“The Biggest Party of the Summer” is fast approaching and despite weeks of tussling between the women on RAW, two women have managed to get to the front of the line. Both Sasha Banks and Bayley have managed to one-up the RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss over the past few weeks. However, only one woman is going to get that final invite to the Summerslam bash. Let’s see what happens when this best-friend duo are forced to against each other!

Ahead of tonight’s RAW, WWE.com posted videos of both potential #1 contenders. Bayley recalls her fond memories of her main roster debut at this exact date and exact arena at Battleground 2016.

Her opponent Sasha Banks is a lot more confident, she mentions how she’s managed to prove that she’s tougher – referring to her battles with Charlotte, compared to Bayley falling short to a kendo stick. She’s ready to prove everything once again, but she assures us that they will still remain friends following the match.

We’re also treated to a side treat, with Emma interrupting RAW General Manager Kurt Angle to voice why she’s being left out… something she’s done since 2014, but hey it’s being done again! She insinuates that maybe she needs to date Kurt’s son Jason Jordan to start getting some attention. Her intentions are noted by Kurt, but probably not in the best way as her sets her up in a match… with Nia Jax.

The match between Nia and Emma is pretty much a squash. It’s sad to see the woman who helped elevate the entire credibility of the NXT women’s division get treated as a joke. You can’t help but think that this was some form of punishment for her tweet the other week, but I’ll comment more about this in the thoughts section. The take home from this match is seeing Nia do a running front flip senton!

Before the #1 contender showdown, Renee Young catches up with RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss. The ‘Goddess’ of WWE seems quite relaxed knowing that she’s got 2 strong competitors ready to come for her – she seems more into the fact that this friendship that has been a thorn in her side over the last couple of weeks. Maybe this can be the break up she’s finally looking for!

Bayley and Sasha also bump into each other backstage ahead of their match. It’s clear to see the particularly ‘friendly rivalry’ between them both. Although, it is Sasha that seems to be in stating that ‘the best will win’ as she confidently heads to the ring.

The match is a solid bout, with both the faces evening each other throughout and the crowd being torn between them both. The closing scenes of the match see both women trading blows – elbow, forearms, slaps, even running shining wizards. The end comes with Sasha knocking Bayley from the apron, which gives her an opportunity to move to the top rope. She hits Frog Splash as a tribute to her idol Eddie Guerrero and tries to go for the final cover, but gets rolled over onto her back! 1.. 2… 3! Bayley has countered and is going to Summerslam!

While Bayley celebrates, Sasha looks shocked while Alexa makes her way to the ring. She faces off with her future Summerslam opponent and raises the RAW Women’s Championship above her head. The path of Summerslam has begun!

WWE.com caught up with Bayley after her impressive win over Sasha Banks calling it “bittersweet.”

Thoughts: Booking wise, I was quite looking forward to this match actually. We know that Bayley/Banks is an amazing combination that the WWE have held off on for a long time, so it’s definitely not a bad thing to see their names billed against one another on the card. My biggest fear going into it though, was that the crowd would turn on Bayley. These are two extremely popular draws, but Bayley’s crappy booking over the last couple of months have really taken a hit to her popularity. However, I was pretty pleased with how the crowd gave both of them an equal shot!

I was slightly anticipating a triple threat scenario, but I guess that would probably be a better decision because SmackDown has been doing a lot of multi-women action lately. This also makes the picture a bit more tense, while there are 2 main opponents, Sasha and Nia still haven’t been written out the situation and I’m sure they’ll be factors heading towards Summerslam. I think I’m still a bit pressed that Sasha still hasn’t gone heel and the tinges bring me back to her top days of 2015, but at least we know that Bayley VS Sasha is still a button that the WWE have in their back pocket. It was a good fun match and we know that they have amazing chemistry, which I felt was a very feel good match to see.

However, let me not start about how they did Emma… like has she pissed someone off backstage? The way they’ve treated her over the last few years has been dreadful. From the awful Emmalina push to not winning a singles match since her most recent return, it’s almost like they’re punishing her for something. What rubs it in, is how literally everyone else is getting a shot around her – now that’s no discredit to any of the other women being pushed, but if they can… they why does Emma get treated to a 2 minute squash match?

