Tonight at Money in the Bank, Becky Lynch, Carmella, Charlotte Flair, Natalya and Tamina will partake in the first-ever Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder match. Which Superstar will be crowned the first-ever Ms. Money in the Bank? The Diva Dirt team weighs in:

Abir: On a predictable note, Charlotte will win, but the optimist in me thinks that SmackDown won’t go down that path, and will do something a little less predictable with some payoff. And that will result in an Ellsworth interference, allowing Carmella to finally put him to some good use and take home the brief case.

Alex: It’s a tough one to call, but as much as I’d love for Natalya to be Miss MITB… I think it’s going to be Asuka as part of a surprise entrant. Sure it’s probably not the best call for the women on the main roster, but it’s a massive chance for the future and the women of NXT. Asuka is on a streak and the WWE are finally acknowledging that, why not give her the MITB Case and make her the strongest threat on the roster, ready to strike at any time. She wins, she goes back to NXT and then when we all don’t expect it, she makes her debut by cashing it in!

Candace: I think Maria Kanellis or Nikki Bella will emerge… and I predict Nattie winning.

Josue: I’m happy to see the SmackDown Women finally been given a chance to really make some history! We’ve never had a Ladder match in WWE’s Women’s Division and I’m confident that all of these women will make this match a classic! As far as predictions go, I’m going to take a chance and say that Natalya will emerge the victor here. This can lead to the breakup of The Welcoming Committee and really help Natalya get back in the title picture again.

Matthew: It’s going to be a wild match from start to finish, considering the history of Money in the Bank matches. I’m picking Charlotte Flair to win, and if so, she’ll cash it in on the same night. I could be wrong, though.

Stephanie: This is the match we’ve all been waiting for. I expect all of the women to show out! Everyone will have a special big match spot and Charlotte will come through. I’m personally rooting for Nattie, Carmella, or Tamina to win. But I expect Carmella to steal the win in a devious fashion. She’s the snake here.

BREAKDOWN: 1 for Asuka, 0 for Becky Lynch, 2 for Carmella, 1 for Charlotte Flair, 2 for Natalya, 1 for Tamina 

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Who do you agree with? Who is just dead wrong? What are your predictions? Sound off in the comments below!


    I am so stoked!!!!

  • Nikki’s Sister

    Want to win: Carmella
    Fine with winning: Natalya, Becky
    Don’t want to win: Charlotte
    Indifferent towards win: Tamina

    • MafiaMM


    • YonceLuvsDivas

      Same but switch Carmella and Tamina for me.

    • Jaded

      Charlotte is getting the title anyways, a win here does nothing for her.

      • Nikolas Dombkowski

        A win gives her another first in the record books.

        • Nikki’s Sister

          She already has enough.

          • Nikolas Dombkowski

            I know that. You know that, but I wouldn’t put it past them. These are the people that decided to give her 5 title reigns in her first year on the main roster…

      • A One of a Kind Collectible

        Not necessarily true, remember how everyone in this site was so sure Nikki was gonna win the title and everyone was so angry… Well I think that is the case here. Charlotte is a great champion, but I think the blue brand know people are getting a little bored of her title runs

  • #QueenSummer

    I’m so excited. Summer is at the airport and I hate to have hope but…….I’m ready for her. Whether it be a manager for Breezango or in the MITB match. I am ready for Summer Time.

    But I really think Carmella is gonna win cause she was the perfect Seth Rollins type of Ms. MITB role already set up for her with Ellsworth.

    • perceval

      The Summer of Summer?

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  • Doug

    Hoping for a Carmella victory here!

  • B J

    This is the big opportunity Camella needs to solidify her as a threat and an actual competitor!

    Would love for Nattie to win however, as this will be her big thank-you after the lackluster career they have given her.

