Busted Open on SiriusXM spoke with Paige and Alberto El Patron in their first interview since their Orlando airport incident. Read PWInsider’s recap of the couple’s interview below, where Paige also reveals she is looking to make a WWE return!

Paige said they are laughing about the situation now, but the situation was a media nightmare for them and their family. Paige said they argue like a normal couple but since they are under the media spotlight, it was presented like it was a massacre. She said they are waiting for the official report to come out so people can see what really happen. Paige admitted they shouldn’t argue in public, but they are a couple and can’t shy away from living. She joked that sometimes they say mean things when they fight.

Alberto said that she’s a beautiful girl from England and he’s a handsome guy from Mexico and they don’t want to be celebrity types who live locked in their houses. Patron said that even the Sergeant in Orlando told them it was nothing. Alberto said they argued like a normal couple and it was a bad day and the Internet told a bunch of lies. They have been waiting for the official report to come out because today, it doesn’t matter what you say, because the Internet will say what they want. He said that they have strong personalities and they go all the way, whether they are loving or fighting, they go all the way. He described them as “passionate people.” He said it was just them being angry and saying things they don’t really feel and “they” decided to make it a big deal.

Patron said they have short tempers and sometimes they get into a fight for 20 minutes and tell each other they don’t want to see each other anymore and three minutes later they are fine. He said that there is no one more passionate than they are.

Bully Ray asked them to expand on what were lies and untruths that have been passed on. Paige said there was a story about her being arrested in San Antonio, when she wasn’t even in the Orlando system. She said 90% of the things were wrong.

Paige said that Alberto said something he shouldn’t have said and ended up with a drink over his head. She joked he should have gotten the entire plate of spaghetti on his head. Alberto reiterated he said something mean that he shouldn’t have said it and said it was mean. Patron said he felt humiliated since he was surrounded by people and reacted angrily but three minutes later, the police asked what he wanted to do. Alberto told them nothing so the police let them go and advised them to go their separate ways until they calm down.

Paige said that people shouldn’t do what they did, especially if they are in public. Alberto said sometimes when you argue, things come out and then three minutes later, you are fine. He said that they were refusing to live life like they are celebrities and wanted to live like normal people, but they were in the public eye. He said that he wasn’t saying their behavior wasn’t bad “because it was” but he’s trying to teach his kids to act a certain way and he should have been doing the same in the public eye, with fans or just being out in the public. He said they inspire people from all over the world to be better people and show them that if they dream something, they can accomplish them and see their dreams come real. Paige said that she wants to apologize specifically to the younger fans.

Paige said that they shouldn’t have acted the way they did. PaGn said that she can apologize, but he’s not going to do that – he’s just going to act the way they should be acting in public. He said that if anyone was offended, that was not their intention and they are going to move forward.

Bully said that they are saying everything is great, but Paige’s family has stated they are very concerned about her well being. Paige said that she loves her family but some of the media stuff is scary to look at and they are reacting to those stories.

Paige said her family is doing well with the exception of her Uncle, who passed away yesterday. Patron said that their families found out about everything via social media and the Internet and that’s not nice. He said that they didn’t really know what was going on until they spoke with them. They are concerned someone was arrested. Patron said his family stays away from social media and the Internet so when they hear something, they wait and call them to see what was going on. Paige’s family believed the Internet BS and reacted accordingly.

Patron said they were waiting for the official report because it doesn’t matter what you say until that report comes out. Paige came out and said what happened publicly and everyone reacted as if that wasn’t the truth. He said the “almighty Internet” reacted and will react until the authorities put out an official report.

Bully brought up that Patron has not been charged and is “totally free and cleared” and asked him if he was still suspended by GFW. Patron said they are trying to do things differently from how they are usually done in pro wrestling. Patron said that rules should apply to everyone. In Combate Americas, he was always pushing for fines if fighters didn’t make weight or weren’t ready for fights. GFW needed to conduct their own investigation and he understands that. He said he was OK with the suspension and everything is “clear with the company” and he “gets to go back to work soon.” Patron said that he doesn’t know when that will be because he’s been wrestling in Mexico but he’ll be back soon.

Paige also noted that she would be returning to WWE soon. She said that she had a CT scan earlier today. She said she can’t wait to back to work as she had her surgery last October. She said she’s ready to go back and see the other women. She’s excited to see all the new women, naming Bayley, Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax and said that she was so happy Naomi was champion right now.

Patron was asked if he would be at the GFW events this weekend. Patron said that wouldn’t happen as they set a date for the suspension to be lifted and they all agreed they would be OK with the suspension because you should be treated the same way no matter where in the card you are. Patron said he would be back with GFW “very soon.” Patron said an announcement would be made as soon as he is in touch with his bosses.

Bully asked them if they were genuinely happy to be together and if they saw this relationship lasting. Paige said he can be an a-hole but he’s her a-hole. Patron said that they want to be together and you never know what will happen in the future, but they’ve been working to make it work for over a year in this relationship. Whether they are supported by others or not, they are together and happy.