Overall, the two-tier division gap continues to be the biggest problem and it was portrayed this week! Once again, Emma draws the short straw, while all the other women move forward. Next week Mickie? Dana the week after? How many times can we see the same combination of these 4 women. Also, where the hell has Alicia Fox gone?!

Are you happy that Bayley is going to Summerslam? What do you think about Emma getting squashed? Hit me up in that comment section!

  • #RiotWithRuby

    All I can say is poor Emma…

  • Nadia

    If this doesn’t lead to Sasha punching Bayley in the throat and dragging her by her ponytail around the arena either at Summerslam or the Raw after than I just give up.

    • Aye Mate

      Hah. The sicko in me would love to see her snatch Izzy again.

  • Aye Mate

    I didn’t like Emma’s elected tact on twitter to bemoan her lack of opportunities, though I understood where she was coming from, but even then she didn’t deserve this squash. Now, the creative spark in me would love if Emma used this beating she received for speaking up to target Kurt Angle by corrupting his son, but I imagine what we saw was just face value: someone being buried as punishment.

    Match was good, though short of what Banks and Bayley are obviously capable of. Bayley and Bliss doesn’t interest me unless we see a drastic change in the former. Great opportunity could have been had to have Bayley attack Bliss, but nope. As for Banks, something tells me she’ll wiggle her way into the title picture, but I just hope to God she finally turns into the heel she’s clearly itching to be again.

    • Bryskers

      I didn’t like it either. While I can totally understand the frustration, using her public social media to voice it this way feels unprofessionnal to me. If she wants to speak up (and she has every right to), she should talk about it with the people in charge. It might not get her very far, but might still be more useful (and I’ll say it with no judgment: less cowardly) than a tweet.

      I’d be annoyed if I was her too though, so I’ll give her that. I just don’t like this trend that most of the misused women adopted lately, of badmouthing the company like they’re hoping the stans are gonna start a hashtag or something… it just makes them look desperate to me. Oops.

      • Aye Mate

        A lot of people defended it saying it’s in the context of character, but I disagree when it riles up a lot of fans to rally against other performers who are trying to get over too. For me, officials really need to police some of the social media output from their talent (read: Lana). It’s a tad on the unprofessional side and, as aforementioned, risky for those WWE is trying to push. It’s not the fault of other performers that WWE didn’t give you an opportunity; that’s the way life goes, fair or unfair.

        • Bryskers

          Nothing on twitter is in character. Emma is just fed up and decided to be a smartass. If she didn’t know that she works for a petty company, she now got the message. And I agree with you.

  • Kvngbalor

    Sasha who wasn’t pinned by Alexa cheated out of a Summerslam rematch have they not learned that Bliss vs Bayley isn’t the right direction every time they’ve faced the crowd has gotten more and more sour with Bayley and i used to love Alexa but she hasn’t even been her witty Harley Quinn esq self ever since they labeled her The Goddess she’s been more and more like a mini Chatlotte and poor Emma punished for something Nia did for weeks and still do on Twitter… Oh she’s Dwayne cousin she can get away with it

    • Aye Mate

      Bayley and Alexa didn’t work because Bayley wasn’t allowed the chance for vindication. If they want to do that here, they’re going to have to show a wildly different side to Bayley.

      • Kvngbalor

        It’s too late their matches were subpar imo and they just didn’t mesh well together Alexa and Sasha feud would have been fire

      • Winter

        I don’t know, Bayley’s gimmick just doesn’t work in the main roster to me. She’s like my little sister, it’s really boring.

        • Joseph

          It can work WWE botch her main roster run and they trying to rebuild.

    • Mini Charlotte you say?? I may not be the biggest Charlogeddon fan, but unlike Bliss, she actually TAKES bumps.

      • Bryskers

        It always hurts my soul when people compare Alexa to Charlotte. Because let’s face it: … they wish. :(

        • Izzy4lw

          To be fair I don’t think they’re comparing Alexa to Charlotte- they’re comparing how RAW booked the two which is very similar. However, Charlotte was talented enough in ring to pull it off.