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    I’m rooting for either Nattie or Tamina. More so I’m pulling for Tamina. It’s time for home girl to get what she deserves. Naomi finally got her and it’s no doubt in my mind one day Nattie and Foxy too will get there’s again. But Tamina hasn’t gotten any real reward for her hard work. Say what you want about her but Tamina is a force. I believe if WWE continued with how they was pushing her back when the divas division was heading towards bland road(think back towhen Tamina feud with Beth over the title too about the time after Eve retired the belt to Kaitlyn). She could’ve been gold by now. I’m just saying Tamina is the one who truly deserves the win.

    • George

      Agreed, i’m rooting for Tamina tonight. She has something that makes me like her so much she’s 4x times women’s champ in my universe mode lol

      • YonceLuvsDivas

        She hasn’t held a title yet on mines because I parallel my universe after what’s going on today but my shake up on things. But she’s very bad a$$ on mines. She’s like my female Kane.

    • perceval

      Of the ten women, counting Stephanie, in this classic segment…

      …Tamina is the only one that has never been champ.

      • YonceLuvsDivas

        Right she deserves to be champ one day

  • Rocky1990

    I can’t wait. Going to be there live in section 117!

    • Bryskers

      Have fun!

      • Rocky1990

        Thank you! I’ll be sure to take pics haha

  • Overall I just hope they have a great, long match, without any injuries. Make us proud, girls!

    • HOLLA

      Yessss! :)

      • Jeweladavis

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  • Aye Mate

    Like Alex’s idea but think Asuka returning to NXT to wrap up her storyline there leaves the Smackdown division at a standstill while we wait for her to debut.

    I want any of the three stronger wrestlers to prevail: Becky, Nattie and Charlotte. In that order.

    I think it’s Carmella’s match to lose, however.

  • Danny?

    I seriously cannot wait for this match and I know the girls are going to give it everything they have. The only person I don’t want to win is Charlotte, simply because she doesn’t need it. Charlotte is already a star and should be in the title picture as opposed to lurking around with a briefcase. I’d be fine with any of the rest of the girls winning but I’m pulling for Tamina. Would love to see her with the briefcase and carrying it around for a while ready to strike at any moment.

    A little prediction of mine is if this match takes place after the title match then I see Naomi getting inserted into the match if she loses her title seeing as how she really wants to be apart of this match.

  • Hoooshi

    As much as I love Asuka and would love to see Nikki return I would be too mad if a surprise entrant showed up and won the match after all the hard work these five women put into building this match.

    Who I want to see winning are Nattie and Carmella, would be okay with Becky winning too, and I find it a tad suspicious how many women put Tamina over on those videos, but let’s see how that will work.

  • wwepassion

    Carmella needs this badly, she can take up most of the year improving until she’s ready to cash in. Charlotte nor Becky better not win because they don’t need this.

  • Danny?

    If there is a surprise entrant then I’d love it to be Peyton Royce. Then Billie can appear at the end of the match to help Peyton win.

  • Luiz Giem

    Considering the MITB briefcase is usually given to put on the main event picture to the superstars that aren’t quite there I think Carmella will win tonight. Everything is pointing to that direction: Her two victories over Naomi, the alliance with James Ellsworth and her character fits perfectly for the roll of an opportunistic heel when she cashes in the briefcase.

    However, tonight I’ll be rooting for Nattie, I’m not her biggest fan but she deserves this moment more than the other girls, she deserves to be remembered as the first ever Miss Money In The Bank and one more championship run at least, she’s been the workhorse of the division for so long and deserves some pay off.

    I’ll be fine if Becky or Tamina win as well. Tamina deserves some spotlight as well and she’s been getting some recognition as of lately while Becky could turn heel somewhere down the road if she gets that briefcase and then uses the title match to win the championships over her BFF Charlotte, that would be gold.

  • DivaLicious?

    Tamina is just a body in the ring to me personally. She been gone for 2 years with a injury. The crowd is not that invested in her like that. They would not care or remember who Ms, Mitb is by Tuesday night SD. If she won #TruthHurts?

    Charlotte does not need it she had to many achievements? She will always be in the title picture. She is Ric flair F**King daughter? She automatically wins.

