At Sunday’s Money in the Bank, Charlotte Flair will make history once again as one of the participants of the first-ever Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder match alongside Becky Lynch and fellow second generation Superstars Natalya, Tamina and Carmella.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Charlotte discusses the upcoming PPV match, how it feels to carry her family’s legacy and who she would’ve liked to see included in the Money in the Bank Ladder match. Highlights of the interview below.

On the anticipation of Money in the Bank: “It definitely keeps me on my toes. [Laughs] It’s exciting. SmackDown Live! and the women having this opportunity is huge, and it’s another step for the women’s revolution.”

On continuing her family’s legacy: “Well, I definitely think Natalya is one of the greatest of all time. I’ve only been around a few years, so it’s so hard. When people say that, [I say,] ‘I haven’t been wrestling long enough. Give me a few years.’ But it’s an amazing time for women’s wrestling, and it just happens to be right place, right time.”

Who she would’ve liked to participate in the match: “Our champ, Naomi. Yes, she’s our women’s champion, but I’m sure there’s a part of her wishing she was in the first-ever Ms. Money in the Bank match. I hope everyone gets this opportunity. That’s why I hope we do well on Sunday, so we continue to have these opportunities.

On being more comfortable in a babyface role: “The difference between debuting and where I’m at now is now I know who Charlotte is. But it’s a whole new world for me right now. I’m on a different brand; I’m with a different group of girls. Being undefined somewhat makes me nervous, but what I do know is I’m 100 percent confident in who Charlotte is. But how is that gonna work is the part I over think.”

Charlotte also discusses the evolution of her character, teaming up with her former PCB partner Becky Lynch and blurring gender lines.

You can read the full interview here.

What did you think of the interview? Who are some of your favorite generational wrestlers? What do you think of Charlotte turning babyface? Let us know in the comments below!

  • conan_kun

    Charlotte is still better as heel when her attitude is still heelish, none of the current heels are credible to beat her, especially she just beat the supposed top heel Natalya clean.

  • wwepassion

    Charlotte isn’t a bad face like she was in the beginning because she’s not the typical cheesy face smiling,sucking up to fans and being over the top. She has attitude and still cuts promos the same way she did as heel so I hope she continues with that.

    • Joseph

      Yea she’s just basically a face version of The Queen.

    • Yes, she pulled what Jericho does. Be a heel or face but has a different personality with it. i.e. a cocky heel, coward heel, strong face, “for the people” type face.

      • Yolandacfisher

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      • wwepassion

        I wish all baby faces were like this instead of trying to hard and butt kissing fans. Yes Jericho is one of the best, people should take examples from him.

        • They be shook at first lol the boring babyface is typical for some till they warm up & I’m glad she did.

    • Jeweladavis

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  • Kat Love

    She’s definitely going to be considered the GOAT when she retires.

  • Mark

    I’m so over this “continuing legacy, revolutionizing women’s wrestling, NXT horsewomen,” blah, blah, blah. Stop talking and start showing! NXT during Charlotte, Sasha, Bayley and Becky’s time was incredible. They didn’t have to talk about revolutionizing shit, they just did it. Although there have been some groundbreaking moments on the main roster, I’m sick of all this BS talk. “We’re revolutionizing women’s wrestling, legacies, I’m Bayley and I’ve been a fan since I was a kid, I’m Sasha and I wanted this all my life,” STOP TALKING. We need iconic feuds and matches. And we need these women to DELIVER at MITB.

    • Darren C. #Anti-Marks ?

      That smells like jealousy to me.

      • Mark

        Um, OK, your perception. I just wanna see more action and less talking about action.

  • Darren C. #Anti-Marks ?

    Iconic. Charlotte is already the biggest name of Women’s Wrestling and she has passion, so I hope she continues wrestling for at least another 10 years, she is quite athletic, so age will not disturb her so much.

  • She’s found her niche and is so much more confident in all areas today. One of the best.

  • Summer_Slay #SummerTime

    If she wins, I’ll be so freaking pissed. Charlotte is Charlotte she can get a championship match just by walking into the arena let someone else get that briefcase. Let someone else shine. I persoanlly dont want Charlotte/Tamina to win it and I will be happy with everyone else.

    • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

      I can agree with this. I myself think Charlotte doesn’t need this win. But in that case, Carmella should win then.

  • Bryskers

    She’s certainly honored her name (and still does) while becoming her own person. I admire her so much!

    Already the G.O.A.T to me.