          Alexa…. well, we won’t go into her in ring shortcomings. The matches tell the story for us.

        • Jaded

          Yeah Alexa has more charisma, looks and better on the mic than Charlotte, both are passable wrestlers, no use comparing, Alexa is so much better

          • Bryskers

            Oh boy

          • Shady #FinnsBday

            lmaooo girl first of all idk if you’re aware but Charlotte eats Alexa alive in the ring. Keep dreaming though just keep doing that

          • CuCelchy

            Boy sit.

      • Jaded


      • CuCelchy

        Ok? She’s clearly referring to the booking & Alexa takes bumps too dumb ass.

        • Sweetie, one measly double knee from Sasha hardly counts as a bump. The girl’s been in THREE stipulation matches in less than a year and didn’t take a SINGLE BUMP in any of those matches. She literally managed to make a Tables Match, Steel Cage Match, AND a Kendo Stick On A Pole Match look like a 3 minute match from the “Diva” era. Stop reaching.

    • Fearless Nikki

      I’m pretty sure they are going to have a rematch or make it a triple threat because Sasha’s shoulders were up. I feel like if it was a triple threat, bayley or sasha might cost each other the title match leading sasha to turn heel but i don’t want that to happen. I need sasha to win and bliss out of the tile pic for awhile. Sasha has earned a long title run and hopefully WWE can understand that. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/211a1e2611ae9a0b152037d6c0da499c79e15a1f3f04e3cd82418fcd31554131.jpg

      • Normakcueto

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    • Jaded

      But the flip from Nia was everything

  • GEO

    Sasha vs Bayley was really great, those two without a doubt have the most amazing chemistry among the women. As for the outcome… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/08953b9862b6677ff74fbbad08c5aec4087ec8f0871b6a1d26b9a717f1c7a3fa.gif

  • Bryskers

    I’d be bothered if I still had the energy to care about whatever Raw is doing. Bayley facing Alexa at Summerslam is fine with me, but the decision of swaping a red-hot Sasha Banks for her does confuses me. While I’m glad to see that they haven’t lost faith in Bayley, it doesn’t change the fact that her character suffered enough at the hands of Alexa Bliss and hasn’t evolve since then (despite Cory saying that this Bayley is different from the one Alexa already beat… how exactly?). That’s my biggest issue with all of this. Not to mention that if the plan is for Alexa to retain, is it wise to hand Bayley another loss ?
    As far as Sasha goes, how are you gonna make her win by CO and then refuse to give her a proper rematch ? It’s just strange booking that doesn’t make a ton of sense (since Sasha had a legitimate claim before Bayley pinned Alexa a few weeks ago.) but oh well.

    I’m not even gonna hope for a heel turn this time. I’ve made that mistake before.

    Not a particulary exciting match-up for the secong biggest PPV of the year, but at least it gives Alexa and Bayley the opportunity to redeem themselves from that kendo stick on a pole match.

    (Sasha vs Bayley was very good by the way. As expected.)

    • Aye Mate

      I didn’t mind Sasha losing here because it keeps in tow with her most important losses to Bayley, feeding more fire for a heel turn. The problem, really, is that they booked Bayley into the ground during her last feud with Alexa that it’s virtually impossible to see how they intend to gloss over it.

      It’s also disappointing that Banks and Bliss haven’t yet been given opportunity to unleash upon each other verbally and continue stoking the flames for their rumoured real life war. Where Banks goes from here is anyone’s guess because for whatever reason WWE is awful hesitant to unleash the true spirit of the Boss.

      • Bryskers

        Exactly. Which makes me wonder even more what the hell were they thinking while booking the first half of the Alexa/Bayley saga. I mean, what was the point of burying Bayley like they did if they were gonna have her challenge for the title again two month later ? Without even bothering to build a ‘comeback’ storyline out of it too. It’s like they expect us to buy that Bayley somehow changed since her defeats because she pinned Alexa with a cheap roll-up two weeks ago…

        And do they really not see that Banks vs Bliss was clearly the money feud of the summer? It could have been GOLD. I want to know what’s going on back there, and how they can be so blind.