    I wouldn’t mind if Becky was to win it. But she would have to turn heel for me. I’m tired of Little miss nice girl. But WWE probably won’t go that route.

    It’s a toss up for nattie & Carmella I hearing a lot of IWC say their names as the winner. My pick is nattie

    • Wicked Emma

      Charlotte will be in the title picture because she’s Ric flairs daughter, is getting old now.

  • Don ?

    I’m rooting for either Carmella or Natalya. Carmella because I feel the Ms. MITB title will help elevate her character and bougie persona a tad more, and Natalya because she deserves it and regained her credibility and momentum from her feud with Nikki in March.

  • Raleex2

    Charlotte won’t win, they’re building her as a face. I pick Carmella or Tamina the two mostly under developed female stars now and someone that can’t win against fan favorite Naomi yet in her third title defense.

  • Wicked Emma

    Dang Becky Lynch don’t get a vote?

  • Troy Rochester

    I think Carmella should/will win this . It will benefit her the most winning out of all the women in the match and really elevate her . I just hope Charlotte or Becky don’t win they have enough accolades and achieved quite a bit already !

    • Wicked Emma

      Everybody knows Carmella is winning….

  • Wicked Emma

    As much as I want Charlotte or Becky Lynch to win.
    Carmella is probably winning the MITB briefcase *sigh*.

  • Nikolas Dombkowski

    I would like for Tamina or Nattie to win, but I will take anyone over Charlotte. I have a feeling they will give the win to Charlotte just to give her another first.

    • Jaded

      Carmella is winning, fits right into her cowardly heel gimmick. Most MITB winners cash in when the champion is down and out, that doesn’t fit exactly into Charlotte’s New persona as a face.

  • GlowTime

    Here’s to a great match fellow fans. We know the women can do it, the women know they can do it, so let’s get this did! ????

    • Jaded

      I wish Naomi was in the ladder match, she would have stolen the show. Imagine a hurricana from a ladder or a summer sault double clothes line.

  • I would like becky to win if it meant a heel turn in the near future. I would not have a problem with Char winning but she really dont need this victory. Im not really sold on anyone else winning. I guess if i had to pick someone out of the other three then it would be nattie.

  • Victoria&Melina19

    Probably Carmella or Becky will win. But I’m just looking forward to the match.

    • Jaded

      Carmella is winning

      • Victoria&Melina19

        Possibly. But I feel like the 6th member could be a returning Eva Marie, if she does return then Eva winning. But I doubt she would return.


    i want carmella to win

  • Monkey Tennis

    The outcome of this match was already kind of irrelevant even before the events of the last few weeks. Earning a title shot on a roster of 6 or 7 women is basically like earning a coupon that lets you go to the front of a short queue at a supermarket.

    Course, now with the whole Lana debacle, the result has now become even more meaningless. Seriously, why would any of these women wanna risk their bodies and careers now for a title opportunity that be earned as easily and given out so trivially as Lana getting her shot?

    Looking at the match purely as a stand-alone spectacle, I’d like to see Bex take it. She’s still Smackdown’s MVP and she deserves a big moment back in the main spotlight. Winning the WWE’s first MitB ladder match would certainly do that.

    (Which is another reason Lana should win her match… Need to get that title on a heel so Bex can challenge for it!)

    • Super Mateo

      “Seriously, why would any of these women wanna risk their bodies and careers now for a title opportunity that be earned as easily and given out so trivially as Lana getting her shot?”

      I don’t think that’s what this match is about for any of them. Yes, the prize that’s on the line is a guaranteed title shot. However, for them, this is about two things: 1-proving to everyone that they can do it and 2-entertaining us. So, please, just let them entertain us and let’s enjoy watching them.

      I also think the women are putting more value in the ladder match than they are in the title match. If done right, this could be a show stealer.

      Predicted winners: Carmella and Naomi.

      • Monkey Tennis

        i’m speaking in kayfabe terms in relation to the storyline. You can appreciate the wrestlers and still have issues with creative

        That’s the thing about wrestling. It’s about more than… wrestling.

