Tonight at Money in the Bank, Naomi defends the SmackDown Women’s Title against Lana. Can Lana capture the gold in singles match debut? The Diva Dirt team weighs in.

Abir: Lana is a passable opponent. There’s no way Naomi overcame 5 other women in 6 minutes at Mania, won the title twice, and had that stellar match with Charlotte a few weeks back just to lose it to someone who has yet to have a televised match. Naomi will win and retain.

Alex: If Asuka is the ‘shock’ for the night, then Naomi should retain the title tonight. Even the shock value isn’t enough to warrant a title win or someone who isn’t ready. What an absolute slap to the face to the other five women busting their asses in amazing matches since the ‘Superstar Shake-Up’ if she won. Booking wise, it might make sense… but would still not be a smart decision, so WWE please remember this is 2017 and not 1997 and save the title for our wrestlers please!

Candace: Naomi retains.

Josue: I think the WWE are taking a risk by throwing Lana right into a title match this soon into her singles competition career. I’m going to give Lana the benefit of the doubt. Who knows, she may surprise us all but truthfully I don’t high expectations for this match. Regardless, I see Naomi retaining either way, staying ready for whoever wins the Money in the Bank Ladder match.

Matthew: Naomi over Lana, because two reasons. One being that Naomi is getting a bigger push than most people on the roster (Unless it’s Jinder Mahal) and second being that Lana doesn’t have that much experience.

Stephanie: This is Lana’s chance to prove herself in the ring. Naomi has been shining and stepping up her game as champion so Lana’s first match is in good hands. I expect Naomi to retain in a fine match.

BREAKDOWN: 0 for Lana, 6 for Naomi.

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Who do you agree with? Who is just dead wrong? What are your predictions? Sound off in the comments below!

  • Screammmmmm I really hope and I have faith that Naomi wins tonight but I would scream if Myself and the 6 DD Team Members were all wrong ??

  • Michelle

    They are going to shock viewers and have Lana win. That’s the only reason why I think this match was made in the first place for shock value and to stir controversy! I hope they pull off a good match!

  • Nikki’s Sister

    Listen Lana better not win. I don’t care if she somehow proves herself tonight if she wins I’m gonna whine for days. And if whoever wins MITB cashes on that exact same night I might cry tears of rage.

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    I believe Naomi would retain by way of DQ. What I’m hoping is that Maria and Mike Bennett returns to ruin Lana’s chances and thus starting a feud with her and Rusev. But I’m just pulling for Naomi to retain at all cost.

  • Doug

    I know there’s a lot of commenting on here for and against Naomi, but at the end of the day we are all fans of women’s wrestling. and putting the belt on someone who has only had one televised match over a year ago is not best for the women’s division. It takes away so much credibility from the belt. It’s shock value that gets people talking in the immediate, but in the long run does more harm.

  • Aye Mate

    Lana shouldn’t win the belt here. It’s really that simple. Even if they do so purely as means to instantly transition the belt onto whomever wins the MITB match it’s a deathblow to Naomi’s already struggling credibility as a champion. Naomi should retain and enter a program with someone else while warding off the ubiquitous threat of whomever wins MITB.

  • Naomi for the win, that’s it. I hope they surprise us quality wise though.

  • Danny?

    I really hope Naomi wins tonight, Lana just isn’t ready I mean she hasn’t even had a televised singles match. However if this match is before the MITB then I could possibly see Lana winning as a way to put Naomi in the ladder match, that’s the only way I would be okay with Lana winning.

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  • Matt

    I think that is almost sure, 99%, Naomi will retain her title. There’s no way Lana is going to win the title tonight…my only wish is the both of them will put on a good show, i really hope that Lana will impress us!

  • Robann

    I WANT Naomi to win. Do I think she will? ……Eh. No, quite honestly. I think SDL is gonna pull a fast one and have her lose via dirty rollup. And honestly if that means she’ll participate in the MITB match, I won’t be AS mad.

    Of course (almost) everyone is rooting for Nao because storyline wise it would literally make no sense for her to lose it here. But, we were all the same ones who thought Alexa would retain at EC and look what happened. That’s why I’m not so gung ho on cemeting Naomi for the win.

    Hoping this will be a good match nonetheless. Definitely not expecting a mat classic but it sure will be entertaining. It’s clear they have chemistry together because they’re best friends irl, so I hope it transitions into their match.

    • Jaded

      Naomi is winning ,the betting odds are predicting she will win, they have never been wrong.

      • Shawn Ellis

        Which betting odds u look at

  • Victoria&Melina19

    Hoping Naomi retains. But anything can happen.

  • Don ?

    I’m rooting for both women. I’m open to Naomi retaining or Lana winning, but if Lana wins I would prefer if it were through dirty tactics. Lana is still a rookie at the end of the day. Regardless I feel tonight will be a night of surprises for the WWE Universe.

  • I will be really salty if Naomi loses. She needs more credibility as champion, and so does the championship itself.

  • MK126

    What if Naomi loses and she happend to be the 6th women in the MITB bank?

    • Windyhawaii

      THats what everyone’s saying

      • MK126

        I dont know if I’d be more pissed off or surprised that they would do some shit like that. I mean if she loses her title and goes into the MITB bank she doesnt necessarily need to win the match cause she’ll already have her rematch clause. Although her losing 2 matches in one night wont really help her credibility at all

        • Windyhawaii

          That’s what I was thinking! I don’t think that idea should happen, it not only does that but also takes away the opportunity for the other girls to win, and it would take away their stake in the title picture completely

          • MK126

            Tbh i lowkey dont want Charlotte to win the match only cause she doesnt need a briefcase to earn a title opportunity. She in herself is a title opportunity lol

          • Windyhawaii

            Lmao, I agree with that Charlotte can take a break from historic moments right now. I feel that becky, nattie or Carmella deserve this win the most.

