Through out the summer season, SmackDown Superstar Becky Lynch has had an ongoing Twitter feud with MMA star Cris Cyborg. In a recent interview with Muscle & Fitness, Becky discussed Cris Cyborg’s challenge to a match at SummerSlam, her reaction to the Mae Young Classic and working with Charlotte Flair.

On Cris Cyborg calling her out for a match: “I think it’s great. I think it’s great that one of the premier female athletes in the UFC and mixed martial arts today, as soon as she won her championship, called me out.”

On the difficulty of competing against her close friend Charlotte: “I prefer it, because they’re…what I think is so great about us is that we’re incredibly competitive. We’re the best of friends, but we’re also very competitive, which makes us be better, every time, no matter what we’re doing. It makes us lift more, it makes us go faster when we’re training. Then also, it makes us want to get the best out of each other in the ring. Yeah, well also, we’re also not scared of offending each other, or hurting one another’s feelings, because it’s like a sisterhood.”

Her reaction to the Mae Young Classic: “I was there, and it was incredible. It was so good and…I’ve been on the independents with a lot of those women that had made it there, and to see that they had stuck with it consistently, and that they were getting their due rewards, was amazing. It made me so happy. It made me so happy to see the crowd interaction with them. They loved it. They never tired, and they were so invested in every single one of these characters. Women just poured their heart and soul into it, and you could see how much they cared and how passionate they were. That’s what we need. I keep talking about…that we need women’s championships, we need a women’s tournament. That is all in the sight line now, and that’s all very possible. There’s so many women that I saw, that I would love to be in the ring against.“

You can read the full interview here.

Becky Lynch also spoke with Inside the Ropes to call out Cris Cyborg and discuss the chance of the Four Horsewomen of WWE taking on the Four Horsewomen of MMA where she said:

“I feel like a lot of people want to see it and I think it would put a huge spotlight on women’s wrestling. I think that’s what so great about it. I’ve got no problems with people coming in from different industries but I feel like once you come in, then you’ve got to earn you stripes you know. So maybe you’ve achieved something in your past sport but that won’t necessarily translate to what we do here. So if those women want to come and step up to us, then they’ve got to earn it and they got to go through us.”

Watch the interview below:

What did you think of the interviews? Would you like to see a match-up between Becky Lynch and Cris Cyborg? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Mark?

    Wow, Becky Lynch looks so pretty in that picture of her with the boxing gloves. She needs to get that make up and hair for Smackdown.

  • wysna

    Becky once got injured and was nearly forced into early retirement before she got into the WWE but she bounced back, became a champ and is widely considered as one of the best female wrestlers in the current roster. If she gets injured wrestling someone who has virtually little experience as a professional wrestler but is put on the spotlight just for cheap hype, my god, I will put someone’s hair out.

    • Aye Mate

      I will pull my own hair out ?

      • Lorettaochaidez


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  • Best babyface in the biz

  • Michelle

    She’s so gorgeous! Wish she was given proper material!

  • Jesus’s brother

    Future HOF! Becky Legend


    A gorgeous and talented lady right here. Personally, i’m all for this horsewomen crash at Survivor Series, it’s something different and could be pretty entertaining.

    • Typical Heel

      I very much so want this to happen at Survivor Series, I don’t feel like this should be done at Wrestlemania, this type of match with the right build up could easily main event Survivor Series (still one of the big 4 ppvs) but it wouldn’t main event Wrestlemania, they are booked wayyyyyy too far in advancr plus are future women’s WM main event should be simply a one on one match for the title


        Rumour has it that this match will happen at Survivor Series, while a singles match with Ronda facing either Stephanie or Charlotte happens at WrestleMania.

  • Jo9834

    She’s such a sweetheart and has a true love for the business, it really shows here. I’m not really interested in a Cyborg vs Becky match, I think the real money lies with the 4HW vs 4HW match, possibly at WM for the main event if they all played their cards right!

  • Shan

    As sweet as Becy is, and one of the most consistent in the buisiness, I feel like in a legit fight Cyborg would decimate her. It makes me worry about her getting injured since Cyborg isn’t a wrestler.