  • Kat Love

    I’m so excited about this match!!! Man if I was on RAW I would be filled with anger lol.

    • Lushluke

      Sasha is fuming

  • conan_kun

    Carmella should win and hold the briefcase for months instead of cashing in on the same night. And next time MITB PPV should be dual brand PPV so both Raw and Smackdown women can compete together.

  • Lushluke

    So the 6th person is gonna be either Paige, Nikki, asuka or lita. Paige to win.

    If none of them then Charlotte to win.

    • Neutral

      People need to stop about this non existent 6th person tbh Nikki is in Canada, Paige is not returning so soon and specially not in a ladder match after her neck surgery, Asuka makes no sense when she has so much going on in NXT, and Lita would be a cute addition but I really dont see it happen.

      • Lushluke


  • Iteaseutouch

    Want to win: Tamina
    Fine with winning: Carmella or Nattie
    Don’t want to win: Charlotte
    Indifferent towards win: Becky
    I still hope Summer appears as the 6 entrant

  • Women’s Revolution

    I don’t believe the rumors? about a 6th participants. I’ll live for an Eva Marie return but sadly I think she’s done with WWE…

    Charlotte ? is the Face of the WWE Women’s Division. She doesn’t need the briefcase. It’ll be another First in her already Hall of Fame career and she’s the one I’m rooting for to win.

    Becky Lynch ?has been at a stalemate and loss in the shuffle since dropping the title to Alexa Bliss. A win in this match will definitely put her back on the map, but I don’t see her claiming the briefcase.

    Carmella ? the wild card going into the match. With Ellsworth by her side I can see her being the ONE walking away with the victory. It’s her time and officials are impressed with her.

    Natalya ? could reinvent her career by winning this match. I would love to see a veteran claiming this accomplishment and benefitting from it by winning the Women’s Championship, but I doubt WWE will give her that chance.

    Tamina ? chances are also unlikely in winning. She’s past her prime and in a similar situation with Natalya.

    Want to win: ? Charlotte
    Will win:? Carmella or ? Becky Lynch

  • Lushluke

    Eva to return ???

    • perceval

      Why not Kelly? :)

  • perceval

    Either Nattie or Carmella, or, as a surprise entry, Summer, who cashes it in later that night, winning the belt and beginning the Summer of Summer. The Summer of Summer would include Summer defending the title at SummerSlam.

    • Neutral

      Summer is in California.

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    Nattie or Carmella should win.

  • Shane

    If we don’t get Nikki Bella/ Asuka / or a doubtful return of Maria, I can see Lana winning the title and Naomi entering into the MITB match later on …

  • Shane

    I’d live for a Tamina win and cash in the same night!

  • Degenerous Boss

    In my own perfect world all 5 women would come out, but just before the bell rings….”Let me show you what love is, let me show you how to move yo body” and out comes Candice Michelle back and better than ever, and her and Charlotte have a stare down then both look at the briefcase, than the bell rings… eventually…Charlotte and Candice Michelle are going back and forth punching each other on the top of the ladder, and then James Elsworth knocks the ladder over and they both fall to the outside then Becky takes out Elsworth, now as Carmella is climbing to the top of the ladder for the win, Tamina and Natalya do a Tower of Doom on Carmella sending her to the outside plumetting on top of the pile of bodies already out there..Natalya retrieves the briefcase and wins from the help of Tamina, Naomi comes out to congratulate Natalya and Tamina superkicks df out of her and does the Superfly Splash laying Naomi out as well, Natalya holds up her briefcase abd Tamina holds up Naomi’s title to close the women’s match/segment
    New feuds: Natalya vs Carmella, & Candice Michelle vs Charlotte, Tamina vs Naomi

    • Seraphina Rosenhart

      I would have loved it if this was what happened.

  • Vince Martin

    ok that finish was sh*t. It’s the first women’s money in the bank match for god’s sake…