Welcome to this week’s NXT review. Last week we saw a dejected Billie Kay and Peyton Royce call out the rest of the locker room for not celebrating Billie’s birthday.

The Icons do not care about the Mae Young Classic, they just want to be respected by the women currently in NXT. Thea Trinidad also makes a brief appearance as she gets into another fight with Andrade “Cien” Almas.

Additionally, Ruby Riot and Ember Moon get in each other’s faces as they argue over who should be the number one contender for Asuka‘s championship. Asuka previously stated in a twitter post that she’s not coming back to NXT until a worthy opponent emerges.

This week all these threads take a back seat as we’re treated to another Mae Young Classic Qualifier. Vanessa Borne, formerly known as Danielle Kamela, takes on Jayme Hachey, also known as Jayme Jameson.

Vanessa makes her entrance to a bad ass hard rock theme song. Commentator Mauro Ranallo, love him, starts making note of her previous accomplishments as a former Phoenix Suns dancer.

Jayme makes her entrance and we get to know her a bit more, she’s a former high school wrestler, the only female member of her team!

The match starts and the women tie up. They jockey for position before Jayme hits Vanessa in the face. She takes her down with a shoulder block. They go back and forth before Vanessa hits Jayme hard in the back with a stiff kick. They go back and forth again before Jayme flattens Vanessa with a sidewalk slam. Jayme then locks Vanessa in a rest hold.

Vanessa starts powering out and backs Jayme into the corner, freeing herself of the hold in the process and flipping Jayme over. She then racks Jayme in the chest. She continues pummeling her with hits and then a clothes line. She drop kicks Jayme and then continues hitting her.

Vanessa hits a sidewinder uranage for the win. Vanessa now moves on to the Mae Young Classic.

After the match she talks about what the tourney means.

She says she feels amazing and can not wait to be a part of history.

Additionally, Nikki Cross makes a brief appearance with Sanity after the Authors of Pain continue their destruction of the tag division.

Thoughts: Unfortunately I wasn’t impressed with Vanessa as much as I hoped I’d be. The match was criminally short and I’m guessing it’s because Vanessa isn’t as experienced as her counterpart?

We haven’t seen much of Vanessa as the NXT Women’s Division begins readying itself for a new batch of talent. It’s hard to judge her as a complete package yet since we know so little about her. From her theme and look, she’s supposed to be a hard rock chick, someone who’s not afraid to get rough.

However, she needs to further work on her skills because I felt like we were watching the match in slow motion. This was a much better outing for her opponent. I don’t think she’ll go that far in the tournament and that’s OK. She needs to begin separating herself from the pack and NXT is definitely where she’ll begin doing that.

I did really like her finisher though. It’s something we haven’t seen and if she continues to whip out new moves, she will not get lost in the shuffle. Even though she still needs a lot of work, I hope she succeeds because I want to see what she can bring to the table.

Jayme was a nice surprise. She did her job very effectively. She lead the match and controlled it for a good chunk of time. She’s strong and efficient. I hope to see her competing again soon.

I’m a bit puzzled at Nikki. There’s no follow up to how she feels about losing to Asuka in that brutal Last Woman Standing Match? Come on NXT, you can do better, remember continuity?!

NXT still suffers from many stop/starts. On the one hand I’m excited to see the Ruby/Ember bout, I’m eager to see what the Icons do now, and I’m pumped for the Mae Young Classic. On the other hand, it’s frustrating that the women are still not even given 10 minutes to work a match and we’re constantly struggling for continuity. NXT, get it together.

What did you think of this week’s NXT? Were you impressed by Vanessa? What do you want to see moving forward? Sound off in the comments below.

  • Vince Martin

    Why is Jayme wearling leftover alexa bliss gear?

    • Mr. Giem

      Same thoughts, LOL! ?

  • John Finnie

    So it seems NXT new recruits are going over the indie woman they brought in!! I hope this isnt a forwarning of how things play out

    Anywho is the 32 woman been announced yet??

    • Izzy4lw

      I highly doubt it – maybe one or two of them will make the top 16, but I fully expect the final 8 to be some combination of Toni Storm, Evie, Mercedes Martinez, Kairi Sane, one of the Monsters (Alpha, Lei’d, or Sage), KLR, and then the last two will be a toss up (unless Io is in, in which case she’s basically guaranteed a spot)

      • Bryskers

        My bet for the “monster” is on Alpha.

        • Izzy4lw

          really? I figured that given Sage being signed with the WWE that she’d make it furthest, but Alpha would make a good obstacle to the final 4

          • Bryskers

            Oh yeah I actually did not thought about that oops. I just figured Alpha being a bigger name, she would go further. But you may be right.

