New Diva(s) Scouted for SmackDown

Expect to see a new Diva or two on SmackDown in the near future. We’re told that WWE officials are looking to put a few more Divas on the brand, to “fill it out.” That is how it was put to Diva Dirt by one source.

Names mentioned included moving the Bella Twins back to the blue brand or bringing up a Diva from FCW.

Looking at the current developmental roster right now, there’s only one girl who is ready for a call-up, that being Serena. I’m not sure if they will pull the trigger on her just yet as she’s still ‘new’ to the company, but it’s not like she needed to be in developmental in the first place.

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  • johnny

    I sure hope its Serena’s time

  • Luis

    i really wanna see either Courtney Taylor or Serena going to samckdown hopefully as a heel=]

  • Steven_D

    It would be great to see Serena called up but I’d be interested in seeing what Miss April can do in ring as I’m unfamiliar with her work.

  • Shan

    I don’t mind who they pick just please, please not the Bellas! They will re-kill an already mummified gimmick. I don’t think I can re-watch them pulling the old switcheroo on Smackdown!

  • astrozombie50

    Katie Lea please?

  • kerry246

    Yeah, 100% Katie Lea should by rights drop that dead-weight Paul Burchill and go solo on Smackdown.

  • trishrocks

    courtney could make sense on smackdown seeing as though they just moved angela to ecw, even though i think shes more ready for smackdown right now

  • RKOyou

    it would be cool if serena got called up,i don’t think she should right now because she still hasn’t paid her dues in FCW,she just got there like a month and a half ago and there more divas in FCW that have been there longer who deserve the spot

    ps melanie-FCW is not a place for training,it’s a development area where you learn WWE WAYS OF WRESTLING,WWE’s wrestling is very watered down so they can’t have an experienced worker like serena just jump into the main roster,she has to train and learn the watered down wrestling of WWE.ALSO,FCW is where you stay until WWE is ready for you(like they have to have a spot for you but I think this implies to the men more then the women)

    I think katie lea should go to SD,not the bellas,PLEASE

  • Mikas

    “Katie Lea should by rights drop that dead-weight Paul Burchill and go solo on Smackdown”

    Assuming she WANTS to abandon Paul. Don’t forget they both came from FWA in England where they were trained by Mark Sloan, moved both to OVW and once again meet on RAW until both were transferred to ECW. And i also think they travel together, so i wouldnt be surprised if they are couple. Although ECW/SD have the same schedule, right? So it might not be such a big deal to separate them.

  • Mikas

    “FCW is not a place for training,it’s a development area”

    Off course it’s a place for training. There is a Gym included and they have several trainers like Kidman, and I think Finlay also occasionally teaches. Courtney, Tiffany etc had NO wrestling experience when they joined WWE Development, so they learned all the basics there.

    But in addition to training noobs they also “finetune” people who already learned the basics in the indies but arent ready for WWE because of their style. The best example is Low-Ki, a populair veteran, but his style contains too many kicks/submissions to be useful for the WWE, so he needs to spend some time in FCW to adjust (water down) his style some.

    In case of Serena Deeb i think its pointless to keep her in FCW because she also stayed in OVW for 3 years, the place where most Divas learned their skills. So in her case it’s just a question of waiting until WWE has an opening for her.

  • RKOyou

    better said Mikas,I actaully forgot for a second she was in OVW so your right,it’s just a question of waiting until WWE has an opening for her

  • xDivaToxic

    Ok, if the bellas go to smackdown .. (again) i swear i will never watch smackdown again with them pulling the switcharonnie on michelle & layla.
    this is what wwe creative team should do with the bellas:
    1: split the bellas up
    2: send the heel bella to smackdown & the face bella kept on ecw.

  • bonepile

    With Angela Fong working ECW as announcer Savannah I wonder how long it will be before they move her to SmackDown and let her wrestle?

    They also could move Gail Kim back to SD and give Michelle some real competition.


  • WWEDivaFan09

    Poor Katie Lea will probably continue being Paul’s valet until the end of time, but at least Serena or Savannah might be moved over to Smackdown. I could careless about the twins, they’ve become very boring and generic, so I’m looking forward to maybe at least Savannah or Serena being moved.

  • Mark

    I’d like to see Serena brought up, but like Melanie said there likely to pull the trigger on her this early as she’s only still new to the company. I think the Bella Twins are very boring and don’t really stand out as there the generic model face type diva.

  • Mace

    Jillian to smackdown!

  • xmelissaa

    I could totally see Serena & Melina vs Natalya & Michelle