        • Aye Mate

          When Banks and Bayley wrestle it’s twicefold more emotive than a lot of what we usually see from the women’s division. Now, I believe that WWE can achieve the same stories from the other women, but right now Banks and Bayley is the feud we NEED to see amplified on the biggest stage to set the precedent of women following suit. That both performers are considerably diluted since making such huge strides depresses me somewhat.

          • Bryskers

            In a perfect world, Charlotte would have lost the title to Bayley at Wrestlemania, and the latter would have started a fresh feud against a newly turned heel Sasha. Pulling the trigger on Bayley’s first reign was a mistake and throwing Alexa in the mix so soon was a mistake too. Bayley and Sasha could and should have ruled the post-WM period, until Summerslam.

          • Aye Mate

            I agree. Then after Summerslam, the reins could have been handed to the likes of Bliss and Jax (who might have been more seasoned players and more rounded, by then).

          • Bryskers


            Urgh, we’re so good at booking things :-)

          • Aye Mate

            Fuck dealing with WWE’s toxic office politics though! :P

  • Kvngbalor

    Emma has the right to voice her opinion on her position Naomi used to do it all the time Sasha has done it Nia has done it so why can’t Emma? Hoping she’s traded to SD or this leads to Billie Kay & Peyton debut to align with her be a ausie version of The Dollhouse go after Dana who Mickie comes to the rescue for and possibly Alicia a good 6 women feud while Alexa Sasha Bayley and Nia keep fighting over the title ?

    • Aye Mate

      It’s not Emma voicing her opinion that bothered me, or when any other performer does so for that matter. For me it’s bad sport when performers do that sort of thing and get heat on other performers because they’re in the spot they want to be in. It’s close to trying to step over others. But I adore Emma and feel like many others that she’s far too talented to be squandered as she is.

  • ???

    The match was good , but don’t you think it getting too boring with the same three women fighting each other?
    While Nia is just sitting there squash the likes of Emma , Dana and Mickie .
    Emma NEEDS to either be booked correctly or let her goes to SD , people even put hashtags to let WWE listen .
    Also, why Nia gets a decent treatment and she did shade Raw booking .. and only Emma gets punished ?

    • Aye Mate

      Emma’s paid her dues a long time ago and actually did a fine job recovering from all the shit material WWE gave her. She deserves better than this, I agree.

    • Dylan Gutierrez

      Nia is related to The Rock so special privileges are possible.

      Emma has always been treated like crap on the main roster. She can talk, wrestle and make anything work. She had the Jazz curse unfortunately but her, Dana, Mickie and anyone can do anything if given the chances. RAW just cannot do anything outside of four women which is sad.

      • Joseph

        Just because your related to someone doesn’t mean you’re getting a push or be something. Just Ask Raquel Diaz, Lacey Von Erich, Jake Carter, David Flair, Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel, Ted DiBiase Jr., Brett DiBiase, Manu etc etc etc

  • Winter

    People trust me Sasha isn’t gonna turn heel. And if she does the crowd will be always behind her.

    • Aye Mate

      Yeah, I think that’s WWE’s issue. But even if she is cheered, it doesn’t mean she can’t do great heel things. Look at Bliss, she’s a heel that gets cheered. Why can’t Banks be too?

      • Winter

        Well Bliss gets cheered sometimes, but not so loud. Sasha is extremely popular, people just love her no matter what.

  • Kat Love

    Can we talk about how great this match was and how the crowds were into this match?

  • Mr. Giem

    I changed my mind about the Bayley vs. Alexa ’cause I feel we could get some interesting things from it (still not holding my hopes high ’cause it’s RAW). It’s better for Bayley that she gets her redemption story as soon as she can, otherwise her character will be doomed for life. I know Bayley vs. Alexa’s feud past Payback was AWFUL but it was mainly because of the booking, let’s not forget these women had great matches on NXT and the one at Payback was good as well so I hope their battle at SS will deliver.

    The best thing we could get from it would be Sasha turning heel, she wrestled last night as heel and it was LIFE! If Bayley wins at SS we better get Sasha dragging Bayley’s ass that night or the RAW after otherwise this sudden change of direction will be totally pointless.