            (Also, we have confirmation that Mia (and very very likely Candice) is in the tournament <3)

          • Izzy4lw


            also it’s a toss up- I just know it won’t be Lei’d; I’m thinking it’ll be either Sage or Alpha

          • Bryskers

            Charlotte posted this: https://www.instagram.com/p/BWfsxCVgSgn/ and Mia said thank you on twitter. As of Candice, I saw a list of all the name and she was on it, so even though I don’t have confirmation 1000%, it’s pretty safe to assume she’s in it. :D

          • Izzy4lw

            I just died inside – remember I said even with the names being ‘leaked’ there was still 3 names left? I wouldn’t be surprised if those three names were Candice, Mia, and Io.

          • Bryskers

            Don’t say Io. I’m starting to think that maybe the whole neck injury thing was just made up by Stardom to cover up/justify a trip for the MYC. I will die if that’s the case.
            Anyways, Candice and Mia are on it and that’s great news!

    • A?.

      All the competitors are getting announced today on Facebook!

  • the match was rough and short but at least we get to see some of the competition for the tournament I agree Vanessa is probably not gonna go far in but hopefully she gets more experience while she still is.

  • Danny?

    Why even bother having this match if it’s gonna be 1 minute 50 seconds long? CWC didn’t have qualifying matches if I remember correctly.

    • ABC_1990

      The CWC did but they were hosted by indie promotions. Progress, Evolve, and Revolution Pro hosted CWC qualifying matches.

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    My issue with WWE is that the previous tournaments didn’t included inexperienced wrestlers. Why the women’s tournament should have? To give us a top-notch show, like the other two tournaments, they need to bring serious competition. I wasn’t impressed with her, and I hope the first round is her last but not I’m way more dissapointed with the fact that the first round will have these ladies that can’t wrestle.
    I have nothing against Vanessa, she will grow, the potential is there but for that is the NXT performance center. Not a tournament, not the TV show.

    • Wrestling.fan.from.France

      I agree. If you are building your tournament as the best platform of women’s wrestling in the world, you have to give us girls who are capable of producing quality matches all the time. Like you said, this is the sole tournament where inexperienced female wrestlers are given a shot. That shouldn’t be the case.

      • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

        Why is WWE so soft with their women always? For once, the tournament is way more about the wrestling than the character or show. Sad the first round are going to be a mess.

        • Wrestling.fan.from.France

          Really! This is way too symbolic for it to be handled this way. Plus, the first round is arguably more important than the rest of the tournament because it set the tone for the rest of the competition. If you the beginning is lackluster, fans won’t even try to look at the rest of it and will simply stop watching.
          Some are just WAITING for women to fail, don’t give them the opportunity to say “I told you, women’s wrestling simply sucks”.

          • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

            That is true, right now if that match on NXT was a promo to see the tournament, they failed. Right now women’s wrestling supporters are the ones dying to see the Mae Young Classic. I don’t know anyone else.

          • Malcolm James

            If you mad now wait to you see a Marti Bell or Lei D tapa match they suck

      • Bryskers

        Part of me wonders if WWE really sees this as an opportunity to showcase their homegrown talents, or if they just put them on because they didn’t want to bother scooting too hard.

        • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

          The problem is that men are the ones looking for the talent, when they see beautiful women, get distracted and add them to the roster. If they had an all women panel right there, only the best would be selected.

          • Wrestling.fan.from.France

            “If they had an all women panel right there, only the best would be selected.”
            You know, they seriously need a woman who has the responsibility to find and scout female talents on the indies. They have William Regall for men and women but he mostly know about men. You need that one specialist who is well informed about the Indy scene when it comes to women and who is able to see all the qualities needed in order to be a WWE star that goes BEYOND looks only.

          • Donnahrenteria

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  • #VindictiveBitch

    So they couldn’t air Aliyah vs Bianca on NXT which was a lot more appealing, but they aired this? Lol OK NXT. I love Vanessa though. She seems very green, but she is gorgeous and I loved her theme.

    • Head

      They aired it weeks ago!

      • Rosanna

        It wasn’t aired on NXT. It was aired on the wwe website and the YouTube channel.

        • Head

          Oh lol nvm then ????

  • Exotic

    I stan

  • George
  • ABC_1990

    They should of aired the Aliyah/Bianca match and had this terrible Vanessa Borne match on YouTube

  • A?.

    Vanessa a queenie, she reminds me of young Layla omg. But anyways, she is still pretty green but she has potential.

  • conan_kun

    Is Asuka moving to main roster as tweener or heel earliest as shortly after Summerslam.

  • Robin Zabriskie

    still very green, she is gonna lose in the first round

  • Don ?

    Vanessa was pretty cool. I thought she’d be heel by first impression, but she gave off a lot of face mannerisms. I think she should tone down her makeup a tad and wear more vibrant makeup if she’s sticking with a babyface persona. Her finisher is nice, but I’d like it more if it was executed as a back breaker than a sideslam.

    And I need more Iconic Duo. ????