          • Windyhawaii

            Plus with them pushing natalya this much even havin her win at payback to have it lead to nothing would be stupid and just a waste of a loss for Naomi at payback

          • MK126

            Well they gave Mella 2 wins against Naomi and she didnt get a singles opportunity at the title

          • Windyhawaii

            Well then whichever one wins at MITB ig the other can bitch and say she still hasn’t had her opportunity, I thought Carmella already got a chance but I must have spaced

          • MK126

            Nah she got her 2 wins and then backlash happened and then nattie got the win and then Tina pinned Naomi 2 weeks ago

          • Windyhawaii

            This is all a mess then with wins it’s almost like the champion is the rosters jobber

          • MK126

            I wouldnt say Naomi is the rosters jobber only cause TWC is supposed to have the numbers game advantage. Mella pinned Naomi twice by roll up. Nattie got the win against becky at BL and then Mina got the pin for the 6 tag rematch cause of Lana’s interference

          • Windyhawaii

            Well it was more of a joke, I can see that they’re setting everyone up to have a stake in the match I just feel for Naomi since her reign really hasn’t been the best.

            But looking back in all the other title reigns, Alexa’s wasn’t very good either and beckys was a little flaky. So it could just be that smackdown has some trouble booking champions correctly imo.

            I didn’t watch SD last or previous week, so Tamina slipped my mind even tho she’s one of my favs I’m forever shamed. I want her or nattie to win more than the other but becky or mell is fine too, I actually wouldn’t be too upset if char won I just don’t really want it to lol

          • Jaded

            They are giving her a normal booking, it makes her relatable and beatable unlike Alexa’s booking which sincerely doesn’t make any sense.

          • Windyhawaii

            Alexa’s booking on RAW or when she was on smackdown?

          • Windyhawaii

            Backlash lol

  • Windyhawaii

    I want Naomi to win. I don’t really want Lana winning at all, but it’s plausible she could. With the sixth woman still to be revealed I guess (which I had no idea about lol) I heard Maria might be in it, I’d honestly prefer that over Lana winning and Naomi being in the match, because I feel like this match deserves to go to Natalya or someone else other than Naomi so that other women are in the picture

    • Jaded

      Lana winning is down right embarrassing and an insult to all the hard working women that have never had a title run or a second title run

      • Windyhawaii

        Not really, if you put the storyline on the fact that lanas debut match was her first for the title (which they did) then you can push her as a heel who only gets by with her looks (which they’re semi doing) and that would generate plenty of heat and give more of a baby face pop to whatever hardworking woman they pick to beat Lana and take that title

  • Troy Rochester

    If the writers have any sense then Naomi will be winning this .

  • Monkey Tennis

    Lana needs to win. I’ve got no clue if she’s ready to be champion (or even a full-time wrestler!), but to justify this farce of a match then the only outcome that makes any sense is Lana winning. I mean, Naomi literally can’t win here… even if she does. Because if she does win, what kind of achievement is that? What statement does that make for the champion “Hey, I just beat a woman who’s never had a singles match and who’s total (TV) ringtime comes to maybe a minute or so!”


    Lana being given this match has already rendered the outcome of the MiTB match pointess (however good the ladder match itself might be). So it seems the very least creative could do is to try and make this match matter… and have Naomi pay the price for (kayfabe) disrespecting the rest of the division when she gave Lana the match in the first place.

    None of that will happen, of course. But it should.

  • I understand what everyone is saying about Lana not deserving it, but keep in mind they’re pushing her as a heel. What better way to get her heel heat than have her win a championship everybody knows she doesn’t deserve? I’m pretty sure they’re gonna have her win in some type of upset.

    • Monkey Tennis

      Exactly. The fact is that narratively, it makes no sense for her to lose. Smackdown has been promoting Lana’s return for weeks and on her first night back she ‘earned’ (ahem) a title shot. If she loses, that’s all her momentum over before it’s even begun.

      Now if Lana was a babyface going up against a heel champion, getting a quick title match and losing after a hard-fought battle would be fine. It’d be the start of your basic underdog-battling-to-the-top story. But that sort of story doesn’t work for a heel.

      If Lana loses, that’s pretty much it. Where else is there to go with her? Particularly given the way she was treated (by all the roster) when she suggested being entered into the MiTB match. A loss basically proves all those reactions right…

    • wwepassion

      Thing is people cheer her and most likely will have fans on her side more than Naomi tonight. Heels are always fan favs so it wouldn’t really get her heat unless she was facing a star face.

  • conan_kun

    What if Lana wins the title before Emma even achieve that in WWE.

    • Don ?

      That’s the WWE for you. ?

  • Lushluke

    Urgh devastated that Lana is gonna win

  • wwepassion

    Naomi will probably win but I wouldn’t be sad if she lost, she is very boring and forgettable. The champ should be on someone who has star power or potential star power like Lana. She is more over than Naomi already probably always has been.

  • Doug

    I think Naomi’s gonna win, but i think there’s also gonna be a MITB cash in. Jinder’s definitely not losing and I can’t see the Uso’s losing either. Not that the WWE HAS to have at least one title change at every PPV, but that seems to be their trend.

  • Darren C. #Anti-Marks ?


  • Doug

    fuck, women;s MITB is first match of the night. Naomi is definitely getting cashed in on

  • Joel

    I really do hope they add a 6th participant in the Ladder match ! Preferably Paige , This would be a good time for her to make a return , win , and cash it in after Lana Vs Naomi .

  • I wiil truly be shock if Lana wins cause no one thinks she can or will