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Hola NXT fans! I’m going to be filling in for Stephanie on NXT duty for the time being. Unfortunately, in the shuffle, we missed out on two highly praised episodes of NXT. We know, something like this shouldn’t have happened when we are just days away from NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III, where Asuka will defend her NXT Women’s Title against Ember Moon but here’s to trying to be more attentive going forward!

Sadly no women’s match takes place this week but we are treated to a handful of appearances from some of the ladies of NXT all throughout the show including one from Zelina Vega formally known as Thea Trinidad. Let’s watch!

We kick off the show with Nikki Cross inside the ring and calling out the NXT Tag Team Champions The Authors of Pain. She is joined by her SAnitY team mates Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain. The Authors of Pain and Paul Ellering come out to confront SAnitY but its all a trap! A returning Eric Young blindsides the AoP as they make their way down the ramp. EY leads his group to a violent attack on their TakeOver: Brooklyn opponents, going as far as zip tying Rezar to a guardrail while Akam suffers a three on one beatdown. The segment ends with Nikki Cross fetching the NXT Tag Team Titles and SAnitY standing tall.

On the final NXT show before TakeOver: Brooklyn, we’ll be treated to a contract signing between the NXT Champion Asuka and the challenger Ember Moon. Will Asuka’s arrogance come to play again? Is Ember ready for Asuka? Will the historic title reign come to an end?

The Iconic Duo Billie Kay and Peyton Royce are feeling generous this week. They’re backstage, camera in hand and all set to give us an ‘Iconic Makeup Tutorial’ until they spotted Ruby Riot in the background. They pause their video to poke fun of Ruby’s tattoos and piercing and decide to halt the tutorial session all together, claiming that Ruby ruined their mood and video.

Finally in the main event scene, we see the kind of influence Zelina Vega has over her associate Andrade “Cien” Almas in his match against No Way Jose. While Andrade was looking to sneak in some fun throughout his match, Zelina was close by to direct him on a more serious path. Case in point: Andrade seemingly having the win over No Way Jose with a running double knees but Zelina ordering him to finish off with a Hammerlock DDT instead.

Post match, Zelina speaks to the NXT Universe from the commentary table. She calls out “NXT’s Golden Boy “ Johnny Gargano and says if he is looking for an opponent for TakeOver: Brooklyn, he’s got one now in Andrade. Steal that spotlight guys!

Thoughts: So not exactly the most memorable episode of NXT as far as the women go.

The Iconic Duo are holding on to their mean girls streak, which is great as I find that they really play up to their characters. I love their little backstage antics and this week’s comments towards Ruby, who paid no mind to the pair mind you, is pretty much setting up for a match-up later on. All three of these women are great workers and I only wish that they were featured more on a weekly basis to help maybe add more depth to any potential feud but I guess there’s only so much you can fit on an hour long program. Billie and Peyton have always had each other but I can certainly see Ruby recruiting any of the newer NXT Superstars to help even up the playing field down the line.

I’m beyond happy for Zelina in getting this opportunity in NXT and while I’d rather see her as more of a competitor, I’m interested in seeing how things play out for her in this role. In the weeks prior, we’ve only caught glimpses of her but here, there was more of a story of her really guiding Andrade to a more ‘appropriate’ win and even a spot on the TakeOver: Brooklyn card! She’s already doing wonders for Andrade and I’m already hooked in finding out more of their history.

What did you think of this week’s episode of NXT? Where would you like to Zelina Vega’s character go? Excited for next week’s NXT Women’s Title contract signing? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Vega what? Change the name to simply Zelina or Zelina Almas. Zelina and Vega don’t fit together.

    • Exotic

      I hate the way they spelt “Zelina” as. Prefer it to simply be Selena or Selina TBH.

  • Rosanna

    I’m definitely here for Zelina Vega her name her story her mic skills and her passion and ambition for her male counterpart. I like this role for her a valet and manager but eventually I want her to transition into a competitor but I don’t want her to just leave have a storyline doing it instead of just getting in the ring. Maybe a mixed tag team match or something I want her to fight with the men

    But Asuka is about to break the longest record in the wwe by holding the NXT women’s championship in 10 days besides you know The Fabulous Moolah which really nobody counts unless you’re very serious about her reign and record.

