Below are spoilers for upcoming episodes of GFW Impact Wrestling.


* Taryn Terrell is trash talking Gail Kim when Gail arrives. They go back and forth before Gail slaps Taryn resulting in her walking away.

* Rosemary defeated Hannah Hartford with the Red Wedding. Rosemary challenges Taya to come out and dance with the devil. Taya obliges. Rosemary tried spitting mist at Taya but got mist instead. Taya laid Rosemary out.

* LAX is in the ring (still missing Homicide). They call out OVE for their title rematch. OVE comes out and tells them to name the match. Konnan says at BFG it will be a 5150 Street Fight. Diamante said they have to fight all of them. LAX attacks OVE and send one of them through a table.


  • Malcolm James
    • Shannonanielsen

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  • Malcolm James

    Seen Diamante say OVE have to fight all of them is there a knockout join ?

    • Juan

      Maybe Hania or Kiera? Or Diamante is going to wrestle the men? I mean she’s been doing that since her debut.

      • Malcolm James

        I can see that

  • Gavin

    Gail comes out on top of all her segments with Taryn…

    • Well not really, Gail lost a title match because of Taryn last week ! But if feels like Gail always gets the last laugh indeed

    • Jersey Prospect.

      Cool, I guess. Just hope Taryn gets the big one

  • Gail-Rollins Fan

    One more set of tapings tomorrow and that’s it before BFG.

  • Edwards1992

    Where’s Mj?

    • Radic

      I know I have still wondered this too. I mean Ava is still being used (girl won her first match on an Xplosion showing against Amber Nova as well), and even Nova, who isn’t signed with the company, is being used more than MJ, who is ‘supposedly’ signed. This is what happened with CVE all over again.

  • Good, at least have more of Taya and Rosemary. But a lot to swallow from this GFW series of tapings.

  • Radic

    It’s also worth noting that during these tapings Ava Storie defeated Amber Nova in an Xplosion match and Braxton Sutter and Allie are still having tension and are on the verge of ‘breaking up’.