Patron said something bad happens and people ignore the good and forget about it. He said that Paige has been helping him and taking care of his kids from day one. When he left WWE and when she went through neck surgery, they were there for each other. Paige goes everywhere with him to support him. They bring positive things to each others’ lives. One bad thing on the Internet and social media makes everything else forgotten.

You can listen to the full interview below

What did you think of the couple’s interview? What are your thoughts on Paige making her WWE comeback? How would you book her return? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Memo Soto

    Gurl, i really hope you prove me wrong, cause in this day i can say you are not stepping foot in any wwe ring in the near future.

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    Okay I’m not reading all this. I just hope to see a Paige return to the ring asap.

    • Jaded

      Me too, the division is badly in need of some star quality

      • Elizabethabonner


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      • Beverlyrgilbert


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    • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

      I’m not reading all of tat neither. I found this comment super funny! You could listen to the interview, but is LONG as well. Glad Paige is looking foward her WWE return.

  • Danny?

    Can’t wait to see Paige return eventually but I cannot stand Alberto, I can tell he’s a horrible person and I don’t see why anyone would like him as a wrestler either cause he’s bland as all hell.

  • StraightFire

    Anyway I hope Paige heals quick because she’s needed.

  • I really hope she returns to freshen up the stale Raw women’s division and hopefully with her return it’ll trigger officials to push Emma and we can relive their rivalry on the main roster.

    • conan_kun

      Raw women’s division is stale only because they only use Sasha, Bayley, Alexa and Nia. They don’t even know how to use other women.

  • Jonny

    I don’t see her coming back, personally. Maybe just to promote that movie then they’ll release her once they’re done with her imo.

  • I miss Paige and when she returns I hope her passion in the ring is reignited.

  • ralfikh

    She 1 of my fav. Hope she return.

  • Dylan Gutierrez

    If she does return, I can’t imagine the idiots in the crowd chanting Maddox or Woods during her matches, promos like they did with AJ/CM Punk.

    • YonceLuvsDivas

      Or like fans chanting “You suck Ryder” at Emma.

      • A?.

        When did that happen?

        • YonceLuvsDivas

          I saw a random video of her in a tag match at a house show a couple months ago on YouTube. You can tell it was a group of perveted men chanting this. It’s one of the house shows she did before returning to Raw.

      • QueenSableBomb

        Or the same way they’d chant “You Suck Cena” at Nikki. I don’t like the girl but damn, I don’t remember them ever chanting about Brie and Daniel’s relationship. It’s aggy AF

        • YonceLuvsDivas

          I honestly try to avoid live events because of assholes like that. Especially when it’s during a womens match.

          • QueenSableBomb

            I went to a live event in San Diego a few years ago. It was AJ and Tamina vs Nattie and Emma and lawd the crowd was brutal. Some fans are disgusting. I was just happy to see AJ in person and these middle-aged men almost ruined that whole experience. Ugh ?

          • YonceLuvsDivas

            So irritating! I would’ve thrown my popcorn at them. Especially if my favorite was out there.

          • QueenSableBomb

            It was a whole mess. I don’t plan on going to another live event lmao

        • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

          Brie wasn’t a “hated” heel. Tbh she wasn’t really good at it. Nikki and Emma have a heelish hateable look to them.

          • QueenSableBomb

            That’s very true. Nikki is a good heel because she comes off as unlikable (in comparison to Brie at least, in my opinion. Never been a fan of Nikki lol)
            It doesn’t explain why they’d chant CM Punk at AJ, given how popular she was as a heel and a face

          • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

            I think because the crowd generally had a respect for AJ. They knew she was the anti total diva and stood for women’s wrestling, trying to revitalize the division. She wasn’t like the pretty preppy total divas. AJ also had a knowledge for wrestling and had respect for it so I think the fans saw that and in return respected her. I guess it’s basically the energy the crowd gets from the wrestler that makes them react in a certain way.

        • perceval

          I was genuinely surprised that Gail never got “You screwed Bret” chants. I can only assume the TNA crowds didn’t know about that, luckily for her.

          When they were chanting that at Hebner, Angelina grabbed a mic and denied that she screwed Bret.

    • A?.

      They’re so immature and childish, they need to start acting like grown adults and stop being so damn annoying.

    • Aye Mate

      I was at a SHIMMER taping back in 2011 and Paige, as Britani Knight, performed a lot closer to fans who were chanting some vile things at her. Safe to say she has a thick skin!

    • QueenSableBomb

      It’s so annoying. Some of these fans are so childish I can’t stand it.

  • Hugo Banks

    I supossed to love Paige but she disappointed me when I knew all the stuff she did with her life and not prioritizing the wrestling first. She has good mic skills, in-ring skills and connection with the crowd but her affair with Alberto ruined her life and his career…

    • Jaded

      She is just 23 ,she still has lots of times to get it together .And Alberto was not the one on the tape, so how exactly did he ruin her career?

      • Hugo Banks

        Don’t let her prioritizing the wrestling, drink a lot, turned her rude and bad with the WWE officials…
        Persuading her to make bad decisions, violence, her injury… all of that combinated

    • YonceLuvsDivas

      She shouldn’t disappoint m you. Everything that happen to her was her loving her own life and people on social media not minding there’s.