  • Robin Zabriskie

    simply the best

  • SweeneyTodd

    She should not win…but better as the Worst Case Scenario No Reactions and Step back to the Divas Division Carmella

    • wwepassion

      Well in that case that’s why she needs to win, in order to get over as a star Carmella needs this badly more than anyone. Contracts last a year which is great for her because she will have the opportunity to sink or swim while improving almost the full year until she cashes in.

    • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

      Carmella and Charlotte are the two women that should win. All the rest are past their prime or just don’t quite make the cut.

      • Neutral

        I want us to be friends but you can´t come after Becky like that!!

    • Joseph

      What step back??? We know Carmella can do good stuff in the ring(See Carmella vs. Bayley), its not her fault shes stuck in this chicken shit heel gimmick.

  • Aye Mate

    Looking back at her development and realising that Charlotte is still in the infancy of her career… I personally can’t wait to see where she goes next. She’s breathed life into her wrestling persona outside of being Ric Flair’s daughter. She carries herself with the prestige her name upholds.

    As for the MITB, she isn’t my first pick but she’s not the last either. Fact of the matter is whatever Charlotte’s the type of performer who instantly makes surroundings more interesting by mere presence alone. In that regard, then, she doesn’t need to win this match as much as the other women do.

    • Degenerous Boss

      After she does everything there is to do in the women’s division, i want her to go straight to a men’s championship, if I’m being honest, she’s so much better than the lower level men’s titles, i would put her in Smackdown’s WWE Championship division, her having a vagina doesn’t change the fact that she’s already a future legend and one of the most over and most talented people in the entire company and is virtually the same size as quite a bit of the men, she can do it

  • jbrizzy

    I like he but I don’t think she will win. It’s going to be Carmella

  • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

    Queen. Hope she wins. It’s been forever since she was champion.

    • Neutral

      Tbh if really feels like she hasn´t been for so long, queen just slays as a champion.

  • Kvngbalor

    I love her

  • StraightFire

    Cute, hope she doesn’t win. Lord knows she doesn’t need it.

  • Neutral

    Tomorrow she will make her way in knowing she is the biggest Bitch in the arena lie…

    • Bryskers

      Heading into the ring for yet another history-making match, truly a wrestling icon.

      • Neutral

        Yaaaas bitch I live for people who serve good tea!

      • Degenerous Boss

        Imo her and Sasha are the new greatests of all time idc what anyone says, they’ve earned that

        • Bryskers

          Charlotte is already the goat in my eyes, and Sasha is def. among the greatest as well. And to think their carreers have only just begun

          • Degenerous Boss

            Right, it’s crazy to think that they both still have so much time on their hands, i honestly believe that Sasha (heel) vs Charlotte (face) will be the women’s main event of Wrestlemania, not the Fatal 4-way everyone is hoping for

        • Neutral

          Ok bitch yes you´re my new best friend, I´m here for this iconic friendship, I love stanning people who see the truth.

          • Degenerous Boss


    • Womensor

      This entrance in particular reminds me so much on Chyna. Maybe is the peakcock style.

      • Neutral

        She reminds you of Chyna because both are Queens of Iconicness.

  • Monkey Meat

    I love the mutual respect between her and Naomi. Two greats aknowledging each other.

  • Jo9834

    Becky winning this and turning heel /Cashing in on Naomi would be amazing. Carmella’s persona would suit winning the briefcase most, a sneaky heel that would cash it in after a five star match just to take the spoils. The problem is Carmella barely gets a reaction despite all that they’ve done to keep her relevant. I wonder if they’re still planning a sixth woman to be added to the match at all though?

  • Wicked Emma


  • Degenerous Boss

    Whoever wins cannot cash in right away, that’s not how this works, they usually wait nearly a year/around wrestlemania season to cash in, and troll us with “almost cash-ins” along the way which makes good moments/storytelling/character development…imo the only person in the match that’s not ready for everything this brings is Tamina, the rest could make it work, this isn’t a one day thing, this brings the spotlight on you for an extended period of time and usually the winner becomes relevant for the rest of their careers, i personally am rooting for Natalya, she’s like my least fave of all the women but imo this screams her moment, one of the moments that she needs for a HOF worthy career, she’s not gonna be around forever, they should make her career worthwhile, this combined with her other achievements will do her justice

  • Char doesn’t need it, Idk how many times i can say it & i love her lol
    C’mon Mella, show these people what you can do.

  • Wicked Bliss

    I honestly see her winning this but not cashing it until next year.

  • Larissa

    Charlotte a legend.

  • She is the queen but don’t need to win this. She has achieve a lot of things on this past year.

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    In her case, she’s a successful face because the circumstances made her face, not her attitude.