Emily Read, owner and promoter of the all female wrestling company Pro Wrestling Eve, took to Twitter to discuss the treatment of women (and other issues) within the industry.

Read, known for her constant push for gender equality within professional wrestling, used the firm’s Twitter account to address some issues regarding women within the industry.

Though she was limited to 140 characters per tweet, Read made her voice heard very clear through her powerful messages.

Her first message read: “People that say “I’m a big supporter of women’s wrestling” when only interested in small divisions of mainly male promotions – do **** off.”

The EVE owner then went on to address WWE specifically, stating that the company “would (not) have pushed a #WomensRevolution if it wasn’t for media or corporate reasoning.” This is in reference to the “evolution” of women in WWE that began in July 2015. Stephanie McMahon addressed that there was an “evolution with women in sport”, citing Ronda Rousey and Serena Williams, and that the ladies of WWE needed to play catch-up.

Read also stated that if a promotion is to label their female wrestlers as a “women’s division” then their male counterparts need to be referred to as the “men’s division”. The reasoning behind this is that women’s wrestling should not be seen as a “sub-category” and should be placed on the same level as the work of men.

The topic of fan chants was soon brought up as Read told fans that “just because a female is a heel, doesn’t mean you can chant ‘slut’ at her”. Pro Wrestling Eve has in fact banned multiple people in the past – and continues to do so – for making crude comments such as this. The company has made it very clear that they value respect over the money of these people, and that there will be “no apology accepted.”

To end their comments, Read left us by saying that the late and great Chyna should be placed into the Hall of Fame for her great work. Compared to the fact that Stone Cold Steve Austin hit his wife, as well as the fact that The Ultimate Warrior was homophobic, it’s hypocritical that Chyna’s porn days are what is keeping her back.

Emily commented further on the Ultimate Warrior, as well as calling out the bigotry of AJ Styles, discussing her favorite member of Edge & Christian, plus more. This can all be read through this link.

On top of pushing for gender equality, Emily Read constantly discusses mental health, and spoke to Metro.co.uk about how wrestling has helped her to stay alive.

Pro Wrestling Eve is an all-female, pro feminist wrestling promotion based in East London, UK. With stars such as Rhia O’Reilly, Jinny, Emi Sakura, as well as formerly having WWE’s Paige and Nikki Cross, they constantly host a star studded, engaging and empowering roster. The company also has a no tolerance policy for fans that chant problematic comments/cause issues throughout the show – with no chances given. Comments are also dealt with immediately and publicly, so if you are to attend, you should know that you will be in safe hands. And to top that off, even GLOW star Kate Nash is a big fan of the show.

If you want to catch the next exciting show in the Pro Wrestling Eve calendar, be sure to get your ticket(s) here.

For those that aren’t able to attend the show, EVE recently released an on-demand streaming service for fans to access across the globe. So if you want to see champion Sammii Jayne defend her title, then head to Eve on Demand now.

The next EVE show takes place on July 15th, so make sure that you don’t miss out on the UK’s premier feminist-punk-rock wrestling show!

What do you think of these comments? Are you a fan of EVE? Let us know your views in the comments below!

  • Degenerous Boss

    Idk who these ppl are, but i agree 1 billion percent with it all

  • Robin Zabriskie

    in wwe they have women’s division….but they also have tag team division and cruiserweight division, it’s just to specify that they battle for that specific title that’s it….i don’t see sexism in separate divisions…..and btw this week raw smackdown and nxt had women’s main event with special stipulations……that’s impressive for a sub-division no?

    • Joseph

      Yea i didn’t get that part.

      • Robin Zabriskie

        it’s like she is saying that the name women’s division is not ok just because we don’t use the name men’s division…..but as i said before i don’t think this is an issue since it happens with more categories regarding men as well….

        • Harold Spengler

          #Facepalm. Then they’re not equal then are they because they’re being spoken of as a sub-category instead.

