Hola Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s Impact… or hmm… rather the very first GFW Impact Write-Up!? First off, I’d like to thank Matthew for covering the last two episodes of Impact Wrestling and Slammiversary during my short break. And my what an episode to come back to: the company formerly known as TNA is going through yet another name/merge as GFW takes over (the identity crisis continues!) and we hear a major announcement from the returning Gail Kim.

Jeremy Borash introduces his good friend Gail as she gets set to make her special announcement. He calls Gail a pioneer Knockout who truly defied a division. No arguments there JB! The Hall of Famer looks beautiful as the Impact Zone greets her to a tremendous ovation.

Gail starts off by revealing that she has been holding on to this announcement for quite awhile now. She expresses her gratitude of having the chance to work with some of the most talented and respected people in the business. She’s performed for millions around the world – literally giving her soul, mind and body to wrestling with no regrets. We love you Gail!

With all that being said, Gail officially announces that by the end of 2017, she will retire from in-ring competition. A “No” chants begins to break out. Gail thanks all of the friends she’s been able to make throughout her career and thanks Impact Wrestling for allowing her to be herself.

Lastly, Gail thanks all of the fans, who begin a dual “Thank you Gail” and “Please don’t go” chant. Gail closes out the segment by stating to that she intends to go out on top, right here in her home of Impact Wrestling! #ThankYouGail

Karen Jarrett and Gail both comment on the retirement announcement during GFW’s Last Word and Inside Out.

In some of the more humorous highlights of the night, Scottish wrestling star Grado is on a mission of finding a bride in an attmept to avoid deportation from the United States. That’s one way to beat the system. His ace attorney Joseph Park suggests he marry a Knockout, saying that all the boys are doing it.

Grado approaches a parade of Knockouts that include Ava Storie, Amber Nova, Rebel, McKenzie Mitchell, Sienna, Rosemary and Allie. All these lovely ladies, sadly, reject the beloved bachelor to a simple date.

After being told ‘No’ so many times, Grado meets back with Joseph Park who says he is running out chances. To help Grado, Joseph hands Grado a bottle of champagne and a box of the finest chocolates. Champagne you say, clearly Laurel Van Ness is next on Grado’s love connection agenda!

Speaking of Laurel, she’s up next in a match against Ava Storie:

As the bell rings for this contest, Josh Matthews questions how many months it has been since Laurel has worn her broken bride wedding dress. Same Josh, same,

Laurel starts off by charging after Ava, who literally ducks and covers Laurel into a roll up for a two count. Ava traps Laurel via body scissors and goes for a series of pin attempts all around the ring to no avail.

Avail switches gears, landing a series of forearms to Laurel and whips her to a corner but Laurel reveres. The Broken Bride stays in control as she knocks Ava off and goes for the cover that earns a two count.

Laurel maneuvers Ava back to a corner, where she stomps her head to the bottom turnbuckle. After choking Ava out via ring ropes, Laurel goes for the Curb Stomp but Ava manages to escape.

Ava blocks and catches Laurel’s kick, countering it out with a neck breaker. Laurel retreats to the outside, looking to walk out of the match but Ava chases after her and tosses her back to the six sided ring. As Ava re-enters the ring, she is struck with a running knee from Laurel all leading up to second rope DDT and curb stomp combination that earns Lauerl the three count win!

Post match, Grado and Joseph Parks are back on our screens to congratulate Laurel on her win. The Impact Zone are fully behind Grado as he tries to charm Laurel into going out on a date with him.

Grado compliments Laurel from head to toe and asks him she would like to possibly grab some food, drinks and catch a movie. Grado just wants an answer damn it! While the Impact Zone lets out a ‘Yes!’ chant, Laurel doesn’t give Grado an answer as her beast of a hunch man Kongo Kong comes out to chase away Grado and his lawyer.

During GFW’s Last Word, cameras catch Laurel where she apparently agrees to Grado’s proposition to a date.

Thoughts: Say it ain’t so Gail! I absolutely love Gail Kim, so it is very bittersweet to hear of her forthcoming retirement. On one side, the Knockouts division will lose their MVP of many years; a woman who is practically the synonym to the Knockouts division. On the other hand, health comes first and with a tremendous career of nearly two decades, Gail will no doubt leave behind a career she can be very proud of! Thanks for all you have done for women’s wrestling Gail!

As for as everything else, the Knockouts seem to be in a stuck rut at the moment. Even though this week’s Knockouts match was short (the trend continues) I think this was Ava’s best showing on Impact so far. She looked more comfortable in the ring and I think there is a chance to see her grow if the company would just give her something to work with and not switch her from babyface to heel every other week. Same goes for all the newest additions to the Knockouts division: MJ Jenkins, Diamanté, Alisha Edwards, Christina Von Eerie.

