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History was defined at Money In The Bank as the very first female holder of the title was crowned. We also saw a solo in-ring debut from one Ravishing Russian… so let’s see how well they both went down.

The first match of the night is the very first Women’s Money In The Bank! The ladies all make their way to the ring – with Carmella having a slightly remixed beginning to her theme – to start the contest.

Once the ladies are in the ring, the match begins.

Each woman is given their spotlight moment; Charlotte Flair has a Twisted Bliss-esque attack from the top rope, whilst Tamina inserts an impressive Samoan Drop as well as hitting the others with a ladder. Becky Lynch and Natalya find themselves victim of being smashed into the sharp object too. Carmella also manages to implement a Stratusphere onto Becky.

Towards the end of the match we see Lynch climbing the ladder whilst her opponents are all knocked out. Unfortunately for the Lass Kicker, James Ellsworth is on the opposite side. He decides to then tip the ladder over, knocking Lynch out.

After failing to pick up his laid out friend that’s a girl, Ellsworth decides to climb the ladder himself, with the support of the crowd. He then picks up the briefcase and drops it into Carmella’s arms.

The bell then rings, but the referees get into a big discussion about whether Carmella really did win. However, James then takes ahold of the microphone and announces her victory, so the two then escape to the back to celebrate.

After the match, Becky Lynch discussed her frustration with the result. She insisted that no matter what she does, and no matter how hard she works, somebody else will always cheat her out. Whether it’s someone in a mask or in a furry sweater, they will always outdo her.

A few of the ladies of WWE also vented their frustration on the event:

Whilst General Manager Daniel Bryan and Commissioner Shane McMahon also chimed in:

The next match for the women is the title match between Naomi and Lana! On the pre-show, Booker T suggested that Naomi has been overestimating her opponent. However when the champ was interviewed, she made it clear that she isn’t afraid of Lana and is a fighting champion.

The contest is a pretty quick one. Naomi has some flashy moves and Lana inserts a lot of screaming. Lana gets some offense in, but Naomi proves to be tougher than expected after kicking out of her Spinebuster finisher. At one point however, after Lana is venting her frustrations to the referee, Miss Money In The Bank Carmella skips to the ring with James and referee Dan Engler by her side. She is about to cash in the briefcase, however decides to just watch the match instead.

Lana then prepares Naomi for a second Spinebuster, but is then quickly put into a submission – the same one that forced Alexa Bliss to tap out at Wrestlemania 33 – and gives up.

Carmella then teases another cash-in, but then decides not to, despite Naomi being all for it.

Naomi is then interviewed backstage and insists that she wasn’t surprised by Lana’s huge attempts. She states that when one is in a title match, anything can happen, so the champion must come prepared for the worst. On the topic of the new Miss Money In The Bank, Naomi insists that she has had a target on her back ever since she gained the title. From Charlotte to the Welcoming Committee, she has always been prepared. She also states that whether it is Ellsworth or Carmella, she’s ready to defend the title.

On Talking Smack, the topic of a cash-in is brought up, but the champ believes that she would still be the champ regardless. She insists that every woman should’ve had someone helping to make things fair, but Booker T insists that as it was No DQ, it was already fair enough.

The final women related action tonight features none other than the return of the First Lady… Maria Kanellis! Maria, coming out to a very loved-up entrance with her husband Mike Kanellis, announces her return and demands the respect of the WWE Universe. Things are looking up for her, and I can’t wait to see it fold out.

Thoughts: This night was very controversial. From people feeling offended by the events to those seeing it as nothing more than “heel heat”, it was definitely an interesting show.

Firstly, the title match. I went in expecting a botch fest and received a reminder of the five minute 2011 era matches. Not the two minute ones, the five minute ones that felt like fifteen minutes because they were so rare.

The match wasn’t bad, but in the current era of women’s wrestling, it was far from good. Had this been 2011, I would’ve seen it as a stellar contest. But it’s not. Naomi carried the bout to the best of her ability and made sure it wasn’t entirely forgetful – though I’m not sure that was even a possible task to begin with.

Lana did a decent job. She doesn’t have much of a move set, nor does she have an interesting personality, but she did okay. There weren’t any noticeable errors, but for a pay-per-view title match, you should expect more. However we all know how Lana works, so if you expected anything more than what we received, you might have played yourself there.

I’m happy that Naomi was able to perform tonight, but I’m happier that she no longer has to face Lana. The champ is one of the best the company has, so she deserves a higher profile match. But this was her first pay-per-view title defense, which tends to always be a throw away match anyway. So it is what it is.

Now onto the elephant in the room: the Money In The Bank Ladder match!

The result was – for lack of a better term – ridiculous. The purpose was to generate some form of heat to Carmellsworth, but this match was more than what it got – or at least it should have been.

It’s understandable that this is a storytelling show. We need to see stories and we need to see characters. And to be fair, the idea of Ellsworth taking down the briefcase was a good idea – had it been the third match. Or the fourth match. Or even the second. But this was the first. The very first.

When people are going to look back at the very first time women broke the glass ceiling and managed to get a Money In The Bank Ladder match, the image of a man taking the briefcase down and becoming the spotlight is what they’ll see. Carmella was sat on the ground whilst Ellsworth was high up, taking down the briefcase. That is far from “iconic”. It’s more embarrassing than it is iconic.

And the excuse of “but when a woman does it” does not apply here.

When Maryse helped a man take down the briefcase in 2010, it wasn’t after years of men being told “no” and being subjected to two minute matches with no stipulations. It wasn’t after years of being brought down based on gender in a company run by women. It wasn’t after years of trying to be seen as tough competitors, only for the ending to be reduced to a joke. That was never the case for men. They have always been at the forefront of the WWE, sports entertainment, sports, and the entertainment world in general. This was a match that was supposed to inspire little girls that want to be the next Becky Lynch. It was supposed to touch the hearts of the next Charlotte Flair. But instead, it told those girls that a joke was more important than a woman being the spotlight here. It was one moment, one small but striking moment of a woman taking down the briefcase, that was all that was needed, but we didn’t get it.

It makes sense that Carmella is a heel and has been teaming with Ellsworth for this to happen. Of course it does. But this exact scenario was not what was needed. He could have pushed Becky off and allowed Carmella to do it. Let the woman be in the spotlight. Let the woman get all of the hatred for it. It’s a woman’s match! But a man took the spotlight and will go down in history as the first person to take down the women’s briefcase. It was supposed to be about women making history, not women making his-story.

But, heel heat!

The match itself wasn’t bad, but could’ve been better. Tamina was definitely the star of it, with her constant appearance – despite that one moment. But thirteen minutes was way too short… And with the men getting more than twice that amount of time, added to the fact that a random tag team match took place, it’s pretty ridiculous.

