Hola Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s GFW Impact Write-Up – Destination X style! In what has become a tradition to these live programs, we’re treated to a wave of surprises including the SHOCKING return of Taryn Terrell! Bless this return of the longest reigning Knockouts Champion! Let’s see how Taryn made her presence felt during our schedule Knockouts title match pitting Sienna against Gail Kim.

Our Knockouts Title match opens up the show and out first is the challenger Gail KIm. Nice to hear the Impact Zone upbeat and hey, those green ring ropes are an eye catcher GFW! The champion Sienna is out next and is accompanied by her trouble-making cousin KM. She wears the newly designed Knockouts Title proudly around her waist but boy I miss the original TNA/Impact Knockouts Title already.

The bell sounds off and Gail is quick on her feet – avoiding a strike from Sienna and taking her down with a running head scissors. The Knockouts struggle at a corner but Gail manages to roll Sienna up for a two count. When Gail sets up for an Eat Defeat, Sienna escapes to the outside ring but Gail stays on her trail. She strikes Sienna with an elevated kick using the ring post! We love you Gail!

Gail charges after Sienna but the champion catches her and slams Gail her to the steel steps. Sienna rolls back in the ring and orders Earl Hebner to start counting Gail out. Gail rolls back in the ring at the eight second mark but Sienna keeps the offense going, pummeling Gail down and then delivering a corner splash that earns the champion a two count.

Sienna whips Gail to the corner and sets up for the Silencer but Gail catches this and counters out with a roll up. Sienna kicks out and slows down Gail’s momentum with a big clothesline and fall away slam. When Sienna sets up Gail at the corner for a suplex from the second rope, Gail counters out with a sunset powerbomb!

Gail stays in control and strikes Sienna with a combination of running clothesline. She goes for a cover after landing a top rope cross body but Sienna stays alive. The champion sets Gail up for the AK-47 but Gail manages to slide out of it to surprise Sienna with an Eat Defeat! Before Gail can make the cover, KM jumps to the ring apron, distracting Earl from the match. In response, Gail knocks KM off with a running forearm.

All while this is happening, a returning Taryn Terrell comes out of nowhere to attack Gail with a Cutter! Can we still call it ‘Sugar Rush’? Sienna capitalizes and finishes Gail off with the AK-47 to retain the Knockouts Title! Post match, Taryn taunts and poses over Gail!.

In a post match video, Taryn confirmed her explains her resentments towards Gail and with her return to GFW, promises to now be her worst nightmare.

Elsewhere, Sienna takes full credit to defeating Gail, without Taryn’s help. Well then…

Thoughts: I’m always glad whenever GFW are able to make the most of their ‘live’ events and a shocking return from Taryn was one way to make the most of it! More of this during your live shows GFW!

I’m super excited to have Taryn back! GFW really invested a lot in her prior to her abrupt departure last year, so I’m glad that we’re getting a second chance to see what she can do again. With Gail nearing her retirement, it is super fitting to have one of her greatest rivalries happen one last time. We’ll have to wait and see whether the Knockouts Title picture will be inserted in this feud but either way, its a relief knowing that we’ll be seeing Gail will have a chance to create magic with Taryn again. However, I will admit that I am a bit worried of how Taryn will flare out after being away from action for over a year.

As for the Knockouts Title match, I really enjoyed it up until the interferences took place. Even with retirement pending, Gail still performs beautifully, can take a mean bump just as the steel steps spot here and really brings out some of the best in her opponent. Now I have to say I’m not too crazy about the new GFW Knockouts Title. We’re still calling it the Knockouts title despite it reading ‘Women’s Champion’ on the belt. It was overall a lazy route to just swap out the colors from the original GFW Women’s Title can call it ‘new’ but honestly, as some of guys have already mentioned, its a minor thing to complain about so long as the Knockouts Division can fully elevate again.

With Taryn’s return, the signing of two new Knockouts and now established names like Rosemary, Allie and Laurel Van Ness, I truly see that there potential in the Knockouts division really shining through again. It just takes GFW (and truly any company) to really want to invest in their women’s division. We’re counting on you again GFW!

What did you think of this week’s episode of GFW? Looking forward to another Gail/Taryn feud? How would you book their feud? Let us know in the comments below!