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    The match was ok. Vanessa has a nice set of skills. Her problem from what I see is one her charisma and selling! Two she needs to get a better flow in her moves. She shows a lot of promise. And she looks like she’s learning quick so it won’t be long til she has it down pat.


    I think people forget that NXT is DEVELOPMENTAL ! Please remember that I know we are use to these 5 star classis takeover matches by these Indy darlings but Some girls are not gonna serve Asuka In ring skills in their first television match…. please let me grow and don’t be so hard on them jeeeeez…. I say again NXT is Developmental

    • Edwards1992

      Thank you ??????????

  • thenotorious1
    • Mr. Giem

      LOL! Can somebody explain me what’s the tea between her and Carmella? Please!

      • Summer_Slay #GiveSummerAChance

        To be fair probably there is no tea. These days people see something and jump to conclusions. She doesnt even look mad. She probably didnt know the camera was on her by that time. You are allowed to look away duh. Look at the man behind Alexa next to CJ. Does he also have beef with Carmella…

        • Mr. Giem

          I read here (I think) that Danielle threw some shade to Carmella in her twitter but I couldn’t find those tweets or a more detailed story. I just would like to know more about since it seems like a very underrated beef… jk.


    She’s pretty and she’s abit green…..
    the ugly smarks and 4 horsewoman Stans are gonna demolish her ??? I’ll pray for you sista…….

  • Not bad for her re-debut match. She is good a bit green but with the proper time can mske grest things and now it’s to see what has in store on the tournament.

    • Izzy4lw

      She seems to be learning quickly so I think she’s got a lot of potential- I’d prefer her out first round of the tournament though- the top 16 on should be primarily high calibre matches, because I will be pressed if they have all these green girls pretending to be legit wrestlers into the top 8 and on.

  • iloveTorrie

    Vanessa is very green but yet very beautiful. I don’t see her going far in the tournament tho. They should pair her back with The Velveteen Dream and do The Prince and Appolonia thing after the tournament is over.

    • bobby miller

      Wow! Good comment! ?

      • iloveTorrie

        Why thank you ?

  • Mr. Giem

    I was a little bit disappointed by Vanessa, she showed some promise during her previous matches but this one felt short and nothing spectacular. I can totally see her being eliminated during the first round of the tournament but I hope she proves me wrong.

    When it comes to Nikki Cross I feel like they should had kept her off TV for a few weeks to sell her outstanding match against Asuka and give her character a different direction post TO Brooklyn. It’s kinda sad to watch her as Sanity’s valet once again after delivering a Match of The Year contender.

    And finally, it’s been the reported that Thea Trinidad’s NXT name is gonna be ‘Zolita Vega’… What the hell is that?

  • Summer_Slay #GiveSummerAChance

    It was a very shot and unexciting match i didnt like it. Vanessa did way better against Nikki Cross and Peyton when she was still using her real name Danielle Kamella. I like her a lot she reminds me of Layla/Eve Torres and i stanned her ever since i saw her in her debut.

    However you should understand that WWE is finally giving some of the newer/live events girls some TV time. I do NOT think that thats the right way tho, to put them as green as they are in what should be the best of the best in the world… They could use them to put the women of the current roster over. For example stop using indie jobbers and use them. They will learn to work/put matches with the girls on the NXT roster while in the same time gaining exp and getting TV time leading to feature storylines for them after some of the current NXT girls are moved to the main roster.

    • Izzy4lw

      right!? do you remember when Sasha was a jobber? when Bayley was a jobber? when Becky Lynch jobbed out? the new girls used to always job out to learn, and then they’d push them when they were ready – now that doesn’t even happen anymore.

      • Summer_Slay #GiveSummerAChance

        Exactly, glad that you agree.

  • iOwnThatSonOfABitch

    It’s like I liked Vanessa, but I also didn’t…

    She’s just meh to me.

  • Joseph

    I can’t judge this match its clear Vanessa was nervous and whatever she did wrong she probably address already.

  • Aye Mate

    Danielle’s a great looking woman but her wrestling wasn’t very encouraging heading into the tourney.

    • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

      Yeah, her spot should’ve gone to Jayme.
      Danielle will probably be eliminated in the first round though. I’m curious to see more of her in the future though.

  • MK126


  • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

    I love Jayme even though she can be sloppy at times I’m enthralled by her presence and attitude.
    Danielle Kamela was a cool name, too bad they had to change that. I like her finisher though since it’s very different all the other women’s finishers.

    It’s too bad the match was so short. When I saw Jayme and Vanessa/Danielle were going to face off I had higher expectations since Aliyah va BelAir got a good amount of time.

    Also I was starting to like seeing Asuka more involved in the women’s division. What made most of her reign so awkward was she never interacted with any of the women till the Takeover matches.
    I guess now we’re back to how it was before.

  • Bobby Calloway

    Vanessa was significantly better than Bianca but still obviously too green to be given a spot.

  • nxt was decent and i enjoyed it this week