Hopefully we shall see some form of redemption on Tuesday, but the thought of Carmella losing the briefcase is what is frustrating to me. She’s the perfect holder of it; she has the sass, she has the persona, she has the general aura of a Money In The Bank winner. So let’s pray that WWE do not take it away from this hardworking, talented woman. She deserves this briefcase and has the ability to elevate it to where it needs to be. Just let the scenario be about her. Let the story be about the women.

Are you happy with the result? What do you think will happen on Tuesday? Who do you think should challenge Naomi? And when will Carmella cash in? Let us know your views in the comments below!

  • Nathan

    I have really mixed feelings on the women’s mitb match. I personally think when James was arguing with the ref, Becky should have got up in his face, he turns around to try and get away only to be stopped by Tamina, Nattie& Charlotte. They should have given him the beating of a life time, with some good ladder spots, ending with a super fly splash from the top of the ladder while the others hold him down and then just bury him in ladders. The 4 stand tall in the ring pissed off staring down Carmella who’s up on the ramp. And then maybe when Carmella was going down to cash in she gets ambushed by all of the girls.
    Atleast that would have felt somewhat rewarding.

    I’m glad naomi retained but I personally hope she’s not the champ when Carmela cashes in. I’d rather see Becky or Charlotte vs Carmella than naomi vs Carmella.

    Also on a little side note, I loved the mitb hype video package. It was the best WWE has produced in a while and in a rare occurrence I’d say it was better than the diva dirt one.

  • Mark
    • Head

      You’re no ordinary Mark! You are Mark Carrano! You’re working for WWE! Jk! ???

  • This is fucking unacceptable, and a disgrace. Even if you’re one of those “SmackDown does no wrong” fans, you can’t make any excuses for this. This was the first ever womens MITB match, whoever won this would be cemented in history the same way Edge was in 2005. But like Abir said, whenever we’ll look back at this, the image we’ll see is a man climbing on top of the ladder and grabbing the briefcase. Hell, why couldn’t Ellsworth pick Carmella up and place her on the ladder and help her climb up and grab the case? Would still be a controversial finish, but at least it wouldn’t be as bad.

    And not only did Ellsworth grabbing the case disgrace the womens division, it also disgraced the entire concept of MITB. It practically said to us that a wrestler could have one-as many outside friends come inside, climb the ladder and toss it down to the friend to win. The first ever match of this kind for women officially went down the history as an embarrassment.

    • Mark

      It’s the only way Carmella could have won as she has been booked so weak. Plus, who cares? This is perfect booking to transition into a really hot storyline. What did you guys want? Someone to win clean and then cut some stupid promo again? “I WON AT MONEY IN THE BANK, AND I WILL CASH IT IN ANYTIME I PLEASE” or God knows what? Now Carmella could get some REAL heat. She could come out on SD and cut a promo and be booed out of the building. “I don’t care what any one of you disgusting freaks think! The Money In The Bank match was A NO DISQUALIFICATION and me and Ellsworth did what we had to do to ensure that the right winner was crowned… ME! People can boo and people can hate me all they want, but I did whatever it took to get to at Money In The Bank! THAT’S RIGHT. And now, I’m only one step away from becoming the NEW Smackdown Live Women’s Champion. So how YOU doin’?!” OMG YAAAS. I CAN IMAGINE THE BOOING AND HATE ALREADY.

      They may even make her defend the Money In The Bank briefcase against Becky Lynch due to the controversy. Then Ellsworth can distract the ref and Carmella could smash her in the face with the briefcase and pin her!


      • You’re a male. Shut the fuck up.

        • Mark

          Wah, wah, wah. BYE SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR. Your stupidity is holding you back from seeing the potential of an incredible controversial storyline.

          • Izzy4lw

            I’m all for controversy, and I’m all for something to generate heat on a heel team, but this could have been done without Ellsworth being the one to grab the briefcase. Traditionally, the person who physically grabs the briefcase is the winner, and so it should have been Carmella. They could have garnered the same amount of heat had he tossed becky off and all but dragged Carmella up the damn latter just short of unclasping the briefcase. This was the first ever Women’s MITB match: there will never ever be another ‘first ever women’s MITB match” and this one was won by a male.

            For the first one ever, it should have been won by a woman, even if a man had to help I could have accepted that. Surely you must see that? Sometimes controversy does not make up for disgracing a division – anyone remember Santina Marella winning the ‘miss wrestlemania’ battle royal?

        • George

          Sexist bitch.

          • MinervaCoretex

            GTFO chump.

          • George

            Another degenerate.

          • MinervaCoretex

            And youre a poony little yes-man. Begone.

          • George

            It’s really something wrong with you. You can’t even make sense, sucks for you take care

        • Kvngbalor

          Speak your opinion im a male and i agree

          • Well you ain’t bitchmade like the white chumps on here.

          • Kvngbalor


      • shumiley

        He could’ve pushed her off the ladder and left it at that. Carmella should’ve been the star by taking it down herself but instead the focus was on him.

      • Seraphina Rosenhart

        You’re right that this could make her a top heel, but there’s one problem: She’s terrible in the ring, so she can’t back it up. She’s gonna be Alexa 2.0, but even worse because her moves are even less impactful and unique.

        • Jaded

          She has more moves than Alexa though

          • Seraphina Rosenhart

            I would disagree. Alexa main moves are: Twisted Bliss, Insult to Injury, Sunsetflip PowerBomb, Blissful stomps, Chokehold STO, Double knees to an opponent draped over the middle rope, and her DDT.

            Carmella’s main moves are: the Code of Silence, bronco buster, superkick, rope aided hurricanrana, thesz press followed by punches, turnbuckle handstand frankensteiner, suicide dive.

            They both have 7 main moves, but Alexa’s are more unique and impactful. Her moves look rude and she seems to have no care for her opponents whatsoever, which is great for a heel.

            Carmella has a few hard hitting moves, like her superkick, but I’ve always found her bronco buster, rope aided hurricanrana and thesz press followed by the strikes, to look sorta weak. I have a hard time taking her seriously as a competitor and her gimmick, as well as her alliance with Ellsworth, doesn’t help her to be taken seriously.

          • Jaded

            Lol stop the lie ,Carmella has non aided rope hurricana , she has multiple head scissors take down ,she has the cross body and she adds New things every other match

          • Seraphina Rosenhart

            Maybe she is growing. At least, I hope so. She has potential, but not that long ago, we were all saying the same things for Alexa. Right now, both of them are green in terms of in-ring capabilities. Alexa regressed in the ring, becoming worse in-ring than she ever was on NXT. Now I want to see if Carmella will grow or not. Because if she doesn’t, then all of this will be wasted, but if she does indeed grow, then I’ll be happy.

          • Larissa

            When was the last time you saw Carmella do a headscissors without the ropes? Reciepts.

          • Larissa

            The last new thing she added to her moveset was the stratosphere and its her biggest spot every match.