          • Robin Zabriskie

            Ok you don’t know me so there’s no need to pretend we know each other, but I just can’t agree with her, and she is running a female promotion, I mean anyone can see how women are more considered now in WWE, did it take time? yes that is sure….but as I said this week women were in the main events of the 3 shows of WWE, that’s kind of impressive…..what i mean about tag team and cruiserweight division was about the fact that for wwe is just a name….they give a name of a division who goes for a specific title….I mean cruiserweights are men, and they all fit in a specific division cause they all go for the same title….it’s the same for raw women’s and smackdown’s women…..we have smackdown women’s division and raw women’s division just because they go for the smackdown women’s title and the raw women’s title…..and this week they all were in the main event….I was so happy about it, and I support women in wrestling for 14 years, so I don’t like talking about sexism when we are achieving great things…..

          • Monkey Tennis

            The thing is that right now, there isn’t equality in the WWE. Not in terms of how each gender is booked (although that’s obviously the case too) but simply in terms of numbers.

            Currently, the women’s division is… a division. It’s a group of significantly smaller size than the male roster and so it’s perfectly understandable that it’s classed as a specific category and the men (collectively) don’t. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting for a second that that’s OK. My point though is that Emily’s argument was perhaps focused on the wrong thing.

            Look at mainstream sports. A lot of them still specifically categorise “Women’s” teams/players whilst just using a general term for the male version. So we get women’s football and women’s cricket and women’s rugby. But in other sports, where female participants are more commonplace, then both genders are categorised. We don’t say Tennis and Women’s Tennis for example. Likewise most Olympic/Commonwealth sports specify both men and women.

            The point I’m (trying!) to make is that the goal for the WWE (and for wrestling general) shouldn’t be about mere semantics. it’s about getting to a point where you the women’s division isn’t simply a division, but where women actually represent half of the roster. And as a result, matches are described as both men’s and women’s matches out of necessity.

          • Super Mateo

            Trying telling that to Comcast, who still thinks it’s equal to put “Women’s” in front of all women’s sports when shown on the guide, but not men’s. So, basically, if it’s not specified, one should assume it’s men. The only exception I’ve seen to this is softball, but even then, the NCAA feels the need to add “women’s” to the title of College World Series. There is something good that comes of this for the women, though. The upside and what makes them easier to watch is they don’t get put through anywhere near as much pressure and hype as the men do, so the atmosphere is much more relaxed.

            As to the point about numbers, that’s true. Women make up about 20% of the main roster. In theory, then, they should get 36 minutes of a three hour show. If they prove they can handle that and that fans want it, it will happen.

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  • George

    I agree with her even if i think she’s a total dickhead.

  • Rosanna

    I agree with everything she said. Although she might be speaking out of place someone as to say it. WWE is trying to fix the problems they created earsing history as if it was never there. There problematic but I love to watch them. Chyna deserved her respect decades ago. Way before Lita, Trish, Beth there’s others as well. I absolutely agree that the men should be called the ” men’s division ” I agree with equal wages based of bookings.

    We have people like The Rock and John Cena who is paid millions and millions of dollars although I respect The Rock he barely even shows up. He doesn’t even need pro wrestling. I love John but now he’s reality business he’s here and there and also makes millions so does Nicole and Briana. But they don’t make millions but make more than the currently roster of women and there barely even there. It’s definitely not fair for the other men and women who bust there ass everyday for some of the people who can take a vacation or time off.

  • Drew Lytle

    While I do think they’ve made good progress over the years, the original main roster revolution felt way forced until Royal Rumble 16. It felt more like WWE suddenly saw how much attention the then undefeated Rousy had gotten, the win of the women’s soccer team at the world cup and the sudden announcement that 2 women went through one of the hardest military training courses ever and passed, and then looked at their own product and said “oh shit, make it happen!” Seriously, all those things were in that video package for that 9 women triple threat match at Summerslam. Those early days legit felt like it was treated less of a social movement and more like a popular trend.

