WWE Superstar Paige has been out of action and off television for well over a year but the former Divas Champion is hoping to make a return ‘in a couple of months’.

While appearing with Alberto El Patron during a bowling charity event in San Antonio, Texas yesterday, Paige was approached by KENS 5’s Chelsey Hernandez to comment about the rumors of her imminent return in which Paige responded saying:

“Hopefully within the next couple of months, fingers crossed. We have to see… Now I have to get cleared by WWE doctors. We’ll see!”

Below are some photos and videos of the event:

What are your thoughts on Paige’s making her WWE comeback? How would you book her return? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Rosanna

    I mean there barely is a spot for Alicia, Summer, Dana and Mickie. She will be cleared but won’t be used. Unfortunately.

    • YonceLuvsDivas

      Sad thing is she may actually will get used more than Emma, Summer, Dana and Mickie by the time she returns!

      • Rosanna

        Yup. You never know how this is going to play out because she is extremely over with the fans and crowd but then again her past. Although I feel like her past shouldn’t be brought up or affect her work you know how messy the wwe producers and executives can be.

      • wysna

        This. Regardless of how we feel about her, and despite her behavioral tendencies, the higher ups are fundamentally high on her because she is quite pretty, she can (to a fashion) talk, she can work and she’s very charismatic.

        • That, and Dwayne is still producing that movie about her (which is probably the only reason she hasn’t been released yet).

  • DayOneISH!

    I feel like I see this “Paige coming back to WWE” story every other month.Until I see it on tv then I’ll believe it.

    • YonceLuvsDivas

      I was gonna say the same thing!

      • Lianambrown


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    • Hugo Banks


  • BLKLTR05

    I hope the WWE don’t do her dirty and don’t clear her until after her movie is finished and they release it and her with it.

  • ThePeaceVibe.

    I’m fine with her coming back and I really hope they allow it. I miss Paige!

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    Please return soon! We need to see you have iconic matches with Sasha and Emma again.

  • Danny?

    Can’t wait for her to comeback, would love to see her and Naomi feud over the title cause their matches were always really great and it would be amazing to see what they can do on a bigger stage now.

    • Edwards1992

      True. Naomi ALWAYS have good matches with her. They have chemistry.

  • ???

    I love her !
    I really missed her, she’s a great wrestler.. but not sure when she’s back will she be that over with crowd again ? You know since her “Tape” leaked some people turned on her .. I’m afraid that will affect her career , I want to see her hold the Raw Women’s title !

  • Kiana Taylor

    Can’t to see her return on T.V. and not hearing about it online


    Shut up Paige nobody wants you back girl. It’d be best for the women. Now maybe if she went to nxt as a low profile lifer … Then maybe. But no title cos we know what she does with those … Actually all the more reason for her to stay away.

    • Vid Trim

      You don’t speak for everybody girl, most people I’ve spoken with want her back. Also the raw women’s division quickly needs someone to shake things up and that someone could very well be Paige

      • GOD STRATUS•

        If shake up means porn scandal then yeah sure let her in. Why do you think chyna was such a no no for the company. Then should Paige’s disrespectful towards the company be rewarded movie or not ? I wouldn’t be surprised never to see her in the ring again. She’s fucked straight up

  • GEO

    Cool I guess, but lemme comment on Alberto because he looking a bit older in these photos.

  • Typical Heel

    Okay Paige whatever you say lol, chick been gone for over a year, but if she was l returns at this point it needs to be for Survivor Series, but if WWE does 4HW vs 4HW that negates her a chance at that ppv

  • ???

    People here make Paige looks like a shitty person , c’mon it not like that you know what the “other women” do with the belts behind the camera .. and also it was long ago it’s not recently!
    And why should you care about other people lifes ? It was off-tv , I only care about Paige “inside the ring” not outside the ring .. you can’t deny that she’s one of the best female workers in the company

    • wysna

      Yeah, see that’s the thing. Paige is fundamentally sound (save for her spot-calling.) And tbh, I really could care less about what she does behind the scenes so long as she’s truly abhorrent (ie: bigoted, racist, etc). But what bothers me is how uninspired she is in the ring compared to how she was before. Yes, she does make those kicks and head butts look fantastic (she has done them a million times, after all.) But she should try something different that’s cohesive with her style. There are so many brawler type moves she can incorporate seamlessly.