    • Kvngbalor

      I agree i don’t get how ppl do not see the oroblem here he could of easily cheated while still allowing Carmella to climb the ladder herself

    • MinervaCoretex

      Was this finish shitty and disrespectful?
      YES. Nobody can defend it w/o mentioning that it furthers the storyline. Thats not the problem either.
      Had it been an established man to unclip the case, I still could have swallowed it.
      Buuuuut it was a freakin’ comedy jobber, just like Santina and Hervina before him. Thats the fuckin’ point.

    • MinervaCoretex

      But Carmella DID just cut the promo of her career.

  • BriesBreakfast

    Justice for Tamina she should’ve got a shout out from DD for her iconic performance in this match. She’s been robbed twice in the last 24 hours.

    • YonceLuvsDivas

      The Smackdown writer is very biased. Idk why he is still around but ok.

      • Kvngbalor

        This tea is delicious

    • shumiley

      She’s praised as the best in the match.

    • Jaded

      There was nothing iconic about her performance, she was better than usual but nothing ground breaking

  • QueenSableBomb

    I’m just not feeling James taking down the briefcase, I feel it’s cheap and I don’t think heel heat is a good excuse. It’s a shame that we’re gonna remember THAT. I’m glad Carmella’s doing something though
    Her tweet comparing her win to HBK after his championship win got me WEAK. IWC tearing her up ?

    • Mark

      She needs to troll her way into becoming the next big heel. I hope she’s more of a troll than your typical heel. She needs to make huge comments like she’s better than Trish Stratus and if Lita were around, she’d be wiping her boots! YAS CARMELLA.

      • QueenSableBomb

        Omg that’d be SO fresh. Yaas Mella betta come for the golden girls

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    Everything at MITB was good except Ellsworth real ugly a$$ taking that briefcase. If there is a way to erase that moment the ppv would’ve been fine.

  • conan_kun

    Perhaps they do MITB ladder rematch on certain SD episode, end with Becky and Carmella grab the briefcase at the same time, then one on one match between them to decide real owner of the briefcase later on Battleground. What if Becky doing the way Dean Ambrose’s stealing MITB briefcase against Carmella during her feud against Carmellsworth.

  • Bryskers

    All I know is that Carmella better come out to a CHORUS of boos next time, otherwise this shit ending would have been for nothing.

    • Monkey Tennis

      Frankly, Shane and Daniel should come out to boos. Even in kayfabe terms they let the daft result stand on the night whilst all the refs were like “Umm.. whut?”

      Their post-show ‘angry’ tweets just made them seem all the more ineffective.

  • Sean Hill

    She does not deserve to hold the briefcase. End of discussion….

    • Mark

      What would you have preferred? I love Charlotte but fuck she needs a break from the spotlight. She’s overexposed. I love Nattie but she can’t cut a promo to save her life. Becky Lynch is more of a #1 contender than an actual champ. If SD is the land of opportunities than it’s Carmella’s turn to show what she’s got!

      • Sean Hill

        I don’t disagree with a single point you made, especially Nattie, I completely agree. I also agree with Carmella being the one, my point is she didn’t earn it by not climbing the ladder. Having a MAN retrieve the breifcase in the first ever WOMEN’S MITB is a disgrace and an insult to every women past, present, or future. It is toxic booking for women’s wrestling.

  • Monkey Meat

    Extremely underwhelming match. Charlotte wasn’t as good as she usually is under pressure, and Nattie is the slowest ladder climber in the history of ladder matches. Hell, Ellsworth climbed faster than all the women in the match. Other than the Powerbomb, no good moments in the match either. The clunky flip from Charlotte was close but not quite as good as we’ve seen her deliver big moves previously. Men outdid the women easily.

    • Mark

      I thought it was OK. It was fast-paced and not boring.

      • Monkey Meat

        Then again you want likes of Summer Rae as champion. I don’t value your opinion as far as matches go.

        • Mark

          Coming from the one who thinks Naomi is better on the mic than Summer Rae. Sweetheart, I’m looking for triple threat packages… Not half-assedness. Summer was great in NXT and had awesome matches with Sasha on Main Event and Superstars. Plus her mic skills and ability to draw heat has massive potential. I was born business and marketing minded. So you go stan for spot monkeys while I stan for triple threat packages.

          • Super Mateo

            If I were making the decisions for marketing, I’d be looking for that type of person that can put on great matches, gets good crowd reactions, has good promo skills, has a marketable look, and has that “it factor.” Some may have 3 or 4 of those skills, but only one woman comes to mind that has ALL five of those. That woman is Sasha Banks.

    • Head

      Ellsworth didnt do a thing on that match except on getting the briefcase for Carmella. And those women beat each other up, so? Tell me how can they pick up their phase if their tired from the match? The men always given time anyways and always perfrom at their best!

    • Bryskers

      Men also had the double of time :/

      Not that I expected the women to outdid the men (not with AJ, Sami, Kevin and Nakamura in the match), but 13 minutes was too short for a match of this caliber.

    • Crazy. #RIPMae

      SCREAMING. I said Nattie was climbing so slow too when watching. I was like girllll do you expect to win climbing that slow?

      • Raekon

        Well it was obvious why she did but I found hilarious how she kept licking her lips everytime she got a glimpse of the briefcase. :p

    • Raekon

      It was obvious why Nattie climbed that slow though, just check how she kept looking at the briefcase licking her lips on the way up. :p

  • Sooo many people complained how Carmella doesn’t get reaction and how her pairing with Ellsworth is going nowhere and look, they just killed two birds with one stone. And they’re going to continue the storyline tomorrow, it’s heavily promoted.

  • Not much to say about the title match other than Naomi is becoming the longest reigning SD Women’s champion in less than 7 days

    • KellyKellyisbeast

      Girl I thought I was the only one counting too?????

    • Danny?

      Her hair was real cute too and she said that she messed it up, what a legend!

    • Allyn

      Ok!!!! I really hope they integrate this into a promo she needs to let everyone know!

    • HOLLA

      Oh my goodness your right!! It doesn’t even feel like its been that long. Holy shit

    • Jaded

      She deserves it. Have you been to WWE SmackDown live event, she gets the second biggest pop asides styles

      • 18x Talking Divas Champion

        KWEEN shvt

      • Rocky1990

        Her popped seemed really loud to me on Sunday too! Though being in he arena is different than watching on TV… I was also very impressed with her entrance live. I had been dying to see it!

    • 18x Talking Divas Champion

      Omg my beautiful Queen has a RESUME:

      -2x Women’s Champion
      -First African American Smackdown Women’s Champion
      -First African American woman in WWE history to win a title at Wrestlemania
      -Longest reigning Smackdown Women’s Champion

      Hall of Fame spot CONFIRMED omg

      • GOD STRATUS•

        Congrats to the Naomob

    • ssilva872

      While I am happy for her that isn’t saying much since the first four reigns have been really short and not memorable at all.

