Warning: This post contains a spoiler to the upcoming Mae Young Classic Tournament!


According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Mae Young Classic competitor and newly signed WWE NXT talent Kairi Sane has been sidelined due a concussion she suffered during the Mae Young Classic tapings. It’s unclear how the injury occurred but Kairi is also reportedly dealing with some neck pain.

Despite this injury, officials expect Kairi to be medically cleared to wrestle again in August in time for the live Mae Young Classic finale taking place in September.

  • Oh no! I hope she’ll pull through and be alright!

  • Mar_41

    Just goes to show you that Shayna Baszler is gonna win

    • Nicola Byrne

      She has 2 months to recover so hopefully she will be ready!! plus it’s WWE, so this could be a story for people to see her use a new finisher move as WWE want only Bayley to use the elbow finisher

      • Mar_41

        Honestly I still see Shayna winning just by her being aligned with Ronda. Not discrediting her talent just what I see happening

  • Not a great way to start your WWE career.

  • Kvngbalor

    Supposedly she got it in her match with Bianca they say she landed badly doing her elbow drop which is weird since she’s executed it perfectly all these years so Idk but that sucks

  • Mr. Giem

    C’mon Kairi, get well soon! You’re supposed to save us from Shayna winning the tournament.

    • Silviakmoore

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  • ssilva872

    This sucks but thank God it seems she is going to be able to hopefully win this tournament.

    • Maddox

      Shayna is the chosen one

  • Tenzen

    I hope she recovers and wins the damn thing.
    As a prize, she could go directly to the main roster – in an opposite brand of Asuka, of course.

  • Nicola Byrne

    Hopefully Kairi, get well soon. More than likely it happened against Toni Storm in the semi final. She should have around 8 weeks to get better, since it happened until the final in September.

  • Chargemander

    First Io gets a neck Injury then this? Agh hope she has a fast recovery

  • 3???????

    If that MMa gir win lm throwing away the whole network

  • Lushluke

    Urgh why is MMA fighter going to win? They just couldn’t let it be without some fuckery