  • conan_kun

    If Raw can’t even use Mickie, Emma, Dana and Alicia plus Summer has been cleared long ago but they can’t think of how to book her, what’s the difference even if Paige to be on Raw women’s division.

    • George

      Paige was always overpushed just like the 4HW and Alexa Bliss

      • perceval

        When was the last time she was pushed? Kevin Dunn hates her, along with Emma, Mickie, and the Horsewomen.

    • The Earl of Lemongrab

      Difference is they’re high on Paige, I think they still are. Although I’d rather see them push Summer and Emma they probably never will

  • George
  • ???

    I’m happy to hear that but at the same time I’m.. afraid .
    You never know WWE and how they’ll book her , yes she was the top female wrestler for 2 years but I don’t know I’ll not be 100% happy until I see them book her good and be the top female Raw .
    She deserves it , me along with alot people are bored with the same women being used every week (Bayley,Nia,Sasha,Alexa)
    I always wanted to see Paige with the Raw women’s championship belt it will fits her more than SD title .
    I hope she’ll return as soon as possible before school !


      She deserves it ?

      • ???

        Yes , why?
        She’s a great wrestler , that what important I don’t care about her personal life.

  • I only want Paige back after she’s gotten her act together. This foolishness that’s being played out all over the place is overshadowing her skill and potential. But I don’t want to see her return to play backburner to the likes of Alexa and the three musketeers.

  • Mr. Giem

    Despite everything that’s happened with her life I still want her to return. Hopefully after SummerSlam she will make a comeback with Summer on RAW. I would love to watch her feud against Sasha and Alexa.

  • Laquane Anderson

    Oh boy the return of sloppy corner elbows, headbutts, and screaming. Should b a great time.

    • perceval

      She can do more than that. Whether her later lackluster performances were do to disenchantment, injuries, or some combination, we don’t know.

  • Aye Mate

    One sounds as immature as the other. Which is worrying on Patron’s part, if not for his age, but for the fact he has children and all. As for Paige, I can’t see her returning to a typical annual WWE schedule given how attached she is to Patron.

  • GlowTime

    I really do hope Paige is able to get everything back on track and return to the WWE. She has SOO many years ahead of her and can be at the forefront of the company if she just handles her personal life better.

  • Hope she can put all her shit together, put her personal life aside her job and make a full return with WWE. One of the greatest women’s talent who let “El Patron” destroy her life.

  • Jo9834

    Her Fiance threatened the Heir by marriage to the WWE throne and other WWE superstars with violence, constantly bad mouths the promotion, encourages unprofessional behaviour (turning up to rival promotions in the crowd etc), and Paige STILL thinks its ok to expect to return to the WWE.

    I don’t see anyone greeting her with open arms aside from Alicia Fox and maybe Emma.

    • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

      Where have you been? Bellas, Nattie, Lana, have all tweeted at Paige saying they miss her.

    • Aye Mate

      Naomi, Nattie, Lana and the Bellas are all pretty cool with Paige. In fact only the other day Naomi tweeted out that her presence is missed in the locker room.

    • perceval
  • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

    I honestly don’t care about Paige anymore. She’s done. Over. Gone. NEXT!

  • George

    She needs to comeback only to put Emma over

  • LoveEvaBella

    I think her numerous attempts of her getting fired flopped so she has no choice but to return to WWE.

    • Typical Heel

      This asf ???

    • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

      Why would she want fired? She doesn’t.

  • Mark?

    I would feel so awkward and uncomfortable coming back knowing everyone has seen video’s of me taking dick and sucking it. LOL. These Leo’s are so fearless and confident. I was never a fan of Paige as a wrestler but I hope she comes back soon. And to me she’s looking better than ever.

  • TorrieTrishStacyLita

    No ma’am not with the essay. Girl just get well soon

  • MK126

    Its sad to say but I don’t believe anything they claim about their argument. “We argue and say really fucked up shit to each other but 3 minutes later we joke and love each other again.” Girl bye with that bullshit. Even if some of the stuff was fabricated the audio released clearly has her saying “im always trying to get away from you” so if you’re always trying to get away from him… theres something not right there. I would like to see her back in the ring… only if shes at the PC for a bit and then makes this huge return… other than that shes not really needed since RAW/SDL seem to have their main focus on who’s getting a push. She’d just be chillin in the back like shes been doing since she got injured

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    It’s time for Paige to go private, no Total Divas, no Social media rants, no TMZ news. Please get back to the ring, of course all of this media is perfect for a heel run and gives more legitimacy to her crazy ways in the ring.

  • Robann

    It doesn’t matter how much we, the “fans” want her and him to break up…..she’s not leaving him. Not any time soon, and not until she has gotten to that maturity level ya’ll want her to be at so bad. So I wish ya’ll would stop saying that. At the end of the day she’s grown and will continue to do what she feels is right, even if ya’ll don’t feel like she is.

    Idgaf about their relationship, honestly. As long as he’s not abusing her, which I see no signs of, I don’t care. They don’t put money on my table so if it’s anything else besides her being physically safe, I don’t care. The only thing I would like is for her to be low-key from now on.


    Stay away Paige…. Stay away ….