to have her catch up to Angelina. I love Gail but i want her far away from the knockouts division. I feel like she tries to put other women over but TNA just wants Gail on top

          • TheSilverPrince

            I would say that Gail should come back and go for the belt and FAIL MISERABLY. This could then lead into her trying to play ‘queen maker” like she tried with Jade.

            The face turning of Rosemary was a good touch, she was a face in Slam, and she can totally pull of the omni-dangerous anti-hero who is friend to no one. I honestly do not know why Allie is popular.. I just cannot get into her deer in the headlights character. She is a MUCH BETTER HEEL than a face, and is a great cowardly jawjacker. Hopefully, Sienna’s reign was only meant for Unification.

            I hope to see Gail come back at “100%”, face’s Rosemary, loses to Rosemary, and then starts to look for a challenger for Rosemary. They could use Allie’s whole “help me” character to actually be a ruse, and have her take the belt from Rosemary with help from Gail. Lead that into Cherry Bomb declaring herself “the Slayer”, and yet doing everything to avoid Rosemary, as she and Gail build a stable to defend her from challengers. That would be an AMAZING story. :D

    • Dark Heel

      Rosemary not over? Ok.

  • Juan

    Good matchups! Slammiversary always delivers when it comes to the Knockouts! This ppv has been home to some of the most iconic KO’s moments!!

    Can’t wait to see Angelina and Alisha get incredibly physical!! You know they will!

    Also Team Rosemary all the way!!!

  • Shady

    Not excited, Sienna and Rosemary had a god awful ONO match once

  • Oh no! I was expecting allie vs rosemary, maybe this is going to happend on Bound For Glory! Anyway the wolves and their wifes have been amazing on this feud. Hope this finally ends, it’s time for new things.