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  • #TearTheWeavesDownFromTheSky

    This number one contender match between Ember and Ruby better be tonight.

  • Mauricio Cordova

    hi people!

  • MK126

    SOOOOOOOO they taped next weeks episode and Ember beats Leid Tapa and challenges Asuka at TOBK3

  • Hugo Prado

    I already read the spoilers for NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn lll. I am totally dissappointed cause’ it will be Asuka vs Ember for the NXT Women’s Championship without a stipulation or kinda somenthing. It will be a singles one-on-one match and I got no problem with that, Sasha vs Bayley 2 years ago was a singles match up and they stole the whole SummerSlam weekend, but in this case Asuka cheated Ember in Orlando also Asuka became more cocky and arrogant, I thought that it would be the same like when The Miz pushed off Ziggler to put his career on the line for one more title opportunity no matter what. I really wanted Asuka vs Ember Moon in a Streak vs Career Match for the NXT Women’s Championship or just Title vs Career cause’ it would put more fans behind Ember.

    • Sararyoung

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  • Almarpar

    So… that Vanessa Bourne match…. it was bloody awful did not put the MYC in a good light AT ALL..
    Still excited to see all the other talent lined up! I think they should of aired the Bianca vs Aliyah match on TV instead of YT

  • Jo9834

    The Mae Young Classic is going to be a sad affair if this is the level of wrestling we can expect on there. The Cruiserweight Classic was incredible, I hope this doesn’t dissappoint.

    • Summer_Slay #GiveSummerAChance

      Most of these girls will probably be eliminated in round 1. I believe they just wanted to kinda showcase whats in store for the future like Vanessa, Taynara, Macey and Sarah (even tho she’s a solid indie girl she was signed prior to the tournament and has to get some recognition as well). And Macey also confirmed that trainers didnt to much training in the PC most of the things they do they have to learn on their own. So dont be surprised if the girls are basic.

  • Haraya

    Vanessa… she has charisma & some atheletic point but… overall is pathetic.