Below are spoilers for upcoming episodes of GFW Impact Wrestling.


* Sienna comes out to reveal her Bound for Glory plans. Sienna says she has to be the GFW Hall of Fame inductee at Bound for Glory. Gail Kim comes out and wants her rematch. Taryn Terrell comes out next and says Gail has never beat her. Allie is out next says she has been working hard and deserves a title shot. Karen Jarrett comes out to announce that Sienna will defend her GFW Knockouts Title against Gail, Taryn, and Allie.

* Sienna, Texano Jr and Andrew Everett defeated Allie, Dezmond Xavier and James Storm. Storm pins Everett to get the win.

Victory Road

* Taya, Taryn Terrell and Sienna defeated Allie, Rosemary and Gail Kim.


  • Malcolm James

    So it looks like Taya and Rosemary are going to be feud and have some crazy match at BFG

  • Rosanna

    Taryn or Allie better win that championship! Allie has never officially been a champion In GFW so I think she deserves it.

    • LBOneOfKind

      Technically Allie has during that Maria storyline last year, but she only held the belt for like a day before Maria pinned her to win the belt.

      • Rosanna

        Hun read what I said. ” Allie has never officially been a champion ” I’m well of aware of her title mishap.

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    It feels like I see a GFW spoiler every week now.

  • GailKimStan

    Lol the SD type of “everybody’s mad at each other” booking, let’s hope they make this a stipulation match at least

    Plus hopefully Taya and Rosemary will have a match at BFG for a future title shot, but it makes no sense they didn’t come out during this segment.

  • Hopefully we will have Rosemary vs.Taya in some match

  • Gavin

    I love Allie, but her storylines have been random af this year, so she can stay away. Sienna’s boring ass needs to drop it. Ugh, either way, I feel like Gail will win the title in the four-way and beat Taryn later or Taryn will win only so Gail can go out as Knockouts champion for the seventh time. Taryn should win the title, and have a good reign, dropping it to someone fresh. Gail getting the title whenever she wants it is so annoying.


      I feel like they wasted her already in the sense that, her entire build up was sacrificed for Gail Kim basically. Months ago, we all thought Allie would finally get the title at Bound for Glory against Rosemary and then she turned face and then Gail came back. She taken a step back to this whole situation. It’s a shame.

      • Rosanna

        Just like how it was annoying when they gave the title to Angelina and Madison whenever they wanted when CLEARLY Awesome Kong, Roxxie and Daffney was clearly overdue. Poor Roxxie deserved better.

        • KatyaMenelli

          Yes! Poor Roxxi. She was done so wrong by TNA but she was a great wrestler, charismatic, and able to work the crowd. The full package and they always screwed her.

  • ?K . A . T ?

    TBH I hope Gail Kim wins, she deserves to go out on top then they can vacate the title and have Allie win because she is LONG overdue for a run with that belt.

  • Aye Mate

    Something tells me that Sienna drops the title to Taryn in a multi woman match, who then feuds with Gail over it.

    • Angelica Marie MoNae

      I more so see Gail winning and then Taryn and Gail fued for the title vs career match. They could still do title vs career match with Taryn winning but I see Gail getting one last reign before she retires.

  • MK126

    “Taryn Terrell comes out and says Gail Kim has never beat her” but didn’t Taryn lose their ladder match for a title shot against Mickie James?

    • KatyaMenelli

      She meant when she was Knockouts Champion with the dollhouse. Gail And Kong got multiple chances and lost is pretty much what she means.

      • Jorge Hernandez Moran

        I thought what she meant was that Gail hasnt pinned her.

  • -V

    Calling it now: Taryn wins so she can drop it to Gail in her last match

  • Radic

    Much like everyone else has said, I can see Taryn winning it so she can drop it to Gail in her last match, also signalling Taryn’s end run with GFW.

    Predictable, sure, but so long as it’s executed well, it doesn’t matter if it’s predictable or not.

    Thought whether Rosemary & Taya have a separate match at BFG or not, it would have been nice to see a 6 Pack Challenge with them included.

  • Gail-Rollins Fan

    I figured BFG would be Gail’s last match, but I hope not now since this is a multi woman match.

  • Radic

    Also, since this is the end of the tapings until, presumably Bound For Glory, so much for those Hania & Kiera signing reports. But at the same time, it may be smarter for them to wait and get their own time instead of jobbing to Taya in their first outings. Better Ava & Nova do that instead of the other girls.

    • Gail-Rollins Fan

      There’s two more days of tapings.

      • Radic

        Oh there is? Well hopefully something interesting happens then… or you know, they job out to Sienna/Taryn/Taya… yay?

        • Gail-Rollins Fan

          With the plans for BFG seeming to be in place already, I wouldn’t debut them until after BFG. They’re not needed quite yet, and they will be better off.

          • Radic

            That’s what I’m hoping for as well.