Bianca Belair

5’7”, 125, Knoxville

2016 PWI Female 50 Ranking: N/A

Previous wrestling identity: N/A

Bio: An All-American and All-SEC track-and-field performer in hur dles at the University of Tennessee, Bianca Belair was trained by Sara Amato (Sara Del Rey) at the WWE Performance Center. She competes in NXT, facing off with the likes of Ember Moon, Nikki Cross and Asuka. She signed with WWE in September 2016.

Style: Bianca is like a cross between two former WWE Women’s Champions, Jacqueline and Jazz, nothing but power and agility.

What to Watch For: The Hair Whip finisher

Biggest Strength: Power and agility. It comes from her background as a track and field star at the University of Tennessee.

Biggest Weakness: Selling. Bianca’s selling ability is stiff and her timing is not good. Definitely needs to work on that.

Diva-Dirt Odds of Winning: 4:1

Summary: Bianca has some potential to be a star in this industry, but she needs to improve on her selling and timing. If she does that, she will be a breakout star for WWE in the months to come.

Toni Storm

5’5”, 143, Auckland

2016 PWI Female 50 Ranking: N/A

Previous wrestling identity: Storm

Bio: A student of Mason Childs for Impact Pro Wrestling in Australia, Toni Storm is known to put her best effort in. A current Stardom World Alliance Champion and PROGRESS Women’s Champion, Toni is a rising star in the independent scene.

Style: Toni is a total technician, and has good ring psychology to bit.

What to Watch For: Strong Zero (Piledriver)

Biggest Strength: Agility. Toni may be small in stature, but she makes up for it with her uncanny speed.

Biggest Weakness: Her height. Remember, Toni is listed as 5’5” and she will have to have taller opponents, but she is up to the task.

Diva-Dirt Odds of Winning: 8:1

Summary: What Toni Storm lake in size she makes up for it with her speed and agility. She also has natural charisma and a passion for this business. Look for her to be competitive throughout the tournament.

  • Lushluke

    Come thru B

  • Jonny

    I see both of these women having bright futures. Toni has that WWE “look”.

    • Aye Mate

      She has the look, talent and nerve to go all the way.

  • Izzy4lw

    Bianca has the potential to be a great talent with a couple years of strict training in the PC, and I think she’ll be a breakout star in time.

    But Toni, now there’s a woman who can go. She’s an amazing wrestler, she’s crazy charismatic, she has proven she can hold her own with the best in the world (her match with Io Shirai was an instant classic and her WWE Axcess match against Jinny was a great showcase of her skills with WWE. Limitations) and she’s absolutely beautiful.

    In my opinion, if Vince is absolutely dead set on the next “Trish” (a solid wrestler who’s beautiful and charismatic) he NEEDS to sign her.

    • Kvngbalor

      He’s found several Charlotte is one

      • Izzy4lw

        Charlotte is close- she’s an incredible wrestler with presence and charisma, but just misses the Vince type “sexpot” thing he’s been looking for: he’s wanted an great wrestler with charisma that can go from badass to sexbomb in an instant as Trish could; he’s come close tbf- Charlotte misses the sexpot thing, Bliss isn’t a strong wrestler, neither was Kelly- but Toni is a gorgeous girl, and once WWE get their hands on her she’ll vamp up her look. Plus she can wrestle, and she can talk. Toni is, to me, more in the mold of Trish/Mickie/Melina – I.e a gorgeous woman who can both act and light it up in the ring.

  • Aye Mate

    Toni Storm SCREAMS superstar in the making.

    • Ashleyslehmann

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  • Rosanna

    Ready to see Bianca.

  • Kvngbalor

    Toni is the one im rooting for since Candice hasn’t been announced. Toni is bad ass she just has it her presence is crazy


    I would be so surprise if they didn’t sign Toni for a contract….

  • Jo9834

    I am floored to know Bianca has only been in the business under a year. It would have been great if they didn’t rush her to TV and allowed her to become the force she is so capable of being, and that the womens division has been missing. She could easily fill the void that Jazz, Beth and Victoria left as the divisions athletic and brutal powerhouse.

  • Shady Sequence

    Toni is totally awesome, look no further than her stardom work to see she’s one of the best out there, I expect her to be in the final four with no doubt

    Bianca is gonna be great but that’s not coming soon. I hope they don’t push her too far, round 2 is where she should exit the tournament

  • A One of a Kind Collectible

    I cannot wait to see more of Bianca! I loved her homage to Jazz’s double chicken wing in her match. She is a STAR!