      • ???

        Yes! That their lives , we don’t know what other superstars do behind the scenes !

        I agree about how Paige changed when she came to the main roster, she was badass in NXT .. her anti-diva gimmick was great and unique , but once she came she changed to the crazy gimmick like what the ..? It was already used by AJ Lee at that time ?

        She’s still cute though, but when I think of how amazing her gimmick was in NXT I kinda disappoint

        She needs to use the brawler style as you mentioned, so she fits it and can go with bigger girls like Nia !

    • DavidEnglish84

      I don’t think she’s a “shtitty person”, (it’s not like she hurt anyone), but I do think maybe she has some growing up to do. She doesn’t seem to understand that the flip side of the star-status the company has given her is that will be held to a higher standard than normal people.

      I hope she can come back from recent troubles and once more be the great entertainer we all know she can be.

  • Isaiah Newbie

    I think she will be fine when it comes to the sex tape. Woods is supposed to be a character catered towards kids and he was fine after it. Sad there’s a double standard in WWE.

  • DJ

    Oh, Paige. I would only believe whatever you say until you bring your ass back to WWE television real soon.

  • I still wanna know what WWE thinks of her showing up to a TNA taping wearing a lucha mask lmao. Still laughing about that. Only Paige man… only Paige.


  • Kvngbalor

    Im excited i wanna see her stiff style against someone like Nia Asuka Ruby Ember but i really want a Nikki Cross Paige feud

  • Terrell Scott

    Hope she can come back and repeat her debut night, I was a big AJ fan then so I was pissed but now it would be cool if she took the title from Alexa, Sasha or Bayley!

  • Allyn

    Paige is a huge question mark. Her personal life and past actions have really tainted her entire career, and as much as I like her I just don’t know how she will recover. She personifies the saying ” one step forward, two steps back” I highly doubt anybody but maybe triple h would ever stick up for her and that’s a real iffy maybe…..she should have really gotten it together after the sex scandal but she just kept messing up.

  • Tnn Crs

    I can’t wait to see Paige back in action ! She is such a great wrestler that would have been a waste to fire her for stupid reasons. I hope she’s gonna bring new moves and new gears. The Raw women’s division il all hers #Thisisherhouse

  • Aye Mate

    I miss Paige terribly but it’s going to take more than just a medical test she’ll need to pass before returning to a WWE ring.

  • Ollie Roche

    Itll be a while before the crowd get behind her again. Lets not forgot how long it took fans to get over Lita cheating on Matt.

    • Aye Mate

      Different climate and different circumstances. Lita the person had done something heinous in comparison to her babyface character portrayed on TV. Fast forward to the age of the millennials, no taboo and kayfabe being virtually nonexistent and Paige’s exploits, actually, collide with everyone’s love of controversy. I wish she had chosen a different path but if she does return healthy and motivated WWE could easily push her.

    • NoWayHoeSay

      But she was then the biggest heel on WWE

  • I really think Paige could spice up any division, even NXT; but I worry about how probable it actually is that she is coming back.

  • She must return as heel, people don’t like anymore so much compared as her nxt/mr early days. I really hope she returns.

  • Summer_Slay #GiveSummerAChance

    Keep her, infact release her. We have Dana, Mickie, Emma, Summer and Alicia who actually care about their spot on the main roster and want to do better.

  • Kyle

    I was wondering if I could even adjust to the other wrestlers on TV without her. It’s hard for me to because I wanted the Paige and Sasha feud to take off so bad, or even the Paige and Lana feud. That looked like it could have went somewhere.

    Alexa Bliss has been the savior of RAW in Paige’s absence. Charlotte is trying to keep it together on Smackdown, but all we ever seem to get is Natalya. I admire her for sticking around for so long, but WWE never really did anything to improve on her act. Meh.

    Paige please come back. You are the glue that holds the female wrestling division together.

  • I’ve been waiting for her return for soo long now.
    It sucks that she had to deal with this injury but luckily she’s still young and can take as much time as she needs. I believe that WWE will give her a large return. She’s one of the ones who people support whether she’s face or heel.

  • Can’tGetNo…Stratusfaction

    Why do people assume that Paige wouldn’t be over if/when she came back? If anything, the male fan base will love her even more lol