Good day readers and welcome to this week’s Main Event Redux! It’s been well over a year since I’ve covered a women’s match from WWE’s C+ program but this week we’re back and treated to a match-up pitting Raw Superstars Mickie James and Emma against each other. Let’s see how the action unfolds.

The match starts off with a tie-up, Emma winning the bout by locking Mickie in a headlock. Mickie escapes by cleverly rolling Emma through and manages to lock in a headlock of her own. Emma breaks free by shoving Mickie to the ropes, only to be taken down by a shoulder block. Mickie runs to ropes and takes Emma down once again with dropkick that earns a two-count.

Emma takes a breather by drawing back to the ropes but manages to take control of the match after sliding and striking Mickie from behind. She follows up by throwing Mickie face first to a top turnbuckle and then whipping Mickie to the ropes. Mickie reveres upon return, striking Emma down with a swift kick.

The women meet back at the turnbuckle, where Mickie sets Emma up for her signature cornered hurricanrana but Emma counters this out into a powerbomb for a win! As Emma goes for the cover, backstage cameras catch Dana Brooke tuning to the match. What’s this, Main Event actually giving us a potential follow up to Dana’s meeting with Emma from the Great Balls of Fire Kick-off show?

Back to the in-ring action, Emma tries to wear Mickie down with a suplex and a grounded full nelson hold. Mickie gets to her feet, striking Emma with some elbow shots to break free from Emma’s grasp but is taken down with a clothesline.

Emma goes on to place Mickie upside-down from the familiar turnbuckle and slides under the bottom rope to the outside. From there, Emma pulls Mickie’s hair but lets go before the referee calls for a DQ.

Emma returns inside the ring and lays a kick to the back of Mickie James, knocking off the former Women’s Champion from the corner. Emma goes for the cover but Mickie stays alive! For a second time in this match, Emma locks in a full nelson hold but Mickie breakouts with repetitive elbow shots.

Momentum begins to build up for Emma as she strikes Emma with a combination of kicks, clotheslines and a flapjack. Mickie climbs the top rope of a turnbuckle to land a diving seated splash to Emma for a two count.

Back on their feet, Mickie kicks Emma in the midsection and hits the Mickie-DT that earns her the three count victory. Post match, we find Dana still carefully looking on to this one-on-one match-up.

Thoughts: Wow what a fun match! I think we can all agree that both Emma and Mickie are two talents that have been neglected on Raw. This match really played out some of the strengths that both Superstars can play when given the chance.

Emma’s got attitude, aggression and tactics up her sleeve while Mickie is the seasoned fan favorite. It was such a relief to actually hear the crowd pop and get behind Mickie James again!

Right now, the WWE are trying to juggle multi-person matches on both Raw and SmackDown when it comes to their Women’s division. I get that they want to spotlight as many Superstars as they can but its comes at the price of repetitive stories/narratives. Raw has one more hour of air time than SmackDown, surely they can somehow carry a secondary women’s feud outside the title picture, can’t they?

Here, Main Event even took the time to acknowledge the encounter Emma had with Dana Brooke and while there wasn’t that much to take away from it (yet), continuity is key! Let’s just hope some of this carries on to Raw in the weeks ahead.

What did you think of the match? What do think will happen between Emma and Dana Brooke? Would you like to see an Emma/Mickie feud play out on Raw? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    This was a good match. I enjoyed it. Emma definitely is a good heel and Mickie is so good and crisp in the ring that it makes you smile because you know she can still hang with the newer girls. I could see Dana aligning herself with Emma again to take on Mickie with Asuka helping Mickie after SS to even the odds. And what makes this even better is that all the girls have history with eachother so it’s perfect. Please WWE continue this storyline on RAW and most importantly PLEASE give Emma, Dana and Mickie a chance to shine. I’m sick of seeing them job to the likes of Alexa, Nia and Sasha. Raw needs a change for once.

    • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

      Damn Dana used to be so skinny. And built way better than now. I just realized she got a little chunky but still cute.

      • Crazy. #RIPMae

        That was around the Arnold’s Classic thing so she got skinny queen

    • conan_kun

      Emma and Dana suffered a trauma from Asuka, especially Emma needs to win a feud badly. Asuka is better as a loner.

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      • Crazy. #RIPMae

        Emma and Dana can pin Mickie though they don’t have to pin Asuka to win the feud. I think Asuka is perfect because it’ll help make fans actually care about the side feud and give Asuka a chance to get a storyline without the title being involved.