      Her current one isn’t memorable either so I hope they allow her to defend it more and develop the reign into one people look back on as being good.

  • Mark

  • Also, the star of the match to me. I hope she proved herself to everyone else as well. She did it all in this match.

    • Danny?

      Without a doubt the MVP!!

    • A?.

      I hope they keep building her up as a powerhouse, I want her in a match against Nia in the future.

    • Crazy. #RIPMae

      QUEEN. Tamina vs Naomi feuds NEEDS to happen. I want to see them go at it for a while because their history is already there and with The Usos currently as champs, it’ll be even more interesting to see.

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    • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

      Tamina was the star of the match, she was willing to risk everything. I hope SD uses her in more stipulation matches. I see on her a dominant champion now.

    • TabbyK

      I’m gonna need her in more stipulation matches from now on.

    • nia

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    • Shawn Ellis

      She did awesome

  • Danny?

    I thought the MITB match was really enjoyable, it was missing some big spots though so I think that’s why a lot of people aren’t feeling it, apart from the obvious Ellsworth fiasco. It’s too early to tell whether Carmella is gonna actually get major heel heat from this so whether it’s actually worked or not will be seen. I still think had Ellsworth thrown Becky from the ladder and then pick up Carmella and put her on the ladder to let her unhook the briefcase herself then I would’ve been fine with it.

    Title match was enjoyable as well. Naomi did a great job of selling Lana’s offense, particularly the suplex to the ropes and the counter into the Slay-O-Mission was fantastic. Lana done alright for her first singles match on TV, if you were expecting a classic then you need to have your head checked.

    • George

      Why so many people talking about the “big spots” i wouldn’t risk to get them injured with such a small roster.
      Also i agree with you, the match was good.

      • Seraphina Rosenhart

        But spots are always required in a match of this caliber. Look at Sasha vs Charlotte at Hell in a Cell, for example. That match was soooo amazing, simply because it was filled with big spots. Now, these women don’t need to go that far, but a couple of big spots would have been nice.

        • Raekon

          Tamina got several ladder shots, she got send into the steel steps from which she even rolled down under another ladder.
          She received Charlottes jump, pushed the ladder sending Charlotte and Carmella flying and even got send face first into a ladder by Charlotte and got another ladder dropped over her by becky.
          Nattie Scoop slammed Becky on a ladder, she got send face first on a ladder by tamina and got also a ladder shot by becky.
          A few more smaller spots were there too so I wouldn’t say there wasn’t any big spots at all. :)
          Unless you wanted them all go high flying around the ring or something. :p

          • Seraphina Rosenhart

            Lolz, good points. I guess I didn’t feel like they had big spots, but now that you’ve brought this up and I reflect on it, you’re right.

          • Jaded

            There were plenty of Big spots. They did their thing

      • Danny?

        MITB matches are meant to be spotfests for them to be really good, it’s just the way it is, I still enjoyed the match but I think that’s the reason a lot of proper didn’t think much of it.

    • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

      I completely agree with everything.
      The problem with the MITB match aside from the finish was that it mostly could’ve been a regular 5-way match the way it was booked. It need a little more time and a few memorable ladder spots to give it that special OOMPF! Factor.

      I also think Lana did well in that match. I would’ve loved to have seen more offense by Naomi since it’s her first PPV title defense but the match sold Lana as an actual competitor.
      I didn’t really liked that Naomi kicked out of Lana’s finisher just like that though. They should’ve played it as Lana making a rookie mistake pinning Naomi too close to the ropes.

  • GEO
  • I’ve to admitt even the fucking bad result showed by Ellsworth grabbing the briefcase, the match was good and entertaining to be the first one in history. Carmella was the perfect winner because of how a Mr. MITB should look like. I was expecting Nattie to win but during the match the MVP definitely was Tamina Snuka, never seen this side of her and I loved it.
    Lana Vs Naomi, was so slow, thank’s that any of those two are well-paced in the ring. Lana is a rookie but has a great character, wasn’t that bad for a first time. The other problem was that Naomi is too fast on her moves. At least Lana didn’t win, she is too green and needs more experience in the ring.

  • Rosanna

    Everyone’s complaining I absolutely loved the ending it was so controversial and surprised. It had me at the edge of my seat every time. Regardless if he won for her or not the match was amazing. I understand everyone frustrations the first ever women’s money in the bank match and a man won for it her. But that’s what makes it great because he robbed the women for Carmella a typical heel move. But understandable some of y’all are taking it to far. We’re finally getting matches like this and y’all are complaining. Is it because she he won the match for her or do y’all dislike Carmella?

    Lana impressed me In this match. She has very good ring awareness she really impressed me in this match. I can’t wait to see more of her! As for the surprise entrant you guys shouldn’t be so naive and gullible. WWE knew what they was doing to keep us invested remember those wrestlemania rumors? It was never going to happen.

    • A?.

      This, thank you!

      • Rosanna

        We’re not going to get matches like this if people keep complaining on how wwe works.

        • They gotta learn to separate thinking like a fan & thinking of how the business works

          • Rosanna

            Exactly! It was hilarious how everyone freaked out. I’m just like relax, it’s entertainment purpose only. We did exactly what they wanted us too which was complain.

          • Eggzactly. I understand what some people mean about wanting a woman to make “history” but they did, they had their match & put on a great show but in the end it’s still a controversial driven business.

    • Exotic

      I agree!! Fans are so ungrateful and gullible these days.

      and is that Cindy Kimberly in your avi? Shes gorgeous.

      • Rosanna

        Right. Like I said before we’re not going to get match type like these if we keep complaining about everything. I know all the other women were in kayfabe but the fans were serious. I just hope we get a women’s TLC, Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber. But we can’t be so impatient and unappreciative of everything.

        And yes, I absolutely love Cindy Kimberly. Huge inspiration.

  • Winter

    Without disrespecting Naomi, what do fans see on her? I don’t like her moves, they are very mechanical and with many botches. Just my opininion.

    • lookwarm

      She is one of the most athletic and fast wrestlers in the company. She also waited patiently for years to get a title push. And she’s a rootable genuine babyface.

      • Winter

        Yeah she’s been in the company for a long time and I’m not mad with her being the champion for a time, but in my opinion she’s not that good in the ring and very mediocre in promos.

        • Cameron’s Beatdown

          I love Naomi, it I can agree sometimes her promos fall flat, and Booker T really dragged her on the pre show. But I think she’s just a different type of wrestler, she does a lot of flashy spotty moves as opposed to being more techinical based. Which is think has it’s place in the division just like anyone else

        • Jaded

          She is one of the best in the ring currently, a lot better than Alexa who I see you have no complaints seeing as champion

    • this is not 2013

    • George

      She improved her selling a little bit from 2013.
      That’s all shes still overrated

    • Crazy. #RIPMae

      When going against the right opponent (a person who actually knows how to take her moves), she’s great in the ring. Whenever she does her moves, you can feel the energy and the drive she has. Especially during her comebacks. Her comebacks when she first returned to SD Live had me popping for her. And her mic skills as a babyface aren’t that good but as a heel, she was one of the best on the mic.

