Tonight on GFW Impact Wrestling, a Knockouts Title match was announced for next week’s live episode of GFW Impact, which is being dubbed as this year’s Destination X special.

The announcement was made at the start of the show during an in-ring segment where Sienna refused to leave the ring until she received answers from Karen Jarrett as to what awaits her on next week’s show.

Karen came out to answer Sienna’s call and admitted to never liking Sienna but when on to announce that Gail Kim would challenge Sienna for the Knockouts Title.

Gail Kim would come out and confront Sienna, vowing to win next week’s title match and retire as the Knockouts Champion leading to an all out brawl between the two Knockouts until officials were able to separate them.

Are you excited for this match?

  • Jo9834

    I would really love Gail’s last feud to be against someone who would give her at least one of the best matches of her career. I don’t know who that woman would be at this point but if Taya is rumoured to be on the roster, she could possibly be it.

    • Tunasha

      It could be Rosemary or Allie as well, maybe. But I agree, would love a damn great match from Gail before she retires. She has wrestled Sienna before, so let’s hope GFW gives them time to show us something good next week!

  • chrissi calvert

    Sienna will retain with outside help causing a beatdown on Gail. Rosemary & Allie make the save. This will continue all the way to BFG where we’ll have Gail vs Rosemary vs Allie vs Sienna vs Laurel for the KOs title (as they seem to be the only active KOs)

    • Malcolm James

      There rumors that the one of the new knockouts are going to appear next week

      • Tunasha

        probably Taya?

  • Yeah…no.

  • MK126

    So is this gonna be the exact same storyline Gail was in last year when Maria was champ? ???

  • 3???????


  • Save us Gail.

  • Steven5812

    Kim vs Sienna vs ROSEMARY: Three way dance for the belts.
    Make it HAPPEN, Jarrett; no one should have to TELL you that. >:O

  • Not excited at all, I’ll rather watch someone else not Sienna which is bland, sloppy and boring in the ring. Hope this ends her pathetic reign and feud to have Kim Vs Rosemary.