Below are spoilers for upcoming episodes of GFW Impact, which should air in late October and early November.



* Ava Storie vs Rosemary. Solid match from both. Storie applied a Regal Stretch, but Rosemary reversed it into a Last Chancery. Rosemary wins with the Red Wedding. Ava looked really sharp in the ring.

GFW Impact

* Jermey Borash announces he has a special guest next: Gail Kim. JB reminds the crowd it’s been 10 years since the Knockouts title was introduced where Gail became the first ever champion. They hype the Women’s 4 match and confirm it will be Gail’s last ever BFG, which draws a lot of “NO NO” chants. Gail says it will be all business and she will win the Knockouts Championship at BFG.

* Knockouts Grudge Match: Taya Valkyrie vs Rosemary. The ladies start to brawl as soon as the bell rings. Taya wins by reversing a Jack Knife cover into a double stomp to the chest. Taya tries to attack more after the match-big mistake as Rosemary sprays her red mist in her face. Rosemary says the hive demands and chants “Bloody Mary” repeatedly as Taya goes to the back. As Rosemary goes to the back one of the kids has a Decay mask and a sign that says “Rosemary Is My Scary Godmother!” Rosemary sees it and pats him on the head.


  • Gayomi.


  • Sass.

    I think Gail deserved a better retirement match than a fatal 4 way, but we’ll see how it pans out.

    • Sharonlfairchild


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      I don’t think it’s the actual retirement match. She said that she was retiring at the end of 2017 so I see her staying again after that.

      • MK126

        Well isn’t BFG in November? I see her winning the title here. Theres no other PPV after BFG and BFG is GFW’s WrestleMania so it makes sense to have her win and then she retires


          Really? I thought it would be in October… Either ways, I think she’s going to retire in the main event of a televised show. I honestly don’t see her retire at BFG considering the match. Plus, they would have announced it as Gail’s last match and not just her “last ever BFG”.

          • MK126

            Its probably her “last ever BFG” because that’s when shes retiring lol and I think its in November… Yup just checked its November 5th this year

      • John Finnie

        Its her last ever BFG match not her last match

    • Johnny

      No she doesn’t. Her time is over.

    • GailKimStan

      I think Taryn might win the title at BFG and then drop it to Gail on the last episode of impact of the year (her retirement match)

  • KaiKai

    Is Rosemary ever going to get a win over Taya? This is starting to look onesided as hell ???

  • Rosemary Vs Taya rivalry look good already. Oh No’ finally the moment has arrived, Gail retirement match.

  • LBOneOfKind

    Interesting, Good thing to Hear Ava Storie is improving quickly, this Taya vs Rosemary Feud looks like its gonna be interesting. And nice to hear GFW finally Acknowledge BFG 2017 is the 10 year Anniversary Birth of Knockouts Division (and Knockouts Title belt)

  • John Finnie

    Im not a fan of leaving with the title BUT 10yrs gail won at BFG so i think she should win and retire

  • John Finnie

    I have a feeling Taryn may have signed on just for six months for gails last months

  • Gavin

    Good to hear that about Ava. I just wish she could actually find a character. Imagine if Taryn or even Allie won the title at BFG. Of course, Gail is gonna have to go out as the Trish of this company with 7 reigns.

  • -V

    Taryn wins & then defends it against Gail in her last match. Yes, please!