        • Kimframey

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    • Robin Zabriskie

      I was thinking as foxy as a partner for mickie now that she has dumped from noam and she seems to be face

      • Crazy. #RIPMae

        That’ll be good too because we need more faces.

  • NY

    Great match. I love Emma, but Mickie needed this win! I’m wondering if Dana will align with Emma and both of them beat down Mickie? This can lead to maybe Summer Rae or an NXT superstar to show up and even the odds? I would ressurect Mickie’s psycho character and her obsess over Bailey or Alexa? Not sure.

    • Number One

      All of this does seem to be leading to Dana turning heel and re-aligning with Emma. As great as Dana was as a villainess, I feel that we haven’t seen much of Babyface Dana. I would prefer Emma turning face if they are getting back together. Part of me wants Mickie to somehow turn heel again.

    • I would like to see Mickie and Bayley in a feud like Santana and Madison had in TNA. But actually consistent.

      • Nathan

        I remember when she turned on madison. “Never meet your heros, cause they’ll only disappoint” I was shook. It started so well and flopped :(

        • I was low key hoping for Madison in MYC.

          • Nathan

            You and me both. She’s my fave in tna…. and rosemary

          • Yeah Rosemary, Angelina, and Madison are the best.

    • Mr. Giem

      Loved your idea! Emma & Dana could gang up on Mickie for a while until Paige returns and makes the save, it sounds good IMO.


      Over Sasha lol just imagine

  • I would love for Mickie to get another run with the title. I would also love for her to feud with Asuka. I honestly think Asuka v Mickie has been the most compelling Asuka match.

  • Nathan

    Sorry for this being off topic, but I saw a picture of Nia at a signing with the club. I’ve never wanted a faction so badly! They need to start booking the club properly. Could you imagine Finn as universal champ, the club as tag champs and Nia as women’s champ? I’d love it!

    • George

      that is a good idea yeah

  • Nathan

    I loved Emma and Dana in NXT but I find Dana more enjoyable as a face. She has abit of an underdog thing about her…..

  • Jonny

    I wouldn’t even be mad if they re-did this entire match move for move on Monday’s RAW, JUST so that we get this feud on the main shows where it deserves to be. Love these two, nice and fresh match up.

  • Dreignz

    Finally Mickie won a match

  • GlowTime

    Enjoyed this. Much needed breath of fresh air. I’ve really no idea why more storylines can’t be incorporated into RAW for the ladies. It doesn’t even have to be 2 matches on RAW every week, backstage talks/arguments/brawls, interviews, commentary segments, advertisements for matches on main event etc.

  • Mr. Giem

    It was a great match actually even if it was short.

    I loved the chemistry between them, it’s really there and it just made me wish of a long-term feud between Mickie and Emma.

    The crowd finally gave some love to Mickie while Emma reminded us why her second NXT run was fantastic, the evilness is still there and I LOVED IT!

    And finally, I’m intrigued by Dana, she didn’t look happy when Mickie picked up the victory… I smell a heel turn.

  • iOwnThatSonOfABitch

    Yes. These are the matches we should be getting on Raw.

  • Diva_Fan

    Love that the good sis Mickie got a great reaction from the crowd and they were behind her . I also hope this is leading to Emma and Dana reuniting as I think there good together and I kind of miss them together.

    • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

      But mind you Main Event is usually before Raw so the crowd is going to be hyped. Still she did get a very nice reaction and I’m pleased to see her pick up a win.

    • Summer_Slay #GiveSummerAChance

      screamed at the good sis

    • Jaded

      Main event is pre taped, the crowd could have been edited.

      • DivaFactz

        It wasn’t. Someone posted a live reaction from the audience on twitter because ppl said it might be edited and it was just as loud as it was on tv

  • Raleex2

    It was an OK match. Is cute, fun and has everything a match needs to be fun and successful with a live crowd. Now Mickie James is truly a star, WWE shouldn’t neglect her as such.

  • Vito

    its so funny how this morning i watched mickie vs beth for the womens championship and she was wearing this gear and i was saying how much i missed it, then i watch this and she’s wearing that gear. but this match was great. emma and mickie have great chemistry and i would love to see a ongoing feud between the 2 with dana being involved somehow so she can improve her in ring work with two veterans. this should be on raw tbh

  • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

    Yeah I thought this match was okay. Obviously nothing over the top amazing but it was nice to see Mickie pick up a win for once. Too bad it had to be Emma. Either woman needed the win so I don’t see how anyone could be mad at the result.

  • Right person won. Losing to Emma would kill whatever little credibility Mickie had.