      • Allyn


  • lookwarm

    The MITB match was fairly good. It wasn’t a 10/10. I felt like it lacked more spots and daring moves. Nattie should have shined more than she did. I agree, though, that Tamina really stood out. The win was really ugly, I must say. But I am not taking it too seriously. It was what we needed: a controversial, explosive, heel win. Although I don’t agree with HOW Carmella won the match, I certainly think she is the rightful Ms. Money in The Bank.

    Naomi vs. Lana was better than I expected. Lana was not bad. I just hope Naomi will go against a more credible, tougher challenger such as Becky and Charlotte before we see her losing it to Carmella.

  • conan_kun
  • DivaLicious?

    Perfectly written??

    When we think back at this woman’s MITB match. That’s the image we are gonna remember James Ellsworth standing on top of the ladder with the briefcase??


  • Kvngbalor

    I didn’t have high hopes seems like whenever WWE goes with these first ever type women matches they’re booked wrong and leave you expecting more cause of the hype glad Carmella won despite how also Tamina did really good in this match

  • Kvngbalor

    Maria return deserved a mention that them song is so catchy

  • Monkey Meat
  • Rodney Holston

    I just hope this doesn’t backfire and turn into the E and Ellsworth getting all the heat and not Carmella. I actually like her and wanted her to win so hopefully it works out in her favor.

  • Jamal

    I feel like we stepped back into 2012 ?

    • Monkey Tennis

      After last night’s RAW, it’s more like 1992.

  • aldo

    I LOVED the match except for the ending. The first thing that came into my mind was Santina in that battle royal. The writer is right: the first ever women’s MITB Ladder Match and a man takes the briefcase. I understand the heel heat, but I thought Carmella was going to climb the ladder after Ellsworth got rid off Becky.

    Title match, I don’t know about Lana, it was like watching a Mickie James vs Rosa Mendes match. Maybe I’m overreacting tho.

    And I can’t wait for Maria to take over the women’s division. I love to hate her. I never liked her as face but as heel (and manager) she does and amazing job!!

  • George

    Genius ending. The match was better than i expected can’t wait for SDlive. Finally Carmella gets the push she deserves.

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    We’re going to get a rematch on SD Live and most likely it’ll Main Event. Ellsworth should be banned and Carmella should still win. Have Charlotte take out herself, Tamina, Nattie and Becky with her moonsault while Carmella climbs her way to the briefcase again.

    • Exotic

      ugh I don’t want it to be a rematch and have Carmella lose. They should just jump Carmella and all ask for a title match which Shane grants.

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    Also, Lana vs Naomi was good for what it was. I wasn’t expecting a classical match or for Lana to come out of here looking like Heel Sasha Banks in the ring but it was an interesting match to say the least. Lana obviously still needs work but she did good for her first televised match.

    • Allyn

      I was really happy with Lana I felt the same way!

  • Allyn

    I think I’m the only one who enjoyed the title match ? Idk I really like Lana and want to see what happens with her next, she shouldn’t be in the title picture but I would love to see more of her after this match. As far as the other match….it is what it is, it’s become very obvious that this is the reaction that wwe wanted from us so let’s all hope this booking pays off.

    • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

      I actually really liked the title match. Honestly it could’ve gone 2-3 minutes longer with how well Naomi and Lana were working together.
      I missed Lana’s kicks and a little more offense by Naomi but the match put over Lana as an actual competitor.


    – Opening MITB with a women’s ladder match was truly a great moment. I also loved how throughout the night the commentators were continuously talking about the match, what happened, etc.
    – Tamina is a star. She was the MVP of the match, and she shined. At 39 y.o. she’s still kicking it with the best of them. She also looked stunning.
    – Carmella really does have endless potential. She works hard, she’s willing to take big bumps, and she is always improving/adding to her repertoire
    – The ending: I WISH James would have tipped Becky off, and lifted or boosted Carmella up, but in the end she should have been the one to unhook the briefcase. Point blank period. The heat they got is great, but James lifting Carmella and tipping Becky would have been just as effective.
    – Like the rest of us, I wasn’t expecting a five-star classic from Lana and Naomi, but I thought Lana did really well. She hung in there and really tried. She has potential. Her attire was awesome, I liked the finisher, and Lana can easily get (move) over with the crowd.
    – For some reason, I get heelish vibes from Naomi and baby face vibes from Lana. I can see Naomi becoming an arrogant champion, and Lana becoming the ultimate underdog– I like it.
    – Lastly, I am SOOOO stoked that Maria is back. I cant wait to see more.

  • Aye Mate

    If you’re intent on a controversial finish to get the heat on a struggling performer who needs momentum, at least commit to it all the way. After the head scratching finish which pretty much undermined the contest, Carmella still could have proceeded so much further – had she resisted to cash in the case and instead interfere in the title match, handing Lana the shock victory, the psychology would have been there to line up easy pickings for her own gain. (While also giving Naomi impetus for much needed character work.) It isn’t completely unsalvageable though; on Tuesday Carmella should be read the riot act, be a complete unapologetic bitch, and have the odds stacked against her in defense of her historic win. There is something to build on here, though it remains questionable whether Carmella and Ellsworth can somewhat step up their formulaic character dynamics.

    As for the matches… the MITB was mostly fun if lacking in creative ladder spots. Tamina got bashed around something stupid; the tug of war between Becky and Nattie was my favourite moment if only for the character work involved; the finish was complete garbage in execution. Ellsworth factoring in the victory was telegraphed but he shouldn’t have grabbed the briefcase, it just felt like a brainless retraction of the match’s agenda. When we watch this moment back in time we should have the image of Carmella reaching for it ingrained in our memories. I’d have had Ellsworth throw himself like lamb to a pack of lions, with the women all beating him up, creating a diversion for Carmella to sneak up the ladder and snatch the case. Simple, effective, while somewhat laying the seeds for Carmella tossing Ellsworth aside once she fulfils her ambition.

    Lana’s debut was overall what I expected: not much at all. If not a showcase for her wrestling ability – which looks fine, selling issues aside – then the PPV could have at least been an emphatic moment for her to show us who she is. I had expected an exuberant entrance; we didn’t get that. I had also expected a lot of aggression from Naomi given how desperate she was to have the match; we didn’t get that either.

    Hopefully Smackdown delivers on the angle seemingly set up here. Otherwise this will kind of be remembered as faux-history.

    • Jaded

      I stopped reading at handing Lana a shock victory. That would be an insult to all the hard working women on the rooster even worse then paige winning on her first match

      • Aye Mate

        Fair enough tbh.

