Hola Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s GFW Impact Write-Up! We are less than a week away from GFW’s special live episode of Destination X and already announced on the card is a Knockouts Title match pitting the current reigning champion Sienna against Gail Kim. Could Gail’s inevitable title win before her official retirement come as soon as next week?

We open this week’s program to find Sienna sitting in the middle of the ring in what is a hostage takeover of the show situation. She gloats on her confidence, charisma, class and being able to conquer every task that Mrs. Jarrett has put in front of her.

When the topic turns to Destination X, Sienna demands answers as to who her opponent will be next week and calls out Karen Jarrett to personally inform her. When Karen does come out, she makes it clear that she has never liked Sienna and probably never will but goes on to reveal that Sienna’s opponent next week is the always ready Gail Kim! I miss heel Karen!

Gail’s music hits and out comes the Hall of Famer to the ring to confront Sienna. Gail compliments Sienna for being great six weeks but promises to defeat Sienna and win the Knockouts title next week. Go out on top Gail! A brawl breaks out between the two that is eventually broken up by GFW’s referee team.

Shortly after the brawl, cameras catch Gail backstage to get her thoughts on returning to action next week. Gail says that although next week’s Destination X is meant to highlight the X-Division, she plans to steal some of their thunder as fans will remember her return and the fall of Sienna.

During GFW’s special Destination X pre-show, we take a special look and video package to next week’s Knockouts title match.

Elsewhere on the show, we get a brief appearance from Laurel Van Ness following Kongo Kong’s win over Grado and Joseph Parks in a two-on-one handicap match. Much like last week, she comes out to put a stop towards Kong’s attack on Grado by ordering him off the top rope of a turnbuckle and slapping him silly.

An angered Kong scoops up Laurel with some bad intentions but out comes Tyrus to make the save. A stare down between the two giants would commence but no punches are thrown as Laurel orders Kong to head to the back. Wait, Laurel is still willing to leave with Kong even after his plans of harming her?

Diamanté also isn’t afraid to get involved during LAX’s Street Fight against VOW.

Thoughts: While I have no doubt that Gail will be winning the Knockouts title one more time, I don’t see it happening next week. Gail has confirmed that next week’s match won’t be her last match and I’m more so in the belief her last match in GFW will take place later at this year’s Bound for Glory, which is a more fitting way for Gail to have her send off and final hoorah.

There isn’t a whole to take away for the set-up to next week’s title match; it was a one week build that involved a name showing up, getting what feels like a handout title shot and a pull away brawl.

Still, I think there is a chance to see some kind of rumbling happening next week.
On top of the (semi) live element, there’s a chance that next we’ll see the debut of the yet to be announced Knockouts making their way to GFW. Will they get involved in the Knockouts title match? If so, would it be a way to further this Sienna/Gail feud? How will Karen respond to Sienna overcoming yet another one of her tasks? Will rumors of a newly designed Knockouts title be on display next week? Surprise us a bit GFW!

I’m disappointed in the turn around with the Laurel/Grado/Kong storyline. I wasn’t too crazy about it since it first started but it’s just gone haywire. We’re involving Tyrus now, we still don’t have a clear reason behind Laurel defending Grado, Kong wants to harm Laurel yet she stays with him. At this point, it may just be best to just remove Laurel (and repackage her) from this impulsive storyline.

What did you think of this week’s episode of GFW?? Can you make any sense to Laurel’s storyline? What would you like to see happen at Destination X? Let us know in the comments below!

  • AllWrestlingMatters

    I can’t wait until next weeks tapings that’s when the Knockouts division will hopefully improve since we have Kiera Hogan, Taya & whoever the other new Knockout is probably ( KC Spinelli) debuting

  • Steven5812

    *Braces for DivaLicious to rip Creative again*. :O
    But, you know, they really screwed the pooch here; in my opinion we should have seen the INSANE JILTED BRIDE become the new chosen of the HIVE MIND instead.
    I think this storyline has gone over the edge of a cliff.
    And I also think it should be Kim vs Sienna vs ROSEMARY in a three way dance for the belts next week.

  • On paper, Gail would DESTROY Sienna. But since she’s not retiring until Bound for Glory, I know she’s going to take a dirty L. As much as I love Gail, hopefully her departure will mark a new era in the Knockouts division with NEW Knockouts and FRESH feuds/storylines.

    • Gail is the only thing keeping this sinking ship of a division afloat..