  • Aye Mate


    But Ruby Riot is an excellent choice of foil for the Iconic Duo, who I hope are being primed for a bigger spot in the post-Brooklyn landscape. Peyton Royce is going to the one to watch, I reckon.

  • GlowTime

    I really want Zelina to get involved with the matches like Lita did. She’s definitely talented enough to do so! Maybe she can be a manager for a little while before getting into the singles action. Be a great NXT power couple if they both were to hold the titles… havent had that down there yet! ?

  • Kvngbalor

    It seem like you only give us reduxes on the less memorable nxt episodes where there isn’t a match or segment to cover we didn’t get one for Ember vs Ruby or for last week

    • ???

      Yeah, I’m so pissed because Ruby vs Ember was damn good and they did a redux for something not memorable

    • Doni Potter

      Welcome back to the dark ages of DivaDirt. Looks like stephanie is our new Erin.

      • Kvngbalor

        Just seems really lazy af to me

  • Monkey Tennis

    Nikki and Thea wasted in valet roles. Ruby, Billie and Peyton backstage. And a promo for a contract signing.

    Well, that was worth an article.

    • Corey Anderson

      But alexa bliss and Carmella where both valets and look how their careers turned out I say just give it time.

      • DayOneISH!

        I agree some of the greatest female talents started off as valets.Trish,Lita,Chyna the list goes on and on.

      • Monkey Tennis

        Except when Alexa and Carmella were in those roles, they were still starting out and neither of them had wrestled much at all. Thea and Nikki have been wrestling for 8 years. And Nikki just came off a feud with Asuka, only to be shoved back onto the sidelines of whatever Sanity are doing.

        Time is the issue, but not in the way that you’re suggesting. The women need to get more time on NXT. Let’s be honest, after this week (and a few others) the women need to get any time on NXT. A title feud that’s only had partial build up and a teased backstage feud does not marry with the WWE’s claims that all their superstars – male and female – are equal.

        • DayOneISH!

          But look at the big picture Nikki Cross and Zelina play big roles in their positions.As both Women are gonna be apart of NXT Brooklyn which is basically like NXTs WM.

          Andrade “Cien” Almas Is currently being repackaged it seems and zelina is giving him that fire he needs to succeed while Zelina is still currently making a name for herself as it is.And now look at Andrade now he’s got a match at Brooklyn.

          Nikki is gonna be at ringside for the tag title match at Brooklyn.She already had a takeover match before she”ll be fine.

          And think about it maybe these roles some of the women get as valets actually gets them up to the main roster.Yes the NXT women need more tv time but I rather have a few on tv that actually has a storyline and role to play then just randomly be on tv for no reason.

          • Monkey Tennis

            If the WWE want women in that role, then they should get women who want to be in that role. Don’t use wrestlers. Standing on the sidelines whilst the guys have matches, maybe occasionally interfering once or twice is not something to get excited about. Least of all for someone as good as Nikki.

            And what’s the point in getting them to main roster as valets? So they can have the same pointless role but on a bigger stage? This isn’t the 90’s any more and if the WWE are genuinely committed to pushing women as performers, making talented wrestlers valets just to give them something to do needs to stop.

          • DayOneISH!

            And what exactly is Nikki Cross doing right now in the women’s division? Nothing so why not manage sanity for the tag belts at Brooklyn.It gets her more tv time and plus she’s gonna get ppv time good for her.

            And why can’t women’s wrestlers show off that they can be multi talented in both manger role and being a wrestler at the same time? Sensational Sherri has done it,Trish Has Done it,Lita has done it and Jackie has done it.Sherri being managers for macho man,HBK,etc did wonders for her career so why can’t others follow the same path?

          • Monkey Tennis

            But that’s the point. Nikki should be doing something in the women’s division. Nikki’s a wrestler. I want to see her wrestle. It’s what I’ve seen her do at I don’t how many shows over here in the UK over the last 8 years. And it’s what she went to the WWE to do.

            So just ‘making do’ with the fact that “Well, at least she’s on TV” and “She’s getting PPV time… while the guys actually get the match” just seems odd to me as a fan of women’s wrestling.