      • Robann

        Agreed. In my honest opinion I thought she would win and I was livid. Now that I think about it, her winning the title would’ve been a bigger slap in the face than what happened with Carmellsworth.

  • Don ?

    Unrelated but Eve, Maryse and Kelly Kelly’s Table for 3 episode leaked on YT. Watch it quick before it gets taken down for Copyright Infringement.


  • conan_kun

    Dave Meltzer was a guest on the LAW: Live Audio Wrestling after the event. He speculates that Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan might announce that the match will be restarted. This might happen on an upcoming episode of Smackdown for a ratings boost for WWE. If you have been keeping up with the ratings as of late, they haven’t been great to say the least. Meltzer also says that since fans aren’t paying $50+ for Pay-Per-Views anymore, it doesn’t matter as much that they would be giving away a Money in the Bank match on television.


  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    Thinking about it, the match didn’t deliver as much as I would have thought which is not entirely their fault because they only got 13 mins while men had double of their time which shows again, difference between men and women even in a night where we are suppose to celebrate equality with women finally getting a MITB ladder match as well.

    This was entertaining to say the least and solid overall but just not enough (props to Tamina and Charlotte who carried this match tbh). It lacked major ladder spots and looking back at Gail Kim vs Taryn in a ladder match who was very physical, you can see how watered down this was and you know how non-physicalnit was when all the girls in the end standing tall and perfectly fine not even selling the match by the way as if it wasn’t important.

    Now the ending, this article resumed by thoughts. Symbolically, this spoke volume on WWE’s vision here. Women were robbed of their moment which will be forgotten for Ellsworth climbing the ladder and grabbing the briefcase as the single memorable piece of this match. This would have been fantastic if it wasn’t the first on but it was and therefore, it just killed it.

    I was underwhelmed.

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    When it comes to Lana’s debut, well, I wasn’t surprised. She’s not ready and considering how over and how I am sure Vince see her gimmick as money, she will be an important character in the division and will also hurt it because she’s not a strong enough worker. They should have let her more time on NXT because you can see that she’s just not there yet. Granted, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been and that is also thanks to Naomi who did a fine job of carrying her.

    • wwepassion

      Naomi didn’t carry her, only person capable of carrying anyone is Nattie.

      • Crazy. #RIPMae

        Screaming, you’re so delusional. It’s sad. You hate to see Naomi succeed so you try to tear Naomi down every chance you get.

        • wwepassion

          I don’t have to tear her down because she’s doing that herself, get your head out of her ass and my ass. She isn
          t capable of carrying anyone when she can barely carry herself or control herself.

        • MinervaCoretex

          Im literally gonna start screenshotting passion’s pettiness so her delusional ass cant deny her Nao hate anymore.

      • Jaded

        She did carry her in the match.

        • wwepassion

          No she didn’t lol, Naomi can barley carry herself. Only Nattie can carry people especially rookies.

      • Robann

        Lmfao shut up passion. Any chance you can get to bash Naomi you take it. You’re so damn delusional.

        • wwepassion

          How is this bashing you sensitive bastard? Learn the definition of bashing.

    • Jaded

      She has more potential than Alexa, that’s for sure

      • Wrestling.fan.from.France

        I disagree. Alexa is younger so she has more potential.

  • Victoria&Melina19

    The title match didn’t expect much, and Lana’s screaming was annoying.

    The mitb match… Tamina was the star.

    The right person won, but obviously the ending that was the problem. But I’m gonna wait till SD to see what happens and how it plays out. I’m not even that mad about it knowing how WWE is, just didn’t expect them to allow Ellsworth get the briefcase, at the end of the day Carmella still won, and like people are saying it’s probably heel heat for Carmella and Ellsworth so I’m expecting loud boos, if not then it failed.


    I truly did not think I could articulate why the MITB match ending was not OK without going on an essay-sized rant but huge ups to Abir because he hit all the right points I was thinking down to the fact that this would have been cool if this was the third or fourth Women’s MITB, but the fact that it was the first is what makes it acceptable. Also hope they don’t restart this match for Tuesday or strip Carmella either (or even worse make her defend her case) because it really just cheapens what is already a cheap moment that should have been a high note for the women. Smh. Very disappointed that they went this route. Ellsworth is this generations Hornswoggle and is a poor man’s Santino. So sad they let him ruin this moment.


      I’m just so confused as to why they couldn’t let Carmella and Becky fight for it on the ladder after Charlotte took out Tamina & Nattie and just when it was getting real good and both women looked like either had it in the bag, then Ellsworth could have come in and like held Becky’s feet down on the second to last rung to the top allowing Carmella to get the advantage and pretty much force Becky to watch her take it down. Imagine how much heat THAT would have gotten if the crowd had to watch their clear fan favorite inches away and being held down by a man to watch a heel succeed. Then you know… CARMELLA could get some of the heat herself instead of crossing fingers that James’ heat rubs off on her.

  • Jes Lennox

    I’m a huge fan of Charlotte & I catch myself wanting her to win everything. Tamina was the highlight of that match, she really freakin surprised me!

    Nattie & Becky two of the best wrestlers in the company aren’t getting anything which is sad. Turn Becky heel already!

    Lana did good but had no business in the title match. They did a disservice to her & Naomi.

    As for Naomi that woman’s a gem. She will never get the credit she deserves for anything, but will be picked apart while in the same breath fans will praise someone not even on her level. Jinder said it better than I could last night.

    That woman can technical wrestle with the best of them & do flashy moves to get the crowd involved, but because she looks & sounds different than people would like, she sucks

  • Jes Lennox

    I wanted to comment on the MITB briefcase situation but my post was already too long. Those in charge tried to put out the fire on Twitter because they knew how it looked.

  • StraightUpBitch

    Let’s get real for one second: that match was fucking incredible and the best thing the woman have produced all year. Tatina stole the show and proved that she can go IF the booking allows her to do so. Becky proved exactly why she’s the best baby face in the WWE right now. Charlotte slayed as usual though, queen. Natalya again showed that she’s Natalya and always ready to put on a high quality match. And then…there’s Carmella. No disrespect because girl deserved to win and took hella bumps, but WWE fucked with the booking on this one. She was barley doing anything in the match other than taking bumps which is dope (and speaks volumes of the shitty management when the second least over woman on SD takes more bumps than the Raw Women’s Champ) but because she was winning it needed to be more. BUT THAT ENDING! Fuck the crowd! Fuck Stephanie, HHH, VINCE, in fact all of the McMahons and their bullshit ‘let’s support racist, sexism and homophic in our politics but still be feminists in our work!’ Fuck James Ellsworth whose run has gone on too long and I’m tired AF of seeing him every week. Don’t be like ‘it’s good heel heat’, it’s not. Mella using him to push Becky of the ladder and then making him carry her to the top and the pushing him down would have been excellent heel heat. Come Tuesday, I hope SD bookers let Becky rip the arm off that no chin, no talent hick and send him packing cause it’s been too long

  • Becky anger can be great usage for a heel turn, like attack Naomi or call her out & demand.
    Carmella is gonna be fire with that briefcase, the promos gonna be A1.
    Liked Naomi attire style still hate the design, ugh.

