Below are spoilers for this week’s episode of WWE Main Event, airing internationally and on Hulu.


* Emma defeated Mickie James.


  • PhiPhiBanks

    Should have been on Raw.

  • A?.

    Again, this is like Alicia and Dana exchanging wins on Main Event, I swear Raw writers have a 3 hours show for nothing because this could have simply get added on the show, but of course we will get the same four! Anyways, glad Emma got the win she deserved it.

  • TorrieTrishStacyLita


  • Monkey Meat

    Mickie should quit. Jobbing to jobbers now. Whatever legendary legacy she had is gone.

    • A?.

      She was a jobber ever since she returned.

      • Windyhawaii

        cause jobbers beat the Smackdown womens champion

      • Monkey Meat

        Not until recently..

    • ???

      She is like the new Gail lmao .

    • Joseph

      Mickie is a mom she isn’t gonna quit when she has a kid to worry about.

    • Typical Heel

      Not true, you can’t take away anyone’s legacy, Lita’s and Victoria’s legacies weren’t ruined for what happened at the end of their careers

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    Screaming Mickie… WWE would let you lose to EMMA on Main Event… it better had ended with a roll up cause….

  • Danny?

    This should have been on RAW instead of half the shit they put on that show. This also confirms neither Mickie, Emma or even Dana will be on RAW.

  • Mr. Giem

    Does this count? Poor Emma, I know Mickie is a legend but this victory feels meaningless. 50/50 Booking and no storyline at all.

    At this point I hope she gets drafted to SD as soon as possible.

  • #BrieForPeace ?

    Mickie James queen take your last pay check and leave, you did not come up with a legendary storyline for this. You did not estabilish a legacy for this.#GiveEmmaAChance #ButNotAtTheExpenseOfMickie…

    • ???

      We shouldn’t act like that, I mean we should fight for every single woman in the roster just like how we did in #GiveDivasAChance in the past , instead of just saying “They should quit” “They will get more respect outside WWE” .

      • Lushluke

        Win or loose they earn the same money ? It’s a TVs drama not a sport anymore so w/l doesn’t really matter

        • Mark?

          I doubt someone like Charlotte is getting payed Emma or Foxy’s salary lol

          • Typical Heel

            They don’t get paid the same lol, you get paid by use/popularity in WWE

          • Lushluke

            No dumb I meant if they win or lose they earn the same money not they all earn the same money ????

          • Typical Heel

            Ohhhhhh lol

    • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

      What else could they do?

  • Buffyrocks

    At this point, I hope Mickie goes down to NXT for a year or so. She will actually be used, and might even win the NXT Women’s title which will continue to add even more prestige to that belt, plus she will become a 7 time champion and tie Trish (that is until one of the 4HW eventually surpass that).

    • ThePeaceVibe.

      I agree and said this the other day on the superstar shakeup thread. I feel like Mickie going to nxt would be the only way she’s going to get a title reign and at least if they are going to use her as enhancement talent then what better place to elevate a division than nxt.

      • John Finnie

        But didnt she sign a 3 yr MR deal if she went to NXT her pay would drop

        • ThePeaceVibe.

          I’m not sure I don’t really keep up on that stuff. It’s possible they could keep her on the same pay deal if she agreed to that.

          • John Finnie

            I think it came out at the time… now im not sure if MJ even mentioned it or not’ but Maria is a 3 yr deal but hers could have a claus in hers

    • chrissi calvert

      Except the NXT women’s title is a separate belt to the main roster belts so Mickie would be a 6x women’s champ and 1x NXT champ.

      • Buffyrocks

        That’s not how they were advertising it when she had her PPV match with Asuka. Plus, Charlotte’s last venture into “Triple Crown” champ she was including the NXT title, Raw, and SD! (though Charlotte should also be including the Divas’ title, too…)

        You are for sure right that they are different lineages, but I think they would call her a 7 time champion if she were to win the NXT women’s belt, especially after all this prestige that Asuka has brought to it. That’s something they will surely reference for years to come when Asuka is on the MR.

    • ssilva872

      This should happen even if I wish she could just be used on Raw/SD effectively..

      Maybe once they see her have great matches in NXT they will wake the fuck up and push her to become the SD and or Raw Women’s Champion in 2018/2019..

  • Kvngbalor

    Mickie should ask for her release this is insulting to her legacy a career as decorated as hers being ruined like this pisses me off why bring her back for this shit

    • Dylan Gutierrez

      This is why I don’t get people asking for the likes of Victoria or other women returning. We saw how they treated Gail and how frustrated she was after she quit. I honestly thought the Mickie angle with Becky would lead somewhere but it was terrible.

  • conan_kun

    Mickie and Emma should be on Smackdown since Raw don’t use them

    • Seraphina Rosenhart

      I agree. And Summer too!

      • Silviakmoore

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    • Joseph

      Putting everybody on SD isn’t going to solve the problem that the shitty booking created.

    • Lushluke

      Mickie already been there and they botched it so whatever

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    Hell naw! Mickie shouldn’t be used to loose. I’m very disappointed with WWE.

  • ???

    WWE they are even on Raw ?
    Just send them back to SD

    • Typical Heel

      The whole roster can’t be on smackdown just BC Raw is still acting sexist towards the women

  • iOwnThatSonOfABitch
    • MK126

      Why she smoking that Black n Mild like that? LOL

      • iOwnThatSonOfABitch


  • Don ?