  • Kvngbalor

    I read that WWE is focusing on more and more multi person matches cause their easier to book instead of one on one feuds cause it takes too much time to write for creative smh

    • Jonny

      So they need to fire the current creative team if they can’t do their jobs.

      • Kvngbalor

        Exactly it’s said the Summer Slam match is Alexa vs Bayley vs Nia vs Sasha in a fatal 4 way elimination

        • Jonny

          After SS they need a major, major overhaul with the direction of the Raw division. It’s dire at the moment.

        • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

          No!!! Omg can they just have a one on one match? Have several women’s matches if they need to fit them all on the card.

          • Dylan Gutierrez

            I don’t think it’s the writers’ per say. Everything goes through Vince and the powers that be. I think it falls more on the lines on them since perhaps there is a lot that may be nixed or canned and Vince goes ahead with the archaic, stupid ones instead.

            SmackDown apparently has more freedom but still to jumble everyone together has good intentions to include a lot of people but why should their jobs be simplified? You are writers, write dammit!

          • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

            Pro wrestling has become a sport now. All the storylines are just “you have a title and I want it.”

    • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

      Like I would die to have a job making storylines for the women.

  • Fantastic match did not want it to end more please WWE

  • Victoria&Melina19

    Nice match and I love Mickie’s attire throwback to 2007/2008

  • Naomi lover!!!!! ????

    Am I the only one that clicked off the video because I thought this was mickie vs Beth??!!!!! Iconic ATTIRE!! Mickie looked so good And the crowd finally popped for her! WWE push this woman!!


      Me too I was like hell nah where’s the glamazon.

  • Wicked Bliss

    Lazy title for a redux. Anyway it seems like they are continuing Dana Emma storyline which is nice aside from Emma havent got any win since coming back.

  • Don ?

    Mickie James looks as if she time warped straight from 2008 and I LOVE it. Her yellow attire brings back great memories from her fourth Women’s championship win against Beth Phoenix. I miss that Divas generation at times. ?

    I would love to see Mickie James feud with a heel Sasha Banks. As much as Sasha bashes the Divas generation it’d be perfect to have Mickie who was one of the top WWE Divas during her time have a program with her. The story writes itself.

  • Aye Mate

    Solid match and further proof that Mickie James and Emma are simply too good to be doing squat on RAW. And putting her back with Emma is perhaps the best WWE can do with Dana Brooke right now.

  • This mickie attire is the best, I remember when she won the title from Beth Phoenix. Her attires are classic and brought me a lot of memories

  • Gavin

    So happy Mickie picked up a win!

  • MafiaMM

    Wow, this could’ve been on RAW especially due to the continuation of the Dana/Emma storyline. Sure it was Dana just watching the match but it does give progress to what people saw on the Pre-Show for the PPV.

    Something is better then nothing.

  • Loved all of this. I still don’t know why it couldn’t have been on Raw. 8 minutes is all they needed.

    • Dylan Gutierrez

      They need the time for all the recaps and Roman promos they can spare as well as saying how Lesnar returns in a week while hyping other stuff that can be spared to give women another match or used to further other storylines.

  • ? Ricky Teixeira ?

    I wish Mickie would get new attire :/

    • Gail-Rollins Fan

      I’ve always hated her WWE attires. The skirts, followed by these baggy pants are horrid. The only good look she’s had in WWE is that denim number she wore against Laycool towards the end of her first run.

      • TheNeighborsCat

        Nothing will top the farmer’s shirts and daisy dukes.


    Such a great showing. Im into a program with them both. Mickie really took me back to her rivalry with beth in this attire… Emma is truly a Gem. If she can stay healthy perhaps she should be pushed at the top. Loved the match but they both needed this win.

  • StraightUpBitch

    Off topic from the match which was ace, but can DD acknowledge that WWE cancelled both Unfiltered and Talking Smack as a full time series? Seems like Vinnie Mac ain’t so high on Renee despite the fact she’s a better commentator and interviewer than most of the men. Guess he’d rather give a platform to abusive arseholes to Jerry Lawler and JBL instead of letting a woman take the spotlight and run with it

    • MK126

      It wasnt just Talking Smack. They also moved RAW Talk to just after RAW ppvs

      • StraightUpBitch

        Raw Talk has only been after PPVs though??? Seems like you’ve gotten a lil confused

        • MK126

          Really? Why did i think Raw Talk happened when TS did?

          • StraightUpBitch

            Because they have similar structures. And automatically I’d also assume Raw Talk was a weekly thing like TS, but it never was cause Raw didn’t have the presence of Daniel to carry a show

    • wwepassion

      Well Renee isn’t that great TBH. She’s decent but a better fit where she was before WWE which was covering random stories.