    And last but not least… Gosh, poor Emma. Girl, what are they doing to you?! It was obvious from the segment when Kurt booked the match that this was a way to punish Emma for being so vocal on twitter and that’s what pisses me off. Emma has no place on the title picture, I get that, but why do they have to treat her like that? She’s talented AF!! Just give her a storyline and she will make it work!!

    Overall, a lot of mixed feelings… Like we could get good things from what they do but we won’t because the storylines are so inconsistent and the writers don’t even try. I honestly stopped caring about RAW and just try to enjoy the in-ring action as much as I can.

  • brock

    Sasha and Bayley had a good match but Bayley Winning was the wrong decision we have already seen Alexa vs Bayley and it was terrible, Sasha beats Alexa but count out at GBOF but doesn’t get a rematch at Summerslam that’s ridiculous Sasha Vs Alexa would have been the better option or at least to do a Triple Threat with Sasha, Bayley, and Alexa I have no desire to see Alexa vs Bayley 1 on 1 again

  • Joseph

    Emma next time don’t complain on Twitter do that privately.

    • conan_kun

      Remember Naomi is running her mouth quite a lot on twitter last year too, like she didn’t in Total Divas graphic, now what happen to her.

      • Joseph

        It worked for her but not for Emma.

  • Super Mateo

    The Sasha/Bayley match is a classic example of how well things can turn out when things are kept simple. There were no run-ins, no interference, no blatantly cheap tricks, no overbooking. That was nice to see. It was a similar storyline to an NFL playoff game: simply win for a chance at the title, or lose and you’ll have to try again some other time. It was just two women fighting for a prize and trying their hardest to claim the prize. That’s all the story I needed. They don’t always need a heel in there. The match was quite good, especially after a noticeable intensity increase midway through.

    On the other hand, we got another boring Nia squash, and I’ve never been a fan of squashes. They don’t do anything for anybody. We didn’t learn anything about Nia we didn’t already know. Emma came off looking bad. These women either need a story arc…or a prize to fight for like Sasha and Bayley did. This was just a waste of the little time they got.

  • In an attempt to find some good in this episode (other than the Bayley/Sasha match minus the outcome), Nia’s new finisher is a hell of a lot better than that Leg Drop AND Samoan Drop she’s been using. If only she could learn to execute it safely; because poor Emma literally took ALL of Nia’s weight on that move. She should keep it once she learns how to execute it safely; and adopt the Jackhammer she used back in NXT since Oldberg is retired (again).

    • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

      I agree about the Jaxhammer. She should bring it back. And yes if she can execute that senton safely its a good finisher too.
      It was really something to see a woman her size executed that move.

  • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

    Bayley vs Sasha was pretty good. But Bayley deserves it more than Sasha does. Sasha can stay away from the title for the rest of the year as far as I’m concerned. She’s hogging the spotlight and becoming stale because of it. Bayley and Alexa don’t have horrible chemistry, it’s the horrible booking they got a few months ago that hurt their feud. Alexa is probably retaining at SummerSlam so if we got Alexa vs Sasha, Alexa would probably be beating Sasha. So you all would still be crying either way. Oh yeah, Also #GiveEmmaAChance

  • Kvngbalor

    Sasha shouldn’t have even had to be in a number one contenders match she didn’t lose to Alexa she was cheated she gave Alexa her best match since being on MR a brutal brawl after the match a off script promo on Alexa their heat is real had everyone talking this could have been the next big feud for the women a feud built off actual hate and animosity but nope were back to Alexa making fun of Bayley and Bayley proving she can only be just Bayley

  • conan_kun

    They completely buried Bayley just a month ago now she’s No 1 contender against the same woman. Are they forgot that Bayley always get overwhelmed by Alexa during war of words, lead to Sasha coming out to cover up for Bayley, yet they still do Bayley vs Alexa.

    I won’t be surprised that Emma gonna gets released shortly, usually WWE let them get squashed as their last match or some embarrassment segment before they get released, it could be a good to her so she won’t continue to be wasted in WWE.

    • Francisco Baguer

      I hope so too. I think Emma getting squashed and buried was punishment for that tweet she made last week. She should just do what Austin Aries did and just leave to be better in another promotion. With Summer Rae supporting her, I’m sure she’s going walk out as well and get released.

