We are less than a month away from the premiere of WWE’s Mae Young Classic!

To help hype up the much anticipated event, the WWE have released several videos of some of the participants of the tournament to share their stories of their wrestling careers and what the Mae Young Classic means to them.

Sage Beckett discusses first finding wrestling through her love of theater. On top of having a love for entertainment, Beckett was an athlete and after attending a show featuring some of ECW’s original alumni, she began her wrestling training at the Team 3D Academy. After having a life-threatening health scare in Japan, Beckett took a two year break from wrestling and was able to get her health together by losing 130 pounds. She calls her greatest strength her stubbornness in that it allows her to never stop trying.

Wrestling veteran Mercedes Martinez reveals that she came into the wrestling business out of boredom. While attending college on a basketball scholarship, she got injured and took on wrestling to help stay in shape. Although she loved wrestling, Martinez says she never wanted to become a wrestler but all that changed after her first match. Martinez calls the transformation of women’s wrestling from when she first started to now ‘amazing’. She adds that being part of the Mae Young Classic vindicates everything she’s worked hard for.

UFC fighter turned pro wrestler Shayna Baszler discusses her MMA career and being part of different milestones in women’s combat sports along with Ronda Rousey. Baszler says one thing fans can expect to see from her during the Mae Young Classic are precise strikes and submissions from anywhere and any moment.

Third generation star Tessa Blanchard recalls for starting to train to at High Spots and telling her family of her career decision. Although her stepfather Magnum T.A was critical at first, he told her that she had ‘it’ and encouraged her to continue to work on her craft. Second generation stars Santana Garrett and Reina González refer to wrestling as the special thing that they would bond over with their respective fathers.

Zeda shares her story of growing up with social anxiety and bullying. She credits MMA and her love for art with helping her overcome these difficulties. Zeda goes on to say that she has fought bigger people throughout her career and wants to show others that no matter what, if you work hard and believe in yourself, you can achieve anything.

Sarah Logan discusses her Kentucky upbringing and growing up watch wrestling with her grandmother. Shortly after graduating from High School, she flew to Japan to begin her wrestling training under Taka Michinoku. She adds that her background will help her in the tournament as she was raised to fight for everything.

Who are you most excited to see on the Mae Young Classic?

  • A?.

    I hate Sarah Logan already, that voice and that gimmick…oh my god. Redneck alert.

    • Aye Mate

      I was a bit disheartened by the survivalist thing, but I suppose I’m bias ‘cos I’ve gone vegan.

    • give her a chance lol. at least she’s different.

      • A?.

        I know she’s good in the ring, but that gimmick is a huge no for me. I guess we will see.

        • Izzy4lw

          First gimmicks often are in NXT though:

          Billie Kay was a generic face, Peyton was running around as another generic face, Becky Lynch was an Irish stereotype, Sasha Banks was a bland blond… first gimmicks are often temporary until management can see how the wrestler takes to selling themselves or sees their natural demeanor in the ring.

          Give her some time to find her feet in NXT, and I think she’ll do well.

          • abcburak

            I share the same idea with you. I think Sarah will have this baby face character with a losing streak then she will outrage and get her crazy Mary character.

    • Kvngbalor

      I can’t see her going far tbh i miss Crazy Mary

      • Izzy4lw

        They’re positioning her as a weird county bumpkin baby face, but she has the talent and the drive to go far in WWE- she just needs the right gimmick which will come with time- it’s important to take first gimmicks with a grain of salt: Remember Becky’s first gimmick, or Sasha’s generic babyface gimmick in NXT?

        Neither do I. And look where they’re at now.

    • George

      Redneck? Lol i’m allowed to call Black Niggers here ? xD

  • Aye Mate

    Really enjoyed Martinez’s video – funny story, I saw her at a wrestling gig years back and during the interval Martinez along with all the other performers had their merch decked out. Martinez had a couple of autographed photos of herself in swimwear and my pal, who I’m no longer a pal with incidentally, made a slick comment I couldn’t possibly repeat. Anyways, I legit thought Martinez had overheard and my friend was gonna get her ass beat!

    But yes, I’m glad she’s getting to showcase her wealth of experience by being involved in this history making tournament. I don’t know if WWE would sign her at this point in time, but Martinez would be a deft hand to even sign up as a coach for developmental girls.

    • Izzy4lw

      I would love to see Mercedes as a competitor- but at this point in her career I do think she’s more likely to get offered a coaching position. Which wouldn’t really be bad, because women like Nia Jax, Sage Beckett, Bianca Belair, And Sonya Deville could learn A LOT about working a snug, brutal looking offense that also will not harm the opponent too much.

      • Raekon

        Sage has worked with Mercedes in SHINE Wrestling already and she already has severalyears of experiece. I agree about the other 3 though. :)

        • Izzy4lw

          oh I have seen Sage on the indy scene – I do think she’s ahead of the other three in terms of talent, but she could do with a bit of polishing that Mercedes Martinez would be able to do; Sage has the power and brutality, but Mercedes just knows how to make it look like she’s legitimately killing her opponent while being super safe, which I think Sage could benefit from. She’s definitely ahead of the other three, but there’s nothing wrong with learning from a legend.

      • Eunicehbryant


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      • Aye Mate

        Mercedes Martinez’s knife chops. Enough said.

        • Rebeccaarivera


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  • I’m glad WWE is giving these women a chance to showcase who they are, or their gimmicks, to the fans, so that we can get invested in them come tournament time.

  • George

    I stand for Zeda <333

  • Shayna looks like Bayley’s older sister.

  • Mercedes looks beautiful! I would love for her to be signed, I’ve always thought she was so talented, but I never expected to get to see her on a WWE screen again.

  • Miguel

    Mercedes comes across very likeable and is easy to root for her. Hope WWE gives her a contract.

  • Jonny

    Sarah Logan would be better off as a heel, like a Revival meets the Wyatts female character.

    Mercedes is just awesome they’d be crazy not to sign her.