      • StraightUpBitch

        I don’t wanna be rude cause I’m not that kind of person but I know you disagree with a lot of people on their faves, so I’m just gonna wish you a nice day, and say you’re wrong as heck!

        • wwepassion

          This made no sense, but hey typical sensitive diva dirt user you are I guess.

          • StraightUpBitch

            Okay lol be rude. I wasn’t trying to but I guess being a rude asshole is a key aspect of your presence on this site. BYE

          • wwepassion

            Asshole is my middle name, cry baby must be yours yea?

          • StraightUpBitch

            Ya know at one point you might have to begin questioning why you get into arguements all the time? Spoiler alert: you got an attitude problem, the problem being you’ve got a shitty attitude

          • wwepassion

            Attitude problem because I don’t agree with you? You got off topic and got all personal and sensitive not me . Grow a set and toughen up you weak moron. I don’t care how you feel or THINK of me because I’m not here to be your friend or please you.

          • StraightUpBitch

            I said I wasn’t gonna be rude to you or engage further with you because I know you have an attitude problem and often cause arguments on this site, but that I disagreed with you about you commenting on my post about Renee. Maybe eventually your parents will ban your 14 year old ass off the computer because you really are a piece of trash who shouldn’t be allowed in internet discussions with true diva fans. ANYWAY, have a nice life and stop talking shit to everyone.

          • wwepassion

            It took me hours to respond because I actually have a life and more important things to tend to unlike you. Again i’m not here to please you or be your friend, not my fault you are to weak to deal with people disagreeing with you.

          • StraightUpBitch

            Not weak when I actually was trying to be nice to you, but said I disagreed and I didn’t wanna interact further because you always pull shit like this. And sweetie, I got a life, you don’t know me, but I’m not letting some trashy asshole get away with talking to me, like shit. I could keep this up all week, but for now I think I won’t reply. Enjoyed arguing with your nasty ass, can’t wait till next time! Xoxoxo

          • wwepassion

            Moron you got personal because I disagreed with you. You are weak and have no life.

          • StraightUpBitch

            I’m done arguing with you. I’m not gonna be rude back because it’s tiring and I don’t have anything to prove to you, so bye!

          • wwepassion

            You already said this yet here you are lol

          • wwepassion

            You know I’m right so you’re mad.

          • StraightUpBitch

            I also love that it took you a whole day to come up with this. Really great use of 24 hours

  • conan_kun

    Mickie and Emma deserved better than just a filler, they should have keep Mickie on Smackdown and move Emma to Smackdown. Though I hope this match to be on Raw, but it’s okay to be on Main Event where they have more time to compete, look like Dana gonna turns on Mickie and reunites with Emma if they continue thing starting from GBOF kickoff, since Dana is not too suitable as babyface and her dynamic with Emma is perfect as they’re back to NXT. When Mickie is outnumbered by Emma and Dana, she may get some woman to help even the odd like Alicia turns face to make them a veteran duo or Paige due to her history with Emma, but I’m afraid they won’t let Paige return after Alberto’s scandal.

    Great moveset from Emma

  • Annabholland

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  • Jesus’s brother

    Mickie has the same moves since 2007 LOOL

  • George

    Mickie James deserves to become champion again!!
    Emma she’s amazing she deserves to win several championships in her career tho..
    Dana needs to improve
    Sasha can wait more
    Alicia she’s a legend she deserves one more run but i doesn’t matter she only wants the money
    Hayley should be fired

  • Mark?

    What a great, fun match. I was so scared Mickie was going to lose to that jobber but thank God she didn’t. This is the first time I truly saw the fans get behind Mickie since her return. She needs to be able to showcase her skills as a performer for people to get behind her. I love Emma’s wrestling skills but hate everything else about her. And that goofy dance she does during her entrance looks ridiculous… The throwing her arms side to side and then raising them up in the air for that beat… LOL. Jesus. Just stop Emma.

  • Vince Martin

    I love how they both are working stiff

  • Danny?

    Such a fun match. Love both the girls and was great to see the crowd getting into the match. Hopefully this was WWE’s way of testing this match up and now it translates into a feud on RAW.

  • PhiPhiBanks

    There are no excuses as to this not being on RAW.

    Too much time is devoted to recaps, that’s what youtube should be used for.

    Three hours and ten minutes is more than enough time to showcase the roster.

  • wwepassion

    Please put more effort into these girls. Pretty good match.

  • Alberto Del Rio

    No one cares about divas.

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    I know I’m a fan of Mickie because I watched the match 3 times. I have not done that in a LONG time.