            And as I said before, all the other examples you’ve given were from a different time, a different era. I mean, look at Sherri in-particular. These days, she’s probably more predominantly remembered as a manager. So yes, it did wonders for her career… but not as a wrestler.

            Now, obviously, I can’t speak for Nikki but I don’t get the impression her ambition in the WWE is to spend the next 10 years standing on the sidelines and occasionally interfering in matches, even if that could ‘do wonders for her career’.

    • Maddox

      They didn’t do a redux for Ember vs Ruby and the Ember and Asuka confrontation. They might as well have skipped this one

  • conan_kun

    If Dakota Kai coming to help Ruby against Iconic Duo, this feud could be exciting

  • conan_kun

    Another Iconic Duo’s segment

    • Alicia’s wig

      U have the link of the segment where they mock aliyah and liv and they puss billie into a bath tube?

  • LaurenYorkStan

    Rosita Queen

  • Alex

    For the purposes of both promoting the MYC and to help watch Johnny’s back I wonder will Candice LaRue play a role in the takeover match.


    • George

      Aww yees

    • Exotic

      Ruby needs to keep her tongue in her mouth, ew.

      • ???

        Yeah it so annoying, I like her wrestling and her anti-diva gimmick but girl please stop with the tongue

        • Exotic

          Exactly, shes a cool looking girl but with her tongue out – my skin just wants to crawl off.

  • Okay, is it me, or is WWE as a whole just lazy this summer?? I mean, on the main roster we have Nattie vs Naomi for the title; which on paper sounds like a match that can easily deliver. But with the lack of storyline/buildup between the two women, it’s hard to get behind even though they’ve proven to have chemistry in the ring. On RAW, Alexa is STILL champion, and is apparently entering a match with Nia Jax (like, why though?) with (once again) little to NO storyline/buildup; not to mention the fact that neither Nia nor Alexa are particularly skilled enough to carry a match by themselves. Which brings me down to NXT’s title match between Asuka and Ember Moon. Despite the fact that Ember sucks at promos, and Asuka basically doesn’t speak English, Asuka’s character/arrogance is pretty much carrying this feud. Hopefully Ember wins. It’s time for Asuka to take her L.

    • Malcolm James

      100% agree WWE has been extremely lazy these last couple of months

    • George

      True, it feels like their brain disconnects for a couple of months until they return with more cool feuds lol

    • ???

      I thought the exact same thing, even SD became damn horrible like girl it became worse than Raw ..
      SD became boring (Especially after MITB)
      for these reasons :
      1- Tag team match after tag team match every week with NO storyline .
      2- NO build up
      3- The champ BARELY defends her title and when she does she has horrible matches aka Naomi vs Lana
      4- No single feuds , it’s all about all available women being throw into the title picture .. I’m not saying don’t use all the women but at least use them right .

      Raw is boring because:
      1- Same four women appear in every week , Bayley is boring and have no chemistry with anyone .. yes she is good and I respect her but she’s boring sorry
      2- Not giving a chance to other women even though people DEMAND for them to shine especially Emma but WWE are completely ignorant
      3- The booking is messy like Nia sometimes becomes Alexa’s friend after a second she turns on her and demand a championship match .. WTH ??

      NXT have TONS of female talents but we barely see them , every two months we see like 4 or 5 women lmao ..

      I think NXT is the most boring brand then SD and finally Raw
      Raw at least does have hatred and single feuds unlike SD which is boring ..

  • Hugo Banks

    I’m so excited for the NXT Women’s Championship contract signing to be honest. Asuka vs Ember Moon is the hottest feud in NXT right now, I think (and I can believe that y’all too) that Asuka vs Ember Moon for the NXT Women’s Championship MUST headline NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn lll. If they don’t, I think they are gonna overshadowed the NXT Championship match.

  • George

    Metro Brothers are cringy but both of them look hot asf i want a bite.
    The women’s segments cute i guess ??

    • conan_kun

      Ripoff Deuce n Domino

  • Don ?