  • Terrie

    Clawing my way out of the fucking grave to holler because that MitB match ending was so shitty. Carmella as Ms. Money in the Bank? Fine, beautiful, it works. Heel Carmella using heel tactics to become Ms. Money in the Bank? Heel Carmella getting help from Ellsworth to become Ms. Money in the Bank? Yes, yes, yes, that’s all good story, especially if Carmella brags and rubs it in everyone’s face how she won. But Abir got it, 100%: this was a ground-breaking moment for women in WWE history, this was about showing how women can DO IT, this was about inspiring little girls who’re future wrestlers in the making. This is supposed to be the the Women’s Revolution. The future is fucking now. But in the end, WWE pulled the rug out from everyone for nothing more than a forced, ugly “controversial” ending that’ll no doubt make Carmella’s story and character built on that forced, ugly “controversial” ending.

    It’d be good if it weren’t the first. There can never be another first WWE Women’s Money in the Bank match, or another first Ms. Money in the Bank. There’s no do-overs for a pretty, triumphant rewrite of what happened. They can’t show this ending in the future and make it look good about the women, because it’s so completely grounded in the interest of the present to give Carmella & Guy heel heat. While some fans have argued that’s exactly why it’s such a good move to get heat, I can’t agree. At all. It just goes to show how WWE DOESN’T UNDERSTAND why it needs to treat women better; under all the makeup, it’s the same classless, clueless company it’s always been. We wanted a women’s MitB match to showcase the women as every bit as tough and legit as the men, and instead Ellsworth had to climb up a ladder FOR Carmella to drop the contract right in her lap while little birdies flew around her head. And like others have said, it didn’t have to be that way. It could’ve been a fakeout ending and then restarted the match with a REAL ending. Ellsworth could’ve just shoved Becky off the ladder, he could’ve gone to attack/distract someone trying to stop Carmella from climbing; hell, he could’ve TRIED to go up the ladder and then get knocked over by a pissed off female Superstar while Carmella takes advantage of the distraction to shimmy up the ladder real quick. Anything to get that breathless, never-to-be-replicated moment of the FIRST Ms. Money in the Bank finally reaching the top, reaching for the briefcase, unhooking it, coming down with its in her arms as the bell sounds. This was supposed to be a triumph for women, a feel-good moment to know they made it, and WWE took it away from everyone for a cheap bit of momentary build.

    Absolutely trash, imo.

    Okay, rage over, falling back into my nice comfy grave now. Good to see y’all again, buh-bye.

    • Bryskers

      ^ Preach!

  • Exotic

    I personally don’t have a problem with the ending of the match. It opens up many different possibilities to whats going to happen in the future and benefits Carmella tremendously.

    I just think, they needed another 8-10 minutes with a couple more ladder spots, then it’ll kick in to gear 2/3, but nevertheless it was a good match, and I can understand why they played it safe. Its basically just a test to see if the girls are capable in such a extreme environment, can handle the pressure and live up to the expectation, and they did that exceptionally well, so I can see this becoming an annual thing (hopefully).

  • Exotic

    Oh and you all way too harsh on Lana. For her FIRST EVER TELEVISED MATCH, she did well. I just giggled at the vagina submission, but I was impressed. She just needs a little more polishing and less hesitant to become good.

    and Maria.. A legend. I did not expect such reaction considering Mickie didn’t get the reaction she deserved. But WOW, I can’t wait for her to wear her boots and start wrestling. I love her valet work but I need to see queen once again in the ring. I just need her to team up with Mickie, and my life will be complete.

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    I disagree with the author in several points.

    •While Lana’s match can’t be considered a classic, she exceeded expectations. Knowing how Lana works, she’ll be getting better and better if SD keeps making her wrestle.

    •The MITB is not just about “making history” but to establish a wrestler and add another layer to a character. With this opportunity, Carmella could win her very first title and change the course of her career.

    •People seems to forget who has the power, in this case is Carmella. She didn’t had to climb the ladder, this means James is willing to do anything for her. He could have turned into the third Hervina but instead did the dirty work for her.

    •Equality means we would judge men And women’s actions the same way. No matter the gender, the manager is there to cheat.

    • Monkey Tennis

      – Exceeding low expectations is not a plus. And considering the match, your expectations must have been staggeringly low. At the end of the day, you don’t put someone with limited match experience straight into a title match at a PPV. It only serves to encourage the Women’s Division as being ‘less important’ because the bar to achieve success in it is so low.

      – Few people have a problem with Carmella winning. Neither does the article.

      – Yes, because in years to come that’s what people will remember. That’s what people will be talking about . How Carmella’s cunning game plan won the day. Oh wait. No they won’t. They’ll remember a male comedy jobber effectively winning the first Women’s MiTB match.

      – Yes, a heel manager cheats. Nobody is questioning that. But the bigger picture can’t be ignored in a match like this. For once, I find myself in total agreement with everything a DD writer has written (and that never happens!) But the article above is 100% correct that this can’t just be fobbed off on the basis off “Well women have interfered in male matches before so it’s cool”. It’s a completely different playing field and so the context is utterly, utterly different.

      • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

        We would have to agree in disagreeing.

        Exceeding low expectations is what the story was about, Lana showed she has some moves. So many people focus on the result but not on how the story was told. Lana asked to be in the MITB match but because she was too green they didn’t wanted her to do it, then requested a championship match that was denied as well. Determined in making an impact she would go after Naomi and made her request for that match.

        As for the MITB match, it was wrestling 101. This one worked so well there’s actually real heat on it. Carmella cheated to win, for months now, she has been using her puppet (that will do anything for her) to win matches, she used all her weapons to win the match. This was a first ever match? Yes, so James & Carmella robbed history. Carmella didn’t care about making women’s history, she just wanted to get that contract and the perks of having it. That’s how you tell a story, instead of doing what RAW has done in the past few years for the sake of “history”.

        • Monkey Tennis

          You’re confusing low expectations for Lana between being a kayfabe wrestler and being simply being a green performer. It;s one thing to promote someone as green (such as is the painfully long case with Allie right now). She’s a good wrestler pretending to be a novice. That’s fair enough. It’s a waste of her talent but it’s an intentional storytelling device.

          That’s not what’s happening with Lana. She’s simply not a good wrestler. Indeed, trying to pull off a few token moves only highlighted her flaws. And so we ended up with a poor match being carried (in so much as is it could be) By Naomi. The end result? Nobody wins. Naomi scores a victory that was a given anyway and so means nothing. And Lana is given a high profile match way too early that undermines any momentum she might have had going forwards.