    This is very disappointing. I’m happy for Emma scoring a victory as she desperately needed it, but Mickie deserves better than this. Mickie James ended Trish Stratus’s 365+ championship reign at WM 22, retired Lita in 2006, competed in the first Diva’s FCA match, ended Beth Phoenix’s dominating Women’s championship reign in 2008, and had an amazing yet controversial feud with Lay-cool in 2009 to her release. Mickie James was released abruptly in 2010 and the WWE never mentioned her again unless they were referencing her record 6x championship reigns. To me this second run is for her to properly finish what she started in 2005 and since moving to RAW things just aren’t looking good. ? It’s very reminiscent to Gail Kim. Gail was just fine on Smackdown with Michelle, Melina and Layla but turned rocky when traded to RAW. I hope history isn’t repeating itself.

  • ThePeaceVibe.

    It’s nice to see Emma getting a win finally, but I’m annoyed it was at the expense of Mickie..

  • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

    Emma won by hitting Mickie’s head off the turn buckle… like how Nattie beat Charlotte essentially at BG. It wasn’t as good as their match from a few weeks ago. But we were keeping those Mickie and Emma chants going.

  • gjo22

    I feel like that sad truth is they brought Mickie in without thinking about the fact that she was one championship away from Trish’s record and they aren’t 100% invested in her beating that record. It’s a shame because Mickie is so good!

    • gjo22

      Or I should say “tying the record” but yeah

    • Gail-Rollins Fan

      I don’t think Mickie should tie that record personally. Though technically she’s only a 5 time women’s champ, the other time was the Divas Champ, so if they wanted to go that route there’s the loophole.

      • Except they consider the Diva’s championship as the women’s title for all the other women.

        But I think Mickie does deserve it. If they would invest some time in her again I think she could be the top baby face on Raw and could do wonderful things with heel Sasha, Nia, and Alexa.

        Sorry about it, but I really think Mickie is the greatest of all time. Innovative, compelling, crisp, charismatic. One of the only 100 percent full packages in history, being wasted on nothing.

      • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

        No, they are considering it. Mickie is always saying in social media and in promos that she is a 6x women’s champion.

      • Typical Heel

        They don’t separate the belts anymore, they combine your women’s reigns with the divas reigns, making Mickie the “6 time champion” now, however, Trish Stratus is a 1 time Hardcore Champion so she’s really an 8 time champion, so if anything this is the new loophole route they can go on

  • Dreignz


  • George

    oh my god.. I don’t know if i should be happy or sad

  • ?BurningUpInsideOfUs?

    They really messed up re introducing Mickie as a heel, she’s a natural face that the newer gen of fans could get behind without knowing her history. She really should’ve been the one to beat or add to Charlotte’s PPV streak. They could’ve had Charlotte cut a promo talking about how she has no competition and she’s bored and one of the GM’s could’ve come out and said that they’ve drafted in some new talent to challenge her.

    Out comes Mickie to a decent pop, they have a match at a PPV, solid reintegration.

    And Lordt with Emma, I know for some reason the Emmalina gimmick wasn’t working but I wished they had tried for a few weeks, make everyone think that Emma’s totally different and doesn’t care about wrestling and seduce her way into a title match. Title match comes Emma comes out wins the match. Cuts a pipebomb on Raw saying that the Women’s Revolution has changed nothing and that beauty and sex appeal still is prioritised over talent as proven by how she got her title match.

    • Joseph

      Emmalina could easily been a Female version of Rick Rude.

  • I don’t understand why people are so upset that this match took place on Mainevent. I’m just glad it took place and hopefully they develop something more for these two.

    • Super Mateo

      It’s on Hulu Plus, which I don’t have and I already have enough subscriptions I’m paying for. I am not going to pay for a service I would only use to watch one program for less than an hour a week. Therefore, I won’t be seeing this match.

      • S/P

        The drama, lmao. It’s easy to look the match up on youtube

  • John Finnie

    & it seems the Emma Dana thing at payback was nothing because wwe has an exclusive with titis asking dana to join the brand

  • I see a lot of comments saying to send her to smackdown but sending all the women to smackdown won’t solve the problem of poor booking on RAW. Roster trades should be to help rebrand someone (i.e Alicia, Emma, Summer) or to keep the division fresh. Mickie James is a legend in women’s wrestling, and does not need to be rebranded, RAW just needs to have better usage of their women.

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    I don’t see nothing wrong with this. Mickie beat Emma last time. So why not have Emma pick up a win? Yea Mickie isn’t at the top of the division as she should but honestly Raw doesn’t know what they are doing with the women’s division. Just be happy we at least got some action out of women we don’t see on the regular.

  • Aye Mate

    If this was on the main roster one of them would still have to lose the match.

  • Nathan Bootleg Kardashian

    I absolutely love Mickie, don’t get me wrong, but didn’t she sign a contract that allowed her to be enhancement talent and put new talent over? I read that somewhere but I could be wrong.

  • -V

    Still better than the trash on Raw that’s put on every week & includes the same 3 women ?

  • Aye Mate

    It’s not a big deal. Firstly, it’s Main Event. The match has no stakes, isn’t the product of an active storyline, and neither of the two women involved are doing anything else. It’s a straight up exhibition match; whomever wins merely adds a statistic to their match record. That’s it.

    What I will say is that when we’re getting Bayley/Nia for the umpteenth time and Alexa Bliss not quite cutting it in the ring, having two superiorly talented wrestlers in Emma and Mickie on the sidelines is fucking disgraceful.

  • I must insist, this sould be on the main roster RAW and not in Main Event. Both have good chemistry and can be great Champions.

  • LeBoss

    everyone is complaining about Mickie not being used. lets realize we don’t know all the facts. Mickie is making far more money than she was in TNA and the independents. Plus she is a wife and mother. Putting her major storylines keeps her on the road ALL time. with a reduced schedule she gets to make a lot of money while spending more time with her husband and son. it may suck for us as fans but she has to do whats best for her.