    I do think it is better now, wrestlemania 32 was the first proper step with the dropping of the term diva and an outstanding triple threat for the title. Any misgivings today I chalk more up to WWE’s legit problematic booking which plagues most of the company. Hell, this week we had 3 main events in a row for WWE shows with women’s matches lasting a long time. It’s still a work in progress, but there has been progress.

  • C Mack

    I want to know why she called AJ Styles a bigot.

    • BLKLTR05

      Ditto… Imma read that link and see what’s going on…

      • Joseph

        Yea the interview is from like 2005 or 2006 i think.

    • BLKLTR05

      https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b1bb8261c6be5c59b85af88360dab4eca238fb16d3cf0ecb77353175fb89ed3c.jpg It goes back to this and to an interview where he kind of sounds disgusted to be told he has a following in the gay community.

      • C Mack

        You’re dope?. AJ’s my favorite male wrestler in WWE besides Nakamura, I hate hearing this. Hope it isn’t true.

    • shumiley

      As well as the gay community comment below, he recently liked (and then unliked) an islamophobic tweet.

      • C Mack

        Damn AJ!

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    Weird how I agree with what she’s fighting for but disagree with almost everything she said. Chyna, Madusa & Jacqueline won championships contended by men and while that seems like something to everyone, to me, made little sense (except with Chyna). The divisions needs to be clasified and while there’s no “men’s division”, there is the cruiserweight & the tag team division. In the past, WWE used to reference the heavyweight division because of the existence of the light heavyweight division. Maybe WWE should go back to that, but it would make more hard to develop feuds since they don’t really work based on weight.
    The Women’s Championship is the most wanted prize by women’s wrestler as it should be and yes they should form part of the roster under the women’s division just like there’s guys in the cruiserweight division, in the tag team division, etc.

  • Nicola Byrne

    Over a year after they changed things back to the women’s division and rid of the divas title she says this?? seriously!! yet Women are getting mistreated in the Top wrestling promotion. Impact wrestling still haven’t given their women a chance at match time

    • JD

      TBF, Impact Wrestling has given their women a chance at match time…just not for a couple months.

    • Harold Spengler

      EVE have been going for 7 years and said things like this many times, its just never been covered by a news site before

  • Dark Heel

    Feminists fight for equality…not superiority.

    • Harold Spengler

      Which is exactly what she is doing.


    I understand that she’s coming from a good place with a good heart and good intentions but no one can deny that this comes off a little salty. While I respect her opinion I think it’s shitty to say you can’t be a women’s wrestling fan or support women’s wrestling if you don’t watch every single all-women’s promotion out there. If there was a promotion with strictly male superstars in it I definitely wouldn’t watch that. Mainstream promotions support a variety and there’s nothing wrong with that or being a fan of it so long as we see equality amongst the genders and that’s what WWE has been incorporating… even if it’s for the cameras, it’s happening. We as *womens wrestling fans* just need to hold them accountable for one and keep the ball rolling to show the bigger corporation that it isn’t just a “fad” and that the women do truly deserve this spotlight and this opportunity.

    • Harold Spengler

      “While I respect her opinion I think it’s shitty to say you can’t be a women’s wrestling fan or support women’s wrestling if you don’t watch every single all-women’s promotion out there. ”

      So basically you didn’t actually read what was put because that’s not what was said. I’ve read the thread and NOWHERE does she say you can’t be a women’s wrestling fan if you don’t watch every women’s fed.

      The actual tweet is this:
      People that say “I’m a big supporter of women’s wrestling” when only interested in small divisions of mainly male promotions – do **** off. https://t.co/1Zzd61ALkm

      Notice how nowhere does it say “watch EVERY women’s promotion” in fact it doesn’t even hint at that!!

  • Harold Spengler

    1) I think some people should watch their highlight reel so that they understand that EVE isn’t your typical promotion. Its an over 18s, strongly feminist and political promotion – they’re NOT for everyone. https://youtu.be/YAAUNgPcLEw.

    2) I think if people actually read the thread on their twitter account or search the #UnpopularWrestlingOpinion they were using, they would understand what was being said as some commenters here are literally saying things were said that weren’t said at all.