I’m a bit disappointed that Rosemary has yet to make a full on cameo since her defeat from Slammiversary (no, that small Grado bit doesn’t count) as we continue to head into this full GFW take over. This has been one of the company’s hottest act and after making a turn to her character, I’d like to see what she’ll do next after such a lengthy reign as Knockouts Champion.

From what it seems, the GFW Women’s title will be the replacement to the Knockouts one come Destination X next month. I understand this is all part of their 1000th ‘reset button’ fiasco but there’s so much prestige behind the Knockouts title that this is giving me flashbacks to 2010’s Night of Champion scenario involving the WWE Women’s and Divas Titles.

I’m unsure how to feel going forward with the GFW re-branding. Changing the name of the company may take some of the ‘bad’ from the previous TNA and Impact history but there were still plenty of good that came from it – especially when it came to the Knockouts division! I still believe in this division (the talent is there!) but unless creative do their part in investing in them, the only thing that will truly change is the name.

What did you think of this week’s Impact? Are you shocked by Gail’s announcement? How do you feel about the GFW rebrand? Let us know in the comments below! 

  • Aye Mate

    Hail Kim.

    That isn’t a typo, I actually mean it!

    Here’s hoping Gail can provide a few more high watermark matches for her career before she bows out for the last time. It’s going to be a huge void without you, Gail!

    Also, LVN is my new guilty pleasure in wrestling. Chelsea Green is doing wonders with making the gimmick feel much more than it should be.

    • Annabholland

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    • Racheljwakefield

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  • DivaLicious?

    I’m wondering if LVN is enjoying her character?She can’t be. Because if I was her I would ask for a release. I don’t understand why they just can’t have her play her “rich spoiled brat” gimmick. And have her go for the GFW title. I’m tired of this. Just like josh Matthew said “HOW LONG IS SHE GONNA GO WITH THIS” I’m asking the same question! If anybody is enjoying this gimmick is below me????? And we supposed to be in this called woman’s revolution era.. well in GFW is looking like a joke. Nobody I seem to be invested in besides rosemary.

    The way this knockout division is looking I’m glad Gail Kim is retiring. Because their is nobody left that’s relevant to this division.

    • Troy Smith

      She did a shoot interview recently and said that she loves the character but doesn’t want it to go for too long.

      • Steven5812

        I figure it’s going to be her losing to Allie in the first ever knockouts STRAIGHTJACKET MATCH; followed by some kayfabe quality time in The Old Loony Bin; and ultimately her return to the ring, clean, sober and sane.

    • Steven5812

      The gimmick was all her idea; Impact Wrestling let her run with it; and now the whole world (AND Zack Ryder <3 :)) knows who Chelsea Green is.
      Otherwise she would only be remembered as that failed Tough Enough contestant who tried to beat BrieCheese BimBella's time with Daniel Bryan Danielson.

  • Francisco Baguer

    As GFW, tries to wash the stench of the TNA initials and start to push new women, out comes this old, over the hill, has-been to try and drag it back through the mud. Gail doesn’t get the memo that the KO division is dead, and now its a GFW women’s division. She wants to try and do exactly like Trish did when she retired champion, but its not going to be as memorable as that. All Gail is right now is a relic of a dead division and is walking ghost who’s on her last breath. How is she still there when she’s not even under contract? When its all over, I’m giving her the Benoit treatment and I will never mention her again.

    • Kvngbalor

      Well damn

    • MinervaCoretex

      Woooow. If you ever retire, I hope a random person goes to your party and poos all over the place.
      And thats how we’ll remember you.
      A giant piece of poo.

      • Francisco Baguer

        You must one sad pathetic man to say that. Clearly you mother didn’t love you enough

        • MinervaCoretex

          She didnt but that has nothing to do with you being a dick. Gail is a icon. Know your place, jabroni.

          • Francisco Baguer

            Yes because you obviously have fantasies of her in bed since closet you’ll ever come to have sex. Just another poor fat virgin living in your basement.

          • MinervaCoretex

            Im gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and assume either 1) English is not your primary language or 2) you’re a little child.
            Either way, im done arguing. Stop coming for queens, peasant.

  • Ollie Roche

    I’m bored of LVN broken bride gimmick because her wedding was donkeys ago but i dont want to see a spoilt brat gimmick either. I want her to go on to do something new and fresh that will get the fans behind her!

  • Summer_Slay #GiveSummerAChance

    What a classy QUEEN, LEGEND, an ICON of womens wrestling. #ThankYouGail

    I can only hope that TNA will keep her as a trainer.

  • Shady Sequence

    That was the shittiest curb stomp I’ve ever seen

  • disqus_n2nscDBSIO

    “As the bell rings for this contest, Josh Matthews questions how many it has been since Laurel has word her broken bride wedding dress. Same Josh, same,”

    Um…Can someone translate this sentence?

  • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

    So why are the Knockouts being fake?
    None of them sells LVN’s curbstomp properly.

  • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

    Oh and If they want “GFW” in the title they still could call it “GFW Knockouts title” that way all the prestige and history won’t be lost.