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    This Bayley and Alexa storyline isn’t going to work if Sasha isn’t being the pressed babyface that wants to be in the SummerSlam match leading to her turning on Bayley. But if she’s getting added to the SummerSlam match we need to see Bayley take the fall and not her. I’m all for Alexa retaining at SS but the night after they better take the title off of her and give the title to Nia. It’ll be refreshing to see Nia as champion and she needs this win to solidify her role on Raw. These squash matches aren’t cutting it if she isn’t going to be rewarded. Give the title to Nia and let her feud with other the entire roster. https://i0.wp.com/i.imgflip.com/1ncsr3.gif?resize=300%2C185&ssl=1

  • Joseph

    If Emma was able to pull off the Emmalina gimmick she would the RAW Women’s Champ but she drop the ball and got hurt again.

    • Dylan Gutierrez

      I doubt they would have. She returned even after that with the Evil Emma gimmick before her injury and even then she was a secondary B player, the focus was still on Bayley/Nia/Alexa/Sasha.

      • Joseph

        Nope cause if it worked she would have gotten the push, look at Neville he took the ball on being a heel and fucking ran with it.

  • conan_kun

    If they seriously plan for WWE Four Horsewomen vs MMA Four Horsewomen which may happen latest at Wrestlemania 34, none of WWE Four Horsewomen gonna turns heel before that match happen.

    • Mike

      I love his videos lol

      • GOD STRATUS•

        Sooo good.

  • Sasha gonna work her way into this match as ALWAYS, technically she’s still #1 contender. Don’t nobody wanna see Bayley vs Alexa solo again.

  • Nathan

    I’m hoping that Bayley will get attacked and someone will have to take her place. I would have rather seen the rumoured Nia vs Alexa than this mess again

    • Justin Trenton #NotMyPresident

      Sasha/Bayley got the crowd to cheer in respect in the middle of the match. That shows how good they are together. That’s the SS match I’d like to see. Alexa is boring in the ring.

  • Wicked Bliss

    I hope they will keep Nia’s senton as her finisher and someday from top rope.

    • Justin Trenton #NotMyPresident

      She landed full weight on Emma’s midsection. Imagine it from the top rope! Her butt should hit the mat first to diminish the impact of that move.

  • Stef’

    Well let’s just say that’s what RAW is…
    I don’t get why Nia is sidelined once again, why wasn’t she in the match ? She beat both women in every one on one she had against them on RAW.
    Emma had words with Dana at GBOF, which seemed to be preemptive for something on RAW but it seems forgotten, and Dana, with Mickie, have disappeared. I really look forwards for new feuds in this division but I am just affraid that after SS the card will be Alexa(c) vs Nia ending up in HIAC and Sasha vs Bayley on the side. No place left for the other women, you can’t even think of NXT call-ups.
    Bayley vs Sasha was very good though, and Nia experiencing a new move felt great, I think Eve was the last woman using that move in the ring !

  • Organization XIII

    Sasha is the Queen of Charity work. She’s always giving women their best matches. Queen & Empress of consistency

  • CuCelchy

    It was a really really good match.
    Alexa looked so good last night minus the cheesy shoes. Really wish she’d just wear some big girl heels.
    Nia was impressive af. Call the move basic all you want but there’s nothing basic at all about a woman her size pulling it off.
    Props to the veteran queen Emma for taking the move too. Poor girl can’t catch a break tho :(
    Anyway I really hope they find a way to make this a triple threat because..just no


    Those dueling chants tho…

    • Mike

      Right I was like why lol

  • Diva_Fan

    I’ve posted this already in another thread but Sasha’s shoulder was up when Bayley pinned her hopefully this leads to a rematch or a triple threat match at Summerslam ! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/255239161f666dae682268d0e843fcfb53b7fb754c808a15cc80a11b2dc527ca.jpg

    • Women’s Revolution

      I’m hoping for Fatal 4 Way. Nia Jax was robbed when Bliss got herself Disqualified from the match.

  • Women’s Revolution

    RAW was definitely a great show Monday. I can’t remember the last time I really enjoyed a show, like when I was a kid and excited to watch the show like vibes.