Earlier this month, there were speculations that Brandi Rhodes had parted ways with GFW after her active Knockouts profile was removed from the promotion’s website.

In an interview with Chuck Carroll of CSB Sports, Brandi confirms and explains her GFW departure, debuting for Ring of Honor’s Women of Honor division and missed opportunities during her time with the WWE. Highlight of the interview below.

On her GFW departure and rumors the company wanted a cut of her revenue from a non-wrestling-related television show: “Unfortunately, that story is kind of a mess. There are some valid statements that I’ve seen, but it’s really not as dramatic as people want it to be. Basically, Cody and I were very candid with what we were doing after WWE as far as contracts go. People are confused. I never signed the contract that people think I signed with Global Force stating that they got percentages. What I did sign was a tentative contract with Impact Wrestling when they were still Impact. That contract had a clause for me, because I was already working on some stuff in other areas of television. That clause basically said that if something else in television were to happen for me, they can’t be uncooperative. And if they were uncooperative, we would be able to part ways. And that is honestly what happened. So, I am filming something awesome in Atlanta, but I can’t say what it is.”

Thoughts on whether there were missed opportunities during her WWE run: “Yes, and no. I really enjoyed ring announcing and had a lot of fun with that. I had many different ways to challenge myself with that and make it fun and interesting. But when you’ve been an athlete and used to being a physical person, sometimes that takes over. And you’re kind of like, ‘Okay, when am I going to get my chance to do my thing?’ While I was announcing I was the same person I am now, who was in the gym, eating right and doing all of these things. Being physical [is] something I’ve always done. I figure skated for 17 years on a highly competitive level. So, sitting down and watching other people compete is a difficult thing for me. … I felt like there was potential for more, and I did try. People have seen some of the backstage shoots with myself and Cody doing these different characters. It would have been so much fun. Just not being able to get there got a little frustrating. Being able to do all of the stuff now, it’s so much fun and confirms for me I was able to do more, and I was ready to do more.”

On her Ring of Honor debut: “That was quite something! That was something I decided to do on my own. There’s always the comfort of being able to do something with Cody and be part of his brand, and the fun that he’s having, and ride that wave. There have been some attempts for me to do things standalone, and unfortunately they’ve all gravitated to Cody Rhodes. But Women of Honor is just Women of Honor, and there can’t be any Cody in Women of Honor. They expressed interest in me and working together. I like all of the girls so much, so I thought that would be a great way to branch out to Brandi Rhodes by herself. I know that people like the Brandi and Cody thing, which is great and fun, but it’s nice to do your own thing sometimes.”

Brandi also discusses paying tribute to her late father-in-law Dusty Rhodes.

You can read the full interview here.

What are your memories of Brandi Rhodes’ GFW run? Are you looking forward to more of her run with ROH? Do you believe there missed opportunities for Brandi during her time with the WWE? Let us know in the comments below!

  • I think she’s gonna be on WAGS Atlanta.

    • hitesh khanna

      for real??

      • Yep saw on IG the show is in the making and someone reported it a month ago so we’ll officially see soon.

    • Kyle

      Omg she should

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  • Such a class act. Liked her on tv, and she was super sweet in person. I actually met her and Cody at a karaoke bar in Orlando at Universal Studios. I had went up and sang “Don’t Stop Believing” with a friend and Zach Ryder went up after and sang “This Is How We Do It”, and I got up and looked over and saw Cody, Brandi, and Emma all at the table next to mine. I got up to use the bathroom and when I was coming out of the stall, there was Cody Rhodes. I asked him if he was indeed himself, he said yes, and I told him I was a big fan, and he shook my hand and said I did a good job. In between sets, the DJ plays music for us to dance to, and he and Brandi got up and joined us all, and I taught her how to do the wobble, and she kept asking about the steps and she kept laughing and it was fun. Always liked the Rhodes crew.

  • Mar_41

    She, along with Madison Rayne and Brooke Tessmacher, got lost in he shuffle with the whole Anthem buying TNA then TNA merging with GFW then TNA becoming GFW. MJ Jenkins apparently signed with GFW but we’ve seen nothing from her. The only KO’s we’ve seen recently are Gail, Rosemary, Allie & Sienna. With Davey being part time I doubt Angelina will stay in GFW. Alisha has been MIA since their Tag Team match, ChristinaVE should be treated better being thier inaugural GFW Women’s Champ but not as we see & ODB?

    • Troy Smith

      The problem is that Impact is just a 2 hour show. Minus commercials, that’s 90 minutes. They don’t have a second weekly show. There just isn’t enough time to feature everyone in a meaningful way. You’ve got a world title, a secondary title, an X-div title, tag titles, and a women’s title. Everyone can’t be featured every week. When you are doing an angle, you have to give TV time to it. So everyone has to fight for every minute of air time. Unless you do a faction war, there’s going to be women who aren’t on TV for weeks or months at a time.

      • Corey Anderson

        They with the original knockouts division

        • Troy Smith

          They had a smaller roster back then and one less championship. Also, they did that by sacrificing time for a lot of the guys. When the KO was started was about the time that the X-Div started getting less focus. Many fans have called for more focus on the X-Div for years. Also, they had the Beautiful People back then so you always had an excuse for a tag or 6 woman program that got more women on TV. Even so they usually only had about 2 women’s story lines going at a time. If we’re going to get more women on TV on a regular basis, they are going to have to do some group story lines. Maybe a faction war or some other type of group story.

          It’s doable. You’d need about 3 faces and 3 heels. If Karen is going to stay on TV then she needs to turn heel. She was a great heel but she sucks as a face. Turn her heel and put 3 girls with her. Turn Sienna face and put 2 girls with her. You’d then have a 3 vs 3 program. When the Grado stuff is done, have LVN go back to her bratty character. She can turn on Sienna. Then LVN, Ava Storie, and 1 other girl could be Karen’s girls. Sienna, now a face, would need some back up. She could make amends with Allie, and maybe recruit one other woman to her side. If Angelina is coming back, she and Alisha could still Feud. They could get Davey back for one last match. He and Eddie to a loser leaves GFW match. Eddie wins and then you can do Angelina going after Alisha for revenge. Rosemary could recruit a new Decay to finally get revenge on LAX for taking out Abyss and Crazzy Steve.

          Put another girl with Rosemary, and add another girl to LAX (I’d go for Iviliesse) and they can do singles and tags as part of a faction war.

  • Women’s wrestling!

    She wasn’t ready to be wrestling on tv, so it’s a good thing. Hopefully working on the indies, she gets more comfortable in the ring.

  • All Eyes On Me

    She needs more seasoning as a wrestler but her theme was a bop

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    I really hope her and Cody get a second chance at WWE! They both was money they slept on.

  • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

    Yaaaas, Brandi! Get you that Real Housewives of Atlanta paycheck.

    In all seriousness I’m looking forward to see her improvement in the future.

  • C Mack

    Ugh. Idk why but I just don’t like Brandi at all.

    • Corey Anderson

      Oh my gawd yes idk why but she irks me

      • C Mack

        It’s like she’s trying too hard.

        • Corey Anderson

          Yea it does and it’s annoying af. Cause I really did wanna like cody’s wife

  • Troy Smith

    I’m glad she cleared everything up. I saw people jumping at the chance to bash GFW.

  • -V

    keep her away from the ring, obviously it’s not for her

  • Well at least she tried and she is starting, hope with time improvement rise on her as a wrestler.