    I’m excited for the feud between the Iconic Duo and Ruby Riot. They’re polar opposites so hopefully all three women will pull iconic (pun intended) moments from one another. If Ruby does go over Billie and Peyton in the end then I feel it’s time for the duo to move to Smackdown. I wouldn’t have them immediately start wrestling; just have backstage segments taunting the women’s roster until Becky and Charlotte challenge them to a tag team match. Comedic heels that get a reaction seem to be the easiest to book. As long as they’re taken seriously like LayCool and not like Jillian, they’ll thrive on Smackdown with their antics.

    As for Asuka and Ember I’m unsure on who I believe who will emerge victorious at TO: BK 3. I personally feel Ember as a character isn’t ready or “the one” to dethrone Asuka, but the Eclipse is definitely powerful enough to keep Asuka down for the 3-count (possibly the only thing to score a pinfall on Asuka). Plus she’s had so much momentum on the road to Brooklyn it’d be devastating for Ember to lose unless they pull a surprise heel turn afterwards like they did with Hideo after losing to Roode.

  • Don ?

    And I feel the NXT crowds have been a tad too vocal lately. I understand they’re getting antsy from sitting through so many tapings, but sometimes I wish they’d simmer a bit. They were too vocal for me last week during Asuka and Ember’s promo and Sonya’s match. They were like that during SAnitY’s pre-match promo for Nikki’s LWS match.

  • Exotic

    Thea/Zelina just has everything Vince wants in a girl. She has the mic skills, the character,the marketability, the LOOK (sex appeal) and the wrestling skills – honestly shes going to be pushed so hard when he lays his eyes on her once she hits the MR.
    I can’t wait for her Trish/AJ push.

    • ???

      Did WWE sign her ? It may be ridiculous question but with so many female talent we barely see any of them ..
      What is she ? Did she came from the indies or she’s a model ? When did she got signed?

      • Exotic

        Yep shes been signed.
        I think the reason why we haven’t seen most of the female talent breakout on TV was because WWE wanted to save them for the MYC first. So we probably will see more new faces popping up on NXT after the Mae Young Classic finishes

        She came from the indies, had a brief run in TNA for a while and now queen has been snatched by WWE. She also is playing AJ Lee in the upcoming Paige bio. IDK if shes a model but one of the hottest signed by WWE imo.

  • A?.

    Boring, they have like 10+ women backstage yet they barely appear or just appear every two months. Liv and Aliyah, for example, how are we supposed to care about them if they never appear? They have signed tons of new women and if this type of booking keeps happening, then I feel sorry for them.


    what a terrible name for thea but i’ve been waiting for her to come to the wwe for a while now and i always thought she looked a lot like a trish.

  • conan_kun

    NXT signed many women from Mae Young Classic, some current NXT women may make way for them and move to main roster.

    Iconic Duo – Put them with Emma or let them feud with Charlotte and Becky on Smackdown

    SDL: Asuka (another top Japanese Nakamura is there, so she may on the same brand with him), Cross (if SAnitY reveals to be Breezango’s assailants)

  • Matthaniel Johnson

    I’m soooo happy the love of my life returned to me. Iconic.

  • OJ Von Erich

    I know this is NXT, but valet’s who shine usually get a good pay off, Thea has waited long enough & I’m sure her time is coming, she can do/be big thing’s & I have full faith that she will!

  • Thea is so pretty ? Wonder if she will eventually wrestle or stay as a valet

  • Diva_Fan

    Who’s been singed by NXT from the Mae Young Classic ?

  • Michael Burmy

    I think they’ve stuck Zelina in a managers’ role to get back at Aries for quitting…either way, time to make #LetZelinaWrestle trend.

  • Shell Koleva

    Reading the comments below – OK! The role of a manager is a good start! It was the traditional start in the past, today it’s not that sugar kind of managing like Sunny or Miss Elizabeth styles, but it’s still important! Nikki Cross as a manger of SAnitY is doing a great job, jumping on her tema opponents.
    Actually Nikki is recovering from the best match in her career to this point against Asuka, with this managing storylines. She can easily be transferred to the women’s division, when it’s needed!
    I’m more curios about Zelina Vega! As long as I enjoy watching her as Andarde’s ruthless associate, I can’t wait to see her in the NXT Women’s title picture, because she is capable of reaching to that point! WWE really surprised me with her signing! That is a good investment!