On this day in history:

June 30th, 2003 | Taking part in a Battle Royal hardly seems like the makings of an impactful debut, but Gail Kim‘s first match in the WWE was pretty much as memorable as it gets. Gail outlasted the likes of Ivory, Jacqueline, Jazz, Molly Holly, Trish Stratus and Victoria to be the last woman standing and win the Women’s Title. Her impressive feat – winning the title in her debut match – remained unmatched until Paige‘s main roster debut twelve years later.

What are your memories of this moment?

Also occurring today in history:
* 6/30/14 – AJ Lee returns to the WWE and defeats Paige to win the Divas Title.

  • Don ?

    Bad timing. I liked Gail’s matrix gimmick though.

  • Once you start at the top…

  • Darryl lee

    She should’ve been treated so much better in wwe.

    • jcott3

      The theory a lot of fans go with is Gail was brought back to 1) hurt the TNA Knockouts division by taking their big star away and 2) bury her as a way of saying “TNA’s biggest female star can’t hack it against the smart, sexy, powerful WWE Divas”.

      • Dylan Gutierrez

        And to think the angles they could have done with Kharma, Beth, Nattie but they basically had her put over people and job to everyone before she left.

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    “6/30/14 – AJ Lee returns to the WWE and defeats Paige to win the Divas Title.”

  • Mr. Dude

    Was it ever explained why they just kicked Ivory to the curb the way they did in this match? In the weeks leading up to this match, she had pinned Jazz three times and all it led to was her being eliminated first in this battle royal.

    • Dylan Gutierrez

      Unfortunately, she was never going to get another run with the title again with how they treated her and Jacqueline (minus the CW win) They both deserved far better than what they got in their last moments with WWE.

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        • Dylan Gutierrez

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    • Jakey Emmert

      Ivory said in one of her shoot interviews that she was going to get her “just desserts”, implying that she was gonna get the title. Unfortunately, Jazz got injured at some point in the latter half of June 2003 (she would be off TV for six months after this match), and they went a completely different direction.