On this day in history:

August 17th, 2014 | At SummerSlam 2014, two major changes came to the Women’s division. First, Paige won her second Divas Championship, defeating AJ Lee. Paige had lost the title two months prior, so this win served as both payback and a big birthday gift. She pinned her “frenemy” after hitting her with the RamPaige, capping it all off with a rather sarcastic post-match hug.

Later, Stephanie McMahon return to the ring for the first time in several years, taking on Brie Bella in what was the culmination of a high stakes tête-à-tête. Brie seemed to have victory well in hand, having neutralized Triple H and cornered Stephanie alongside her sister Nikki. Out of nowhere, though, Nikki decked Brie, setting her up for a match-winning Pedigree from Stephanie. With one move, Nikki had officially sold out her sister.

What are your memories of these moments?

Also occurring today in history:
* 8/17/08 – Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella defeat Mickie James and Kofi Kingston to win the Women’s Title for Beth and the Intercontinental Title for Santino.

  • Rosanna

    The Paige vs AJ storyline could have really been deeper and a bigger storyline leading into wrestlemania but they was rushing to add more accolades to Paige’s career and same with AJ. Little did they know AJ was going to leave a year later. I bet the regretting rushing a storyline that could have been so good we would still be talking about it.

  • Summer of Divas was one of the best periods for the women, right there with the SD 6 and the Golden Era. It was so fun and everyone was used.

    • Darryl lee

      They only used 4 women back there too. The only ones featured on tv is the bellas, paige and AJ. And I find it insulting that they spent all that time and effort building up intrest in the bellas horrific storyline. And giving a crappy storyline to 2 of their most popular and talented they have.

      • Sweetie, Layla vs Summer and Naomi vs Cameron also happened. Later on Rosa and Nattie storyline. You really didn’t watch.

        Sorry but AJ and Paige storyline went over 4 months and still failed to produce one memorable moment. Their fault https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0f5722cb5baaaf26f0ed598792194059a4340d2140ca65f03fda8984dca86388.jpg

        • Darryl lee

          Layla’s feud with summer ended the raw after MITB when those 2 attacked fandango. Naomi and cameron’s feud lasted like one month? One match and that’s it? Can you even say nattie and Rosa had a storyline? What’s the story between her and nattie?
          AJ and paige had one moment and that’s paige winning the title on her first night. While the bellas gave us 3 MONTHS of HORRIFIC acting. And plus the storyline ended in the most HEADSCRATCHING way possible.
          Yeah, meltzer gave it the worst feud of the year and you know what? He’s right! I knew that as soon as nikki turned on brie. Cause if there’s one thing I know about wwe is that sibling rivalries Don’t work in wwe. Drink on that!

          • Those storyline lasted longer than a month and produced great entertainment. You not knowing what one was shows how much you watched.
            AJ and Paige had 3 PPV title matches, title changes, Paige turned heel on her, then they had mic segments, then Paige pushed her off the ramp and nothing wrong.

            You can say whatever you want about the Bellas feud but their one match was better than any Paige/AJ match and crowd reacted to their segments louder than anything of AJ and Paige post Paiges debut. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/814545f448cf6fd1c381d96f5a66f1b8e8b3e30553b06164daa586d15e831db7.jpg

          • Darryl lee

            Really? When they had a segment with jerry the king lawler and nikki said “I wished you died in the womb!” The crowd went DEAD. That jerry springer segment you mentioned earlier? No one in the audience rooting for either bella. Just them chanting “Jerry!”

          • Then rewatch it bby they got reactions for anything they did, especially the match, something AJ ad Paige couldn’t do even after 4 months of feuding.

          • Darryl lee

            They’ve done nothing to get me intrested in seeing aj vs paige and they thought adding ALICIA FOX of all people would get me intrested. Well that failed.

          • They tried, but they just didn’t click. It happens.

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    This was the best AJ vs. Paige match imo, short and sweet, it didn’t dragged out like their others matches.
    Stephanie vs. Brie was good, a shame that the Bellas feud was so poorly booked with those long segments that only exposed their lack of mic skills, not to mention that Brie got buried, she could’ve been a good babyface.

  • Funny how Sable is the ONLY woman to pin Stephanie on PPV. Stephanie vs Brie was better than I thought it would be considering the fact that Stephanie isn’t a wrestler, and her opponent was Brie Bella (no shade, but shade). As for AJ vs Paige, I’ve said this before, and I think it bears repeating; Paige’s main roster career started AND ended with AJ. Once AJ retired, they had absolutely no idea wtf to do with Paige.

    • AJ leaving right when they started the feud took away Paige’s momentum. Then they tried to bring back the interest but it just wasn’t there.

    • DayOneISH!

      IMO they messed up on Paige when she first arrived on Raw beating AJ lee from the start.

  • DayOneISH!

    AJ Lee vs Paige and Nikki vs Brie was probably two of the worst feuds that year.Paige and AJ could’ve torn the house down but they just booked them so stupid and that little “Frenemies” storyline was a waste of time.And good lord that Brie vs Nikki feud was BAD everything was just bad their match at HIAC Was great but they failed them such a huge disappointment from creative here.

  • TorrieTrishStacyLita

    Brie vs Nikki could’ve been so amazing. Ugh

  • Darryl lee

    If there’s any reason to think that wwe is pushing the bellas more than AJ and paige, watch this ppv.

    • Yes, two were getting titles left and right while the other two were having “my life” segments with Jerry Springer.

      • Darryl lee

        Yet they continued the storyline in trying to get brie over as a babyface. That didn’t work and it made brie look like a genuine TOOL. The feud was already DOA. That storyline should’ve never happened

        • Trying to get her over? If anything they ruined EVERY once of momentum Brie had with that feud. She went from being the hottest babyface to Nikki’s sidekick.

          • Darryl lee

            That’s because of her ATROCIOUS acting. The hottest babyface you say? The only time when the crowd reacted to brie during her matches is when she’s doing her husband’s mannerisms

          • If it was for her acting she wouldnt have even got a feud with Steph. They reacted to her as a face against Steph, on her and Daniel’a behalf. They wanted Stephanie to get her ass beat.

          • Darryl lee

            That’s because Stephanie is so hated. And it’s the fact that she’s booked even stronger than ROMAN. When’s the last time anyone saw the people that Stephanie slapped or talked down on get their revenge? They’ve done this with pretty much EVERYONE I can think of. Aside from roman (obviously)

          • That’s why I said they wanted to see her get her ass beat since it never happens, and especially since Brie was doing it for Bryan as well.

          • Darryl lee

            That’s my point. The people are not intrested in brie herself, they just wanted to see Stephanie get her comeuppance. And you know what? I really think brie isn’t the right one that should take down Stephanie. It probably should’ve been AJ at wrestlemania 31. And remember the segment between the bellas, aj and paige? The crowd reacted when Stephanie went eye to eye with AJ. That’s the match most people wanted to see. I’m sure even WWE themselves are interested in that match. They even set up a fantasy video package of her and AJ as if they were about to have a match.

          • You can literally apply that to AJ as well.

          • Darryl lee

            Really? Cause I think AJ is the PERFECT foil for Stephanie.

          • Roman lost plenty matches to Braun Strowman, and put over Finn last year, and Samoa Joe countless time the past couple of weeks. Foh.

          • Darryl lee

            You don’t get what I’m saying. Do you?