Each week, The Backpage will wrap up some of the smaller news stories, rumors, editorials and gossip making the rounds in women’s wrestling. Got a tip for next week? Send it in.

* Allie announces the launch of a new YouTube series titled ‘Kicking it up a Notch’, which will focus on professional wrestlers as athletes, what they do to take it to the next level and be the best performers they can be. (YouTube)

* There is a belief there will be a surprise sixth wrestler added to the women’s Money in the Bank match, possibly Maria Kanellis. (Cageside Seats)

* Taya shares her story of being rear ended by a drunk driver but thankfully was only “shaken up” by the incident. (Twitter)

* Asuka has surpassed CM Punk‘s record of 434 days as champion. (Sportskeeda)

* Renee Young reveals she will mostly likely never wrestle as she never aspired to be a wrestler, just a TV host. (Twitter)

* There are some whispers Triple H is frustrated with Vince McMahon over how some NXT talents are being handled on the main roster, as he is said to feel their hard work is being squandered. (Cageside Seats)

* Charlotte Flair speaks with Muscle & Fitness to discuss staying in shape while on the road and writing a book with her father Ric Flair. (Muscle & Fitness)

* Stephanie McMahon will be receiving the Stuart Scott ENSPIRE Award at the Sports Humanitarian of the Year Awards, presented by ESPN on Tuesday, July 11. She is receiving this through WWE’s partnership with organizations like Make-A-Wish, Special Olympics, and others (Wrestling INC)

* There is new speculation that Ronda Rousey may be bound for the WWE again after she followed several WWE Superstar accounts on Twitter. (What Culture)

* Natalya honors her father Jim Neidhart in her latest Calgary Sun blog. (Calgary Sun)

  • Nathan Bootleg Kardashian

    Bruh take this with a grain of salt but Summer just tweeted “I’m feeling blue today…”!!!! Please don’t tease us, queen.

    • hitesh khanna

      if u see her instagram story it shows shes in california?

    • KissMyLights #QueenPeyton

      Queen of buildups

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    Of course he should be frustrated and he’s not the only one! Bayley is possible the prime example of that. TERRIBLE use. A peformer who was once seen as future of this company and possibly a female Cena, has been buried and completely misused. She was made to look like a “stupid idiot” in Jericho’s words and nothing more than some childish and weak little fan girl who has no business being there.

    • trishlita721

      Every woman from nxt seem to be shadows off their former selves.

      • Wrestling.fan.from.France

        Not Charlotte. Neither Alexa.

        • trishlita721

          Charlotte had a real rocky start and their just starting to ruin Alexa

    • MK126

      Not even Bayley its most NXT call ups. Like where the hell did Tye Dillinger go?

      • Wrestling.fan.from.France

        I was never a fan of him to be honest but he was very over to say the least yet… Well…

    • Jo9834

      I feel so bad for Bayley, because none of it is her fault, she hasn’t had a five star match since debuting, her championship run was propped up by Sasha’s interference and then Alexa completely decimated her in defeat. Bayley needs to either turn heel or repackage herself, its just not working and the crowd is over it too it seems.

  • trishlita721

    Not a popular opinion but if maria won money in the bank this would be the best thing ever!!! We really need a top heel someone who only uses dirty tactics and has a Stephanie authority type role. Imagine the boos!!!!

  • Aye Mate

    Maria Kannelis… in a Money in the Bank match… seriously?

    • trishlita721

      Yessss she’s the first lady of professional wrestling

    • Jo9834

      I said exactly the same thing, Maria, Tamina and Carmella in a ladder match together is what scares me more.

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      • Robin Zabriskie

        i bet tamina was a surprise for you tonight….she was the leader

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  • Jo9834

    Maria has no business at all being in a ladder match. If this match bombs then it will probably be the last stipulation we see in a womans match for a while.

    Vince has truly destroyed the WWE from the inside out. I do not blame Triple H if he is frustrated. Point in case…Sasha Banks. Here is a woman who was so over last year, crowds were chanting her name in her absence. Her feud with Charlotte was great, but that was really only because of the matches they were having, nothing to do with the storyline or booking. I understand its not a ‘race’ and the girls have literally just started their careers, but I don’t ever recall Stone Cold or the Rock being relegated to side feuds and mid card storylines randomly and with no sense.

    In terms of the women, what we need to see is right after this tournament, a whole flood of women (ten or so) to invade the main roster. Five on each brand to really re-energize the offering. Dana, Bayley , Nia and Emma need to go back down to NXT to find themselves again and boost up that division in the absence of Asuka.

  • KissMyLights #QueenPeyton

    Maria should not be in the match, PERIOD. Completely undeserving! 12 years in the business and is still at the level of a Diva Search rookie.

  • Glad Maria didn’t participate on the match. Renee is such a sweetheart and at least real with her goals, is doing an excellent job in WWE. Want to see Ronda in WWE.