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    I don’t know what they are doing with Sienna and Karen but it’s not good. It’s not interesting. At all.
    On Gail Kim vs Sienna, it’s hard to be excited even if it’s Gail Kim involved. We’ve seen it already and the teasing of one last Gail title run isn’t one that interest me or at least the idea of her retiring with the belt. For Gail Kim, I would like them to try something different than Trish to have a really memorable moment that stand on its own.

    Oh and that crowd… made it all worse than it was. Gail Kim’s promo was awful enough but the crowd made it worse by not reacting at some key moments. Because of it, even the brawl felt… meh.

    • Johnny

      How would you expect them to react to horrible promos though?

      • Wrestling.fan.from.France


  • DivaLicious?

    I really wanna like GFW knockout division. But it really lacks star power. The only real star we got is rosemary. Gail Kim is a part timer *cant count her really. The others are completely considered as jokes.

    The whole promo with sienna & Karen was cringeworthy. When the crowd is completely quiet it’s more cringeworthy. Karen talking to sienna like she audition for a role in a XXX adult film????? She sounds like she is having phone s*x with Jeff Jarrett. Sienna continues to be bland, boring, stale etc.. nothing out of ordinary. Gail saved this promo. Gail needs to win the belt. Then go on to face rosemary for her last match. Or a returning knockout. But sienna NO!????? She can’t even sell a move correctly. Gail deserves better.

    LVN continues to follow around a jobber named *KONG and walking around in a dirty wedding dress looking disgusting with a pathetic gimmick she had for the past 6MONTHS NOW!!!? So much potential in LVN. But it’s being wasted for 2 fat jobbers grado & kOng and a dirty wedding dress that comes with a terrible stale gimmick. Now she gonna be stuck with a third jobber naomi & Cameron left overs *tyrus SMH


    • KellyAJNaomi#Slay

      ?????this made be laugh so hard then Sienna thought Charlotte wanted to copy her bland ass

      • DivaLicious?

        Sienna can’t even lace Charlotte boots?? I can’t believe she would try too come for Charlotte like that. I doubt if Charlotte even has time to watch GFW. Plus Charlotte has way more charisma & talent in her farts than Sienna has in her pinky. It’s the truth. Sienna also tried to make it looks like she making more money than Charlotte??????? When her locker room is a trailer. GFW stars don’t have locker room they have trailers.

        • KellyAJNaomi#Slay

          Ikr when you try and act like a Queen is watching you to make yourself and company relevant ????

    • Nathan

      The crowds for the kos suck. They’re silent but then chant let them fight? To me that’s cringe worthy also. If you want them to fight show that you’re interested in the segment ?

  • Gavin

    Angelina was my last hope for this division, and she was granted her release today. I really thought when she came back she would reclaim her throne, but they just used her to make the Davey/Eddie feud better. At certain points in time, I liked this company better than WWE, so I’m really disappointed with their current direction. I’m not even sure if I can watch this mess anymore. They did Angelina so dirty. Gail is getting a big deal made about her retirement, but Angelina is probably retiring soon, too, since she’s going to nursing school. This is just a stale one-woman show about Gail, and as soon as she goes, this company will become more obscure than it already is.

  • Randall

    I love Gail but her mic skills are cringeworthy!!

    • Johnny

      Right?! After wrestling for 20 years you think she would have improved….nope.

      • Gail-Rollins Fan

        She can’t deliver a babyface promo to save her life, but her return promo to TNA in 2011 was fantastic.

  • Gail Kim look’s so good even the years she had. An all of the sudden match but I’m okay it’s for Gail to retire as one of the best.

  • TNA is a mess. Rosemary was undefeated for a year and just like that, she loses to Sienna twice and becomes irrelevant. And here I thought her vs Gail would revive the division.

    Laurel’s gimmick had gone on for WAY too long. It’s not helping her at all. It was unique at first but it’s just dragging on at this point with no real direction.

    Allie has gone from being the most over woman in the company with good underdog story to whatever she’s doing now. We didn’t get a real conclusion to her vs Maria and it looks like we won’t get it vs Sienna either.

    Von Eerie, the first GFW Women’s champ is nowhere to be seen. She never even got a rematch so what a way to introduce her.

    ODB, is she even there?

    They’re trying with Sienna but she just doesn’t have it the way they think she does. She’s so bland.

    And Gail, good luck having your last match with one of these girls, sweetie.

  • Gail-Rollins Fan

    God I fucking hate the Impact Zone. And that’s where BFG will be, as well as Gail’s last match most likely.

    I wish they would let her win the XDivision Title in her retirement match. I’m sorry but I don’t think any of these current women can give Gail the retirement match she deserves..