          As for the MitB issues, you’re right. We’ll have to agree to disagree on that one. As a fan of women’s wrestling, it’s clear to me (and most people here) that this was a bad call that can’t be justified by any supposed ‘storytelling’ (particularly given that there isn’t any).

          But if you don’t agree, that’s fair enough. At the end of the say, some people are always gonna be happy with just ‘making do’ (I guess it goes back to those low expectations again) and presumably have accepted a glass ceiling for women in the industry. The rest of us though, we’ll continue to hope that things will get better… eventually.

          • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

            If you paid attention to the commentary table on SD and later on Talk Smack you’ll see that this was promoted as Lana’s first match and the low expectations they had for her. WWE has often used things that happens in real life and makes them storyline. They took in consideration her lack of wrestling skills but the point was for her to suprise, and she did.

            When it comes to the MITB match, it was successful to the point is something are still talking about a few days after. Most people are mad, ranting and of course they will call it “bad booking” because they are not happy with the results, they wanted a women to grab the briefcase. That is not what happened and yes, it should cause this uproar and a mess because everyone wanted a women to win the match by herself. Now Carmella will find herself in real heat (specially with James on her side) and her acts will be hated since she could care less about women’s revolution, she wants all of the glory and just like a man sometimes needs a women to get the job done, women could use a mans help as well.

            Now because we disagree you could pull that card: “At the end of the say, some people are always gonna be happy with just ‘making do’ (I guess it goes back to those low expectations again) and presumably have accepted a glass ceiling for women in the industry.” This is just assumption of my comments, however I have been watching women’s wrestling for about 13 to 14 years. I have researched way back about real female wrestling pioneers (not just WWE’s ) the beginings of the Women’s Championship, NWA, GLOW & others. I LOVE women’s wrestling and don’t take anything we get.
            Just last night RAW gave the women’s division less than 10 minutes on TV and that is something to be mad about. No direction, Foxy & Bayley being managed incorrectly, Mickie delegated as a jobber with her resume and the list could go on. I don’t agree with your comments but the reason is far different than what you think it is.

  • NaNa

    Thought the MITB match was ok and loved the ending
    I laughed throughout Nao vs Lana bc it truly was ass and shouldn’t have even been on the PPV. I must say though their match was better than jinder vs randy.
    All in all PPV as a whole was trash except for new day vs usos, they showed out

  • #VindictiveBitch

    Carmella is trash and I do not see her at all as a star on her own. I hope the restart the match Tonight.

  • Organization XIII

    I am fine with the MITB ending. Managers are there to cheat as pointed out by @migueloronarodrguez:disqus below. I get it where everyone is coming from but honestly I don’t see it as a big deal. We all ask for story progression & most of you have complained about Carmella not receiving any reaction. This was a perfect segway into getting both. So let’s see how they follow up with this

    As for Lana vs Naomi. I liked the match. I’m sure no one expected a 5 star match but I thought Naomi helped carry Lana very well. The only thing I didn’t really like was Lana’s selling but that can be fixed with time & more matches. So kudos to both women for going out there & doing the best they could

  • John Finnie

    I just love reading tamina was the star
    Did anyone notice the little exchange between nattie’charlotte & tamina after the top rope move
    I loved the match
    Lana did good for her first outing
    Maria return i didnt watch i wasnt a fan then so i prob wont be now

  • Monkey Tennis

    Credit to DB for his non-kayfabe response to the result in an interview with Fox New;


  • jbrizzy

    Honestly this ppv was a complete flop for the women. Yes the finish to the mitb match was to create a story,but im very hurt by the result. We have been waiting for this forever and it literally is wm25 2.0. (My first wrestling event I’ve ever been to). And Lana needs more work. I get her character and love it,but that Bellami Hair match was very boring. At least we can laugh at Eva when she wrestles,Lana made me want to go to sleep. The only things I enjoyed was Tamina doing the damn thing,Naomi retaining,and Maria Debuting

  • TabbyK

    Way to Santina Marella the first ever women’s MITB. WWE likes to talk big about equality but the men got over an hour and the women barely got 16 mins. My hopes were way too high and I was so disappointed, we haven’t had a great night for women since EC and I was hoping MITB would top that but it really didn’t.

  • Stef’

    Naomi : A shame her belt doesn’t glow in the dark ! It’s awkward during her entrance ! And a shame she wasn’t offered a better opponent, I think her match against Paige three years ago was better.

    Lana : Honnestly, to me, she did nothing Eva Marie couldn’t have done. Yes she is unexperienced but come on, the WWE ring is not the place where women learn to wrestle anymore, they do their classes elsewhere beforehand !

    Tamina/Charlotte/Natalya : Great match for the three of them, I hae always called for a three way legacy rivalry between these three wrestling heirs and stipulations like that suit them so well !

    Becky : She comes out short this time too, and I believe her backstage interview reveals something, a newcomer probably though I can’t see who (Summer !?), or a heel turn ? After this match both Nattie and Tamina could turn face though…

    Carmella : I wanted her to get the briefcase, she has everything to be a great sneaky Mrs MIB, sure the ending is disappointing but in the end the result is the good one so I’m fine. (+ it reminded me how Velvet Sky got fired, which was pleasant).

  • Lushluke

    Eva would of done better than Lana

  • brimode

    Lana has had four years of pretty solid training and she still moves like a robot in the ring. She reminded me of Rosa Mendes… read into that what you will.

    • Organization XIII

      She has not trained for 4 years straight


    I had Nikki’s reaction lol

  • Raekon

    I really hope that the Tamina doubters were put in their place by this match cause it has been many years of people calling her various names, saying she can’t wrestle (among other meanier things) only because she wasnt booked right or wasn’t allowed to do more.
    So I’m very happy she got the opportunity to show that she really belonged in that match and that she wasn’t only a great addition to it but also the STAR of it.
    Every woman did great and I loved the match itself. The outcome was controversial and I would had rather James just push the ladder over becky to stop her from taking the briefcase so Carmella can climb and grab it instead.
    We are gonna get another ladder match next week though so I hope it’s longer, has more and even greater spots and a good outcome in which a WOMAN takes the briefcase without any help from the outside. :)
    Preferably Tamina, Carmella or Natalya for me since Becky and Charlotte had their title reigns and don’t need a title reign right now.
    The title match was good for what it was.
    My only Problem with it was that even Lana has more moves in her moveset, she didn’t used them, instead she kept dropping naomi down by the hair left and right trying to pick up a win like that.
    So I hope their next Encounter will flow better, will have more Action from both sides and will feel like a stronger contest then the ppv one.

  • Tnn Crs

    Why the hell Maria is screaming like that ?!!
    Ive never been a fan of her so I dont really care she’s back as long as she dont wrestle.
    Tamina should have won…

  • Ginalkennedy

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